Virgin College Girl Fucked By Professor

Hi, I am Bhagya Sri (26) and I have been married for 3 years. This story happened during my college days. College Girl Fucked

I am a girl from a traditional family. My family consists of my mom, dad, and my younger brother. I never know anything about sex till my college.


My friends introduced me to the world of sex. After that, I had been waiting for the touch of a man.

Unfortunately, my college was a women’s college so I didn’t have any boyfriend. I used to watch porn and masturbate thinking of heroes in the movies.

My looks are somewhat hot.

I am fair in color, has a figure of 36-26-34, 5 ft 5 in tall and weighs 59 kg.

My bra cup size is “B”.

neither skinny nor fat.

few pounds on my belly. I have long and thick hair till my hips. I wear specs and braces with a face with dimples on my cheeks.

saw Dr. Mohammed in my final semester.

was my Applied Statistics professor.

He was a man in his 40s, tall, strong built and dark with a little baldness on his head.

He was very strict in his class and it was not easy to please him to get internal marks. We all feared him and he was not the most liked professor.

As I was the topper of the class, he used to ask me to get his books for him when he was in the class.

One day, he was teaching distribution in the class and he asked me to bring his code book. I went to his room and searched his table and found his book.

I grabbed the book and suddenly College Girl Fucked

, his computer caught my eye. It was on and I moved the mouse to find there was no password on the computer.

I thought to give a quick look into it as there may be question papers for upcoming tests.

But I found porn videos of sex between teachers and students in it! I was shocked and let the computer as it was before and left the room.

After the incident, I had feelings for my professor.

Not crush but lust. I started to masturbate thinking of him. It made me more horny and gave me more pleasure.

Thoughts about him fucking me aroused me like nothing. So I decided to seduce him! There were several sluts in my class who had fucked professors and staffs for credits and attendance and even they were not interested in him.

I was afraid to make a move but somewhat gathered courage and started doing things. I changed my clothes from traditional-wear to slutty dresses. Modern dresses were not allowed in my college so skirts and jeans were not an option.

So I started to wear tight leggings and transparent low neck-tops. My bra outline would be clearly visible and the pattern of my bra could be traced inside my dress. I wore my bra in a way that my cleavage will visible whenever I bend down. I stopped covering my boobs with dupattas. The shape of my legs was clearly seen through my leggings.

I started staring at my middle-aged professor during the class College Girl Fucked

and I would ask him permission to use the restroom whenever he comes to class. It kind of made me hot.

I used to sit in a way that my boobs were visible to him. He used to come near me to solve sums in my note. While he would be doing the sums, I would intentionally move forward and my boobs would touch his elbows!

I went to his room often asking doubts and while he was lecturing me sitting in the chair, I will drop my pen and bend down to pick it, revealing my boobs and making sure he was getting the view for a few seconds and then adjust my dress. His bulge used to grow in his pants.

One Friday, my professor asked me to meet him in his office

after the class was over.

little bit excited to do so.

I was waiting for the college to be over and the bell finally rang. I went to the restroom and freshened up and gave a little bit touch up to my makeup and went to his room.

He opened the door and asked me to come inside and closed the door. I was nervous. He asked me about my studies and how I was doing so far. I said it was okay and I was doing well. We had a casual chit-chat.

Then he gave me a bunch of test papers and asked me to enter the total marks in the ledger. He started to work on his computer which was on the table and I started to count the marks in the papers, sitting in front of him. The table was in between us.

I was wearing a sleeveless white top and black leggings. My black bra was clearly visible through the transparent top. It was a very tight top and my boobs were waiting to come out of it.

Then I lifted both hands to yawn College Girl Fucked

and showing him my shaved armpit to him! I was sure that my teacher was enjoying this sexy view.

Then I decided to play a trick on him. I dropped a paper under the table and suddenly, I bent to take it and my face rubbed on his groin! I came up like normal and said, sorry. He said it was alright and we both continued our jobs.

