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xnxx sex stories – A Boarding School

Let me tell you about this story. xnxx sex stories It is a fantasy. The story is about a boarding school where college students are forcefully sent by their parents during their summer holidays. You will get to know more about the school in the story. This will be a very long story. I will write it in different parts.

My summer holidays just got started. I was enjoying my holidays. But like everyone else, my dad forced me to join this boarding school. xnxx sex stories I was very hesitant and I did not want to go. But I couldn’t say no to my dad. So I decided to check it out.

Since it was a 2 months school, I packed a lot of luggage. There were still 2 weeks for school to start. I decided to just drop my luggage and see how the campus is before I started school in two weeks. The school was far from home. It was in a small town where not many people lived.

I grabbed my luggage and took a flight to the town. From the town, I boarded a bus to reach the boarding school.

Gateman: Name?
Me: Aafi.
Gateman: Are you sure? xnxx sex stories I can’t seem to find it.
Me: I’m pretty sure that’s my name. I’ve had it for 20 years.

Gateman: Alright. I’ll pencil you in here then. Welcome to the Paradise Boarding School! Enjoy your stay!
Me: Thanks. I’m supposed to leave my stuff here.
Gateman: That’s right, there are still two weeks to go until the semester starts.

Me: Well, where do I go?
Gateman: Hmmm. xnxx sex stories There’s only one spot left and since I couldn’t find you on the list I guess that’s yours.
Me: I guess so.

Gateman: You’re going to room 23. That’s over there in the back, the second building.
Me: Thanks!

Gateman: Did you know that they have these phones now with two cameras? How weird is that?
Me: Not at all. It’s nothing new. xnxx sex stories Anything else?
Gateman: You have to be gone by the end of the day, don’t forget that.

Me: I won’t! It’s not like I’m eager to move in here.
Gateman: They always say that. But when the semester starts, they change their minds.
Me: Oh, I’m sure everyone sees summer school as something pleasant!

Gateman: Just you wait.
Me: What do you mean?
Gateman: This was originally a girls-only house. xnxx sex stories They changed it last year. I wish I was young again.

Girls only! I thought this was either going to suck big time or be awesome.

Gateman: And with only one class every day for two hours. It’s a playground!
Me: Just one for two hours? That’s great.
Gateman: I told you, you’re going to like it!

Maybe this isn’t going to be as bad as I thought.

Me: How do I get into the second building?
Gateman: xnxx sex stories You have to go through the first one, where the dorms are!
Me: I got it, thanks again!

Gateman: You’re welcome and don’t be a stranger. Come to say hello to old Hank once in a while!
Me: You got it, Hank, thanks again!

I finally arrived in room 23. xnxx sex stories I opened the door. It was a normal room but filled with pink everywhere. On the left side, there was a cupboard and there are two tables on either side of the cupboard. On the right side, there was a bunk bed of two layers. Seeing this I knew I’m going to have a roommate.

I decided to take the bottom bed as I have a history of falling off of beds. I decided to look inside the school area before I go, xnxx sex stories to get a better idea of the place. I went to the school building and tried to open the door. But it was locked. So I decided to head back home.

I was walking towards the gate. There was a stunning girl who just arrived at the gate with huge bags of luggage. Let me tell you about her. She has lush blonde hair which was pretty long. Her skin was shiny bright. She was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt and tight full-length pants.

I was stunned because she has a perfect slim body. She could barely move the big bag. So I stepped in to offer a helping hand.

Me: Hey! Hold on, let me give you a hand with that. Let me help you with that, it’s too heavy for you. xnxx sex stories I’m Aafi by the way!
Chloe: I’m Chloe, nice to meet you! Thanks for helping me out!

Me: You’re welcome! Nice to meet you too! What do you have in these bags? Your entire home?
She: Something like that! Hahaha! Can you manage that? Do you need a hand?

Me: What? No. It’s a piece of cake!
Chloe: I’ll grab the smaller ones, follow me!
Me: Right! Lead the way!

