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Wet Wall/Dry Wall

# # #

I went out back to suntan in my bathing suit, but there’s this boy that’s been watching me over the back fence.

#BDSM/Rape Fantasy

Larry, that’s his name, but I’d been watching him grow up. He had a barbeque for his birthday, so he’s a teenager now. I wasn’t invited, but I got to see the cake over the fence.

His mom set up 13 candles like a star of David with 1 in the middle. That’s 6 in a hexagon, and 6 more around the corners+1 more in the middle.

“Huh!” My dad tried to turn the garage into an apartment, but it’s really just a workshop. The whole lockdown thing kinda put a damper on renting that out, but he got the bathroom done.

It had a shower, to wash off all the sweat, and greasy lotion. I scrubbed some lather up on my pubes, then put the soap back up on the window sill.

Even over the water running, I can hear him pull up on the wall outside to look at me naked. I can just imagine his hardon right there, humping the siding, with both hands holding onto the ledge.

I left the door open, so he could come in, but he didn’t. Not yet, after all these years looking at me, and me looking at him. You’d think he’d take a hint, but I rinsed off, and peeked up at the window.

It was fogged over, but I could still see the shadow of his head, trying to see me, naked. So, I grabbed a towel, and went out. “Larry? LARRY!”

“What?” He finally came around to the side door, and I dropped the towel. Giggling, I stepped back, and shut the bathroom door. Laughing out loud, he knocked.

“Hey, can I come in?”

“Nhoho. Um.” My dad left a little saw. A keyhole saw on one of the boards he screwed in between the studs. “Stud, you know how gay guys. Uh!” The sharp point poked right through the drywall, so I pulled it out, and wiggled it.

“Oh, you mean like a glory hole, in a men’s room?” He got down, and his eye appeared through the slit.

“Hihn yeah.” I put my finger over the hole, then turned it, to stick my pinkie nail in, and pick more of the white chalky stuff out of the paper. “Only not gay.”

I guess I figured it would be like safe sex, or safer if he couldn’t grab me. Hold me down, and force me to. Well, rape me. Let’s be honest, I’ve been thinking about that too, and it’s mostly a scary thought. Mostly.

He stuck his finger in, to pish mine out, and wiggled it. “Well, it’s not big enough for my cock.”

“Oh yeah, I bet you have a big fat dick, huh?”

“Yeah you wanna suck it?”

“Maybe?” I haven’t decided yet. Honestly, my fantasies have run the gambit from him just looking through a knot hole in the fence, while I masturbated right out in the yard for him. (I didn’t, but I sure thought about it.) All the way up to him coming in my room at night, pulling back the covers, ripping off my underwear, and taking me with my hand over my mouth, so mom, and dad didn’t hear me moaning.

“Big enough?” He finally got the hole big enough to stick his dick through.

“Oh,” no, it’s not too big? He’s only 13, but of course I imagined him being impossibly hung. “Huh!” I had to squeeze between the boards, there 16″ on center, but it was a tight fit. Up on my tippy toes, I could bend it down to rub my pubes, and even squeeze it between my legs.

“Oh, stick it in. Stick it in your pussy, and fuck it.”

“No, it’s too big.” I lied, “It’ll never fit.”

“Oh, come on. You can get a whole baby out of there.”

“Yeah, and I’m too young to get pregnant.”

“Well, then you’ll just have to suck me off.”

“Huh!” I looked over at the sink, and grabbed a washcloth. “It’s too dirty, so I better wash it off.” It had pieces of dry wall on it, which is ironic, because my dad called it a wet wall. That means pipes, and stuff, for the sink, toilet, and shower, which didn’t leave me much room to squeeze in.

He stuck his hand through, so he must have made it even bigger, and I hoped he didn’t realize that he can just pull the whole wall out. “Let me touch your titties.”

“Okay.” He grasped at thin air, until I took his wrist, and pushed his fingers down. Bumped the back of them with his pubes, and he gasped. Loud enough to hear him through the wall, he turned his hand over, and felt between his legs.

“HUHUHUH!” He laughed, and shuddered a breath at the same time, which sounded weirdly sexy to me.

“You better not whack off out there!” I slapped his hand. “Stick your dirty dick in the hole.”


“What happened?”

“Well, you don’t have to yell at me!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s okay, let me make it feel better.” I wiped the dust, and wet white mud off with the washcloth.

“Well, maybe you can kiss it, and make it feel better?”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, “Oh, kay.” I guess I should make it up to him, after all those mean things I said about his dirty dick. His big fat hard hairy dick. “Smup! Huh, there. Now, it’s your turn.”

He stuck his mouth up to the hole, and his tongue out. “Ihnhahuh!” I pulled back, and stuck my hand through the hole. When he moved his face to stand up. “Let me feel your butt. Uh!”

He grabbed my hand, and stuck it between his legs, so I grabbed his balls. “Ow!”

“Sorry, I thought I was grabbing your butt!”

“You’re sick, you’re a sick psycho bitch!”

“Well you’re a creepy peeping tom, so why don’t you yell a little louder?”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I don’t mind you looking, and touching. You know that.”

“Well, I’m sorry I yelled.”

“Well, as long as my dad doesn’t come out, and catch us fooling around. Is it still hard?”


“Huh, well stick it in here again, so I can suck it hard again.”

“No tricks? You’re not just going to bite it?”

“No, I promise.” I leaned down to “Cross my heart.” And show him my little titties. How can he say no to my tits?

“Okay,” he got back up, but I’m starting to think. Maybe I should get some rope. I mean, there’s lots of rope out there, but if I’m nice, and suck him off. Maybe I can talk him into letting me tie him up.

If I didn’t ruin it already, by teasing him, and busting his balls. “Hm? Snh!” I blinked, then closed my eyes, when he shot his wad on my tongue. “Ngh!” Swallowed, but then another wad splashed out, and another, and another, as fast as I could gulp it down.

“Huh!” I looked through the peep hole, while he turned around, and pulled his shorts up. “Cute butt.” Maybe, I can tie him down, bent over, so I can find something, to fuck him in the ass with. “It needs a tan, though. And you need to shave your balls, so I can suck them.”

“But you’ll suck my balls, if I shave all the hair off?”

“Hhihehah. Yeah.” He was starting to trust me.

Well, that fixed my rape fantasies, once I figured out that I don’t want to play the victim. Now, I just have to talk him into letting me tie him up…

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