Then he stood up and went to the restroom which was on the left side to the table. I got excited and got close to the room and started peeping inside the room through the keyhole.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time. My professor was stroking his 7-inch black cock! I was sure he was thinking about me. Suddenly, a wet patch developed on my panty. I tried to insert my hand into my leggings to rub my pussy but I lost the grip on the door and knocked my hand against the door!!

He heard the sound and put his tool inside his pants. I didn’t know what to do so I went back to the chair quickly and acted like nothing happened.

He came out. My heart was beating like crazy.

My professor knew that I was peeping on him while he was stroking his cock.

He went to his place and sat on the chair and started working on the computer again. Suddenly, I felt his leg was touching my leg under the table. I did nothing and kept counting the marks.

Now, he slowly moved his right leg up till my left thigh and rubbed on my thigh. I didn’t show any reaction in the face but I closed my both legs, trapping his leg between my legs! Now he gained more courage as it was a green signal for him.

He stood up and came near me around the table and placed his hands over my shoulder. It sent a shock wave through my body as it was the first touch of a man. I got up and turned towards him.

My teacher started to kiss me in my lips and forced his tongue inside my mouth. But I didn’t open my mouth. So he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him.

Now I opened my mouth and his tongue College Girl Fucked

was all the way inside my mouth. His hands moved through all over my back. But I didn’t respond to his kiss, I simply kept my mouth open and enjoyed it. Suddenly, he pulled my leggings and panty down to my knees. He grabbed my ass and lifted me and made me sit over the table.

I sub-consciously spread my legs. Professor Mohammedplaced his tongue in my pussy. It was a hairy one as I rarely shaved it. He was struggling with my bush but finally reached my vagina. He opened my pussy lips with his fingers and put his tongue in it!

“Ahhhhhhh” a slow moan came out of my mouth. On hearing the moan, my horny professor pushed his tongue inside more and I shouted, “Sirrrrrrrrrr….” and grabbed his head and pushed it against my pussy.

I felt his beard rubbing my pubic hair. He was licking my pussy like a hungry cat licking milk from a bowl. My pussy was wet and leaking like a tap

Then he came up and removed my tops, leggings, and panty.

Now I was only in my bra.

My strict professor got naked completely. I was seeing a man naked for the first time. He grabbed my ponytail and pushed me down to lick his cock. It was a 7-inch tool and I started to lick it like an ice cream bar.

“Bhagyaaaaaaa.. Yessss… suck me…make me cum..” the professor moaned. I licked every drop of his precum and played with his balls for a few minutes. The harder I sucked it, the harder it grew inside my mouth.

I started to suck it faster and my saliva was flowing over his tool. Then he lifted me up and made me lie on the table. He put two large books under my butts and positioned himself between my legs. My pussy started to itch and was in desperate need of my teacher’s cock.

“FUCKKKKK MEEEEEE…” I shouted. He started to rub his cock over my pussy lips. He was looking for the opening as my pussy was hidden in the bush. After a few seconds, he pushed his cock into my pussy hole.

“AHHHHHHHHH… College Girl Fucked College Girl Fucked

” a loud moan escaped my mouth. My professor started pumping me harder and harder. Even though my pussy was wet, he could not push it that easily as it was my first time. I began to shout his name for every push which broke my hymen and kept pumping my pussy.

After a few minutes, I shivered wildly due to my first ever orgasm with a man and my juices oozed out of my pussy. A few seconds later, my professor took his cock out and sprayed his cum all over my belly.

My belly button was filled with his cum. College Girl Fucked

And then he collapsed over the chair.

We both were sweating like we just completed a marathon. After gaining back our senses, we both cleaned us up and we both got dressed. We exchanged our numbers and I left college and went home.

After the incident, College Girl Fucked he fucked me every weekend in that semester and I still remember the sensation of his cock inside my pussy, the warmth of his cum and the wetness of his tongue.

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