We took the luggage to Chloe’s room. Her room was pretty big compared to my room. It was wider. There were two separate beds, xnxx sex stories one on the left and one on the right. There’s a table in between on the end wall between the two beds. This room was spacious and looked way better.

Chloe: Here we are! This is my room.
Me: Looks nice!
Chloe: Was the bag heavy?
Me: Ehhh only a bit but I can handle myself.

Chloe: Thank you!
Me: Not a problem. So you’re not new here.
Chloe: No, this is my second year. I see you’re new.
Me: Yes, I just dropped my stuff here.

Chloe: Trust me, you’re going to love it here!
Me: I hope so, otherwise xnxx sex stories I’ll have the worst summer ever! Wouldn’t you rather be home?

Chloe: Not really, it’s fun here, a lot of people to talk to and things to do!
Me: I hope so.

Chloe went near her table and she bent forward to look something closer. The way she bent forward, it was one hell of a view! The pant she was wearing was very tight and I could see her ass shape clearly. I was just standing behind and staring at her ass shamelessly.

Chloe: I think someone went through my stuff. xnxx sex stories I left some things here.
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Chloe: I remember leaving chocolate here on the desk.
Me: You can always buy another chocolate.

The way she was bending, it was like she’s teasing me to take her ass. I was already feeling my junior down there getting ideas. The bulge in my pants was getting bigger. I got a little bolder and decided to stare that ass closely. I was enjoying her cute small butt. My hormones were firing on my tool.

I was so close I could feel that ass. xnxx sex stories If she was my girlfriend I would have smacked her over the butt so hard.

Chloe: Yeah, the chocolate is not here. Oh well, better lock this door when I leave!

In my mind: (Or maybe we could lock it right now with us inside and have the most intense sex ever! Uhh, what am I thinking about! This is not me. Not really. Maybe a bit! She’s turning around. Better start acting normal.)

My cock was getting harder. Chloe suddenly turned back. She was looking down and her eyes were stuck staring at my bulge.

Chloe: Oh my! Is that a result of me bending over?
Me: Uhh. What do you mean? xnxx sex stories I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Chloe: The bulge in your pants. I’m flattered but it’s also weird.

Me: What! No no. That’s just. That’s just how these jeans are! They are like this.
Chloe: Oh ok. Sure!

Chloe didn’t buy my innocent act. So I wanted to divert her mind.

Me: Hey! Why don’t you show me around this place? What do you say?
Chloe: Hmm sure, there’s not much to see in the dorms but we could have a look inside the school area.
Me: I tried to get inside xnxx sex stories but the door is locked.

Chloe: We can ask the gateman for the key.
Me: Old Hank? Does he have a key?
Chloe: That’s his name? Yes, he has a key.
Me: Sounds like a plan!
Chloe: Let’s go then!

We both walked towards the gate. My tool was getting into a normal position and the bulge was gone.

Me: Hank! Pal. What’s up?
Hank: Nothing really, waiting for the day to be over.
Me: Do you think we can have the keys to the school area? Chloe here wants to show me around.

Hank: I really shouldn’t. No students allowed until the semester starts.
Me: Oh, come on, you can do me solid,xnxx sex stories right?
Chloe: Please?

Hank: Tell you what. If any of you can answer my question I’ll give you the key.
Me: Sure ask away.
Hank: How many hours are there in a year?

I was scratching my head and trying to calculate. Chloe was looking really cute. She was keeping her left hand on her chin and was thinking. Gosh! She was looking really pretty. I got frustrated with Hank’s question.

Me: What! How are we supposed to know that?
Hank: That’s the question, answer it and get the keys.
Me: I hate math, 10000! Maybe?
Hank: Hahaha! That was close but no.

Chloe: 8760! That’s a normal year, a leap year has of course 8784. Roughly.
Me: Really? You did the math?
Chloe: It’s not that hard, also xnxx sex stories I’m good at math!
Hank: That’s actually right.

