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Yes, Daddy

Growing up as a single child, I never wanted for anything from my parents. They were both loving, supportive parents.

They had a traditional “Leave it to Beaver” type relationship. Dad would go off to work each day and my mother was a stay at home wife. He would enjoy her counsel on things affecting the family but he’d be the one to always make the final decisions.

Mom would have dinner near ready for when he got home from work but would meet him at the door each night. They’d go to his favorite chair and for the next half hour, she’d massage his feet as he decompressed. This was their time.

Last summer this all came to an abrupt end. My father died in a single-vehicle accident that devastated my mother and me. While we were left never needing to work again in either of our lifetimes, the lack of his direction affected us both. It especially affected my mom. She began to spiral into a deep depression. She started drinking heavily, moped around the house and stopped caring for herself. I was largely left to fend on my own.

Halfway through my senior year things had gotten so bad that she no longer left, cleaned the house, nor made any meals for the two of us. When she once took pride in her curves and musculature, she was now getting quite skinny.

I came home one afternoon from school and as I walked past her my nose caught the aroma of her unkempt body. Between the perspiration, alcohol, and lack of regular hygiene, her body odor had become rotten.

It was more than I could stand, so I told her to go take a bath. She just smiled and told me to mind my business. As it had begun to really accost my nose, I heavily insisted. She stood up and got very close to me and laughed “or what?”

My mind was conflicted. Here was my mother. I wasn’t supposed to be the adult between the two of us. Between the smell and her attitude, I snapped. I grabbed her by the top of her head and began dragging her to the bathroom. Once inside, I shoved her towards the shower and told her to get in it. She turned around and tried to hit me. I once again grabbed her and, this time, dragged her into the shower. While holding her, I turned on the water. It was freezing at first but then began to cascade down on the two of us. I spun her around and made her face the wall. With both hands, I reached around the front of her and grabbed the front of her blouse. I ripped open the material and pulled it up and over her shoulders. It was tattered and pooled around her waist. I could see no bra straps over her shoulders.

I grabbed a bar of soap with my right hand and began to bathe her. My left hand had her pushed against the wall, where she still tried to resist. I could hear her screaming at me but it was just falling on literal deaf ears.

The short skirt that she was wearing then impeded by progress. I grabbed it too and pulled it straight down. The button popped, zipper tore and down around her ankles it went. The only remaining material adhering to her body was a thin strip of material resembling a thong. I grabbed the thread parting the cheeks of her ass and pulled. With a loud yelp from my mother’s throat, the material also instantly gave way.

I mercilessly and roughly scrubbed her body. There was not an ounce of humility being given to her.

When I finished with her backside, I spun her around and grabbed her by the throat. It was now that I saw the intensity of her eyes. While watching them, I continued to soap her body. The soap cascaded over her breasts, down her abdomen and between her thighs. Once she felt the soap roughly scrubbing her pussy, her mouth opened and all air left her lungs.

When I was done with the bar of soap, I pushed her to the ground. I intended to squirt shampoo into her hair and make her wash it. It was at this time that it dawned on me that I was still wearing my clothes. I quickly removed my clothes, wallet, watch and tossed them out of the shower. All the remained was my boxer shorts.

Holding my mother down on the shower floor, I grabbed the hand nozzle and made sure that her hair was fully wet. I then took the shampoo bottle and damn near emptied it into her hair.

Due to my mother’s hair only being shoulder length, it didn’t take long to fully wash her head and scalp.

My mother had stopped resisting entirely. She would move her head to where I needed it and seemed destined to submit to my intentions.

As I was rinsing her hair, she had wrapped her arms around my legs almost in a hugging fashion. Her face was against the front of my boxers and it was at this time that I realized my cock had begun to swell.

My mind was once again conflicted. Here was my mother at my feet. Her perfect “C” sized breasts on full view. I had just had my hand down between her legs. The worst part of this was her hot breath against the swelling member before her.

