Zak and Lanny Are Interrupted Part 2

As we were at the doorway to our office, there was a sweet odor we detected. We looked at one another; it was Olga, the executive assistant for the president. I focused on her long slender legs, which were beautiful and well-shaped. The top of her thigh-highs was visible. The top she wore provided a view of her cleavage. The red lipstick she wore matched her hair. I could feel myself get aroused.

“Hi, Olga. What do we owe the honor for a visit?”


“I was leaving you guys an invitation to the upcoming executive meeting. I was making the arrangements and recommended that you two attend.”

“How did we get the attention to make a list?”

“Well, I have been watching both of you, and the results have caught the attention of management. Besides, I want to find out what your magic is. You guys look so sweet together, and I am jealous. I am hoping we can work together for our mutual benefit.”

“Since I am new, I think it would be a wonderful opportunity, and thank you.”

“There will be special seating arrangements which I will handle. There will be privacy during the sessions, so you will not have any distractions. I am planning on being at the table.”

We arrived an hour ahead of the meeting to get familiar with the layout. Our table was off to the side with a view towards the podium. The room started to fill up quickly.

“Hello, guys. Glad to see you again. I want you to enjoy the meeting, pretend that I am here, and enjoy yourself. I have a good idea of why you work together well. The thought of you two is sexy.”

“I did not think anyone was taking notice.”

“Lanny, I have been watching your cute ass since the day you arrived.”

The meeting started with announcing a 30-minute video of company highlights and plans for the year ahead.

“Seeing a guy being jacked off is one of my fantasies. It is sexy seeing how a limp dick grows to getting hard and seeing a hand going up and down. I would sit at my desk thinking about you guys, and my panties would get wet. I can only imagine how it feels. Will you do that for me?”

“It should be exciting knowing we could get caught.”

“Zak, you can jack off Lanny so I can see how much cum he pumps out.”

“Here, let me pull your pants down. You must like women’s lingerie. I like your blue panties. Your dick feels so good in my hand. Go ahead, Zak, and make it get hard.”

“You sit back and watch the show and let us know if anyone comes close to our table.”

“You feel good in my hand. I have some lube to put on your dick. I love watching you get hard. I do not think you will last too long. Oh, baby. Your dick is hard already, and your lubricant is at the tip.”

“Do you squirt out, or do you ooze out slowly?”

“I usually squirt out a few bursts and then a trickle. When I cum I like to make noise.”

“Let me know right before you cum. If you do not mind, I want you to squirt your cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.”

“I never had a girl who wanted to taste my cum. Sure. I will let you eat my cum.”

“I am not going to last long. Your hand feels good squeezing my dick. I never felt so hard. Yes. Please do not stop. I want to cum hard. Please. Oh yes. I wish I could scream. Olga, get under the table. I am ready.”

“Lanny, you can move your hand and let me suck his cum out. I love the feel of cum squirting in my mouth. I want to taste all your cum. Okay, baby, I am ready. Your dick feels so hard and ready to explode. I am going to wrap my lips around your head. Give it to me, baby. Yes, now!”

“Oh. I am cuummiinng. Yes. Eat my cum, baby. Yes. Fuck. Suck me faster. Agghhh. Your mouth feels good. Take it all. Yes.”

I thought for sure that someone would come to our table to see what was going on. There was a lot of noise, so it covered up Lanny’s moans. It took a few minutes for Lanny to settle down as Olga came from under the table.

“Look, Olga is over with another girl, and they are kissing. I can see her sharing my cum with her. I think she had this planned. I think it is sexy, and I wish that I could cum again.”

“I think we need to catch the rest of this session to justify being here. We will see more of Olga. She is a horny girl and loves to have sex with men and women. Welcome to the city. You better pull your panties back up.”

The next few days around the office were quiet. Lanny and I decided to go to the gym after work. Since it was a four-day weekend, it would be empty.

“We will have the place to ourselves.”

“You make it sounds like the workout will be different.”

“Yes, a little different, and we can use the sauna and lock it so we will not be disturbed. I want to see you sweaty. You have me thinking about sex all the time. You are the one who never explored, and I am here to help you. Your dick is beautiful, and it is hard for me to keep my hands and lips off you.”

“You see, it is empty. We can strip and head to the sauna and bring a towel just if we need to cover up. I love looking at your tight ass when you walk. If you are good one day, I will let you have your way with me. I know what you want to do.”

“Step inside and have a seat on the bench. I want to get between your legs so I can enjoy your dick. I will lick you until you are hard and I see your lubricant dripping from the tip. I love sucking your dick. The feeling of your head in my mouth is electric. I am going to take my time.”

“I am getting hotter thinking about what you are going to do to me. Are you going to let me cum in your mouth? I love it when I see my cum dripping down your chin.”

“Yes. I am going to suck you until you start to squirt your sweet juice in my mouth. I see that you are getting an erection. What a beautiful dick, and the shape of your head is magnificent. Let me wrap my lips around your man meat.”

“Come on, baby. Yes, I want to feel your lips around my dick. Get my dick wet, so it slides easy, and I can fuck your face. It will be the next thing to a pussy. I did not tell you, but I have never been with a girl.”

“I would have thought you had lots of girls back home.”

