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Wife Swapping – Hot Experience On A Trip

This is a true story wherein my best friend and I exchanged spouses. All the names have been changed to respect privacy. It so happened that my best friend’s wife Smita finally agreed that she & her husband Ram will accompany me & my wife Kams for a night or two out of town.

So on the day & time fixed, my wife & I set out in my car to pick up Ram & Smita. They were all packed & ready when we reached their home. After exchanging pleasantries, they sat in my car and we headed to a nearby town about 50 Kms away. On the way, I told Smita that we will stay for at least 2 nights upon which she said that she knew that I would say that and was ready for it.

On the way, we stopped at an eatery for some snacks. The journey to our destination was of one & a half hour. On reaching the hotel selected, we headed for our separate rooms. I locked our room and reached for my sexy wife. We kissed & smooched. Hardly had we finished when there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Smita alone, invited her in and closed the door.

My wife asked her, “kya hua?”. She replied looking at me, “aap ke dost phir wohi harkaton pe utar aye hain.” I asked, “kya hua, kaun si harkaton pe utar aya hai woh?”. Then, She said, “muje pakad liya aur jabardasti kar ne lage woh.”. Soon, I said, “ayiye mere saath, main dekhta hoon.”. I told my wife to remain there in our room and that I shall see what the problem was.

On entering their room, I closed the door and asked Ram, “kyon bhaee kya kiya tumne ki Smita bhagee aiee hamare room mein?”. Ram replied, “arre yaar, kya bataoon. tu bata hum yahan maaja karne nahi aye kya? Maine usse pyar karna chaha aur use pakad liya. aur woh gusse main chhuda kar bahar chali gayi. Bata maine kya galat kiye. meri biwi hai who. kya usse pyar nahi kar sakta?”

Looking at Smita, I said, “bhabiji, aap yahan par bhi wohi kar rahi hain jo ghar pe karti ayi hain. Please kam se kam yahan to aise mat karo. Enjoy karo.”. To this she said, “muje ye sab nahi karna inke saath.” “Chalo theek hai. Ram to mere saath chal. Bhabhiji aap yahi par rukna”, I told them both and took Ram out of their room & closed the door. Then, I took Ram to my room, where my wife was waiting & asked, “kya hua?”.

I replied, “are kuchh nahin isne Smita ko pyar karna chaha aur usne, as usual karne nahi diya. ab Ram tu yahan par baith main Smita se baat kar ke use samjhata hoon. Theek hai?”. Both nodded their heads in the affirmative and I went to Smita.

I locked the room and went to Smita, when she asked,”aap ne darwaja lock kyoon kiya?”. I replied, “taan ki hame koi disturb na kar sake.” I went near her on the bed asked her to sit facing me and took her hands in my hands. Then, I asked,”dekh Smita main tumhara haath tab tak nahi chhodu ga jab tak tu muje poori baat nahi batayegi. Aaj tumhe batana hi pade ga ki kyun tu Ram ko haath nahi lagane deti. Aaram se, khulke sahi sahi baat batana. Main apni taraf se tumhari poori madat karunga. Mera vishwas karna. Bata kya baat hai.”

She then narrated all that she had to say about Ram’s behavior. I too listened very at tentatively even though I knew most of the stuff. all the while holding both her hands. Once she had finished, I asked, “par ek baat bata kya tumhara man nahi karta ki tu chudwaye?”.

She replied, “karta to hain.” I asked, “to phir tu kya karti hai, ungli maar ti hai?”. Then, She said, “han kabhi kabhi.” I ventured, “ab is waqt tumhara ji kar raha hai, is haseen wadiyon mein?”. She replied, “haan thora thora.”

I then pulled her to me with my hands and embraced her tight. I could feel her melting in my arms and she too put her hands around me. Then, I gently kissed her on the forehead, then her cheeks, behind her ears & neck and finally kissed her on her lips.

She was enjoying my lovemaking and soon thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked it hard and thrust my tongue too and she responded by sucking it. We were smooching and our salivas were getting mixed up and oozing out of our mouths too.

