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Taken abused and displayed

Oh my god ! Saras mind screams.

Oh my god ! Saras mind screams. Every breath Causes the small weight hanging from the clamp on her swollen clit to swing , No matter how hard she tries to stand still it swings and pulls l.

Her nipples are swollen and distended and the crotch rope in he little cunt itches as it rubs the tender lips of her pussy. Bound helplessly as she is she can do Nothing except moan into her gag.
How much more? And why wont they let me cum ? I need to cum I need to feel that gushing release. these men keep bringing me right to the edge and then STOP just leaving me.

I dont even care anymore that I am being humiliated and used by strangers.

ALL I want is to CUM!

Thesse are Saras last thoughts before blacking out from the sexual strain.
Finally awake again Sara finds herself lying on her back on a table with her arms stapped securely above her head and a soft cushion under her tight little ass raising it obscenly and leaving her sopping holes completely exposed.

Her beautiful legs with their tiny little feet are strapped at each ankle and raised out and to the sides and held up and stretched wide apart by cables.

As she gathers her sense she realizes all of this and the fact that the clamps on her clit and nipples have been removed, Although the sensitivity remains as they throb under the lights. 
She stills wears the ring gag and is drooling uncontroablly.

Her Pussy is pulsing and twitching her little clit is throbbing , she can feel something holding her slick pussy lips open?

As she looks around she see’s that the re are stratigically placed mirrors allowing her to see every inch of her helplessly bound body from every angle! As she strains at her bonds she cant help but look at her Gaping swollen pussy….

there are clamps on each of her labia with a  sting running to the garters on her stockings that are holding her pussy wide open!

Its swollen and red and she can actually see up inside as it pulses and twitches and her cum oozes out and runs down puckered asshole!

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