Your Horoscope for the Week of August 8

Overview: What if contradictions and oppositions aren’t a problem that needs to be solved, but a power that needs to be leveraged? Up first, Monday’s opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces wants us to hold the proof and potential of romantic partners. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury enters Virgo until August 30, helping us focus in on the details. A T-Square this weekend with sometimes-unyielding fixed signs can feel like an earthquake about to erupt, so stay curious and grounded, and hold firm on your boundaries.

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Look for both proof and potential, Aries! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition wants you to see who people are in the present moment and who they can be. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled habit sector on Wednesday, getting your routine back on track! This weekend’s energy helps you see which friends relate to your values and honesty.


You can belong and be a star, Taurus! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition has you finding joy in connecting with others and standing out. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled confidence zone on Wednesday, helping you align with your strengths. Rely on trust and emotional skills to maintain meaningful relationships with loved ones this weekend.


Emotions are instructive, Gem! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition connects your feelings to the info you need to professionally succeed. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled emotional IQ zone on Wednesday, helping you name your emotions clearly. This weekend helps you pick habits that focus your perception on solutions so you can let go of limiting things.


See both the tree and the forest, Cancer! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition has you holding the micro and the macro at the same time. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled language zone on Wednesday, improving your mindfulness and verbal communication. Have a “friend audit” this weekend and get closer to people who not only show up for your fears/pain, but for your joys/successes too!


Happy birthday, Leo! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition helps you reconnect with your body for pleasure’s sake. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled income zone on Wednesday, grounding you in continued financial freedom and birthday cash. This weekend is a sensitive one, so practice emotion regulation in vulnerable spaces and share your feelings courageously.



You can have “me” and “we,” Virgo! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition helps you balance your autonomy in relationships. Mercury enters your sign on Wednesday, giving you crystal clear communication practices and brilliant insights. This weekend’s energy wants you to ground conversations with structure and intention for safety, trust, and understanding.


Your environment enables/complicates closure, Libra! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition wants you to remove reminders that keep you stuck. Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled complete zone on Wednesday, furthering this cause for healing and renewal. This weekend is a confident and sexy one as you clarify your values and bravely put them into practice.


Friend, lover, or a blend of both, Scorpio? Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition intentionally makes it ambiguous, so why not try to merge the best of all of it? Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled friendship zone on Wednesday, helping you trust your ride-or-dies. This weekend is romantic especially if you share your inner world with people who’ve earned the right to hear it.


Lean on your community, Sag! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition wants you to ask for help from a colleague. Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, giving you keen insight and breakthroughs for career success. This weekend wants a blend of both soft and firm self-care; be gentle and disciplined with yourself for maximum healing.


Fact-check everything, Cap! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition wants you to vulnerably confirm what you find out about your relationships, not convince yourself of a conspiracy! Mercury enters your Virgo-ruled wisdom zone on Wednesday, helping you find a learning that’s meant to be applied. This weekend is a social, glamorous, and lovely time to reconnect with your friends for support and joy!


How do you know it’s safe to trust, Aquarius? Review your basis for giving and receiving trust under Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition. Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday and continues this idea, especially related to the trust required for intimacy. This weekend has you feeling ambitious and productive, both domestically and professionally. You better make it work!



Balance is key, Pisces! Monday’s Venus-Neptune opposition wants you to find the space where you stay true to yourself and connect deeply with others. Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, giving your negotiation and compromise skills a huge boost. This weekend gives you the clear thinking and helpful language for opportunity, problem-solving, and even closure.

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Updated: August 8, 2021 — 5:52 pm
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