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You WILL worship Gina.

Gina, the woman I once called a ‘fat slut’ lowers herself up and down on my erect cock. I stroke her thighs as she rides me. I am grimacing for as repulsive as her weight seems to me, her ample breasts are bounding and her nipples are bolt erect. When Gina rises a little up, her cunt muscles tighten. She is siphoning the spunk out of me and will take it for her own. My wife Jenny watches and kisses Lincoln luxuriantly. This is rather special, isn’t it… Do you know what a ‘bestie’ is? Well may be not, not unless you’re signed up to the pathetic drivel that passes for conversatiomn on social media. Bestis is chick talk for best friend. Women talk about their ‘besties’, the intimate confidantes who knows their deepest and dirtiest thoughts, their most intimate lifestyle. Jenny my wife has a lover called Lincoln. Lincoln has ‘owned’ her for may be two years. It leaves the world for me, her husband, feeliing pretty cold. I don’t sleep with my wife, Lincoln does. I don’t fuck my wife Lincoln does. I don’t even get to call her Jenny any more. I am to call her Madam, like she is some fucking mistress of a country estate. I’ve thought about walking away from all of this. But there are a couple of catches. One Jenny owns the deeds to the house and two her fucking bull Lincoln knows a thing or two about some complaints about my law work. I’m a solicitor and under old Edward the slightly irritating style of dealing with some arse ache clients were swept under the carpet. But when they made Lincoln a partner in the practiice, when in effect he became omne of my bosses, he secured the means to. ruin my career. Pull those complaints out again and I could be out on my ear. Lincoln reminded me so. Best i encourage Jenny in her lifestyle then…eh? 

I’m not the only cuck in this fucking city. i know that politics of sex have changed. Women are getting better cock. They sleep around because they have so much power. I can cope with that. But something came up, something that has made life so much fucking harder. I remember looking through some old photo albums for my mistress, making sure thagt pics were in place and labelled correctly. Then I came across a picture of Gina. You have to imagine this girl. She is a size 20 UK, with bigh knockers, a plump belly and some seriously ample thighs. She is a blonde with p[iggy bliue eyes ancd plump lips. She might have seemed attractive save for her lardy arse. I remember commenting ‘fat slut’. I meant it too, the bitch was wearing a leather mini skirt. You can’t be that heavy and wear a skirt in that way in any manner that appeals. Anyway, Jenny, my mistress heard the comment. I was slagging off her bestie. I remember that she walked over silently and without warning slapped my face till it stung.There was no warning and instant jiudgement. A man who licked her cunt and tongued her arsehole was not in a place to judge a cherished girlfriend. I apologised profusely, immediately dropping my head. It saved me from the second slap. Jenny walked away disdainfully. I begged her not to tell Lincoln. The thought of a hiding or something worse at work was unbearable. 

Three days later I discovered that Madam hadn’t forgotten about it. She came and found me ironing clothes in the utility room. 

‘You are dating Gina tonight’ she told me. I blinked incredulously at her. Fuck off I thought. That’s not funny. But she showed me an email that had been sent from my computer, to Gina, wondering if i could take her to this new restaurant that I knew. There was a response, yes, that would be great, sure, why not. She wonddered what time I would pick her up and I (?!) had apparently said 7.30. I shook my head. I wanted to scrunch the fucking paper up, but my mistress was watching me. 

‘Gina is my bestie, ‘ madam said, ‘she knows that you are our cuck. She likes Lincoln. But she thought that you were ‘cute too’ and really rather nice for accepting my love life.’

Fuck. No wonder i got the slap. 

‘You will date Gina, if she wishes, you will fuck her, in short Toby you will worship her.’ 

I shook my head. Jenny produced a smart looking jewellry box. Inside was a gold and ruby choker, something that looked really rather sexy. ‘You’re goinbg to gift this Toby, hoping that Gina will have a second date with you. You will work your socks off to make her very, very, very happy. Once you’re fucking her regularly, I think that we will then go out as a foursome. It helps stave off all thoise prying eyes….doesn’t it?’ 

‘No” I said firmly. 

‘Alright’ said Jenny and turned to walk away, leaving the choker beside me. ‘Pick Gina up at 7.30 or else Lincoln will give you a hiding.’ 

