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We Need to Talk About the ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Ending, Because There Are Major Eloise Easter Eggs

This season of Bridgerton ended in a pretty simple way for our lovebirds: Kate and Anthony are on their way to happily ever after. Yay! But for some of the other characters, the ending wasn’t quite so simple. We’re here to dissect what happened with Colin, Eloise, and…Marina? *checks notes* Yes, Marina. Because there are some important book spoilers that need to be addressed and highlighted. It should go without saying that if you don’t want spoilers, feel free to leave this post for another time.

Let’s start with Marina. Marina is not a character in the first few books, so the entire plotline about her coming to London for the Season and then discovering she’s pregnant is all creative license for the series. There’s never any entanglement between Colin and a woman with anything close to that plotline. As far as we know, he’s “single” until the book about his love story. We’ll leave those spoilers for another post, because we don’t have time to get into the Penelope of it all here. (Except to say he’s an idiot for making fun of her at the end of season 2! That’s all!!!)

But Marina’s story in the series does have a weird connection to Eloise, of all people. [There are major book spoilers ahead, so please exit this post if you want to remain surprised!] Eloise’s book starts with her basically running away from her family, and we discover that she has been corresponding with a man and she’s going to meet him to find out whether she could marry him, essentially. That man’s name, in the book, is Sir Philip Crane. When Eloise starts corresponding with him, he has two children and he is a widower. Sir Philip Crane is the name of Marina’s husband in the show, who Colin meets when he goes to visit in season 2.

This means a few different things. If the series stays true to the books, Marina’s current husband is Eloise’s future man and we actually met him at the very end of season 1, when he came to get Marina from the Featheringtons’ house. It also means that Marina…is going to die, because by the time Eloise meets Philip, his wife has already died, and she actually ended her own life. It does seem like the show is planting seeds for that. Marina seemed like she was pretending to be happy when Colin went to visit her, and she wasn’t actually happy with her life. The story could turn dark, but maybe Bridgerton will decide to kill her off in another way. It also ALSO means that things are about to get really complicated when Eloise makes a move on Colin’s ex-almost-wife’s widower. It’s confusing, I know.

It also means the Theo character is not likely to be a major factor in Eloise’s story, unless they veer from the books and keep him around. He isn’t in the books at all, so in that respect, they’ve already taken some liberties. He is cute though, so I hope we see him again!

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