Wife is abused by Dune Coon

I’ve been happily married for 10 years to my wife Andie. We have three small children and I always thought our marriage was fine. Andie is a 32 year old large breasted Italian girl with a small waist and a nice round butt.

Her lips are pouty and full. Her olive skin is soft as a babies butt. She’s probably 20 pounds heavier than the
average girl, but many men drool over her slutty body wherever we go. Shortly after our 10 year anniversary,


I received the shock of a lifetime. I discovered while snooping through her emails that she had been having an
affair with an middle east Indian guy at the mall where she works. By the time I discovered the emails he had
already left the country. I replied to one of his emails to my wife and told him I knew he had been doing my wife, and if I ever saw him in person I would break his legs!

I confronted my wife and she denied it at first, then she finally came clean and admitted she had been intimate
with the salesman across the hall from the store where she worked.

Aron, the guy at the mall, was from Sri Lanka and he had the really dark skin and hair, he looked like most men from the middle east, except he didn’t have a towel on his head. I was shocked that she would be interested in a guy most American women can’t stand! He was a typical towel head looking kind of guy, but he dressed like an

American. She said she was sorry and would do anything to keep us together. I insisted that she would have to tell me about the affair, and what she did with him. She claimed that she saw him about once a week and they would go to his apartment after work and have a drink or two, then have sex for an hour or so before she would have to head home. This all seemed reasonable, except that I know of a few nights where she didn’t come home for a few hours after work. She explained those times off as she had went to the store before she came home.

We were working on our marriage for a couple of months and things were going OK when I received a package in the mail. It was postmarked from Los Angeles! I opened it and found two unmarked DVD’s inside, along with a handwritten note that said “Your wife was my favorite whore” “ Enjoy” I knew Aron had sent it!

The DVD’s were marked one and two, so I took them to work to watch them on my computer, away from the wife and kids. On the first DVD it showed Andie and Aron in his apartment and they were kissing by the pool table.

Within a few minutes she dropped to her knees and pulled his zipper down and fished out his cock!
It was as black as coal and looked to be about 7 inches, maybe longer. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft and licked his hairy balls, she continued to worship his cock for about 15 minutes. Who ever was video taping,

had great equipment and a perfect view setup, it was obvious he had a camera hidden somewhere in the room.
She was totally uninhibited and totally unaware that she was being recorded. The camera had a good angle of the pool table, and since there was no music or background noise I could hear everything they said.

He asked her if she liked his black Indian cock and she moaned that she did. He asked her if she was his white,
married, American slut, and she looked up at him with his cock still in her mouth and then pulled his cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “uh huh”! She then proceeded to lick his balls again while stroking his cock with her free hand. He looked up towards the camera and smiled. The bastard was secretly video taping my wife acting like a two bit whore! He whispered to her that he had a special surprise for her tonight!
She asked what it was, and he said she would have to wait and see. He roughly pulled her blouse off, then practically ripped her skirt off, she wasn’t wearing any panties! He then lifted her naked body up on to the pool table.

She still had her heels on and then he went to the kitchen and came back with some clothesline rope and tied her hands to the corner pockets of the pool table. Her bare legs were free and she bent her knees as he buried his face in her crotch and started eating her. She wrapped her legs around the back of his head as he licked her for a good 10 minutes. I could see the sweat on her forehead, and her nipples were hard as rocks and her boobs were jiggling. She had her back arched as she squirmed around. Andie was begging Aron to hurry up and fuck her. Aron laughed and kept his face buried in her pussy. Her moans grew louder as she pleaded with him to give her his cock.

Aron’s toned had changed when he told her that she would get all the cock she could handle tonight. Andie looked up at him with pleading eyes as he quickly dropped his pants and shoved his hard cock into her soaked pussy in
one thrust! Andie was soon in the throes of an orgasm as he pounded her like he was possessed!
As she was thrashing around and screaming that she was coming, four young Indian guys came through the
front door, and Andies expression was one of total shock and disbelief.

The look on Aron’s face told me he was not at all surprised, and I quickly realized, it was all planned.
I could hear the panic in Andie’s voice as she asked Aron who these guys were, and why they were here.
Aron calmly told her that she was his married whore, his property, and he was going to share her married cunthole with all his friends and relatives from his homeland! He also told her that she will do anything he tells her to,

or he will send a few of the videos he has of her begging for his cock, to her unsuspecting husband.
He then pointed to a few places around the room and told her that all their previous escaped had been recorded,
and her gang bang party tonight was going to being recorded to send to the relatives back home so they can see what whores, married American women really are.

We will also record some close up action tonight as my comrades have brought high definition video cameras!
Aron looked directly into the guys handheld camera and said that he and his fellow countrymen love to fuck
married American whores and deposit their superior cum in their worthless pussies.
Their American husbands are worthless and totally inferior to Sri Lanka men.

