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White woman and black man have hotel fun

As I waited in the hotel room preparing for his arrival, I let my mind wander. It has been over a year since we met that rainy Wednesday in New York City. As I stepped into the shower, I thought back to that day and all that had happened since.

I remembered the way he looked the day we met. He was 24 years old, tall around 6’2″ with a beautiful chocolate complexion. He had such nice teeth and a warm smile that I was drawn to him immediately and knew that I would have him. When we first met, I was nervous. However, the sparkle in his eyes and his laugh were almost childlike and made me feel instantly at ease.

I was 35, horny, and just out of a dull relationship with an older man who bored me to tears. I was ready to try someone new, younger, with more stamina and passion. It had been several months since I had sex, and I was ready for some action. I needed to get laid, and he seemed like the perfect candidate. My vacation fling was attractive and I thought he was good looking enough to fuck and enjoy a quick one-night stand with. He was a younger man, with a nice body and I knew he would fuck me well. He was the perfect vacation fling and I was on a mission!

We went out for a quick beer and then back to my hotel for a quickie. He soon served his purpose, and I came hard on his big black dick. I thought I’d never talk to him again, but strangely enough after I went home from my vacation we became phone friends and got to know each other on a different, deeper level. I discovered that even though we couldn’t be more different in backgrounds and interests we were never at a loss for words or great conversation. I found myself looking forward to our talks and loved to share things with him that I had never shared with other men before. There was something special about his personality and sense of humor that continued to pull me closer with each conversation. He was intelligent and knew far more about the world then I ever expected. He was my addiction and my drug and I couldn’t stay away.

Often our conversations turned sexual and I found myself sharing my desires with him and occasionally we would exchange fantasies during phone sex. Through our talks, I learned that I was interested in being dominated and desperately wanted to submit myself to him in every way. I often found myself fantasizing about him throughout the day while at work or out with friends. Through his words and thoughts he was able to bring out a side in me that I did not know existed. I was always in control in all areas of my life and I soon discovered that I craved the idea of being submissive to him and becoming all that he wanted and desired sexually. He is one of the few men that have the innate ability to understand women and what they think, need, feel and want. I felt that somehow he knew what my body and mind needed better than I did sometimes. He instinctively knew that the way into a woman’s body and heart is through her mind and whether he knew it or not he had me hooked.

As I dried off from my shower, I generously applied my Victoria’s Secret lotion all over my tanned, freshly shaved body. I turned to look in the mirror to admire my body and my ass, which was voluptuous, thick, and had a nice caramel color to it. As I applied the lotion to my 38F breasts, I felt my hands go across my nipples and I pinched them and shuddered with the thought of his hands touching and caressing them soon. As I imagined feeling his hands touching my body, I noticed that my thighs were quickly becoming wet with anticipation from the thought of seeing him again and feeling his touch.

Even though I was trying to save my first orgasm for him, I had myself so worked up in such a frenzy that I knew I needed to find release. I laid down on the hotel bed and spread my thighs open and put the two fingers from my left hand into my pussy and began rubbing my clit with my right hand. I imagined that I was on my knees pleasuring him and feeling his big black cock slide down my throat. He was fucking my face in a way that left me gagging and in pain but yet wanting more—needing more. I wanted to feel him grab my head and pull it into his cock so that I would take every inch of him in my mouth. I wanted to look up and see the pleasure in his face as I gagged, spit and slobbered all over his big black dick. As I rubbed my clit faster, I could feel the wetness from my pussy run down to my inner thighs as I imagined pleasuring him. I soon felt my body shudder, toes curl, and body tighten as I imagined him coming and releasing himself all over my face. As I lay there on the bed I could feel how flushed my face had become and I could hear my heart pounding underneath my breasts.

Then I heard a three knocks on the door…oh shit! He’s early! I had no time to dress, and was quite flustered by his early arrival. I jumped up and went to answer the door with my long brown hair still wet from the shower and dripping down my shoulders and large breasts.

As I flung open the door, his eyes registered shock—then surprise—then excitement to see me standing there naked. We exchanged quick “hellos” and then he quickly lunged towards me and slammed me up against the wall of the hotel room as the door fell closed. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and he kissed me and grabbed a fist full of my hair from the back of my head and looked at me deep in my eyes. He began to bite and suck hard on my nipples, twisting them with his fingers in a way that left me breathless and pleasured but yet in pain. He put two fingers into my pussy and was shocked at how wet I was and he could feel my cum leaking out of my pussy.

“You disobeyed me bitch! You weren’t supposed to come until I told you to and now you will pay!”

