Wife played a game of strip darts

It was an evening of darts my wife won’t forget in a hurry!

A fusion of alcohol, a persuasive older woman and a foreign vacation, resulted in her state of undress.


It was our first visit to the craziness of L.A! In fact, neither of us had been to the U.S before! The duplex rental looked fantastic in the photos and was even better in reality, it would indeed be a very different Christmas & new year!

We’d found the place on the internet. All liaison had been by e-mail, firstly with Hank and then with his wife Lea, we’d agreed a price, only for them to ask for more at the very last minute due to the season! Plus a refundable $400 damage deposit.

As our vacation was coming to an end, I got an e-mail from Hank, wanting to come to the property to check that there was no damage and return our deposit in cash. We weren’t due to check out until the Saturday morning, but he came on the Thursday evening.

He was an older man in his 60’s, tall, easy going and charismatic. He had a quick look around and finished in the bedroom. He spoke mostly with my wife Yumiko, I overheard him mention that he had been to Japan a few times, and even went so far as to say that he’d had a relationship with a Japanese girl when he was at university!

He seemed to really like Yumiko, they talked for a while before he confessed that he’d been to the bank earlier that day, but now didn’t have the full deposit, as had gotten side tracked paying for something else, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, as I knew from his mails that he was an attorney at law, so I figured he was good for it!

He offered to sort everything out the next day and called Lea to remind him. As he put his cellphone back in his jacket pocket and said something along the lines of “Lea wondered if you’d like to join us at our place for a drink tomorrow evening? as she’s a bit embarrassed about the deposit, and she’s also rather curious about what you thought of LA and this place?” He continued “and you’ll definitely get all of your money if she’s involved.”

I looked at Yumiko and she nodded her head slightly in agreement, so I said we’d stop by for a drink, he said that it wasn’t too far and gave us the address.

We spent our last day doing some souvenir shopping, packed our cases and got ready for the evening, Yumiko decided to dress quite conservatively, and put on a thick lined smart ankle length black skirt, short purple buttoned top and some black heels, made up her face and ponytailed her hair.

When we got to Hank’s rather plush residence at just gone 8, Lea (a rather sexy red head in her early 60’s) answered the door with a big grin on her face, introduced herself and welcomed us in, she brought us through the hallway and opened a door which lead down to the basement.

The walls leading down had old maple wood cladding panels from top to bottom, which matched the shade of the stairs, above the entrance to the basement a sign read “Hank’s hideaway” as we entered we noticed that we weren’t alone!

Two other couples in their 60’s were standing around a wooden table drinking, Hank and a fat balding guy (Randy) were setting up a game on an expensive full sized electronic dart machine, which had a large video screen above the board.

The basement was a real slice of Americana! About 15 ft square, a large national flag adorned the wall space near the dart machine (possibly to cover up how much the room, not to mention the wooden flooring was in need of redecoration) the basement housed other U.S. paraphernalia, and against a wall a small sofa was covered in a Stars and Stripes throw blanket.

The dart machine took precedence in the middle of the room, a black oche throwing mat faced it, in the background we could hear some old vinyl 60’s tunes coming from an old jukebox.

We were quite surprised to see all the others? As assumed it would have just been us as we’d planned to have a quick drink, get our cash and go! Everyone looked like they were in their 60’s / 70’s.! Lea introduced us in turn to Todd, Sally, Bill, Annette and Randy (a former marine)

All of which were perfectly pleasant and amicable, with the exception of Annette (Randy’s wife) a fading blond 60 + something, in a long tight denim skirt, she seemed ok but I felt a little unfriendly towards Yumiko.

Lea got us some beers and then returned with her camera, she told us that she had recently taken up amateur photography, and was going to test out her new Christmas present!

As the drinks kept coming, I noticed Yumiko start to relax more and more, she became a bit gingerly, especially with the men folk who were now surrounding her, the ambience in the place was easy going and friendly, and everyone had questions about the UK / Japan and what we had seen in L.A?

