I am 30 year old south Indian xhamster stories

I am 30 year old south Indian working in Bangalore currently. xhamster stories It’s a real incident which happened to me in 2011, when i shifted from Chennai to Bangalore. In Bangalore i found a PG, and started staying. Those were lonely days. Since I am new in Bangalore i didn’t had any friends, and couldn’t even go out because of rainy climate then. Though I was in touch with my Chennai friends, I really missed all of them, and workplace. Any way thanks to Vodaphone for 500 sms/day offer, this changed things later.

One day evening I was resting in PG, I got a phone call from Chennai, by a junior trainee { xhamster stories }

she was in touch with me like many others in her batch. She told me a sad incident, her elder sister got engaged last month (which I knew before), he was a nice guy, working in pondicherry, suddenly admitted in hospital with jaundice.

After two days doctors confirmed that it’s last stage of liver cirrhosis, in another 2 days he passed away. xhamster stories So her sister is depressed now, what to do. To be frank I am not a person capable of giving any verbal relief to people, still she insisted me “sir you please talk to her, just because she sits alone at home, once me and parents went for work, we are afraid of her”. I agreed to talk to her.

She suddenly gave phone to her sister, we will call her neha hereafter. I just casually introduced myself, and she knew me well it seems because my junior gave a very good picture about my character and knowledge in her home, and how I trained up all their batch etc etc. So that helped me here, and luckily her English was good enough. Neha was bit upset which I could make out from her voice, but I didn’t go to her sadness directly. I spoke almost 10 minutes about me and asked about her. Later I brought the topic, I tried to understand how close they both were. Realized they were just started talking over phone after engagement, nothing more happened between them.

Finally I told ‘You are very lucky girl, imagine this happened after your marriage, how disastrous it would be, so just imagine that you are saved from an accident by luck’. xhamster stories That was the turning point for her. From then I could make out her change in voice, and we spoke another 20 minutes. Before dropping call I said don’t worry of being alone at home, don’t think too much, distract yourself to something interesting, usually I will come back by 3pm in room, if you feel alone message me, I will reply, no problem. Even I am alone here without friends. Neha was happy her sister also thanked me, later I got a message from a new number ‘please save my number-Neha’.

From that day we started chatting every day, from 3pm to 11 pm, most of time 500 messages were not enough. She just finished degree, wanted to know what else she can do after this, all that. Later we shifted topics to AIDS HIV and all. She had many doubts on all these, since I am medical expert worked for state aid control cell, cleared all her doubts, and she was impressed. On all that occasion sex was not a topic, but she brought that again, about contraception. I explained all methods of contraception, even told about I-pill, that was quite new for her. I explained personnel hygiene, how to keep your private parts clean, hair removing and all.


She told I never did it, I recommended to go for it, as it will be easy to clean during periods. Very next day she went for shopping, got a razor and blade, did her first pussy shave. xhamster stories I suggested her to use father’s shaving cream. After 2 days she was telling something is poking there, all that was quite enjoying. Another day we explained all about kamasutra, she was quite happy to know all that. One day I asked her have you ever seen a blue film? She said NO, she thought of, even some of her friends have seen it, but she didn’t. I asked you want to see some good sex videos, as porn movies are mostly exaggeration and very mechanical. She agreed, and I said I will send you some good links in your mail, you watch it. I did.

Next day itself she watched those videos in some net café and told me it is so ‘bad’, they are not even kissing well (:P). She also said got scared while watching oral sex scenes and doggy. I started laughing, and said sex is mutual, give and take pleasure. So she was quite excited after that, from there we started talking about masturbation and all. I realized she was very wet after watching porn, and she masturbated after going home. Then I explained her how guys do masturbation, she was very excited to listen all that. All that went on, we became open to everything in 15-20 days.

Now we both are really excited, wanted to meet each other, wanted desperately. I told her ‘I don’t want 2 sex you directly, just want to give you some pleasure if you can enjoy my company. xhamster stories She was very impressed by that. So thought meeting in a public place first, but far from her home area, where we both have many contacts. I made plan like go outing, watch a movie, then lunch. I booked online ticket in abhiraami theatre purushwalkam, she also told parents Saturday’s outing with her colleagues. All that was fine, I reached morning in Chennai by Chennai-bangalore mail, went to friend room, after keeping luggage and bath, by 10 I reached bus stand.

