What Your Neptune Sign Tells You About Yourself

Have a little faith in Neptune! In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of intuition, enchantment, glamour, soulful artistry, and the deep healing that begins when we ask ourselves, “Is there a possibility of another way?”

Like Pluto and Uranus, Neptune is one of the outer planets, meaning it’s slower-moving and affects the bigger-picture themes of our lives than the inner planets, like Mercury and Venus, which change signs more frequently and have a bigger effect on our day-to-day realities. Neptune spends approximately 14 years in each sign (with occasional shorter dips into neighboring signs when it’s retrograde) and takes 160-ish years to move through the whole zodiac. Back in 2012, Neptune moved into Pisces and it will stay there until 2026. This is first time it’s been in Pisces since 1862!

The sign Neptune was in when you were born shines a shimmer on how you connect with your highest level of both creativity and divinity, as well as your spiritual practices. And the sign Neptune is in right now affects your creativity and spirituality in the moment. Think of yourself as a lamp, while Neptune is the light. Your Neptune sign helps you understand how the light heals with both self-compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Not sure what your (or someone else’s) Neptune sign is? Take your bday to a free birth chart calculator, or simply check the years below.

Neptune in Aries

1862-1875, 2025-2039

Your spiritual practice and imagination is active and focused on how you understand identity. Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience? Neptune will enter Aries in 2025, so we’ll be asking our hearts this question and learning to live into the answer that manifest in our experience.


Neptune in Taurus

1875-1888, 2039-2052

You connect to imagination and divinity through beauty and pleasure. Neptune in Taurus helps you see all the ways which art, aesthetics, and visual storytelling helps people feel like they’re less alone and deeply connected to a higher power.

Neptune in Gemini

1988-1902, 2052-2065

Your relationships to divinity and creativity is mental and almost always through meaningful conversations. With Neptune in Gemini, you can answer some of life’s most difficult existential questions through dialogue with others, and with the universe as you understand it.

Neptune in Cancer

1902-1915, 2065-2078

Emotions are data with a soul. With Neptune in Cancer, your emotions help you connect to your creative gifts and abilities. This is also a placement that connects you to ancestral practices and traditions from your culture of origin.


Neptune in Leo

1915-1928, 2078-2092

“Charisma” originally meant “of the spirit.” Neptune in Leo gives you a charismatic connection to spirit that allows your leadership, creativity, and open heart to guide others towards a life of love. You’re here to understand how to live with more courage and less fear.

Neptune in Virgo

1928-1942, 2092-2105

The Artist’s Way author Julia Cameron defines G.O.D. as “good orderly direction”—and that’s Neptune in Virgo to a T. This placement helps find spiritual truth, creativity, and peace in Virgo simplicity, cleanliness, and order. You’ll access both healing and imagination with simple, applied, behavioral steps.

Neptune in Libra


Relationships are a kind of spiritual practice, right? With Neptune in Libra, you find divinity and creative solutions through other people. Your skills for diplomacy, understanding, and negotiation could help others find what the world desperately needs, like peace, mercy, and justice.


Neptune in Scorpio


What’s the truth? Neptune in Scorpio is concerned with the deepest, most hidden dimensions of honesty, truth, and intimacy. You want to reveal the truth to others we can have more meaningful moments and relationships, too.

Neptune in Sagittarius


Hope is imperative! Neptune in Sagittarius helps us find a vision of what’s possible so we can change what needs to be changed. Your imagination, creativity, and joy is transformed through education, experiential learning, and travel.

Neptune in Capricorn


If it’s not grounded, you don’t want it! Neptune in Capricorn helps you stay centered, non-reactive, and responsive via spiritual practices that keep you and others moving towards alignment, integrity, and accountability. Your discipline and impulse control are a gift


Neptune in Aquarius


The more disruptive, the better! With Neptune in Aquarius, you know that it’s typically a small group of outrageous thinkers who have a better idea that upsets the status quo. Spirituality and creativity help your ideals stay clear and instructive for quick application.

Neptune in Pisces


Can peace prevail? With your help, it can. You have a lens on universal spiritual themes like forgiveness, mercy, accountability, and love in a way that helps others progress and heal in miraculous ways.

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