Annette seemed a little drunker and forward than the others! And said cheekily to Hank “As we’ve got some foreign guests, how about playing some strip poker to break the ice?”

Everyone laughed, and Hank jokingly replied “that all depends on them.”

The darts machine was Hank’s new toy and it looked exciting! Everyone wanted to have a go, so we all went over and had a few quick games each, which was a lot of semi drunken fun, despite Annette / Randy’s over competitiveness!

After a few games, Yumiko & I ended up pitied against Hank & Annette, but before we could start, Hank produced his lucky “American” darts which had eagles & stars and stripes on the flights! He handed Yumiko some darts with Union Jack flights, she didn’t play too badly, but they won most of the games fairly quickly thanks to Hank.

Annette had kept her eye on Yumiko the whole time! She wanted to play with just her and so had waited for the right moment, they ended up playing four quite competitive games of 301, which resulted in a 2-2 tie! It was then that Annette suggested they make it exciting and up the ante, by making a wager on the next game.

Yumiko agreed and asked what she had in mind? “How about $100?” Annette replied, but Yumiko didn’t seem that keen and screwed up her face! Annette smiled and said “ok, you how about something else to make it interesting?” she paused for a minute and looked Yumiko up and down and said “how about this? If you win I’ll give you a $100! But if I win you have to take something off?”

Everyone overheard Annette and there were a few smiles and sniggering at her suggestion, but no one objected! Yumiko looked a bit awkward and was a little lost for words to reply, but didn’t actually refuse, possibly due to Annette’s strong, quite intimidating persona!

Yumiko asked me in a small voice if this was one of those “you’re only alive once thing’s?”

I laughed and told her that it was up to her, but we’d probably never see these people ever again!

Annette broke the silence with a little persuasion, big grin and in a friendly tone said “c’mon it’s your last night in L.A, last chance to do something crazy!”

Now I’m not sure if it was because of her new years’ resolution to be more daring?, the alcohol? or Annette’s bossiness? but she cheekily smiled back and said “oh, what the hell, I might win $100?”

Annette’s face changed to a beatific smile and said “attagirl”.

As they were about to start another game of 301, Lea came over and took a pic of them shaking hands with the dart machine between them. She thought the wager was a bit of harmless fun to liven things up and said she would photo them playing!

Hank handed his “American” darts to Annette and said something jokingly like “remember, this is for America, take these!”

Annette threw first, as had won the last game, they both played well enough, although Yumiko was a little behind as Annette was looking to end the game! It all seemed to have gone by so quickly!

Randy stood close by and egged her on, with amusing chants of “You’ve got this, honey” and “c’mon national pride’s at stake”.

They’d only played for about 5 minutes or so and Annette just needed the three but kept busting! Yumiko had a five to get but kept busting too! They kept throwing but both failed!

All of a sudden the screen made a noise and stopped after Yumiko’s throw, they’d had their bar programmed ten rounds! The screen read player 1 as the winner (due to being closer to zero) and an audio clapping sound came from the machine. Yumiko was a little confused as to why she had lost? Until Randy explained the rules!

Yumiko accepted what he said and Randy high fived his partially showboating wife, Yumiko congratulated her too!


It was time for something to come off!

Yumiko just stared at Annette, I think she still felt a bit frustrated that she’d only been beaten by the ten round rule! Nevertheless, Annette looked relieved not to have lost and savoured the moment.

Yumiko naively slipped off her heels and smiled. Annette looked at her and shook her head “no, you need to take something else off” and pointed towards her skirt!

Yumiko replied with a pitiful “oh” and looked down at it, her faced dropped!

I couldn’t believe that my normally self-effacing wife was about to strip for strangers! But, without any hesitation, she stood and faced Annette, put her thumbs inside the skirt, stretched out the inside elastic a little and slowly slid it down off her hips, as it went down, her new pink mesh CK panties came into view!

She let it fall down her long smooth legs to the ground. I heard a few “wow’s” and “shiiiit” from the men folk and the clicks/flashes of Lea’s camera as she did it!

