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We Do Bob & Amy, The Finale


“Actually, I think I’ll take you both, if that’s okay with you, Amy? It’s been a little while since I’ve ridden two cocks at once. And you can ride George’s face while we have some more fun.”

“Oh, you are such a little devil. Wanting two cocks and me at the same time? I think I’m in love!” Amy responded before jumping on the bed and kissing me hungrily.

While we kissed, Bob grabbed some lube and a condom. After sheathing himself up, he moved my way with the lube. I spread my legs wide and let him apply it to my pulsing pucker. Just the thought of what I described to all of them had me near orgasm. The fact that Amy was working my nipples in a frenzy as she kissed me only added to my ascent.

As Bob started moving a finger inside my ass, I exploded in a squirting, clenching acme that had me pulling my face from Amy’s just so I could catch my breath. Bob stopped moving through my orgasm, and I let him know that it was okay to start again once I recovered. Amy kissed me softly while leaving my nipples alone while Bob finished greasing me up.

Now that we seemed ready, I sat up and made room for the boys to get into position. They moved into what was normally a woman’s scissor position so that their cocks were up against each other. Once they were settled, I climbed aboard and finagled their poles in my holes. They were a little too close together at first, so I had Bob back up just about an inch. Now they seemed just right, and I began moving down them both at once.

If you’ve never done one of these, it can be overwhelming, to say the least, but there is nothing else even close. That, along with Amy in front of me, riding George’s face while kissing me and tweaking my nipples. Well, over the top doesn’t quite describe it. Oh, and then George rubbing my clit and Amy’s as his tongue lashed her puss and ass.

The ride was slow but quickly built into a colossal spraying climax that normally would have had me collapsed onto George. With Amy there, though, she held me upright as I haltingly continued to ride both cocks. My orgasm seemed to invigorate me, well that and Amy’s insistence, so I kept going. My rectum had opened up fully to Bob’s intrusion, and the ride was getting easier. As I sped up, everyone seemed to be egging me on. Bob was even alternating slaps on my bouncing ass, which added an additional tingle.

Ever the pleaser, I started working on Amy’s tits as I began clenching on the boy’s stiff invaders. Amy’s mouth was glued to mine as we both moaned and squealed. Then, as I started rolling and pinching her nips, Amy’s lips pulled away as she screamed her way through her own magnificent peak. It was so strong, and her grip was so tight on George’s head that I was sure she’d crushed or suffocated him, but what a way to go.

Between my and Amy’s cum, there wasn’t much of George’s torso that was dry. As Amy gathered her wits, her tongue returned to my mouth, and I doubled my efforts to get the boys off as a hurricane gradually built in my nether regions. I knew that once it hit, I’d be done for a while, so I wanted them to cum first. “Okay, boys,” I pleaded through half-covered lips, “It’s time.”

I sped up and worked my muscles as they both began to pant and groan. They were both rising up to meet and pound my willing holes, but it was George that let loose first. I could feel his hot semen filling me as I headed over the edge of oblivion. Bob wasn’t far behind but had to do his own work as I convulsed and held Amy tight while I soaked George once again.

I awoke on my back, and that little minx Amy had her face deep between my legs, gently lapping as I woke. It was George that suggested, “How about a little four-way oral to bring the night to a close?”

With that said, I rolled onto my side with Amy still attached, and it was clear who she was going to eat.

Bob suggested, “George, you take Amy. I need some more of your delicious pre-cum, plus I get to taste Rebecca as a bonus.” With that said, I got Bob and relished in servicing his growing dick. After all, when it comes down to it, I am a penis lover. There’s nothing better than the feeling of cum shooting down your throat after a good blowjob.

We all slurped, jerked, and moaned as it was clear that we were all experts in oral servicing. There was an abundance of sloshing and licking sounds as we enjoyed each other. I’d already had two smaller climaxes and was sure that Amy had had at least one.


In the time I brought Rebecca to two minor orgasms, George had done the same to me. The one that I’d had while riding his face was a monster and almost caused me to pass out. I wonder if he fucks as well as he eats. If I can keep Bob from sucking him dry, maybe I can find out. Pulling my face away from Rebecca’s puss for just a moment, I asked, “Hey George, how about a doggie-style fuck? I’d like to see how well you do with that stick of yours.”

George replied, “I’ll give it a whirl, that is if Bob doesn’t mind letting my penis go.”

“I’ll need something to occupy my mouth for a while. Do you think I can have a little sixty-nine time with Rebecca?” George responded.

“Absolutely!” Rebecca replied as our little circle broke apart.


We reassembled with Bob and Rebecca, quickly moving into a sixty-nine with Rebecca on top. Amy assumed the position in the middle of the bed on all fours as I stood at the edge. I was admiring her pert little ass as she wiggled it in my direction. I think she thought that I would hop up on the bed behind her, but I had other ideas.

“Are you going to quit leering and come fuck me?” Amy taunted.

Knowing that she couldn’t weigh more than a buck-fifteen, I seized her hips and pulled her to the edge. Amy yelped a little at my sudden action but quickly understood after I placed a couple of hard slaps on those firm little globes. She gripped fist-fulls of the comforter as I reigned a few more slaps onto her posterior. Then, while I grabbed a condom from their supply, I bent over to tongue her pink star. Amy purred softly as I pillaged her opening rectum. Briefly glancing sideways, I saw both Bob and Rebecca giving me looks. Bob’s was of a more surprised nature, while Rebecca’s was more knowing.