Chloe: Key, please!
Hank: Bring it back when you’re done!
Me: Cute and smart. Impressive!
Chloe: Thank you! I like my math!

Me: I don’t like math all that much.
Chloe: Then it’s a good thing that you have me!
Me: Yes it is!
Chloe: Come on, let’s give you the grand tour!

She grabbed my hand and was walking towards the school building. Aah, her skin feels so soft. She’s different, outgoing. xnxx sex stories Not very shy. I was happy that we are holding our hands already. I was starting to like the place. We entered the classroom. The board was on my left and on the right there were separate desks for each person.

Chloe: So this is our classroom, this is where we’re going to have that course.
Me: What do you mean by ‘our’ classroom? Aren’t we different years?
Chloe: Hahaha! No, we’re all in the same class!
Me: Wait. How many people come here anyway?

Chloe: Around 20-25 at most.
Me: And we’re all in the same class? Haven’t you already taken it?
Chloe: Yes, but they change the content with every year, always something new!
Me: Ok. That’s weird.
Chloe: I guess so.

She went near the table where the teacher sits and pretended to be a teacher. I wanted xnxx sex stories to play along.

Chloe: Have you done your homework Aafi?
Me: Sorry miss Chloe, I was out all night gazing at the stars!
Chloe: Hmm. After school detention for you then!
Me: You have detention here?

Chloe: No! Hahaha! I was kidding!
Me: And what happens if I don’t attend then?
Chloe: They write letters to your parents. If you keep doing it they kick you out.
Me: Hmm. So it’s fine missing once or twice.

Chloe: Yes, you could get away with it.
Me: That’s good to know!
Chloe: You’re really planning it, xnxx sex stories aren’t you?
Me: I’m thinking about it, yes.

Chloe: Hahaha! You’re a rebel, aren’t you?
Me: Maybe just a bit.
Chloe: That’s good, I like that!
Me: Where do you sit in class?

Chloe: I usually sit here in front, next to the door.
Me: So you sit in the ‘good student’ zone.
Chloe: Hahaha! I sit in the ‘come in last, get out first’ zone!
Me: Hahaha! I never thought of it that way. But now that you say it. It makes sense!

Chloe: Crafty isn’t it?
Me: Very! I might even steal your idea.
Chloe: Don’t you dare! xnxx sex stories Hahaha!
Me: Hahaha! So what’s next?

Chloe: Hmm. There’s the sports area, the library, the roof. But I have a better idea!
Me: You do? What idea?
Chloe: Come on!

Me: Where are we going?
Chloe: Outside!
Me: Ok. What’s outside?
Chloe: I want to challenge you to a match! Let’s shoot hoops!
Me: Basketball?

Chloe: Yes, I’m going to kick your ass!
Me: Hahaha! Dream on!
Chloe: We’ll see who’s dreaming!
Me: I already know who, you!

We reached the basketball court. xnxx sex stories Chloe went to grab the ball.

Chloe: Ready to lose?
Me: Never heard of that word!
Chloe: Hahaha! Fine, let’s see about that!
Me: Oh you will!

Chloe was holding the ball.

Chloe: Not to brag but let me show you something. You see, this is the ball.
Me: Really? That’s the ball? Hahaha!
Chloe: Hahaha! And this is what you do with it! xnxx sex stories You throw it in the hoop!

She threw the ball into the hoop perfectly.

Me: It’s easy with nobody stopping you. Let’s see how good you are against me!
Chloe: I just wanted to show you how it’s done!
Me: Thank you, I had no idea! Let’s go then, let’s do this for real!
Chloe: Don’t cry after you lose!

Me: Funny! Do you guys play games often?
Chloe: Not really, no. We play other games for fun but not sports.
Me: Then how do you stay in shape?
Chloe: Wouldn’t you like to know that!
Me: I would!
Chloe: I for one do yoga from time to time.
Me: That works.

Chloe was ready with ball. xnxx sex stories I was ready in front of her to block her from throwing the ball.