As she bent forward to slip it off over her shoes, her butt cheeks became visible through the thin material, she picked it up then climbed back into her heels.

As she looked up to face everyone, her top wasn’t quite long enough by far to cover her sexy panties, leaving her dark pubic hair peeping a little through the front, she folded the long skirt neatly into three and handed it to Annette, who smiled and said “thanks…oh nice panties.”

Yumiko felt a little embarrassed that they were now fully on show and that there was not much she could do about it! I remember her making a sort of squirming noise, as she tried covering the front of them with one hand and the back with the other, but this made everyone snigger!

Annette held the skirt up in a mock victory gloat and placed it on the end of the table. I could tell that Yumiko felt a bit uncomfortable but knew she would be able to deal with it, as she’d done various nude art modeling / pics in the past. I felt my hardness swelling in my undies and doubted I was alone?

Yumiko stood there for a minute, now trying unsuccessfully to pull her short top over her Calvins, then asked where the bathroom was? Lea showed her, which meant a trip up the wooden stairs to the hallway, all eyes (including mine) were on her now uncovered pantied ass as she went up them!

When the door closed. I heard Hank congratulate Annette for her ingenuity in getting Yumiko to bet using her clothing. All the men now wanted to play Yumiko, if she was going to strip at every lost game!

No one seemed bothered that I could hear every word they said about my wife though? Todd volunteered himself to play next!

Sally came over and spoke to her husband Bill, she said something like “I suppose you’re going to play her (Yumiko) too, aren’t you?”

Bill grinned like a naughty school boy and said “of course, I’m going after Todd” Sally just rolled her eyes and sighed, but wasn’t really bothered!

When Yumiko returned, Todd was holding the “American” darts and standing ready to play! Annette quickly explained that as she had put up $100, it was only fair that Yumiko either stay like that or if she felt lucky? she could try to win the skirt back by beating Todd! But losing again would cost her another item! Yumiko was a little too drunk to really think it through, and agreed to play an eager Todd.

He took his time, as he knew he’d probably win! but didn’t want to demolish her! Yumiko hit a couple of lucky doubles and even a triple, but he put her out of her misery and ended it with his last dart!

She bowed her head down as soon it was over. A little shocked that she had lost again so quickly! I looked at my watch, it was only 9.22pm

She looked at a now amused Annette who jokingly said “oh, bad luck” Yumiko replied by jovially scolding her for talking her into betting her skirt!

To which Annette replied “oh, shut up and strip you could have just stayed like that” She again didn’t hesitate and slowly unbuttoned & took off her top, then folded it and held it out to Todd, who took it and put it on top of her skirt on the table.

Lea snapped away, Yumiko didn’t react! All eyes were on her body, At 5′ 8″ (plus heels) she looked pretty good for her age!

Standing in just her powdered blue lacey bra, pink panties & heels, Annette asked her if she was willing to carry on going? Yumiko paused in thought for a minute, until Annette convinced her that if she focused she could probably beat Bill and win her top back?

I did get a strange feeling though that she was enjoying looking at Yumiko’s almost naked body a little too much? It seemed to work as Yumiko being Yumiko didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so nodded it was ok!

Bill seemed a little distracted by Yumiko’s lack of clothing! I think Annette felt that Yumiko was of no threat (to her) now (or was a little turned on?) and so acted a lot more friendlier by coming over and pulling her hair bands out of her long lightly dyed ginger hair and making two long pig tails on each side. She thanked her and said something about now improving her chances of winning a game?

Remarkably, It was enough! she had managed to hit a bullseye and some trebles and actually won a game! I’m not sure if Bill had purposely thrown the game? or had been put off from watching how her sexy panties were stretched so tightly over her ass cheeks every time she leant forward to throw? Yumiko was just relieved to be putting her top back on!

She now felt really confident that she could win her skirt back! After all, they’d only seen her underwear and as she prone to regularly flashing her panties every summer, when we lay on the grass in the park, it was no big deal!

