Your buddies convince your wife

You and two of your buddies, Jim and Bob, are watching the game in your living room. Your wife comes in to bring some drinks and snacks wearing jeans and a blouse. When she bends over you notice both of your friends looking down the front of her shirt at her breasts as they hang down.

“Nice rack,” says Bob judiciously, pursing his lips and nodding with approval.

Your wife looks up in surprise, then down at her cleavage. “Oh shit!” she gasps, hastily standing up again and holding the top of her blouse closed. Everyone breaks out laughing. You know you should be offended by this, but you can’t help yourself and laugh right along with everyone else. You and your friends have been drinking for a while so you are feeling loose, but your wife has been doing her own things all afternoon and is totally sober.

“That’s pretty fresh mister,” says your wife, lunging over to slap Bob’s arm.

He flinches mockingly, covering his head with his arms, but Jim cranes his neck dramatically to look down her shirt again as she is bent over.

“Yep, they are nice,” agrees Jim to more laughter.


You laugh a little less heartily this time and are feeling like the joke is getting old.

“Jeez,” says your wife, straightening up with her hands on her hips. “You would think you guys don’t have wives of your own at home.” She thrusts her bosom out provocatively and looks at you devilishly.

Bob boldly looks her body up and down. You watch him do it and wriggle in your seat uncomfortably, but keep you mouth shut.

“Yeah, you know how it is,” he says gazing at her jutting breasts. “After you are with someone for years and years, you stop looking at them sexually. Your husband would probably rather check out my wife’s tits than yours at this point.” Bob shoots you a knowing look and you raise your eyebrows at him.

“Ha, that’s for sure,” agrees your wife looking at you accusingly. “When’s the last time you ‘checked out my rack?’ ” she asks, emphasizing the scare quotes.

“Uhh, are we really going to get into this now?” you ask lamely.


“Unbutton your blouse,” blurts out Jim, “Let’s get a better look at those bad boys.” He’s sweating and staring at your wife’s bust-emphasizing posture, mouth hanging open unconsciously.

“Jesus Jim, take it easy, will you? That’s my fucking wife you’re talking to,” you laugh nervously.

Jim’s blushes and looks over at you guiltily. “Sorry man, I guess I’m a little sauced up.”

“Don’t apologize, dear. It’s flattering actually,” says your wife soothingly.

“Well in that case, open your blouse for sure,” demands Bob crudely, eyes locked on your wife’s tits. He knocks his beer on the table loudly for emphasis.

“God Dammit, what’s with you guys?” you ask incredulously.


“Oh relax honey, they are just being honest. I bet you wouldn’t mind asking Bob’s wife to take HER shirt off,” says your wife with a knowing nod.

“Maybe or maybe not, but I wouldn’t come out and ask her to,” you sputter.

“Well that’s just because you haven’t gotten up the nerve,” laughs your wife and you blush furiously and press your lips together. You have a cold sensation in your gut and you feel confused.

“Ok boys, I will oblige you,” says you wife seriously, turning to face your guests. “If it gives you such a thrill, I think I can undo a few buttons for you.” She slowly and dramatically unbuttons her blouse about half-way and leans forward with her hands on her knees. “How’s that look?” she asks.

You watch your buddies staring transfixed at your wife’s knockers. Her bra is clearly visible and her cleavage is exposed. She is shaking them slightly to make her boobs jiggle. Jim is unconsciously fingering his crotch while he checks out your wife. Bob stares for a few minutes and then leans back with a word not permitted sigh, gripping his own crotch as he does.

“Yeah those are decent titties alright. Let’s see what else you got there,” says Bob shakily.


“Oh, I’ve got plenty going on back here,” laughs your wife and turns to present her large round ass for them them to inspect. “Check it out,” she says encouragingly as she shakes her ass for them.

You don’t really know what the hell to say at this point, you just watch your buddies checking out your wife’s ass and then take a slug of your beer nervously.

“That looks good, but we could see it better if you took your pants off,” says Jim, licking his lips.

Your wife put her hand to her mouth in mock surprise. “Now come on, gentleman. A bit of teasing is all in good fun, but I am a married woman, not a stripper.”

“Yeah, you are getting off on this. Pull those pants off and show us what you got,” laughs Bob. “Look at your husband. He’s beet red, but he’s not saying a word. I think he’s getting off on this too.”

“Shut the fuck up,” you croak, but say nothing more. Your palms are sweating and you take another swig of beer.


“Wow you guys are pretty insistent. I guess it won’t kill me to take my pants off. I’ve worn less that this at the beach after all,” sighs your wife. She turns her back and unzips her jeans and starts wriggling them off. Her panties come half-way off as she is maneuvering her pants down past her generous hips and her ass crack is showing. She pulls them down further and bends over fully as they bunch up at her knees.

You hear Jim gulp and he is staring at her milky white thighs and squeezing his phallus absently through his pants. Bob is gripping himself as well and nodding while she pulls her pants all the way off, her round, half-covered ass weaving back and forth as she does so. She stands and turns back to face them wearing just her panties and with her blouse mostly open, exposing her bra. Her bravado has drained away somewhat and she is covering her crotch self consciously.

Jim and Bob are both running their eyes hungrily up and down her body, and unabashedly touching themselves while they do.

You wife’s eyes widen as she notices this. “My god, you guys are practically jerking yourselves there,” she says, amazed. “I just show a little skin and you guys are popping stiffies left and right. I wish I still had that effect on my own husband.” You can tell she feels bolder now and she bends one knee to better show off her shapely legs.

You notice that you do actually have a raging hardon of your own at this point and don’t know what to do. You are amazed at how exciting it is for your wife to be so slutty, but you really don’t think you could handle it if things went any further. You decide to keep your mouth shut for now.

You wife watches with interest as your buddies look her body over and handle themselves. She unbuttons the last buttons of her blouse and discards it casually. “It’s odd, I’m not really wearing any less than I would if I was at the beach in a bikini. But the act of stripping in front your friends feels so…dirty. And the way they just brazenly ask to see my body and then grapple their phalluss while they do… it’s sort of kinky,” says your wife to you as she pinches her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra.


“Can you guys see my nipples?” she asks with concern. “They are really hard now.”

Your mouth goes dry, but your beer is gone. You are frozen in place and can’t say a word.

“Take off your bra,” says Bob gruffly as he kneads his phallus through his jeans.

“Oh no,” laughs your wife holding up her hands. “I’ve gone far enough, stripping for you guys while you just sit and ogle my body. I don’t mind putting on a little show for you, but if you want me to go further, you have to put some skin in the game too.” She looks at you with a twinkle in her eye.

“What do you suggest?” croaks Jim, eyes locked on her stiff nipples.

“Well, pull out your phalluss and let me see what you have,” she says chuckling. “You might as well, given how you two are working your rods over there. Let me see something and I will show you a little more.”


“Now hold on!” you finally manage to say, but there is no conviction in your voice.

Jim and Bob both ignore you and readily unzip their flies and pull out their stiff phalluss for your wife to inspect. You can’t believe this is happening. Two of your friends are sitting on the couch, pointing hard-ons at your wife as she stands half naked in her underwear before them, promising to show them her tits.

“Come on you guys, that’s going too far,” you complain.

“That’s true dear, this is going too far, but look at how hard they are. They pulled their dicks right out when I dared them. I can’t just leave them hanging now,” she says as she unsnaps the front of her bra and holds it shut. “Are you guys ready?” she teases as Jim and Bob furiously jerk their phalluss.

She shrugs out of her bra and your friends both let out an appreciative sound as her round breasts swing free and her hard pink nipples are revealed in their provocative stiffness. She shimmies her shoulders to make her tits dance and jiggle and you just stare in disgusted fascination as your buddies jerk off to your wife’s bouncing breasts.

“Get those fucking panties off,” whispers Bob through gritted teeth.


“Yeah, do it,” says Jim as he flails away at his member.

“What do I get if I do?” she asks, pulling teasingly at the sides of her panties.

“You see what I’ve got,” grunts Bob, pointing his phallus at her.

“What can I do with that?” she asks innocently, inching her panties down slowly.

“You’ll see,” assures Bob.

“Ok, but it better be good,” says your wife mock sternly. Next, she pulls down her panties and reveals the dark patch of her bush to them. You, Jim, and Bob all stand simultaneously. You are about to intervene but Jim elbows you aside and you slip and fall as he and Bob grab your wife. She shrieks with laughter as she struggles with them.


“Honey, help, they are ravishing me,” she shouts. But Jim just grabs her by the hair, pulls her head down toward his crotch, and sticks his phallus right into her mouth. He grunts with satisfaction as she starts sucking fitfully on his dick. You are sitting on the floor with a sickening weakness washing over you. You watch as Bob positions himself behind your wife and starts dogging her from behind. Pretty soon Bob’s hips are slapping against your wife’s ass and she is making small sounds of pleasure as her head bobs up and down on Jim’s hardon.

Bob grips your wife’s hips more firmly in his hands and thrusts deeply as Jim grunts loudly and grabs your wife’s hair again. She makes a choking sound and pulls her head back slightly as he starts shooting spurts of cum into her face. “Oh Jim, Oh yeah,” she says lustily. “Give me that,” she moans and laps the jizz from his sticky phallus. You notice that Bob has reached around and is furiously working your wife’s clitoris while he fucks her with short sharp thrusts from behind. She can’t take much of that before she throws her head back and goes into a shuddering orgasm. As the final waves pass visibly over her, Bob pokes his dick into your wife one final time and grinds himself up against her rear with a groan.

“I’m cumming inside you,” he gasps.

“Yeah, do it,” responds your wife, reaching back to pull gently on his scrotum.

“Oh fuck, I’m shooting more now,” he says.

“Bring it,” she coaxes, cheeks flushed and eyes shining from her orgasm.


Jim looks at you as he playfully slaps his now flaccid phallus against your wife’s face. “I like your wife,” he says. “She knows how to entertain her guests.”

You get up and pull yourself together enough to give him a word not permitted shove. He falls over the coffee table with a laugh. “Ok, Ok, I deserve that. I am out of here.” He jumps up and steals a quick kiss from your wife before bolting out the door, struggling with his fly as he goes.

Bob pulls out of your wife and she turns and kneels before him to suck his softening member.

“I like you,” she says. “You are forceful. You made me cum.”

“Just suck it,” he says tenderly looking her in the eyes.

“yes sir, I am sir,” she teases.


You push her aside and she gives an indignant squawk. You shove Bob and he stumbles awkwardly backward. “Fun time is over, get the fuck out.”

“Ok, buddy. Don’t get all bent out of shape. These things happen. It’s not the end of the world,” he says grumpily as he tucks himself back into his pants and stalks out the door.

You look down at your wife and she looks back up at you, smiling, as she lays in a satisfied heap on the floor.

“You have to admit, that was pretty wild,” she says. “We should invite them back sometime.”

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