While smooching, I lowered my hands to her arse and she started to rub it. Then, she in return started rubbing my cock. Once we had finished smooching, which must have lasted for at least 15 minutes, we moved our faces away. Then, she said, “aap apni shorts utar do muje aap ki lund choosni hai.”

Immediately, I removed my shorts and stood on the ground while she remained seated on the edge of the bed. She took my lund in her hands and started shaking it with one hand while cupping my balls with her other hand. She then brought her mouth near my lund and started to lick it with her tongue and then proceeded to suck it, first gradually and then fast enough to arouse me.

After maybe about 3/4 minutes, I was about to burst and told her so. Without removing her mouth from my lund she signaled to go ahead. And soon I leaked all my cum in her mouth, with soft moans. She kept swallowing it till my lund stopped dripping. Once she was through, I stood her up on the ground, hugged her tight and kissed her ever so hard, while she pressed her body hard on my body. I could feel her big & soft boobs crush on my chest. She then removed my Tee.

I moved her a little away, slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her body, gradually I opened her bra and took it off too. Her boobs were quite big. Slowly I started to knead her left boob, pressed her nipple which by now had become big & erect. I repeated the same with her right boob. I could sense her horniness as she brought my face to her boobs. “Chooso inhe,” she requested.

Immediately I accepted her request and first licked her boobs separately and then both together. She was getting hornier as she held my lund and began playing with it. Seeing this I started to suck her boobs again first individually & then both at a time and kept on increasing the pressure that in no time I was sucking her boobs & nipples so hard that she let out a little moan, “aa bahut achha lag raha hai. Thoda dard ho raha hai par meetha-meetha, jitna jor se ho sake choosiye.”

Within some time, she started to rub her choot with one hand from outside her saree, having my lund in her other hand. I realized that she was now ready to get fucked. So, moving away from her naked boobs, I removed her saree & petticoat and had her completely naked, while I was already. We entwined our naked bodies, kissed, smooched and hugged.

Breaking my grip she lay on the bed spreading her legs as if asking me to lick & suck her choot. I folded her legs, put my mouth to the lips of her choot and she sighed and raised her hips a bit. I took a pillow and put it on her arse, to raise her body so that I could lick & suck her choot nicely.

When I put my tongue on the lips of her choot, she shuddered a bit, put her both hands on my head and exclaimed, “bahut achha lag raha hai, please chato meri choot.” I then opened the lips of her choot and rubbed my tongue from top to bottom and then reverse. She was wriggling while pressing my head and rolling her head from side to side.

When I licked her clitoris, she slowly shouting, “bhaisahib, jara jor jor se chato, please.” I started to lick & suck her choot gradually increasing the speed. Within about 2 minutes she burst and all her cum was on my face. I lapped it all up and took it in my mouth and showed her.

She raised her head and smiled to see her cum in my mouth, which I swallowed and told her, “dekho tumhari kitni garmi nikli hai, kyun ke tumne bahut samay se apni choot chatwayi nahi kisise,” to which she sighed, “wakey bahut garmi nikli hai aur yeh sab aap ki kripa se. Bahut maaja aya. Thank you. Ab aap chodo muje jitni jor se ho sake.”

I put my lund on her choot and she guided it in with her hands. Since she had already came, it was wet inside and my fully erect lund easily slid in. I started with slow motions, when she requested,”bhai sahib, jara jaldi-jaldi aur jor se karo na, tab muje jyada maja ayega.”

I increased the speed and thrusts. She was moaning with pleasure. I was about to burst and asked her, “mera maal chhutne wala hey, tumhari choot mein chhod du yan tumhe muh mein chhud wana hai.” She replied, “itna achha lag raha hai to aap meri choot mein hi chhod do, dekha jayega.” I told her, “darne ki koi baat nahi, maine apni nase katwaye huee hai.” “Phir kya apna pura maal chhod do kyon ki mera bhi chhutne wala hai, phir se,” she said.

I released all my cum in her choot which got mixed with hers as she too had her orgasm simultaneously. It was indeed a most satisfying experience for both of us, more so with her, as she had not got fucked for quite a long time. After cleaning ourselves in the bathroom I asked her to lie in her bed naked and cover herself with a sheet and I will send Ram to fuck you. She agreed.

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