The camera guy briefly pointed the camera at Andie laying naked and tied to the pool table, then turned the camera back to Aron. Andie’s color had completely drained from her face as she laid there naked on the pool table,

practically in tears. Aron then stated for the camera that their chosen whore for tonight was Andie, who is
a 32 year old married, white American whore, with three small children. Since I’ve been fucking her, she has
realized and admitted that my big dark cock is much more satisfying than her pathetic American husbands cock! Tonight she will be a whore for many dark cocks, and will beg to be filled with our superior cum!

We have invited many friends and relatives to sample our married whore! Our American whore will have to stick
her tongue deep into each mans asshole until he is very hard, then each man will fuck her wet cunthole until he deposits his load of superior sperm into her married pussy. During this party we will collect all the sperm that runs out of her well fucked cunthole, and for the evenings finale, she will drink all the used sperm from her whore cunthole.

Tonight’s guest of honor, is the great Dr. Solomon, and he will have the honors of impregnating the whore so that she may become pregnant with a dark skinned child. This will make it very clear to her stupid American husband that she is a fat white whore for large dark cocks! I am aware that Andie is not on birth control, so when Dr. Solomon arrives, he will be the first to deposit his sperm into her cunthole, and every man after him will do the same. As soon as he was done talking the door bell rang. Aron went and opened the door and six very dark skinned older men walked in, two had towels (turbans) on their heads.

I sucked in my breath as I realized she was going to be impregnated by a bunch of fat, ugly ragheads! The doctor had already started removing his clothes and when he was completely naked you could see he was very fat and extremely hirsute. He looked more like a gorilla than a man. His limp cock dangling between his legs was extremely long and fat and uncircumcised. Aron motioned for the cameraman to point the camera at the doctors cock and said that doctor Solomon was one of the larger cocks that Andie would experience tonight. She should be well broke in for the other men who will have her. The ugly doctor climbed up on the pool table and lowered his fat hairy ass onto Andies face. His cock laid between her tits like a giant summer sausage. Andie tried to beg and plead with Aron, but she could barely be heard as her face was smothered by his fat hairy ass. As the doctor planted his fat ass on her face, she would quickly turn her head from side to side. Aron went over to Andie with a pair of pliers in his hands and closed the pliers around her left nipple. Andie let out a blood curdling scream! Aron calmly told her to start eating his ass or he would pinch harder! I saw the doctor relax and lower his ass onto her face. I couldn’t see her face but the doctor let out a groan so I knew she must have complied and was tonguing his disgusting hairy ass!

Aron let off on the pliers and told her next time he would twist her nipple off if she didn’t do it right the first time.
I could hear Andie crying as she relinquished herself to her tormentors. The other men were already undressing, knowing they would soon have their turn on my wife. The doctor sat on Andies face for a good 10 minutes while stroking his dark fat cock. His cock was menacing looking, it was long and thick as a giant cucumber, and it was even blacker than the rest of him! He lifted his hairy ass off of my wife’s face & then climbed off the table and

proceeded to line up his massive brown cock up with her pussy.

Andie groaned in shame as the fat, hairy ugly doctor leaned over her and slobbered on her face, forcing his tongue into her mouth while he plunged his uncircumcised cock into my wife. He pushed all the way in with one thrust, Andie cried out loud as he began to pumped her hard and fast, his fat belly slapping her legs, he would maul her tits, occasionally twisting her nipple until she screamed in pain. The one guy with the camera was getting close ups of the pain and anguish on her face. While the doctor was humping away, Aron came over and placed a plastic plate underneath her pussy and ass.

This was what they were going to use to collect all the cum that ran out of her abused pussy. The fat, ugly doctor was grunting and calling Andie a white married whore, a fat horny cumslut, and a few other names, then he made some comments in his native language, the other men all laughed. Andie was now crying profusely as the ugly doctor began smiling and grunting while pumping his seed into her unprotected pussy. As soon as he pulled out his cock, it made a plop sound and he commented to Aron how much he liked his married white cumwhore.

Aron laughed and said next! A young thin guy quickly climbed up on the table and lowered his dark skinny ass onto my wife’s face. A couple of the other guys started playing with her tits while he rubbed his ass back and forth across her face. She didn’t have to be told what to do. Since his ass didn’t smother her face, I could see her tongue darting in and out as she was reaming out his asshole. He lifted his ass up slightly and told her to lick his balls like a good whore. She ran her tongue all over his balls as he slapped her chin with his now hardening cock. He warned her not to lick his cock,

because she was not worthy of that. Within minutes, he got between her legs and plunged his cock in, the door bell rang and another large group of men filtered in. I lost count at thirteen, they just kept pouring in till the room was packed.. They all seemed mildly intrigued by the lewd sight in front of them. A few pointed at the distressed look on Andies face and laughed.
Many were talking in their native tongue so I couldn’t really understand anything they were saying. I finally realized they were deciding what the fucking order was. For the next couple of hours I watched in disbelief, as twenty plus towel heads abused my wife and called her dirty names. Most were old, very fat, and unattractive.

