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Your Turn

Hey you, Come here
Yes you. Over here. 

Okay, stand right there
Try to relax, loosen up a bit
Take a slow deep breath 
Would you rather sit?

Oral sex, you see,
Is one of my favorite sins
And unbuttoning your pants
Is how my game begins

Lift your hips up off the bed
So I can slide your blue jeans down
Now spread your knees open wide 
So I can kneel before you, on the ground 

Your cock stands at attention 
Blue jeans forgotten at your feet
Close your eyes and let me work
Softly, I begin stroking your meat

From the base to the head
I work my hand up and down
My free hand cups your balls
You elicit a moaning sound

As I look into your eyes
I can feel the heat of your desire
Stroking your cock faster
I quickly set your mind on fire

Licking my lips, getting them wet
I start sucking just the pink tip
Twirling my tongue I suck harder
Getting a taste as you start to drip 

I watch your eyes glaze over
As I increase the amount of suction 
I feel the fullness of your balls
Continuing on with my seduction 

Up and down I find my rhythm 
My finger teases the pucker of your ass
Taking your cock as deep as I can 
I press my finger, just getting it past

Twirling my tongue around the hood
I make one more pass down the shaft
Finally, I can feel you in my throat
Nothing beats perfecting your craft

Can you feel my throat tighten
As your cock slides deeper into it
Gagging a bit I slow my pace
Ensuring myself your cock will fit

Getting bolder with each movement
I push my finger deeper into your ass 
The taste of precum floods my senses 
My pace now is getting quite fast

As you start to throb with urgency 
I pull you free from my lips with a pop
Stroking you hard as I finger you 
Until my face is dripping, I won’t stop

A few last strokes, my finger slides deeper
Your balls clench as anticipation grows
The white streams erupt in slow motion
Splashing my face, cum drips off my nose

Without a word I hand you a towel 
And I leave to clean off the remains
When I come back you are already gone
And we didn’t even exchange names

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