Chloe: Are you ready?
Me: The question here is, are you ready?
Chloe: I was born ready!

She’s very competitive and can talk trash. I was starting to like her more and more!

Me: What’s this?

She’s so fast! She managed to go past me easily, I don’t know how. She’s good. I tried to stop her with my hands. I grabbed her upper body, but she already hooped the ball. My left hand was on her back and my right hand was on her chest. I was feeling something soft in my right hand.

Without realizing, my right hand was touching her right boob. xnxx sex stories It wasn’t my intention, it just happened. Her breast was so soft and squishy! I could feel my boner coming back. I hadn’t had sex for a long time. I was feeling like a dog in heat!.

Chloe: Uh!
Me: Sorry about that!
Chloe: Are you touching me!
Me: No, no, it happened by mistake!
Chloe: Then what is your hand still doing on my breast?
Me: Sorry!

It’s like I froze there with my hand on her breast. The feeling was so good. I removed my hand immediately.

Chloe: What do you think you’re doing?
Me: What? I?
Chloe: xnxx sex stories I asked you to play a game not to sleep with me!
Me: It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to!

Crap, I really blew it. But it really was a mistake!

Chloe: It didn’t look like a mistake!

She looked pretty mad! But I don’t know what got into me I went bold.

Me: I’m sorry but it felt goo,d to be honest. I didn’t mean it but I don’t regret it.
Chloe: So you enjoyed yourself!
Me: Why not? The deed was done so. I’m just saying. When in Rome. You know.
Chloe: Hahaha! xnxx sex stories I’m just kidding with you! I know it was a mistake!

She changed her serious expression toa big smile and she started laughing at my seriously worried face.

Me: Very funny!
Chloe: You look so funny trying to apologize and explain it to me!
Me: For a moment I thought you were mad.
Chloe: Don’t be ridiculous! Things like this happen in sports.

Me: I know!
Chloe: Come on, follow me!
Me: Where xnxx sex stories are we going?
Chloe: There’s another place I want to show you!
Me: Ok.

Wow, that was intense. But she was just kidding. We both went further far behind the school. Wow! The place was beautiful. There were lots of trees and there was a lake behind those trees. It was so green and fresh.

Me: Oh, wow.
Chloe: It’s awesome, isn’t it?
Me: Yes it is!
Chloe: We come here when we want to get away from everyone and have some privacy.

Me: Privacy?
Chloe: You know. Boy and girl kind of privacy.
Me: Do you xnxx sex stories bring all the boys here?
Chloe: Hahaha! No, I don’t bring anyone here!

Me: You brought me.
Chloe: To show you the place, don’t get any bright ideas!
Me: I wouldn’t dream of it.

But actually I was really dreaming about Chloe and me doing private things here. We went near the lake.

Chloe: So what do you think?
Me: It’s great!
Chloe: This is our hidden heaven, we also do parties here.

Me: Parties? You guys are mostly having fun, xnxx sex stories aren’t you?
Chloe: Well. Yes!
Me: Hmm this might just be my kind of school!
Chloe: Hahaha!

I was thinking, she brought me here, on a hot day like this, just the two of us. I decided to suggest skinny dipping. Skinny dipping is basically dipping in the water naked.

Me: Oh whew! I’m so warm from the game we had, I could use a bath in that cool water right about now.
Chloe: I could use one too!
Me: Skinny dipping?

Chloe: Hahaha! Are you trying to get me naked?
Me: No, I want to xnxx sex stories cool off.
Chloe: Is that all you want?

I could sense some naughtiness when she asked that question. I was thinking, she didn’t scold me when I was staring at her ass in the room. Also, she didn’t really mind when I touched her breast while playing basketball. It was my turn to be naughty.

Me: I could use seeing you naked.
Chloe: Ohh is that so?
Me: Well it’s the truth!
Chloe: At least you’re honest! I like that. Skinny dipping it is!

I couldn’t believe she agreed. xnxx sex stories She was really getting naked. It was feeling like my lucky day!

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