I could have throttled my bitch mistress. For an hour I swore that I wouldn’t do this. Then I felt guilty, i had called the woman a fat slut. I showered and dressed. ‘You are going to take Gina out aren’t you?’ Jenny smiled. I stepped out of the shower, dripping. I nodded. ‘Good’ she said crisply and unlocked the cage from off my cock. ‘No sheaths, understood, i want Gina to feel you’ she said.
‘Yes Madam’ i said and she smiled knowingly. Good boy. 

I picked Gina up as planned and kissed her on the cheek. For a big girl she looked amazinghly smart. She wore a black blouse that slimmed her some and black leather jeans over strappy high heeled sandals. The lippy was red and a bit too heavy, but her eye shadow looked pretty good.  I said that I’d secretly always wanted to take her out on a date and waited for lightening to strike me down. 

‘You asked Jenny’s permission though, she owns you doesn’t she?’ Gina quizzed.  I felt my cheeks col,our. It was instant. 

‘It’s OK, i thint its sexy. I adore Lincoln. You were right to let nature take its course’ added Gina. That was meant to help right. It was meant to be console. 

‘Jenny is my mistress, she’s been my mistress for two years’ I admitted feeling ashamed. 

‘I know’ said Gina. 

Before we drove off I asked to place tjhe ruby choker about her throat. It was the perfect fit and expensive. I saw her touch it in place as if she could barely credit it. 

‘Jenny’s choice’ said Gina. 

‘No…my choice, I have a small allowance, I wanted to buy it for you.’ I lied. 

‘Thank you’ she said and let me get the car door for her. 

The meal went rather well. It was a good restaurant. Gina ate daintily, her plump lips consuming the food. I watched her big breasts in the black blouse, she was a very well emndowed young woman. I must have stared too long. Gina was on the attack. 

‘Do you admire Lincoln?’ she asked pointedly. 

I apologised for staring and when she waited for my answer. i admitted yes. I wished that my skin was black that I could fuck Jenny like he did and that I had his easy going charms. My guest observed that sex was cruel, but that i would never get my wife back…now that she was with Lincoln. I told her that i knew that, I accepted it, but I still loved and admired women. I still, well admired her too. 

Gina scrutinized me, looking for the sarcastic expresion. I hid it six feet doiwn. 

‘I do like you…I wanted the date with you’ and i glanced at her breasts again. Did her tits seem an asset to her, I hoped so. Was she proud of her breats and the big brown nipples that I imagined pert on the end of each. 

I don’t mind you looking, ‘ she said coquettishly, ‘do I distract you…..that way?’ 

I blushed again . For why? Because the woman’s tits did look attractive. I trid to imagine what they looked like loose? I blushed be cause I was lying about finding her sexy as a whole though, madam had me over a barrel. 

‘How long have you wanted to date me? Gina asked quietly. The conversation was mesmerising her. 

‘Four…may be five months’ I lied. ‘There was a picture of you with my mistress, you wore a leather mini skirt and a tie top in white. Your skin was sun tanned’ . My head swam back to that fucking photograph. I felt a bit sick. 

‘Tenerife’ said Gina, feeling rather pleased with herself. 

‘You should have asked Jenny’s permission before’ she said, ‘I once told her that i liked you. Shje said that I could fuck you if I wanted. I wasn’t to treat you as equal. Jenny is my girlfriend and you are just a cuck.’ 

The bitch I thought, my fucking bitch mistress. 

‘Honestly, i just need to love you I guess….sorry, that’s too fast isn’t it’ I stammered. 

‘No’ insisted Gina, ‘we live a bit differently. You live very differently. I can imagine that need, when Jenny treats you with disdain.’

I blushed again, almost to order. If you think sickening thoughts, you can feel ashamed enough to blush. 

There was a fresh cool breeze when we left the restaurant and I walked Gina holding hands to the car. I looked at her in this transfixed way. Fuck, the choker looked good on her neck. it looked decadent. 

‘OK, you may’ she said quietly, ‘but you kiss nicely, attentively alright?’ her plump lips pouted. She expected me to kiss her. Her eyes demanded that I submit to my own apparent desire. I drew her to me, feeling the greater size of the young woman. Her breasts pressed against me. I kissed her luxuirant lips gently, resting my hand on the hips of her leather jeans, feeling how substantial she was. When my lips parted for a breath she slipped her tongue inside, glidiing against mine. I responded, i nad to. 