“No, I was shy and stayed to myself. I looked at many magazines and fantasized about being with a girl and what it would feel like having my dick slide into a tight hole. My older sister caught me once with a magazine, and she would tease me. I had to hide my hardon so I would not get caught.”

“We will have to see about getting you with a girl. At least for now, I am going to make love to your dick. Seeing your dick hard is beautiful. I want to suck your head and taste your lubricant.”

“You have me feeling horny. Look at my dick. I have never felt so hard. I want you to suck all my cum out. Make me cum hard.”

“Let me put the towel on the floor so I can get between your legs. Now, I get to suck you off, and I will let my lips cover the tip of your dick.”

“I always seem to catch you boys doing nasty things. Would you mind not stopping on my account? Let me get comfortable and get out of my clothes.”

‘Wow! Olga. You look beautiful, and your tits are nice and round, and your nipples look delicious. Your clean-shaven pussy is magnificent. You have long legs. I can cum looking at you.”

“Lanny, have you ever eaten any pussy?”

“No. I have seen movies, and it looks nasty in a good way.”

“It has been a few days since I had a mouth on my pussy. Will you eat my pussy for me, baby?”

“I am eager to taste your pussy. I want you to cum on my face.”

“If you eat me right, you can make me squirt my fluids on your face. I hope you do not mind if I do that. You will like getting sprayed. Zak, you can keep your mouth on his dick. While he is eating my pussy he may cum harder. Let me get up on the bench, so I have my pussy in your face. Come on, baby, lick Olga’s pussy.”

“Your lips are so soft, and what a sweet odor. I want my tongue to play with your clit, and then I will suck on your lips. I want you to grind your pussy into my face. Oh, Olga. Fuck my face, baby. Do it and make me feel good.”

“Olga had her hands on Lanny’s head, holding it while she was gyrating her hips in a slow motion. All I heard was moaning.

“Oh, Lanny. Your lubricant is salty and sticky. I could suck you all day. I like the feel of your head at the back of my throat. I can’t wait to feel you squirting your hot cum in my mouth.”

“Lanny. Take your fingers and spread my lips. See how pink my pussy is. Now, pull my hood back so you can see my clit. I want you to lick it slow. I love it like that.”

“I have never been this close to a pussy. You are so wet and slippery. I see your clit. I like eating your pussy. How can I make you squirt on me?”

“You can suck on my clit while you stick two fingers in my pussy. I want you to finger me good and slow. Yes, baby. Yes. Just like that. Oh fuck. Do it, honey. Keep moving your fingers and push them in deeper. That is going to do it. Agghh. Yes. Oh yes. Oh, Lanny! Do not stop. Suck my clit faster. Now! Yes. I am going to squirt. Are you ready? Yes! Oh my God!”

I looked up and saw Olga’s ass muscles get tight as she was spraying Lanny’s face, and her juices were running down his face and over his chest. I saw him trying to drink as much as he could.

“I am going to fuck your face while I am squirting.”

Lanny pulled back to catch his breath.

“Suck my dick faster. Would you please go more quickly? I want to shoot my cum in your mouth. Oh fuck. My dick feels so hard. Yes, baby. Suck me dry. Suck me. Eat my hot sticky cum. Yes. Faster! Faster!

Olga stepped off the bench with her pussy dripping and got next to me to enjoy Lanny’s dick.

“You two ready. I am going to cum. Oh, fuck! Yes. Here it comes. I am going to explode. Suck all my cum. Yes! Agghh! I never felt like this before. Suck all my cum. Please. I am cummiinng! I am cumiinnngg. So good. Eat it all.”

I could feel Lanny’s dick jumping as his balls were tight against the base of his dick. His dick was pulsating. His legs were extended and tight. His ass was shaking on the bench. There were three quick bursts of hot cum from the tip of his dick as it hit both of us in the face. Lanny was trying to stand up.

“Look at your face with all of the cum.”

“Well, you have cum on your face.”

“We can lick each other’s face clean. I want to kiss you so we can let our tongues play with his cum.”

“I did not know you were so nasty.”

“I am not nasty, but I love hot sex. It has been a long time since I have had fun like this. I think you enjoyed it.”

“Hey, you two forget about me?”

We got up and sat next to Lanny and shared his cum as our tongues mixed his sticky stuff.

“Lanny, step up on the bench and face the wall and lean forward. See that beautiful tight hole. You see how wet it is between his legs. Nasty is seeing the head of a dick pushed into his tight ass. To make it better while he has a dick in his tight love hole, I would be in front of him with his dick buried into my wet pussy.”

“Where do you come up with this?”

“I believe that we should explore our fantasies while we can and do not hold anything back. As long as no one gets hurt and we are having fun. I grew up in a strict household, and it was not until I went to college did I have a chance to experiment with my roommate.”

“I guess she was shocked.”

“No, she had a few things she wanted to do. Every night we did something different and nasty. We brought two other girls into our circle. You would be surprised what fun you can have with four mouths, pussies, and lovely tight little holes.”

“I guess we need to go and get cleaned up.”

“It sounds like a good idea. We can get a bite to eat and plan what we are going to do next. If it is not nasty, then it is not worth doing. I know you boys have some dirty little secrets you have been hiding. I have seen you wearing panties, and what other feminine clothing do you wear? I think it is sexy seeing a guy wearing lingerie. I need to take you to my friend who has a boutique. I think I am on to something. Let’s go.”

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