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We Do Bob & Amy, Part 2


When I finally released Amy’s probing face, she drew in a deep breath before going back to sucking up my flowing juices. “Can I… taste you… now,” I panted.

Amy mumbled something as her face pressed even tighter into my pussy. I figured it was a no, given that she had a death-grip on my thighs, and she ate me like a starving child. But, knowing that she wasn’t going to stop for a while, I began working my nipples again. It wasn’t long before I felt a much stronger orgasm filling my loins. This one might be a blackout cum as I felt its power move through my body. It was like electricity flowing from my nipples to my clit and back. As the scream began, my legs once again held Amy tight.

The next thing I knew, I was waking to soft laps at my inner thighs. “How long?” I questioned.

“Only a few minutes,” Amy answered between tonguings.

“Now that you’ve given me a blackout orgasm, may I at least taste your puss?”

“Okay,” Amy relented. “But only in a sixty-nine. I’m not letting your yummy pussy get away from my mouth.”

True to her word, Amy slowly turned around but never let her lips leave my groin. When her perfectly smooth pussy was hovering over my head, I simply gazed at its perfection. She, like me, had just enough labia to play with and still look pretty. But, her youth showed with her taut and perfect skin. I licked at her inner thighs, lightly bringing out the goose-bumps. She shivered a little and sucked a bit harder on my swollen clit, causing a soft moan to escape my lips.


“Add another,” Bob urged as I felt his sphincter loosening up. I removed my finger and slobbered over a couple more before moving them back to his pucker. With two inside him and a third hovering just above, Bob started to fuck my face. It started off gradually in full strokes. He’d bring his cock out to the edge of my lips and then slide back in until his balls rested on my eyes. All the while, I pumped his ass with two and then three fingers.

“Would you fuck me?” Bob pleaded as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “I have condoms and lube in the bedside table drawer. I don’t normally ask, but you seem really good at bringing stimulation without any pain.”

“Thank you. Of course, I will. We are here for sex, aren’t we?”

“Very much so! It’s just that I love anal sex, and finding someone that is patient is very hard.”

Bob climbed off of me and grabbed the lube and some condoms. After handing everything, he lay flat on his back. Bob then slipped a pillow under his hips to raise them up in the air. I found a condom and rolled it onto myself, and then moved between Bob’s wide-spread legs. I applied some lube to a single finger and got it going. After a minute, I added more lube and a second. When the third finally slipped inside, he was becoming more vocal. Ironically, it was about that time that I heard Rebecca let loose from upstairs.

Knowing that he was ready, I coated the condom and traded places with my fingers. The head moved in easily, but I kept the depth shallow at first. I’d lifted Bob’s legs onto my shoulders as his hands moved to his nipples.


As I moved my tongue to Amy’s closed but leaking lips, she shook again. I tickled her outer labia with soft strokes of my tongue as they began to swell. Amy’s scrutiny of my clitoris was waning as I maintained my gentle titillation. Her flower slowly bloomed under my treatment and leaked the most delicious nectar I have tasted in some time. I watched closely as her clit swelled, turning a dark garnet color.

“What are you doing to me back there?” Amy breathed.

“Just getting to know you and your blossoming flower, of course. Why do you ask?” I questioned with a quiet snicker.

“You’ve barely touched me, and I’m on the floating edge. Please, don’t stop!”

“Don’t you worry, I have no intention,” I replied as my tongue tip-toed across her opening puss. As I continued my light-footed maneuvers, Amy rested her head on my thigh and gasped softly. I was pretty sure I had her number since she wasn’t even trying to lick me anymore.


I’d never felt anything like it before. Rebecca was so gentle and patient that I felt a soft but growing tingling from my head to my toes. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. As she continued to barely touch me with her amazing tongue, it expanded and propagated throughout my body. Then, as I began to orgasm, it was the same. There was no sudden quaking, only an electric fire, if you will.

I felt my cum spray from inside me as I gripped her thighs. It rolled through me gradually, like a slow-moving thunderstorm. That feeling when you peak lasted for several minutes. When I realized that it had passed, I noticed that I was still gripping Rebecca’s thighs like you would a pillow during a storm. Finally, I released my grip and noticed that I was totally drained as I felt Rebecca licking the cum from my thighs. I stayed there for a few more minutes to gather my strength before turning back around.


I pumped slowly and enjoyed the feel of Bob’s anal ring clenching around my shaft. With each pump, I moved a little deeper. Once I was making full strokes with my balls slapping against his butt-cheeks, I heard the growls begin. Knowing what I liked, I dropped down a little to change the angle of my penetration. My goal was to rub against the prostate with every insertion.


I loved George’s soft touch and exploration of my body. He didn’t seem the type to just want to add another notch to his bedpost. George instead acted as if he genuinely loved making others feel good through sexual contact. Because of that feeling, I knew that he’d be perfect for topping me. It had been a while since I’d allowed someone to penetrate me, but as George began bottoming out in my rectum, I knew that I’d made a good choice.

“That’s it… oh shit, that’s good… damn I think I might… cummm! Arrrggghhh!”


My plan worked well as Bob started to cum from just anal penetration alone. I held myself still as he shook and yelled through his climax.

Bob’s first words afterward were, “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I have a hard time cumming when I wear a condom, only because my wife and I have sex so often bareback. But I thought that maybe we could see how the girls were doing. What do you think?” I replied.

“Well, I know that Amy’s not fond of the whole same room thing, but if we each do our own spouses, side-by-side, then that should be okay.”


Now that Rebecca and I were face to face, I said, “I’ve never had an orgasm like that before. That was amazing! Where did you learn to do that, and can you teach me?” then kissed her tenderly before she could reply.

Rebecca answered through our partly conjoined mouths, “I can, but it’ll probably take several lessons. Can you spare the time?”

“Mmmm,” was the only sound I made as I ground my pelvis against hers. As we were beginning to heat up, we heard Bob cry out from an obvious orgasm of his own. As my mind re-focused on Rebecca, I wondered out loud, “Are you two some sort of orgasm savants?”

“Asks the one who caused me to pass out.”

“Yeah, but I have a feeling you do that a lot.”

“Okay, you got me. But other than my husband, very few have ever caused it. So, you’re in a special group.”

“So, do you two have ridiculous amounts of orgasms all of the time?”

“I guess by normal standards, yes we do. But that doesn’t mean much, given that most people in our age bracket don’t have sex at all anymore. I guess it’s more about giving pleasure than getting it. So we study our partners more closely to pick up on what gets them off, and we practice a whole bunch. On a different note, do you think we could invite the boys up? I’d love some cock deep inside me right about now.”


“Why don’t we go up there together and ask to stay. If they’re busy, we can sit and watch until they’re finished. What do you think?”

Bob looked at me for a moment and answered, “Okay, but I wouldn’t even try something like this if you hadn’t fucked me so good. Let’s go.”

Bob led the way up the stairs and down the hall to the closed door of their bedroom. Just as he reached for the knob, it popped open with Amy on the other side.

“Are you guys mind readers?” she burst out from surprise.

“Sort of,” I managed with a big grin.

“Well, Rebecca wants some dick, so one of you two better get busy,” Amy ordered.

“I’ll take the first go if that’s alright with you, Bob,” I suggested.

“Of course. You need to have your fun too!”

To be continued…

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