With the condom in place, I stood back up and pushed into her slick puss in one quick move. Amy relished being controlled. Something that I picked up on early in our meeting. Bob was an adventurous and good guy, but I think he lacked that overpowering nature, even in their bedroom. I’d learned the subtlety of detecting these needs years ago when Rebecca and I played together exclusively. There were many times that I’d have to keep her in line.


George seemed to read my every thought and knew that I wanted to be controlled and used. There was another couple that we used to play with before we moved to our current home. The husband loved to treat me like his little cum-pocket. Everything he did to me, he did with a dominating hand, and I relished every second. George came across as more loving but clearly had plenty of experience handling a wild child named Rebecca.

As soon as he jerked me to the edge of the bed, I felt my pussy begin to drip. The quick slaps asserting his dominance had me tingling all over, and then came the analingus. “Oh, God,” slipped from my lips, but I don’t think he heard me. The next thing I felt after his tongue left my pucker was a swift filling of my needy puss. Then, it was a slow bang as he gripped my hair with one hand pulling my face from the blanket. His thumb from the other hand popped into my slick pucker and invaded my rectum.

Every few pumps with his cock, George would remove his thumb and give me another hard slap or two. He’d also pull on my clit just to get a rise. George kept me on the brink for quite a while as his pace steadily increased. He was fucking me pretty hard and fast when he changed from his thumb to two fingers in my ass. He also released my hair and began working my clit by pulling and twisting it maniacally.

My climax came hard as I wailed and shook like someone having a seizure. George, to his credit, slowed to a stop as he could see that I’d become overly sensitive. I was sprawled out on the bed, a twitching, cumming mess as he added a slap while I panted through the aftermath. When I was able to focus again, I saw that he’d removed the condom while still sporting a throbbing hard-on.


Amy came hard from my work on her, not so sensitive, sexual organs. As she unfolded flat onto the bed, I slipped from her gaping and swollen pussy. Every now and again, I’d give her another little slap on her perfectly petite buttocks. She’d shiver a little each time as her deep breathing continued. Finally, Amy’s eyes opened, and she twisted her head back to see me still standing behind her. Eyeing up my throbbing cock, Amy dragged her still recovering body in my direction. As she made her way to me, I looked over again to see how the others were doing. Rebecca was now riding Bob’s cock in a reverse cow-girl as a woman possessed. It seems that my actions with Amy had her all fired up.

With her face at the end of the bed, Amy rolled onto her back while tilting her head over the edge. She opened her mouth, inviting me to use her throat as a substitute vagina. I took her invitation and eased into her mouth. My first few strokes stayed in her mouth, but Amy seemed displeased with that. Next, her hands made their way to my ass, and she gripped it firmly while pulling me into the depths of her esophagus.

This first time in, Amy held me tight inside for several seconds before releasing me and grabbing a quick gasp of air. I let her hands set the pace, which she quickly accelerated as my balls slapped her eye sockets. I’d seen this maneuver on a porn video once as the ‘actress’ took all of John Holmes fourteen inches down her gullet. The thought of that scene, coupled with the unyielding restrictiveness of Amy’s throat, had me pumping my seed in no time at all.

After I staggered back enough to slip from her mouth, I knelt down on the bed. Then, pulling Amy’s hips, I got her back in the middle of the bed. Another look at our spouses revealed Rebecca was now mounted on Bob’s face. She was using her hands in an attempt to bring his cock back once more. Turning back to Amy, I dove face-first into her slippery cunt. She was so delicious and so open, I relished in her nectar as my face became coated.

Amy sucked on me for a few minutes, but as she slowed, I lifted off of her and let her rest. Rebecca and Bob seemed pretty well finished, too, so we all hugged with promises of another session before Rebecca and I exited for the night. The cool night air invigorated both Rebecca and me before we began our drive home.

“Well, it seems we wore out those youngsters. You were amazing with Amy! She really needed that control. It got me so hot watching you handle her the way you did. I’ll bet she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot,” Rebecca touted.

“I think that you were a good part of that. I heard that orgasm that you gave her while we were still downstairs. Not to mention your work on Bob. Don’t think I didn’t notice that he couldn’t get hard again after you rode him into cowboy heaven.”

“So, did you cum at all while having sex with the condoms? I know that you have a hard time with that.”

“No, but both I came in you after doing Bob. Then, Amy revealed her inner porn star with that throat-fucking move. I came hard from that one. How did Bob take that?”

“I don’t think he even saw a thing. Once he came from my reverse cow-girl move, I moved back to his face and splayed my needy puss all over it. That’s when I tried in vain to resurrect his limp tool. Speaking of tools, could you go again?”

Setting the cruise, I slipped down my pants revealing a semi-hard penis looking for attention.

“Mmm,” Rebecca uttered before stripping off her clothes and taking me into her mouth.

So, that’s the story of our first time with Bob and Amy, but don’t worry, we have many more adventures to share.

See you soon.

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