I already mailed my photo 2her so that she can easily find me. Though was late 25 minutes finally she came, in a blue skin tight jean and a light kurtha with a duppatta (well, matching front open bra and panty with no shimmees inside, all that we decided long befor for convenience in theatre :P).

She immediately recognized me, we both get into bus. xhamster stories Luckly both got same seat, still both were nervous to talk in beginning. Neha was bit chubby, medium skin tone, 5 feet hight, 32 size, with nice curves, beautiful eyes, and an awesome back. We reached theatre, to my surprise she started holding by elbow while entering mall, it was nice and I could feel her soft bun in my hand, I poked there with elbow, her pretty smile was the permission for all. Magadheera movie tamil dubbing version started.

We both were quite excited, as we have corner seat and theatre was not crowded. But suddenly a family came and next to us, and we were like ‘what the hell”, and started feeling bad. Later we exchanged some kisses, and boob pressing but were conscious so couldn’t enjoy at all. After interval we shifted place, and started more deeds. She opened bra, and covered with duppatta, opened jeans button and zip, where I started and pressing her boobs, with biting in nipples.


Later I moved down, it was full wet, I started fingering her, and inserted 1 finger properly, second tried but dropped plan because of severe pain. She reached orgasm 2 times, every time I realized it by her piercing nails in my biceps and heavy breath. xhamster stories I guided her to my penis; she was holding it by telling I am scared, how this will go inside and all. I taught her how to shake it well, she did it well. By the time movie was over, somehow packed boobs and penis inside and came out. I was disappointed because I couldn’t cumm, even she felt bad.

After late lunch we got bus back, after 45 minutes we reached in our main station. It was around 4 pm, suddenly I flashed an idea. Asked her where she watched that video, she told me place, which I knew already. A big net café with all cabins, and half doors, I had been there before and saw some ‘live scenes’ there. Since we both don’t was to go home early, I told her my cabin plan, she agreed. We both went in, luckily got last 1 with proper space for 2 people and nobody was in near cabins. I opened xhamster and showed her an oral sex video. That time she was shaking my penis, I pleased her by some nice deep french kisses, again in lips, hair and neck.

She was really excited by then and returned same, I just asked can you give me bj. Thought she will deny, but OMG, xhamster stories she immediately bent to me and started it, I gave some suggestions, to improvise it, she started sucking my balls even, and real use of tongue on tip of penis. I was I heaven, almost 10 minutes she did, I cummed in tissue paper. She was astonished the way semen is being released, commented ‘nature has created everything very nicely’ :P.

Then my chance, I made her sit in my lap, and opened her red bra, wondered your bra is just 32? I thought it is 34. She laughed, I started sucking her boobs with pressing other 1, she was really excited, and looking anxiously what I am doing with a beautiful smile and glittering eyes. Her left hand was in my hair, I realized her excitation peaks.

We exchanged deep kisses and I opened her jeans. First she was reluctant but I convinced her later, opened her red panty, which was already wet. Thought of sucking her wetland, I divided her legs, sat under the keyboard, in cabin, so that I can do that well. I started, she went to heaven, I started by kissing her tummy, that gave her a real excitement, went down, slowly in pussy, and started sucking clitoris, followed by putting tongue inside her vagina, and moving it, then fingering. She was so wet, and my fingering started creating ‘pluck’ sound from her pussy, xhamster stories we both stopped immediately for a while, laughed for some time and continued slowly with caution. In between she got two continuous orgasm, she dragged me up, hugged tightly, and gave me awesome kisses.

We both rested some time and I went down again and gave her one more satisfaction. She was a very good student, gave me an excellent hand job, I cummed again. We both were so tired and sat almost 10 minutes by holding each other, and she was laying on my shoulder. xhamster stories Most beautiful foreplay I ever had.


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