Her voice started to permeate the clouds in my brain. “Daddy, I’m sorry, Daddy!” Over and over again she repeated herself.

Before I comprehended what she was saying or the magnitude of what was happening, her hands pulled the waistband of my boxers down around my ankles. My cock was now literally face to face with her.

I reached down to pull her up, but she had already taken my cock into her mouth. The warmth and tight suction established by her lips almost caused my knees to give way. Her head began to bob and take me deeper and deeper into her throat. It was more than I had ever experienced as a naive virgin.

I continued to watch her mouth on my cock as her fingers began to ensnare my testicles. Her palms hefted them to judge both the size and weight.

As I was beginning to feel my testicles tighten, she rose and turned her back to me. While looking over her shoulder at me, she said, “Daddy, baby needs cock”.

I looked down at my groin. My nearly nine-inch cock was throbbing and pointed at her pussy like a divining rod. Without thinking of the consequences, I shoved my hips forward. The thick head entered with a pop but came to a stop about two inches inside. My mind screamed that I was finally inside of a woman. I pushed again and the tightness continued to grasp my turgid cock but still relented another couple of inches. I pulled back until just the head was inside the warmth and then drove forward with everything I had. A scream echoed off the walls, but it was indiscernible as to whose voice. Her cervix welcomed me. I began to piston my hips violently against her—each time causing her to cry out.

I had one goal at this point. I needed to empty my balls. At this point, it was my sole purpose in life. As I would plummet inside of her, she’d meet my every thrust. She was nearly incoherent with her babbling, “Daddy…take me, Daddy”, “soil me, Daddy!” “Fuuuuck ME!”

I felt her pussy massaging and milking my cock. It was more than I could handle and began to jettison rope after rope of seed deep inside her womb. She must have felt it as her body went rigid and then began to quiver. As I slumped against her body, I could feel the last of her orgasm rippling against me.

We stood there exhausted under the cascading water.

My mother grabbed my wrist and said, “Come, Daddy”. Without drying our bodies, we fell onto my parent’s bed and wrapped the comforter around us. Last thing I remember was my mother’s head on my chest and her whispering, “Thank you, Daddy”.

I had fallen into a very deep sleep. I woke to the warmth of the sun shining through the window onto my face. Initially disoriented, I felt the bed alongside me empty.

My mind burst open with a myriad of thoughts: I’d attacked my mother, I’d lost my virginity to her, how was she going to react, was I in trouble, where was she, last night felt great, I was a man now, would she hate me, what do I do now? The enormity of what we’d done…no, what I’d done, came crashing down on me.

I slowly unfolded myself from the covers and began to get up. I was naked and had no clothes here. It appears my mother had left my father’s robe on the bed when she got up. I slipped it around me and tied it closed. As I stepped out of the bedroom, I caught the aroma of something that hadn’t occurred in this house for months. I smelled food being cooked in the kitchen.

I steeled myself for what may come and peeked around the corner. I was absolutely shocked. My mother stood at the stovetop cooking eggs. All she wore was an apron and she was singing to herself. The sun was shining through the window and she looked radiant. I could see the sides of her perfect “C” sized breasts and her ass was visible nestled under the apron’s bow. My cock had taken notice and began to make itself uncomfortable.

My mother must have sensed my presence. Without taking her eyes off the eggs, she said, “Sit, Daddy. The eggs will be ready in a second.” I went over to the table hoping that it would conceal the growth forming. My mother turned with the egg pan and saw where I was seated. “You don’t sit there anymore, Daddy”. I finally noticed the plate was where my father had sat. I got up and moved over. My mother finished serving up the plate and then sat down next to me. I thought, now here it comes…

I could tell by my mother’s body posture and facial expressions that while I wasn’t about to be yelled at, she had something to say.

