Very surprised

Every time I would buy a coffee before my lecture I would meet her in line. She wasn’t very pretty but she had a good looking body. One day when we were talking she asked me out for dinner after class. I said sure. I was lonley and kind of horny and I was hoping to get some. At dinner we had great conversation and a bottle of wine.

After we went for a walk along the scenic street and she held my hand. She asked if I was seeing someone. I said no that I was only looking to have a good time.

She stopped and turned to me and kissed me and said that she would give me a good time. I smiled and said your place or mine. Mine she said. Once we arrived we kissed more. Deep passionate kisses. I took off her top and bra and caressed her breasts. They felt fake.

But I didn’t remind. She knelt down and gave me head. It was one of the best I have had. She got up and asked if I wanted to take off her skirt. I smiled and took it off revealing a large bulge. What’s that I pointed. She pulled off her thong and out popped a large penis.

You’re a guy. I was shocked. She asked if. I was mad and was going to leave. She said she’s been la woman for a few years and loved it and she still wanted to have some fun. I didn’t have to touch it or anything. I stammered. I haven’t told anyone here but there’s two guys back at home would say I give good head as you did. She asked if I was gay. I said no that I love women but horny enough I would take a dick If there wasn’t any available and yours is pretty big. She grabbed it and asked if I wanted some.

I got on the knees and licked it all over while caressing her tits. She said I was good. This was very hot for me at the time. I came over her tits and she came over my ass. We met one more time after just for sex. This time I asked her to enter my ass. She did. It was hot

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