Vanessa Fucks The Tentacle Beast

This story is dedicated to that great Lush writer of erotic horror, vanessa26, as both a tribute and a warning.



Peeping cautiously around the corner into the corridor, