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Well, Cum to the Neighborhood

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This lady moved in the next street over, and invited us to a “Little old block party.” I didn’t get her name, but she mentioned she was single…

A barbecue, and she said she was making “A mess of my famous sweet potato pie,” to my dad. When he asked “If it’s so famous, then why haven’t I ever heard of it?” Then she said “Why don’t you stop bye, and find out?”

Mom, and dad ignored her, until later when the music got loud. Of course, a lots of people showed up, because she invited the whole block. That’s the point of a “Little old” Block Party, but she’s southern, and black.

My mom, and dad didn’t say anything about her being black, but there it is. I looked over the fence, and we even got them to pass some food back over it, but we didn’t go over there. We live on the ends of the streets. So, we have big front yards, and little back yards, but it wasn’t just black people over there.

I mean, I saw a lot of people from around the neighborhood, but she also invited a bunch of other people she knew from her old neighborhood, and they parked all the way around the corner. Practically all the way to our corner too, and I saw them get out to walk over to the party.

The sweet potato pie was pretty good, kinda like pumkin pie, but with brown sugar hardened on top like a crème brûlée. So then, the music got loud, and dad got up. “It’s late, so I’m gonna go tell them to turn the music down.”

“Honey, why don’t you just call the police, and let them handle it?”

“They’re our neighbors, and that’s not a good way to welcome them to the neighborhood. I’ll be right back,” he said but then he was gone a long time, but they turned the music down a little. Then he called her on Skype.

I could hear the music, and my dad had to yell. “Hey, honey!”

“Whataman whataman whataman whatamightygoodmaaaaan.”

“You know those Dancing Bear videos?”

“Whataman…” It just went on, and on like that, but then he turned the phone around, and panned it all around the room.

There, I saw a bunch of women in the middle of the room, pumping their hands in the air and waving them. There was a loud “YEAH!” But all the way around the room, there was men. All kinds of men, black guys, of course. Old fat men, tall skinny men, white men, I think some Latinos, or Indians and a lot of them I recognized from around the neighborhood.

They were all taking their clothes off, or some of them were completely naked, but they all had boners. “They want me to take my clothes off!” He yelled, and laughed, turning his phone around, and grinning.

So, mom said “I’ll be right there.” She shut down Skype, and got up. I was already for bed, but it was summer, and with the music so loud, I wasn’t getting any sleep, but she stopped by the mirror on the way out the door. Fussed with her hair, and she stepped in her high heel shoes to buckle them up, and go out. In such a hurry to party.

She sure changed her mind about our new neighbor, but you know what? I bet she was just jealous of her big boobs, and booty. Since dad answered the door, she mostly talked to him, flirted a lot, and you know how a man acts when another man comes up to talk to his wife? Well, she didn’t get mad, she got sarcastic, and picky. So, it really wasn’t because she was black, but a lot of the guys there were, and some of them were even embarrassingly well endowed.

If you’re a man, or let’s say a teenage boy, hoping I’m not done with puberty, and I still have a couple more inches to grow. You know what I’m saying? I already had on a night shirt, and a pair of briefs. But then I got back to the bedrooms, and I heard the music in my sisters’ room.

“Ooh, look at His butt!” They laughed. I went to put some pants on first, because I was probably going to pop a boner again any second, but when I knocked, they just asked “What is it?”

“You girls decent?”

“Hardly, you can come in, though.” They had their night clothes on, pretty much the same thing only cutoff shorts, but they were on the bed. With their feet up, and looking out the open window.

“What’s going on in there?” Emily had grandmas bird watching binoculars.

“Looks like an interracial porno.”

“Yeah, and gangbang.” Susan pulled the binoculars over, so Emily leaned over to put their heads together. Sharing 1 eye piece each.

“Well, I’m gonna go over there.”

“What for?”

“To see what mom, and dad are doing over there.”

“What? Shut up!” The sat up, and tuned around.

“No really,” I told them real quick what dad did, and what he said when he called back, with video.

“What’s Dancing Bear?” Susan asked me, but I shrugged.

