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young sex stories on my FB account

 I was contacted by a couple on my FB account and they were a young couple who were looking for a 3some. As mentioned in my earlier stories, young sex stories I am comfortable with 3some if it is FFM but not with FMM, so I told them that I would be interested in 1 on 1 and that also without the husband in the room.

They agreed and sent me their address and the time was fixed for 3:00 in the afternoon. I reached outside their flat and gave them a call. Raj (not real name) came down and met me and we exchanged pleasantries. He said ok that is good and we then proceeded to his flat. There I met Simran (not real name) for the 1st time.

Simran was a young lady in her late twenties and was around 5’5″ tall with a very decent figure. She had very nice boobs, size 34 which I found out later and not an ounce of fat on her, young sex stories slightly heavy hips, she has given birth around 6 months ago, but sexy as hell.

She came and sat on the other end of the sofa on which I was sitting and Raj was sitting opposite to us. I was very frank and asked her, “I hope you do not have a problem with my age” and Simran replied, “no not at all”.

we then sat and had a chat for a while and she excused herself and went to the room. She was dressed in a Salwar Kameez, as most people of the north were, and was looking very nice. young sex stories After 10 minutes she opened her room and she came out dressed in a Sexy Tang top and short skirt. This time, she came and sat right next to me with her body touching my body. Seeing her in that sexy outfit, I started to get turned on and was looking at her from top to bottom.

She held my hand and put it on her bare thighs and put her one hand on my cock above my jeans. I said ‘Simran if you don’t mind can we proceed to the bedroom as I am not comfortable in front of your husband”. She got up and took my hand and led me the bedroom. young sex stories She had left the Airconditioner on so the room was nice and cool. The moment we entered the room and locked the door, she turned around and locked her lips on mine for a long sensuous kiss, and our tongues were searching each other’s mouth. This carried on for about 10 minutes during which my hands were exploring her body.

I reached under her tank top and was squeezing her breasts over her bra, which felt like a nice lacy bra, which of course was confirmed later. They felt nice and firm, but I also felt wetness near the nipples. Then I realized as she had just given birth, she was lactating and wow that was a bonus. We broke our kiss and now I pushed up her top and pushed down her lacy sexy bra and started sucking on those milk tanks. The taste was sweet and she was moaning like a wild girl. It seemed like her husband had never sucked her milk filled boobs.

Suck me, drink my milk, taste me, baby, young sex stories ooh I love it was all I was hearing.

I was enjoying myself and she was also having a great time. Those 34 c tits were a mouthful and a handful. While sucking her boobs I had pushed her onto the bed and was lying beside her. I slowly took off her top and opened her bra and removed it. She also pulled off my T-shirt and threw it aside. My body on her soft body as now giving me a full on hard on. My cock was straining against my jeans. She realized this and opened up my jeans and took my cock in her hands.

Simran : Oh fuck look at your size, young sex stories it is double of my husband.

Me: Are you Ok with it.

S: Ok ! I love it but will it go in.

M: we will not know till we try.

I took off my jeans and my underwear and was not totally naked lying down near her. My hand now started exploring under her skirt. I was playing with her soft thighs, sucking her boobs and licking her navel and she was now moaning loudly. I am sure her husband would have been hearing all this. young sex stories Then I proceeded further and started touching her pussy over her panties. She was already wet and the wetness had come through her panties. I pulled down her skirt and now she was only in her panties.

She pushed me on my back and took my hard cock in her mouth and started moving up and down at full speed. The room was full of her slurping sound and I was not rock hard. I asked her to come into 69 position, and now her wet panties were on my face. They smelled nice and I started licking her pussy over her panty. She released my cock and said, “Stop teasing me and suck my pussy”. I pulled her panties down and there was her lovely pussy, shaved around a few days back, and I pulled her closer to my mouth and started licking her around her pink insides. I parted the wet pussy and the fluids came trickling down to my mouth. She tasted nice and it smelt nice, I like clean and hygienic ladies, and then I started sucking her clit and she started moving her body. I had to hold her legs tight and kept sucking her and tongue fucking her. She was now moaning Ohh Fuck me, young sex stories I love this, oh please don’t stop and before I knew it she had come all over my face.

She collapsed on me and I turned her around and now her face was next to mine. Without any words, our lips met again and we were exploring each other. I was feeling her tits and her soft and sexy body next to mine and her hand went to my cock. She started playing with it and playing with my balls and I was rock solid again. We broke our lip lock and she looked into my eyes and said fuck me, Fuck me hard. young sex stories I pulled her on top of me and asked her to sit on my cock slowly so that she can get adjusted to the size. She put the tip of my cock on her pussy lips and started lowering her body slowly. Even though she had given birth to a child, she was very tight and I assumed that it was due to lack of sex. She started screaming that it was paining but I pushed her to go on.

As she had come already and had some of the wetness, she managed to get 1/2 of my cock into her and then she just let her body go. All of a sudden I was all inside her and she gasped in pain. I pulled her face onto me and locked her lips with mine. Slowly her wet pussy, which was now getting wet again, had adjusted to my cock and she started moving her body up and down my cock, the body to body sounds filled the room and now she was riding my cock like a rodeo and screaming on top of her was, FUCK FUCK tear me, I want to feel you and then she increased her speed and I knew that she was on the verge of coming.

I pulled her off me and within seconds I made her get into doggy position and entered her from behind and started pumping her at full speed, she was now Screaming, young sex stories ” YES YES, Take me, I am cumming, Fuck me” and then she came, I was also in full frenzy and kept pushing my dick into her pussy and was about to come. I pulled out my cock and turned her around and sprayed all my cum over her tits, she had mentioned earlier that she liked this. She enjoyed every minute of it and I just collapsed on her, tired and satisfied. I am a 48 yr old after all.

We lay like that for a while and then she got up and cleaned herself and came and lay next to me. I thanked her for the Milky surprise which I enjoyed and she offered her tits to me again. young sex stories I started sucking her tits and drinking her milk and during this, she told me, we have another surprise for you.

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