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Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap has pink lobes, reminiscent of the female labia. Instead of protecting its opening, however, the flytrap beguiles and invites you inside. Once the trigger hairs have been stimulated, the tiny claws shut tight, imprisoning you forever.

Caren had never fucked brothers before, let alone twins. Their names were Dominic and Carl — or so they’d told her at the reception desk.

She’d seen them in the hotel restaurant the night before. It was difficult not to notice the tall, handsome Latino waiters. A knot of excitement had formed in her stomach, and she’d practically creamed her panties at the possibilities. It was the perfect opportunity, she had thought.

Setting it up had been easy. She’d scribbled a note, then winked at one of them. He’d immediately come over and she’d slipped him the folded paper whilst innocently ordering another drink. Neither her parents nor anyone else had noticed anything unusual.

Today — finally — she was alone at last. The timing would be tight, she knew. But it was worth the risk. At the agreed knock, she quickly opened the door. There they stood, smug and expectant.

“We don’t have long,” she said, eying them up. Impossible to tell apart, she thought. I’ll think of the one on the left as Dominic. “Twenty minutes and I need to be downstairs.”

“We know,” Dominic smirked. “Twenty minutes should be plenty for what you want.”

Deliberately, she slid her dress up, revealing the creamy, seductive flesh of her thigh above the stocking top.

“Well…?” she said provocatively. “Are you going to come in?”

The one on the right — Carl? — sucked in his breath.

“God, you’re a right little minx, aren’t you?”

“Do you want me or not?” she asked tauntingly.

“Oh yes,” breathed Dominic.

“So you’d better take that pretty little dress off,” teased Carl. “It might get ruined, and you wouldn’t want that.”

“No, I want to keep it on.” Her juices started flowing at the mere thought of being fucked by these two whilst wearing her dress. It was the most expensive she’d ever owned.

Carl shrugged. “Alright then, slut. You asked for it — get on your knees! I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”

Oh God, she loved it when they spoke to her like that!

Dropping to her knees she quickly unzipped his fly and prised his semi-erect manhood loose. Posing with it against her cheek, she looked up at him.

“Would you like pictures…?”

Carl’s eyes widened. “Lord, you really are a whore, aren’t you?”

In response, she slipped her lips over the glans and began to work his thick cock with her tongue. The noise of moaning and lewd slurping filled the room as she sucked his lengthening organ.

“Ahhh — you’re going to make me cum you dirty little bitch!” He pulled his saliva-covered member from her mouth. “Get on the bed — show us your cunt, you depraved cow.”

Obeying quickly, she knelt as directed and Carl flipped her dress over her back.

“Pull her knickers down, Carl. Give this trollop the treatment she deserves.”

Caren’s panties were yanked roughly down her thighs, exposing her luscious bottom. Dominic knelt on the bed in front of her and thrust his hard cock towards her mouth.

“My turn — Suck on this, slag!”

She complied, noting that Dominic’s blood-filled rod was as magnificent as his brother’s. Just as it slid into her welcoming mouth she sensed Carl’s own monster poised at the entrance to her dripping cunny. She squealed in surprise as he unexpectedly thrust it into her, filling her sopping cunt as his shaft sank right up to the hilt. His balls slapped loudly against her pussy lips; he bellowed like a bull declaring possession of his cow.

Carl continued to thrust dominantly in and out of her obedient pussy, making her moan with guilty pleasure. Then she yelped as he grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear.

“Now for your asshole, bitch — just like you wanted!”

She gasped with a mixture of shame and pleasure as he thrust into her virgin backside, ruining her asshole and completing his ownership of her. At the same time, Dominic thrust deeply into her mouth. She dimly heard his voice as she gagged.

“Spank the dirty bitch — I bet she wants it!”

She started mewling and almost came as Carl slapped her buttocks. Then his cock throbbed and he shot his load, coating the walls of her rectum with his thick cum. Simultaneously, Dominic also spurted, filling her mouth with his copious spunk. Almost rapturously, she used her tongue to deliberately glaze her teeth with the viscous, salty cream.

Trying to catch her breath, Caren looked up at the two grinning men holding their camera phones triumphantly.

She glanced at the clock. Shit!


Caren bounced down the stairs in her heels, frantically adjusting herself. She arrived breathless, nearly ten minutes late.

Her dad gave her a questioning look, then smiled forgivingly; it was her special day. “You look fabulous in white, darling. You’re positively glowing! Are you ready?”

Caren nodded and the music started. Her father took her arm and began walking her down the aisle.

Spunk oozed and squelched out of her sore ass as she walked, threatening to run down her thighs. When they reached their destination, she smiled radiantly at her fiancé. She wondered what he’d make of the salty tang when he kissed her.


“I do,” she said with anticipation.

“You may kiss the bride.”

As their tongues met, her husband froze. She watched as his eyes went wide. She saw the reactions tumble through his mind one after the other; awareness, shock, denial, hurt, anger.

Then, a moment or so later, came the ones she was looking for. Firstly, acceptance. That was important — crucial, even.

And finally, there was submission. Exulted, a surge of power coursed through her diminutive frame.


She could literally feel his cock harden as it pressed against her. A soft moan escaped his lips. Excited too! Perfect! The chortling of friends and family at their prolonged embrace slowly turned to silence. Yes — they sensed it too…

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