“Oh, that’s a male stripper company. They do parties, and post videos on Porntube.”

“Parties like that?”

“No, more like CFNM reverse gangbangs? A whole bunch of ladies, and only one or two male strippers.”

I went back to my room, and looked out my window. Sure enough, you could see right down through the patio doors, but from the outside. Pretty much all you could see was men’s butts, and backs. Pretty much just dancing around like strippers, but the people in the back yard just stood around. Some of the ladies looked over, or stared. I saw Mrs. Wozniac with her feet up, drinking a beer, out of a can, and just watching the patio door.

Now, Mrs. Wozniac is a church lady, and a gardener, and a widow. She must be about 80, or 90, but she just sat there, watching her neighbors take off their clothes, and dance around naked from behind. Sipping a beer from a can. I never even knew she drank, you just saw her wave from her yard, pulling weeds out of one of her gardens.

“Well, come on,” my sisters put on a little. Still the same night shirts, with no bras, but at least the pulled on shirts. “You just going to stand there in the window with your dick in your hand, come on!”

“Okay!” I didn’t even have a boner, let alone jerk off watching Mrs. Wozniac drinking a beer, it was just weird. Emily took over, because she’s the eldest, but Susan giggled with her, and we went out the back. Okay, that made more sense than going around the block, knocking on the door, and asking if we could watch our parents in the male strip club? Party?

I’m not sure I even want to see my dad dancing naked for mom, sitting in the middle, like a game of musical chairs, only with a lot more nudity. I mean, what little I saw, the ladies were getting hot. A lot of them had their shirts up, or unbuttoned, or at least a boob out. I didn’t see any cum shots, but dad literally just swept the camera around the room, then back at his face.

I never saw him so exited before, and what if they turned swinger tonight? Or cuck, or what if he turns bisexual, and starts sucking off a. Well, I should probably not finish that thought, but I’m a teenager. I’ve seen some porn on the internet, but I never watched any of this Dancing Bear stuff. I think CFNM stands for Clothed Females, Nude Male, but I never watched those either, because I want to see naked women, but if they have any of the opposite.

Well, I guess that would be like a regular strip club, or a bachelor party. You know, a bunch of guys sitting around, while some strippers take their clothes off, but I never been to any of those either. Wait, I thought Rule #34 said there’s porn of everything, no exceptions? Then how come you never see any videos like that, with a bunch of strippers stripping for a room full of guys, but they keep there pants up.

“No you do it.” Finally, Susan pushed Emily up to the fence, and covered her giggles.

“Hey guys,” she got up on her tippy toes. “GUYS!” She yelled over the music, but now we couldn’t hear any of the words. Just the bass thumping like a headboard against the wall.

“Hey, Emily.” Colin? I think, it sounded like Colin, anyway.

“Huh yeah. You got any of those beers left over there?”

“Yeah, let me get you one.”

“Three!” She held 3 fingers up, and I held Susan’s shoulders. In front of me, I don’t know why, but when Emily stepped back, she waited for Colin to look back over the fence, then she pulled her top up.

“Uh!” he dropped his jaw, and one of the beers. He only had 2 hands, so one of the cans was just barely held on, but then he looked around. Bending over to pick it up, and sticking a can under his arm. Practically juggling, but then Emily threw her top over the fence.

“WOOH!” Susan just flapped her top up, and back down, real quick. She’s only 11, so there’s not a lot to see there. Emily is 19, so. Yeah, she had something to show off, but she’s my sister. I respect their privacy, so it’s not like I went through her underwear drawer to find out her bra size.

Also, I’m a teenage boys, so tits are like pizzas. Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.

“Uh, here.” Colin finally started just dropping cans over the fence (Which is only 4′ high bye the way.)

“You enjoying the sausage party?” He shook his head, slowly, but his eyes were locked on. If I’d have to guess, on her nipples? “Huh, why don’t you see if you have any boys over there.”

The beers were so shaken up, they weren’t safe to open for at least another hour.

“Guys?” He waved blindly. “Hey guys, look!” he pointed. “Emily.”