As he stood up he put his hand on top of my head pushed it towards the ground and said with authority “down bitch!” I knew it was my duty to drop to my knees and please him and I wanted to make him happy and feel good. I quickly fell to my knees, opened up the zipper on his jeans, pulled his dick out and put it in my mouth. He was soft at first, but as soon as I put all of him in my mouth I could feel him swell, grow, harden, and triple in size in my warm, wet mouth.

My already wet pussy began to drip even more as I felt him get harder and harder. He then began to tease me and quickly took my dick away and he withdrew himself from my mouth. I looked up to protest as I wanted to feel his hard dick back in my mouth, but before I could speak I felt him take his cock and smack me across the face with it.

“Are you gonna suck this black dick bitch? I thought you were my dirty whore? You’ve been wanting this – now you need to prove to me how much!” I loved his dirty talk, as I am his nasty whore that is here for the sole purpose of his pleasure and I wanted him to treat me as such. He knew he could have whatever he wanted from me for as long as he wanted.

“Yes, Daddy I will take it all and suck you and make you feel good!” I replied back to him. After a few more smacks to my face he thrusted himself back in my mouth and I groaned with happiness of having him back inside me—coming home. I began to spit and slobber all over his big black dick and I rotated my tongue all over the head. I happily licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and I moaned in pleasure because he tasted so good and I craved the feeling of him inside of me.

As I felt his dick hitting the back of my throat I had to resist the urge to gag and cough all over it. I tried to hold back as I wanted to please him and let him know that I was up for the challenge and could take all of him inside of me. However, the pain was so great and soon tears began streaming down my cheeks as I choked and gagged on his big black cock. This turned both of us on as he saw how I kept going back for more dick even though the pain was so great. After a few more tries, I was able to get nearly all of him inside me and could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. As the tears streamed down my cheeks, I continued to suck and spit all over his wet, hard cock.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt him grab me and pull me back up to my feet and push me face down onto the bed so that he could take me from behind. “Ass in the air, face in the pillow bitch” he commanded and I happily obeyed. Before I could even get situated I felt him thrust his big cock into my eager waiting pussy and I screamed out in pleasure and pain. I could feel my wetness leaking down my thighs and soon it was on his thighs too. Then I felt a hard SMACK! across my right ass cheek then my left. “You like that?” he asked me “YES! I like that! I like that!” I screamed in response. “Then take this whore” he said as he smacked me three more times across my ass as he fucked my wet, dripping pussy simultaneously. I could feel the stinging redness across my butt cheeks when he was done, and the intense feeling of pleasure from his dick and pain from his blows were almost too much to take—but yet I loved it and couldn’t get enough.

I looked up and realized that he had positioned our bodies in such a way that we could watch us fuck in the mirror on the wall. I could see my titties sway and big ass jiggle in the reflection as it slapped against his abdomen. Our eyes met in the mirror I could see the lust and excitement in expression. As he continued to fuck me, his strong hands grabbed my hips and I could hear the sounds of his cock slamming into my wet, juicy pussy.

I then felt him grab a fistful of my long brown hair and my head snapped back towards him and I screamed out in pain. Then I felt another few smacks across my ass while he continued to fuck my pink pussy and pull my hair. I was in heaven and my body had chills from head to toe. My pussy had never been wetter and I was turned on more than I ever imagined! His dick was tapping places in my body that had never been reached before and my body quickly responded.

Without warning he pulled out and unexpectedly grabbed my leg and flipped me over onto my back with one quick motion. As he spread my legs open and stuck his big black dick into me I couldn’t help but look down and see how big he was, and how good he looked entering me. I could feel his eyes looking at it too, and we both enjoyed the view of him penetrating me and the contrast in the colors between his dark chocolate cock and my light pink pussy turned us both on. I then felt him place his hand across my throat and he began to choke me and cut off my air supply while he fucked me. I could barely breathe but yet I loved the feelings of pain, loss of control, and his big dick and balls slamming up against me that I almost blacked out and lost consciousness for a moment…when I came to I began to furiously rub my clit while he continued to fuck and choke me.

“Come on this dick bitch!” he said to me and I was too happy to oblige and my body quickly began to shudder and shake and cum all over his black dick. A few seconds after I was done, I could feel his energy change as his eyes closed and I could see that he was now close to coming. “are you gonna swallow all of me like your life depends on it?” he asked me “yes!” I cried. I had never wanted to taste a man’s cum more than I wanted him at this moment. After a few more thrusts, it was time and I felt him pull out of me and he grabbed my head and stuck his cock into my mouth. As I felt him fuck my face I felt his cock begin to throb and twitch as his cum shot down the back of my throat. He tasted so good and I swallowed each drop as though it was the air that I needed to survive. I was instantly turned on knowing how pleased he was and I loved the combination of his cum and my juices together in my mouth.

