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wife sex stories reaching till my buttocks

Six month of married life has turned my world all topsy turvy. wife sex stories Where

I was dreaming of a wonderful married life with a lovind husband and

in-laws, what I got was a cunning, shrewd, calculating, demonic,

ruthless, rakhshasas in-laws and husband. I was made to toil from

the first day in the house, taking care of my father-in-law (FIL) 55

yrs, mother-in-law(MIL) 48 yrs, one elder brother-in-law(EBIL) 30

yrs and one younger sister-in-law (YSIL) 23 yrs. The EBIL was

divorced while the YSIL was wife sex stories a graduate looking for a good


I was married to Alok, a couple of months back. I am from a poor

family as my father worked as a peon in a local company. But I was

the only child and my mom and dad took pains to see that I was well

looked after. wife sex stories I was good in studies and managed to complete my B.Com

and that was the time the proposal came from Alok. I look O.K. I am

5’4″, saavla rang, 60 kgs, a good filled figure, big eyes, slightly

upturned nose, thin lips and white even teeth. I have long thick

hair reaching till my buttocks. Yes, I have high cheekbones,

probably I look like a version of the yesteryear actress Mumtaz. We

stayed in a chawl and I did have wife sex stories a few romeos whistling or ogling at

me but I was a virgin before marriage. I had simple dreams of being

married to a fair and handsome guy who would make love to me and

provide me all comforts as required. I would in turn give birth to a

couple of smart kids and offer them the best of education and love.

The first time I saw Alok I was happy. wife sex stories He was dark but tall about

5’9″, nice face and seemed very obedient and decent, respectful too.

He worked as a clerk in a govt. office and my parents were happy to

get this proposal. Yes, there was dowry involved which my parents

agreed too as I was the only child and they were willing to

sacrifice all their happiness for me. But after marriage, I was

harassed, humiliated, beaten up for bringing less dowry, dresses,

etc. The first night with Alok was horrible. wife sex stories He had walked in at

midnight, very angry blaming that my parents were cheapskates and

when I said that they did meet all dowry demands, he jumped on me, forcibly made me lie on the bed and lifting my saree fucked me without any

foreplay. As his lund penetrated my dry virgin cunt, I cried out and

shouted but he was like a maniac. I tried to push him off, but he

hit me hard on my face and as I lay there crying he fucked me. Later

he claimed that I was not a virgin as I did not bleed heavily. Yes,

there were abrasions and scratch marks wife sex stories on my thighs and cunt due to

the force he applied and I was cut and bleeding at some point but

his contention was that there was no hymen burst.

There was this doctor (an intern) who was very compassionate. He

helped me get thru’ my hospital stays and finally when I was

discharged and I lay at my parents house, he used to visit often

enquiring about my health and being there for me. He was tall around

6’0″, dark and very athletic built. wife sex stories He had long hair and wore specs

which gave him a scholarly look. 6 months had passed and by now I

was well enough to move around the house. Once when my parents had

gone to visit some distant relatives and I was alone. The doctor

came. His name was Arvind. I welcomed him and then got up to make

tea for him. There is only a room and kitchen in our flat in the

chawl. He could see me preparing the tea, when suddenly I lost

balance and the hot tea spilled down with some wife sex stories falling on my body. I

cried out with pain and frustration on not being able to do

something as simple as this. Instantly Arvind was near me, carrying

me to bed and then wiping the spill from my body. As his hands moved

over my waist, I could feel a thrill within myself. I looked at him

and found him staring at my boobs and all over me. wife sex stories I had to remove

the gown and I was not wearing anything within as I was at home.

Arvind realized that and looked at me. I closed my eyes. He removed

my gown and started sponzing me where the tea fell. Once that was

done, he bent and kissed my nipples. Shots of current flowed thru’

me. For the first time in my life there was this compassionate man

who was loving me for what I am. wife sex stories I pulled him on top of me. He lay

beside me on the cot and started kissing me. First time, somebody

was really loving me. We kissed a long time as his hands traveled

all over me. He removed his clothes and naked he started kissing me

again from face, going downwards. As he reached my breast, he

started squeezing it and playing with my nipples, wife sex stories pressing it with

the fingers and sucking it. Then he went down and inserted his

tongue in my navel and finally his mouth was at my cunt. I loved the

sensation of his mouth on my cunt lips. He was being very careful,

sensuous and slow. wife sex stories My choot was buckling under his mouth now. He

started sucking my cunt lips as his tongue probed my inner cunt. He

had two fingers also in my choot as he spread it apart for the

tongue to move deeper. I had my first orgasm then as I buckled under

him. I shouted Ahhhhhhhhhhh, while he seemed busy lapping up my cunt

juice. I was still feeling horny and my hands were pressed against

his head. After sometime, wife sex stories I pulled him over me and guided his

swollen, hard and stiff lund inside my cunt. God, I never realized

sex could be so fun and interesting. As he pumped in me I tried to

meet him fuck by fuck. He kept on pumping and then I felt him

releasing all his sperms in me. His spurt triggered something within

me and I also came with a tremendous explosion. wife sex stories It was as if the

whole earth had blown away. I lay back soaking in his wonderful arms

and his now relaxed penis which was still in me slowly shriveling

and getting smaller. I held him tightly. He was kissing me on my

lips and I could feel tears flowing freely from my eyes. He was

worried but I told him that this was tears of joy. wife sex stories We stayed like

that for sometime and then we wore our clothes and he was still

beside me when my parents returned. I could feel there eyes on me as

they saw us together. After Arvind left, my parents sat beside me

and said, that I looked different, more refreshed and I was

blooming. wife sex stories They embraced me and said that they just want me to be

happy in life.

Now my affair with Arvind continued. As it was difficult to meet at

home, I started moving out of home and visit him in his hospital

quarters where we had sex. I was like a sex starved kitten and

wanted as much sex as possible. I learnt to enjoy having the lund in

my hand, oral sex and also being butt fucked. Arvind made me a

fuxckable whore. wife sex stories We both liked each other but I knew from the

beginning that we would just remain very good friends as his parens

were very conservative and he belonged to a different state.

Thru’ Arvind my circle of friends increased. I got a job as accounts

assistant with a multinational bank and I was now happy but still

the feeling of revenge stayed wife sex stories within me.

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