Randy was up next, Annette coaxed him to beat his 5 dart 301 record! And he went for it, but it took him just three rounds and seven darts to win! He had the biggest smile on his face as Yumiko (a little disappointed) slowly unbuttoned her top again and it was put back on the pile.

By now, Yumiko had pretty much lost all her inhibitions about stripping, and took it off without any real awkwardness, possibly because despite being 40, she was in fairly good shape, a smallish belly but nothing too much to be concerned about, no cellulite and great skin, she could easily pass for early 30’s!

Standing again in just her bra and almost sheer pink panties, I thought I should have intervened this time? stopped the game and told her to get dressed, they had all seen enough! But I was too far gone! I actually wanted them to make her strip! It was one of those moments in life that would probably never happened again? And I was really enjoying it!

The anticipation in the room was of naughty antics at my wife’s drunken expense, I knew in a few minutes my wife of almost twenty years would be naked in front of them! Standing in a tacky basement being seen by everyone, and even worse photographed that way by Lea!

The whole stripping thing was incredibly unfair! She didn’t really stand a chance, but that was the fun of it!

I suddenly felt my conscience get the better of me though, and told Yumiko to stop playing for a while, and said to her to slow down as she’d probably be nude soon! She agreed and stopped to eat something, as the alcohol had clearly gone to her head!

I left her in her undies munching on nachos and went upstairs to use the bathroom, as I came out, I bumped into Randy, who commended me for having such a great wife and admitted that Annette would never dream of playing such a game with other men!

As I’d had a few drinks I asked him straight if he had enjoyed making her strip? He just laughed and patted me hard on the shoulder and said “you bet, but we ain’t finished yet” then disappeared into the bathroom.

As I came down the stairs, Hank was standing next to her! Before they started I asked Yumiko if she was ok? but she said she couldn’t give up and had to try to win her clothes back!

Annette backed this up by praising her resolute, before cheering Hank on! He played the quickest game I’ve ever seen, literally running to retrieve his three darts as soon as the last one hit the board! Needless to say he won!

Yumiko was now drinking shots, and quickly downed one, as I approached she leant forward and kissed me on the cheek! She looked at me and said with a pained expression “I’ve lost again” then slowly reached behind her and unclipped her bra. pulled the cups off her breasts and handed it to Hank, who quickly waved it round his finger before putting it on top of her clothes pile!

A few jaws dropped and few comments made. She cupped her breasts at first, and avoided eye contact. Annette’s mouth opened a little when she saw what she’d helped create:-

A topless Asian wife in pigtails and panties!

Lea took another pic of Yumiko, this time Hank stood next to her. Her smallish but firm tits out on display for everyone to see, and those dark pubes peeping slightly through the thin fabric.

Lea kept snapping away! But I think she felt things had maybe gone far enough? She walked over to the men and said in a slightly authoritative voice “ok, you’ve got our poor guest down to just her underpants, surely that’s enough?”

A manly chorus of “no” was overheard.

She approached Yumiko and jovially said “I think these old pervs have seen enough honey, do you want to stop now before your naked?” Yumiko now almost drunk nodded her head and excused herself to power her nose.

As she went to the bathroom, Hank sarcastically thanked Lea for stopping the game before its conclusion! To which she replied a little angrily “do you really need to see her naked?”

He looked at her and said “why not, it’s been years since we’ve played anything like this and might not get the opportunity again”

Lea sighed and looked at me and said “you ok with this?”

I smiled and said “as long as she’s up for it, It’s fine, besides it’s a bit boring not to see how this will end.”

Yumiko opened the door and came down the stairs, her small tits bouncing, she looked sexy as hell! Lea had already changed her mind before she had reached the bottom and said “I know you said you didn’t want to go any further, but are you sure you don’t want to continue?”

Yumiko scanned the room and said that she’d thought that she’d played everyone?

Annette quickly answered that as she’d started the game, she would finish it! Yumiko wasn’t sure if to carry on or not and needed a little more convincing, so Annette told her she could put on all of her clothes back on if she won the next game!

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