When in Rome

To celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary my wife Susie and I decided to return to Italy which we had first visited ten years earlier. The twins were seventeen years old now and quite capable of looking after themselves, although we did impress on them that we expected the house to look spotless when we got back, and issued a stern warning about what would happen if they had raided my store of single malts. We also had a quiet word with my parents just to keep a discreet eye on things.

We spent the first week in Florence with a couple of day trips to Pisa and to Lucca — an essential destination for a lover of Puccini’s operas. Florence was overwhelming and it was a special treat just to wander the streets where Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo had walked. We spent hours in the Uffizi and the Galleria dell’Accademia, and like millions of tourists before us, we gazed in wonder at Michelangelo’s “David”, and oohed and aahed at Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and Leonardo’s “Annunciation.” 


Though it grieves me as an Englishman to admit it, the Italian railway system is one of the most extensive and sophisticated high-speed networks in Europe, and considerably cheaper than back home. We took the fast train to Naples, where we changed onto the local line that followed the coastline of the Bay of Naples until we reached Sorrento, our destination for the next seven days. Although we planned to spend most of the time stretched out in the sun with a good book and a jug of local wine, it would have been criminal not to have visited Herculaneum and Pompeii which merited a day each.

We had deliberately selected a hotel in Sorrento which advertised itself for adults only — the last thing we wanted was to have our peace and quiet interrupted by hoards of squealing children. The notice boards around the pool said that topless sunbathing was permissible which was an unanticipated extra benefit. At the age of forty-two Susie still looks stunning. She has added a little extra flesh since we were married particularly round her hips, but her bottom is perfect and frames her delectable pussy so invitingly when she is on all fours waiting to be fucked doggy fashion. But best of all are her natural 34E breasts with their lovely pale brown areolae the size of an old penny piece and nipples that stand up like little soldiers when she is aroused. With only a tiny little thong bikini bottom she attracted a lot of admiring attention when she was sunbathing by the pool and mine wasn’t the only cock standing to attention. 

A couple of days before we had left home, one of our swinger friends told me that he knew of a number of classy private adult clubs in Rome, with both female and male strippers, and one in particular where there were regular live sex shows. He sent me a link from his mobile phone, “Just in case you are interested,” he said. Susie and I talked about it and agreed that it might be a perfect way to spend the last night of our holiday before flying back to England.

Rome has so much to offer the serious traveller, with over 2,000 years of art and architecture, from the ghosts in the Roman Forum, the majesty of the Coliseum, even in its ruined condition, to the glorious splendor of its Renaissance Palaces, and the majesty of the basilica of St Peter. Despite the wonders we saw each day, there was a growing frisson of excited anticipation as our final evening approached, and we fucked like newlyweds every night. 

Finally the last night arrived and after an excellent dinner in a very good restaurant, we found ourselves in the Club Paradiso, which was situated quite near to the centre of the city, in a small Renaissance palace, probably originally built for one of the old patrician families. Once we had paid our entrance fee, which wasn’t cheap at over €100, we found ourselves in what was originally the ballroom. I was rather pleased to see that the original decorations had been retained, with large gilt-framed mirrors around the walls, and rather fine chandeliers. The only clue to its current use was the rich ruby wallpaper, and a small stage at one end of the room.

We were shown to a small table by the attendant, who was suitably dressed in eighteenth-century costume, complete with powdered wig. Once we were comfortably seated in the plush armchairs, we were approached by a female attendant, also in appropriate costume, exactly like one would expect to see in paintings of the period, except that her breasts were bared, and asked what we would like to drink. I ordered a dry white wine, which although it was better than average, was rather overpriced at €100 for a bottle, but I suppose that was normal for such establishments.

After about half an hour, by which time the room was full, mainly middle-aged couples like ourselves, the lights dimmed, and the first act started. This was a young woman who looked exactly like a Fragonard painting, and who removed her clothing slowly and decorously to the music of Jean Phillippe Rameau if I wasn’t mistaken, just as if she was a lady preparing for bed. Once she had taken off everything except her pale gold g-string, she put on a diaphanous robe, and seated herself in a small chair facing the audience. She began to caress her magnificent full breasts, before slipping her hand inside her g-string to play with her pussy. After a few minutes, she walked down into the audience, going from table to table, giving the patrons a good look at her charms. I was interested to see the discomfiture of some of the men, especially when she sat down on their knees, much to the amusement of their wives. When she returned to the stage, she removed her g-string to reveal a neatly trimmed bush in a heart shape framing her pussy, before exiting the stage.

There were a number of other acts, similar in character, but including several bronzed young men who looked like ancient Greek athletes, with well-proportioned cocks that had Susie licking her lips with lust. When a hour or so had passed in this entertainingly erotic, but quite tasteful manner, the first young lady came back, accompanied by a liveried footman carrying a silver tray covered by a cloth. She removed her clothes exactly as before, including her g-string this time, and sitting on the same small chair with her legs parted, she began to masturbate, moaning quietly as she grew more excited. After having a rather obvious orgasm, simulated no doubt, she beckoned to the footman, who brought her the tray, from which she took a glass dildo, quite possibly Venetian, which she proceeded to suck before plunging it deep into her vagina. 

After masturbating for a few minutes she ordered the footman to remove his breeches, and to stand in front of her so that she could fondle his balls and stroke his cock until it became hard, another rather impressive specimen of manhood about seven inches in length. When he was fully erect she took him into her mouth and started to give him a blow job, while continuing to masturbate herself with the dildo. Within a few minutes they both came, realistically this time, and when the footman’s cock slipped from her mouth, semen dribbled out onto her breasts. They then left the stage to enthusiastic applause and a few cries of “Bravo” and “Encore”.