Several had beards, and looked like they never took a shower.

The video quality suddenly changed and I realized that I was seeing what the handheld camera was filming.
He had a close up of my wife’s face, and I could see she had a lot of light brownish stains around her mouth and nose. figured out that many of the men did not have clean asses and their crusty dried shit was the cause of the stains on her face! Someone eventually went and got a towel and wiped her face clean. Many of them laughed at her, and a few spit on her face while calling her dirty cow whore. Some of the men slapped her tits, pinched her thighs and stuck their tongues in her mouth. She was forced to French kiss them like they were lovers. Considering she had licked everyone’s ass, I was amazed that anyone would want to kiss her, but I guess they were pigs themselves and really liked degrading her every way possible.

Several of the men had extremely large cocks and they fucked her raw! She cried and begged them to stop. It was obvious she was not enjoying being raped by everyone Aron knew, but I could also tell that some of the brutal

fucking by a couple of the larger cocks had made her cum! The plate under my wife’s ass kept filling up with the cum that ran out of her pussy, Aron would pull the plate out and dump the cum into a bowl. Then he put the plate back under her ass. I got a glimpse of her pussy between fucks and it was red and swollen and dripping cum.

I have never seen a more degrading or abusive video. My wife looked like a limp, fucked out rag doll by the time twenty plus guys had deposited their sperm in her. Aron dumped another plate of cum into the bowl and the men gathered around and were making lewd comments about how the married cumwhore was going to drink all their cum! They then untied her and flipped her over, face down on the table and poured more oil down her ass crack!

The men then formed a line and one after another they fucked her ass as she cried in pain. When each man was ready to cum they would pull out and finished themselves off in the cum bowl. The bowl looked like it had about a quart of cum in it. The ass fucking continued for a good hour or so, then Aron told two guys to untie Andie and bring her to the center of the living room. Aron made her kneel before him and all the men who were watching

intently. He held the bowl of cum out to her, and told her it was time to show her appreciation and drink the cum of the superior Sri Lanka men who were gracious enough to fuck her worthless married cunthole!

If she chose not to, there would be severe punishment in store for her, and then she would of wished she had drank the cum. Andie was crying and trying to cover her naked body while all the leering men waited to see what she would do. It seemed like she was going to oblige them, until she said there was no way she could drink the cum in the bowl. She told Aron to go ahead and punish her, but she could never, ever, drink the sperm of twenty plus men that ran out of her pussy! Aron smiled as if he was very pleased at her decision. Aron motioned to one of the oldest & ugliest guys there to bring the funnel.

He left and returned with a clear oil funnel. Aron snapped his fingers and four young guys quickly grabbed Andie and held her arms and legs taut so she could not move. Aron had another guy hold her mouth open while the ugly guy put the funnel in her mouth. Aron then told Andie, “You will gladly drink our sperm now cow whore, and if you spill a single drop, Dr. Solomon will use his scalpel to cut your nipples off”! I could see her tits were already bruised and scratched from the gang rape. I knew the threat of cutting her nipples off was not idle talk, and she was definitely not willing to take that chance.

Aron had a devious smile as he gently poured the slimy mixture into the funnel. The camera man came in close to
Andies face and the funnel, and you could actually see the slime sliding down the funnel and into her mouth.

She was crying like a baby now, as she swallowed her first mouthful of Sri Lanka sperm. The men were cheering loudly. They were calling her a worthless cow slut, a cumdrinking whore, a white whore sperm bank, as well as a bunch of names in their language that I couldn’t understand, but could only imagine! Tears continued to roll down Andies face as more of the gooey slime was slowly poured into the funnel. As it slid down the funnel she kept swallowing, but I could tell she was trying to block the grossness of it out of her mind. Once the bowl was completely drained of the vile sperm mixture, they let go of her arms and legs. She collapsed on the floor and held her stomach.

Many of the men were getting dressed and were starting to leave. They thanked Aron for the party and asked for a copy of the finished party video. After several minutes about a dozen or so men had left, but I could see there were still a dozen or more hanging out for whatever happened next. Aron told two of the younger guys to go clean her

up and bring her back. A few minutes later they returned with Andie wearing a black bustier that pushed her tits up and out and made her big round butt look obscene. Her make up was re done and they had her hair in a pony tail.

Aron told the two men to tie her face down to the coffee table, secure her arms and legs to the coffee table legs.

The men did as they were told and tied her face down to the low coffee table.

She had no will left in her to try to fight them. Once tied, her tits were smashed into the table and her big butt stuck
up in the air. An old guy with a beard came out of the kitchen with some vegetable oil and squirted it on her ass.

They all watched as it ran down her ass crack and dripped on the carpet. The guy with the video camera set up his
position on a tripod about a foot from her face and gave Aron a thumbs up sign. One of the young guys must of won the draw, because he knelt behind her, grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back and tried to kiss her while he tried to line his cock up with her tight hole. Once he got the head of his cock in her rectum, he rammed her ass with

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