Since we had both came hard, I figured it was now rest time – but I was wrong! I stood up to go to the restroom and as I sat down on the toilet I looked up and saw him stand before me and he stuck his dick into my mouth and he went deep into my throat as I peed. He said to me “don’t get too relaxed, I’m about to fuck you in your ass! There’s nothing you can do about it and you’re gonna like it!!!” my chocolate lover told me with authority. He knew I had never tried anal before, and he was eager to be the first to try out my virgin asshole. He spoke to me with such authority and decisiveness that I knew who was boss. I was no longer in control of my body and mind; for he had control over me now and I was his and I wanted to please him in every way—even if it hurt. I sucked him hard and once again felt him grow in my mouth as I peed into the toilet. When I was done he grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up, pushed me down the hall, and threw me onto the bed.

He grabbed my leg and flipped me over—this time onto my stomach and spread my legs apart. “Where are the blindfolds and handcuffs?” he asked me. He knew that I had bought these many months ago, for previous lover, and never used them. I had brought them to the hotel hoping that tonight I would finally have my chance. “They’re over on the nightstand please grab them!” I begged him. He quickly found them and tied my hands to the bed post and put the blindfold over my eyes so I could not see what would happen next. I sat up on my knees and pushed my face into the bed while my ass was straight up in the air. I tried to relax and loosen up my muscles—but yet I was nervous. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand and put a few drops on the tip of his finger and slowly put his finger in my asshole to get me warmed up. I could feel my asshole loosening up and enjoying the feeling of his finger penetrating me. After a few minutes of ass play, he put a generous application of lube on his cock and began to tease my asshole with the tip as he rubbed it back and forth across the entrance to my wet ass. As he slowly stuck the head of his cock in me, I yelped and once again experienced the dual feeling of pleasure and pain that was becoming commonplace from my experiences with him. “Please fuck my ass baby!” I cried out to him as he continued to push himself further and further inside of me I could feel all the blood rush into my face.

As he continued to go deeper, I felt chills and pleasure radiate up and down my entire body. This man knew how to make my body feel amazing and I was in awe of his abilities. I never expected that a man so much younger could have the confidence and conviction to make me succumb to him in this way. Before I knew what was happening I felt him lean over and grab the vibrator from my nightstand and felt him push it into my pussy while his dick was still in my ass. I felt my entire body rise up in pleasure as both of my holes were filled to capacity with my big black dick and the vibrator. “Fuck me! Oh God fuck me!!!” I screamed out to him. I had never been filled in both holes and I fucking loved it. I could tell that he liked it too because he yelled “oh shit!” as he felt the vibrator buzzing in my pussy while his cock was in my ass—separated by just a thin wall he could feel how tight and wet I was. He started smacking my big ass and spreading out my ass cheeks before him as he continued to plunge deeper and deeper inside of me. We both were so excited and turned on, and I could feel his sweat dripping down onto my back which only added to my pleasure. I was soon panting like a dog, and begging for more.

He must have liked what he saw from behind, because then he told me he was going to take a picture of me and my ass. I couldn’t see anything, but was turned on by the idea of him taking photos so I yelled “fuck yes!” to him as he pulled his cock out of me he jumped off the bed to grab his camera phone. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I soon felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and heard the “click” of his camera several times which made my pussy drip with excitement. I am an exhibitionist and loved the idea of being on display for him, and at his mercy for his perverted desires. I then felt him plunge deep into me once again and heard the familiar “click, click” of the camera once again.

As he pumped inside my asshole, I pleaded with him to release one of my handcuffs so that I could rub my clit which was begging for attention. He released the restraint of my right hand, so that I could pleasure myself and although my left hand was still tied to the bed post I happily began to rub my wet and swollen clit as he fucked my ass without mercy.

I felt him pumping harder and harder in my ass which was becoming sore from the attention of my first anal sex…as he spanked my ass and called me his dirty white whore I could no longer hold it in and my pussy and ass contracted on the combination of the vibrator and his big black dick. I panted “please, oh god please, please don’t stop!!!!” as he plowed into me from behind I rubbed my clit and came hard once again.

“I’m gonna cum on your ass you filthy white whore!” he yelled as he pulled his dick out of me blasted himself all over my ass. He took his cock and rubbed his cum all over my bottom and I moaned in pleasure as I loved the feeling of his warm, wet cum on me. And as we lay there catching our breath I knew it was just the start of an amazing weekend.

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