By the time this performance was over, most of the men were shifting rather uncomfortably in their seats, trying to adjust their own erections no doubt, and many of the women looked rather flushed. To pretend I was immune to this display of sexuality would be a lie, and Susie looked at me and grinned rather mischievously, and murmured, “Enjoying yourself my darling, I bet you wish you had been that footman.”

There was then a short interval, during which time the waitresses passed among the tables again, although this time they were naked apart from a purple and black corset, suspenders and silk stockings. They took every opportunity to titillate and arouse, bending over to ask whether patrons would like to refresh their drinks, revealing their naked pussies peeping out between deliciously rounded cheeks. I did notice that any attempt to touch was rewarded with a sharp slap on the offending hand. At some tables, where the client ordered another bottle of wine, they gave a more revealing show, sitting on the table and parting their legs lasciviously, and in one case where the gentleman ordered a bottle of champagne that must have set him back several hundred euros, the waitress slipped her fingers into her pussy, and then leaned forward and put her fingers in the gentleman’s mouth for him to suck.

A drum roll then announced the main act of the night. At first, two women came onto the stage, one dressed as a lady, the other as her maid. The one dressed as a lady then removed her clothes with the assistance of her maid, with plenty of touching, and when the maid had undone the laces of her mistress’ corset, she put her hands around her to caress her naked breasts. Once she was naked, the lady embraced her maid, and they started to kiss passionately, which soon developed into lesbian lovemaking. At the point when the lady was on the point of her climax, with the maid kneeling between her legs enthusiastically licking her pussy, a man entered from the curtains at the side of the stage, dressed as a nobleman. For a while he watched the entertainment in front of him, but then he stripped off his breeches to reveal an even more impressive erection than the earlier performer. Kneeling behind the maid, he lifted her skirts, and thrust his cock between her swollen labia deep into her dripping vagina, and began to fuck her rather forcefully. All three performers climaxed at the same time, with much moaning, and a shriek from the maid. As the man withdrew his cock from her cunt, semen oozed out and down her thighs.

At this point, both Lacy and I were quite definitely aroused, and looking at her flushed face, I suggested that it might be a good time to leave, and continue with our own private show back in our hotel bedroom. To our surprise however, the young lady who had opened the show, walked out of the wings absolutely naked, and coming across to where we were sitting said that the night’s entertainment always concluded with a final act including two lucky members of the audience and that we had been selected. In retrospect, I guessed that our friend had had something to do with it, but at the time, I was only thinking with my cock.

We were led backstage accompanied by the cheers and whistles of the rest of the audience, many of whom were probably regulars and knew what to expect. We were taken to separate dressing rooms, and I was asked to strip by my nubile companion. She then dressed me in a sort of leather harness and minuscule crotchless leather shorts, all the time stroking my cock and fondling my balls. She then led me back on stage and indicating a chair facing the audience strapped my wrists and ankles to the arms and legs. A few moments later Susie walked out from the wings dressed in a pair of almost totally transparent harem pants, followed by two of the male strippers wearing exactly the same costume as me, and sporting huge erections.

Susie had obviously been instructed about her part, because she looked at me and said in a stern voice, “You sir have been a very neglectful husband, and have failed in your duty to fuck me senseless every night. From now on you are going to be one of my personal slaves, but to punish you these two fine examples of manhood are now going to show you exactly how a lady needs to be treated, which they will repeat every night until I decide you are forgiven.”

She then undid the rope belt holding up her pants, and allowed them to fall to the floor. Facing the audience she looked at me and then snapped her fingers. The two slaves jumped to attention and then one came and stood behind her pressing his erection against her bum crack and began to knead and fondle her breasts, while the other fell to his knees facing her and moving her legs apart started to lick her pussy. She started to moan as she grew more and more aroused and after a few minutes cried out, “Oh fuck me now, I need your gorgeous cocks inside me filling me in ways my pathetic husband cannot with his puny cock.”

The slave standing behind her stepped back, still holding her in his arms, and sat back onto a low couch. Susie automatically straddled him and holding his cock in one hand, he placed it against her anus and slowly pulled her down until he was balls deep in her rectum — I was surprised how easily he penetrated her anus, but she told me later that she had been given a suppository to relax her sphincter and lubricate the passage of his cock. The other slave knelt in front of her and thrust his cock into her cunt and then they began to fuck her, rapidly establishing a rhythm that ensured maximum stimulation of her body. After a few minutes of this extreme debauchery Susie began to shudder as the first of several repeated orgasms ravaged her body and at last when her two lovers simultaneously ejaculated into her body, she screamed with the intensity of her ecstasy and then fell back in total exhaustion against the one on whose cock her bowels were impaled, copious amounts of cum seeping out of her gaping orifices.

All this time I had been forced to watch helplessly, unable to touch my cock which was hard and throbbing with the need to cum. But relief was on hand because while Susie recovered from her ravishment, the young lady who had prepared me for my ordeal, knelt between my legs and gave me an expert blow job until I exploded with pleasure, covering her face with spurt after spurt of my hot semen.

The manager of the club drove us back to our hotel in his own limousine — further proof I think that we had been set up — and thanked us extravagantly for our performance. The next time we were in Rome, he said, he would happily book us to perform every night, because when in Rome… 

Although we were both shattered we rapidly stripped out of our clothes and while Susie lay on the bed in total abandon to the memories of her recent rapture, I washed the dried cum off her body before plunging my re-energised cock into her slick and well-lubricated cunt, and slowly fucked her until we both came again in mutual bliss. Before she fell asleep Susie whispered dreamily, “I love you so much my darling, but that was the most intense sexual experience I have ever had. Oh, and you don’t have a puny cock.”

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