Just Emily, that’s all he had to say. Even the black boys, I didn’t recognize, so they must be some of what’s her name’s friends, or nephews?

“Emmy?” I looked up at the porch, and her boyfriend came out of the patio door, with naked men moving over to close the gap on the end of the door. He held his hand up, and zipped up his fly. “Is that you? What are you doing over there?”

Topless, hanging over the fence, and reaching down to touch at least 2 other guys. She let go, and put her hands up. “What were you doing in there, enjoying the sausage party?”

He just jumped down off the porch, and across the yard. “Out of the way, she’s my girlfriend.” Like that made him, I don’t know, a cop or something, but he’s in college, and she’s 19, so they sexted all the time.

“So what? If she wants to show off her little titties.”

“Hey, watch what you’re calling little shrinky dink!” She pointed, and he looked down. Covering his crotch with both hands, but if he’s so little, how come he needs both hands?

“Yeah, she’s got nice handfulls.”

“Stop touching my girlfriend!”

“Why don’t you come over?”

“All right,” he hopped the fence, then the other boys started climbing over. Holding their pants up, so they didn’t fall down, but some of them had boners bouncing, and other had softies swinging. Now, I’d been through PE, so I just got used to it. Well, maybe not the boners, but still. We’re not talking about a whole lot of variation, but this many boys. I didn’t even bother counting, but then the girls started lining up over the fence.


“YEAH!” I looked down at Susan, who turned back to look up, biting my lip. I forgot I was holding her in front of me, either to protect her from running off and turning into a slut, or to cover up my own raging boner, but then Emily pointed across the yard.

“All right, any of you boys know how to dance?” The black boys just started taking their shirts off, but slowly. Moving their hips, and twisting to show off their abs, if they had any. “Yeah, take off your clothes, show me what you got, sexy.” Her boyfriend holding her. Covering up her tits, but kissing her neck.

“Hey, white boy. You like titties?”

“Yeah.” I let go of Susan, just as soon as I saw the Smorgasbord of racks appearing over the fence. “Of course, what do you think?” Now the bras were coming off, and they were bouncing over the fence. I would have been happy just to touch a tit, maybe an hour ago, but now it looked like my. Well, the whole neighborhood’s lucky night. Even the kids were getting in on the action.

“Well, go on.” They pointed, and turned back and forth. Looking at each other topless.

“Oh, uh.” I untucked my shirt. “Like this?” Pulling it up, and trying to move my hips, like I saw the black dudes do. IDK about all white boys, but I sure as shit don’t have any rhythm. “Yeah white boy, go white boy!” They started clapping, and chanting “Go go go go!” Pumping their hands, and waving them in the air, so their tits shook, and bounced together.

I turned around, when I got to my fly. Stuck my but out, and shook it. Pulling down one side, and the other. “Wooh! Yeah, turn around!”

“Show us that hard little white boy dick!”

“Oh!” They all stopped when I turned around. “Sorry.”

“Nhnhnhm!” They started laughing at me.

“Who you calling little? Damn! Big ass white dick!”

“Yeah?” I looked down, but it’s not like I measured it.

“Yeah, just like you daddy.”

“Yeah, you got yo daddy dick.”

Honestly I was afraid to, but you ever climbed up on something, and it doesn’t look that high until you get up there, and look down?

“Come here white boy.” They started grabbing me, rubbing my arms, and shoulders. Squeezing my butt cheeks, and putting my hands on their tits. Their nice soft warm heavy round tits. I was in heaven, but down there, they started fighting over my junk.

“Well, more then a handful at least.”

“Let me, you had your turn!” Somebody slapped her hand away, and gripped it, but she only got a couple pumps before another one took over, and another. All this attention should have been more than enough to get me off quick, but I was just so overwhelmed with disbelief, distracted, and yeah complimented, but I didn’t believe it.

I’m sure she was just being polite, but also she’d seen my dad naked, and mom was in there with men, and I barely got a couple tugs from one before she stopped, and another one took over, until finally.

“WOPahahehihn!” I blinked, and Kelzie looked up. “Wow, it’s. Wow!” She just held her hands up in the light, to look at her fingers all covered in jizz! “It’s a lot!”