You need that…don ‘t you’ she bnreathed, her breath surprisingly fragrant, her perfume surprisiungly alluring. 

‘Yes…yes I do…..sorry Gina’ I whispered. 

‘Don’t fight it, you have needs too Toby, I understand. Your mistress understands, she will’. 

I kissed hewr neck, the choker again st her skin. My hands cradled as far as possible her big buttocks. Fuck, I had got an erection. It was so long, so strange that i almost yelped. 

‘I’ll fuck you, I’ll speak to Jenny. I’m sure that as long as you do her bidding, as long as you please me, you will be allowed to fuck’ she whispered. 

‘Thank you’ I breathed. 

The lights were largely out in the house when we got back but my mistress had stayed up reading a book,. I crept in with Gina planning ‘coffee’ and madam smiled. She looked so beautiful, in skin tight cord jeans and the tan leather  boots with high heels. The women hugged. 

‘Nice evening’ she asked Gina. 

Gina pointed to the choker that my mistress knew nothing about. There was a fawning inspection and my mistress said that may be I was just a litgtle bit ‘love sick’. 

‘Are you going to fuck him?’ she asked her bestie. It was as if i was a ghost, not there, a smoke ancd mirrors illusion. 

‘Do you mind?’ Gina wondered. 

My mistress shook her head and smiled at me. This is funny isn’t it? A fucking fat sljut and you’re neediing to fiill her cunt. 

‘Do as Gina tells you. Love her nicely’ Madam cautioned me. 

We went upstaikrs to my bedroom. There was just a Tiffany light on. I kissed Gina eagerly, in the manner of someone craving her. She opened her mouth to mine and we necked. I reached up to her breasts and felt her nipples stifen. her breasts were big orbs, moving against my fingers. They felt fecund. I imagined her feeding a baby. I pleaded with my eyes and undid her blouse wigthout resiastance, undoing her bra then so her big tits bounced free. They…they were beautiful. If her belly made her look alreacdy pregnant then her breasts were compelling. I licked the erect nipples. 

‘God Gina…..god!’ I was breathless. 

” I know’ she soothed and stroked my erection through my trousers. ‘You need to fuck me don’t you. You need to fuck so badly’. 

I kissed her greedily and pulled down her leather jeans. She had a big blonde bush over her cunt. 

‘Kiss it’ Gina encouraged. i licked amidst her cunt hair and felt the thick folds of her labia. She cooed softly, it really was rather nice being worshipped. 

‘Please Gina, please’ i begged and coaxed her into the bed. 

‘Trousers down lie on the fed face up’ she said briskly. I complied and somehow that big woman managed to straddle my face. She knew the etiquette, jenny had told her things. I watched her pull open the folds of her labia and then she held her sex against my mouth so I could lick her ample interior. 

‘Please Gina, oh shit, please, let me fuck you’ i gasped swinging my tongue through her bush. 

“Please Miss’ corrected Gina. 

I felt sick to the stomach. My mistress stood quietly, sublimely relaxed in the dsoorway watching us. 

‘Please Miss’ I. blurted and felt her shimmy down. 

I felt her cunt catch my cock. One minute it was siff and waggling about and the next it was gloved in the young fat bitche’s sex. I felt her cunt tighten on my cock and the milking began. The more she rose on my seven inches the more her sex tightened. Then it loosened and slurped as she pushed down to engult me again. 

‘Fuck him…fuck him till he shoots Gina hun’ said Jenny. 

Her bestie rode me. She rode me up and down her two big breasts bvouncing in perfect symmetry. 

‘You binned the birth pills darling?’ asked Jenny. 

My date was breathing deepe,  her voice catching now. 

‘Down the john’ she managed in response. 

Christ, dear Christ. The sucking, the siphomning went on. It was relentless. 

‘Give it to me…all of it’ Gina demanded. 

I shook my head, mhy teeth clamped together. 

I shuddered. 

My cock ejaculated and I couldn’t stop it. It jolted the hot thick, pe t up semen into the woman. When I groaned so lloudly, Jenny giggled. 

‘That’s better Toby…make sure you lick mistress clean afterwards OK? You can do some more tomorrow if Gina wants that.’ 

Gina was gasping. May be it was her first sex. It was certainly the most recent sex. I had never known her have a date before. 

‘Toby will support the baby i promise’ said my mistress she turned, needing to find Lincoln. She wanted somethinhg for herself. 

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