“Daddy, we do need to talk about last night. You’re not in any trouble. In fact, I need to apologize for the way I was acting these past few months. I know I put you through a lot. I was not there as I should have been for you. My whole life I’ve had strong men to give me direction and meaning. Your father’s death left me without that. As a result, I floundered. I got depressed and fell into a bottle to numb the feelings. Your forcefulness last night reminded me that I had raised a man to be like his father. Someone that should/could give me a purpose and direction. Before your father’s death, it was my job to care for him and the family. It was his job to give me direction and ensure an income. In his death, he ensured that income will always be there. While you do not need to worry about providing an income, it will be expected that you continue with your studies. I, in turn, will continue to look after you and this family.”

“Now eat and get ready for school. We will talk more tonight when you get home. You have swim practice, right?” I nodded my head while scarfing down the heavenly food before me. I watched as my mother moved about the kitchen. She seemed to take pleasure in bending over and exposing her charms to me. I could occasionally hear her giggle. My eyes must have looked like saucers as I watched her every move. My cock was also watching.

As soon as I finished my food, my mother picked up the plate. “Hurry, you’re late!” I looked at the clock and realized that I was, in fact, late and would not have time to take care of my stiff cock. I rushed to my room and threw on some clothes and ran out the door. The last thing I saw was my mother waiting at the door with my book back. She winked at me and I ran off.

I sat in class all day and was unable to concentrate. I was having a difficult time comprehending what has transpired in the last 24 hours. The change in my mother back to what she had been before my father’s death, what it meant when she said “she was going to look after me”, my mother’s… err my… acceptance of her nudity, etc. The day seemed to be a blur. Swim practice seemed to drag on and would not end.

As soon as the coach said we could leave, I was gone. I ran home as quickly as I could.

As I entered the house, my mother was standing there waiting for me. She stood there in a translucent robe that allowed me to see her nudity underneath. Her smile quickly faded “Oh, you’re sweating. Go upstairs and take a quick shower. Put your father’s robe on and come back down. I’ll be waiting for you.”

While I wanted to look at my mother more, I knew well enough to do as she asked. As I ran off to the shower, I noticed that the house was cleaner than it had been since my father had died. In fact, it was immaculate.

I took a shower quickly, but as I was about to take care of the erection I had all day, I heard my mother calling for me. I toweled myself dry and put on the robe that had been laid out for me.

As I came around the corner into the kitchen, my mother was waiting. A chair had been set aside and I was directed to have a seat.

I sat down and my mother knelt in front of me. Her robe had opened and I could see that she had shaved her pussy into a small landing strip since last night.

Seeing my mother’s beautiful body, her kneeling before me, and my not having been able to address my erection all day made my cock stood painfully before me.

My mother scooted forward and opened my thighs. “Daddy needs to relax.” She then engulfed my cock with her mouth. The warmth and the swirling of her tongue around the head put me in heaven. Nothing in the universe mattered at this point but what I was feeling. Her mouth took me deeper and all I could think about was how it felt like when I buried my cock into her womb. As soon as I felt her fingers begin to scratch the underside of my testicles a deep growl formed in my chest. My hips rose and my testicles emptied into my mother’s throat. Rope after rope of semen landed on the back of her throat and tongue. My body was shaking as I collapsed back into the chair.

I looked down at my mother and saw the most beautiful and radiant woman. She brushed a small amount of my seed from her lips into her mouth. “Hmmm, that tasted good, Daddy. Relaxed, now?” I just nodded.

My mother then stood and began plating the meal as if nothing had happened.

We initially sat there looking at each other and eating our food. I couldn’t take the silence much longer so I asked, “If you’re calling me “Daddy”, what am I to call you? Mom doesn’t feel right.” A deep belly laugh escaped her. This got us both laughing and it lightened the mood.

“I always preferred your father calling me “little one”.

I looked at her with some trepidation. “Your calling me Daddy also seems weird as that is what you called my father.”

She smiled. “I called my father “Daddy”, I called your father “Daddy” and if

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