“Yeah, bust that nut, don’t stop nutting!” The other girls went back to groping, and fondling me, until I finally went soft, and they let me go with a few pats to my rump.

“Gimmie that.” Chantarelle (I’m not sure I spelled that right, I only saw it on her books once, pretty sure there’s a random A in there to break up all the Es, but I forget which one.) “Mh!” She closed her eyes, and let one of Kelzie’s fingers slip out her lips, then licked it.

“Yeah, let me get some of that.” Honestly, I was a little impressed myself. I can’t remember the last time I beat off, but it was a lot. I don’t know if I ever ejaculated so much at once, but then again. I had countless fingers squeezing my balls to get every last drop out. Now, they were fixing their tops, and licking their hands. Some of them gave other girls some cum to lick up, because they weren’t close enough to get some, but was that a gang-bang?

I don’t even know, I mean it wasn’t a hand-job. There were way too many hands, and they felt me up all over. “Hey, Chantarelle?”

“It’s Chantrall.” she stopped, and turned back.

“Sorry, Chanterall?” Right, E in the middle.

“Mhm?” I looked down, because she was still basically topless except the white bra.


“Uh!” Kelzie threw her hair back, and stomped off, but she’s like. 12? I think. Maybe a year older than Susan, which is why I know her in the first place. I can’t believe I just blew a load all over her hands!

“What is it?”

“Oh, sorry. Uh, you know that lady in there?”

“What one? All the ladies in there.”

“Yeah, I mean the one that just moved in, this is her party?”

“Mhm? My ant Karen.”

“Karen.” I shook my head.

“Mhm? Yeah, I want to speak with your manager? Karen, but she’s not like that.”

“Sorry, that’s just my mom’s name.”

“Mhm?” And she is like that. Exactly like that, I mean she’s literally demanded to speak with the manager.

“Well, do you know if she throws parties like this all the time?”

She looked at me, doubtfully.


“You never been to a black barbecue before, huh?”

“They’re really all like this?”

“No, when a man throws them, they usually bring out the dominos, dice, or at least a few decks of cards for Tonk, why?”

“And the stripping?”

“Mhm? You ain’t never seen Girls Gone Wild?”

“Yeah, commercials for it.”

“Yeah well, them are all white girls. The difference is, when we get together, and the music starts playing. It ain’t just the girls that get butt wild.”


“Yeah, you done?”


“Good.” She pulled her top on, and looked back. Down to my crotch behind the fence. “See you later?”


“Good.” She turned and walked off. Leaving me wondering what the hell just happened. I mean, after the whole hand gangbang thing, that was great, but then Susan ran up.

“She likes you.”

“You think?” I looked back, “Susan? Put some clothes on.”

“Oh! Everyone else is doing it.”

I looked around, and my jaw dropped. I just stood there, staring at the pile of naked black skin, and my big sister under there, somewhere.

“Oh god. Yeah oomph! Arlgah! Kah! So much cock. Gimme more, give it to me. Gimme all the dick!”

Susan covered up her mouth, and dropped her shorts again.

“I better take you inside.”

“What for? I’ve already seen. Everything.” She shook her head, and her eyes went. Far off, like a war veteran not telling you a war story. She shook her head. “I want to stay!”

“Well, you can watch the rest from your window.”

“Yeah, good idea!” She pulled up her sleep shorts, and ran off. Still topless, her panties, skirt, and shirt somewhere in the clothes strewn all over the yard, but now the picnic table was hitting the fence like a headboard.

“Kids, what were you doing out there?”

“Uh, mom?” Susan covered up her little breast buds, and pointed. “You’ve got a little. Ahehihn!” Waving her finger around mom’s top, but she lied. Well, she understated things to put it mildly.

It wasn’t a little, it was a lot, and it looked like there was more in her hair, but she must have wiped off her face.

“Uh, mom?” I looked around for dad, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Is Emily on birth control?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh, no reason.” But good. Hopefully she won’t get any HIV, or AIDs, or anything else you can’t fix with a few shots.

# # #

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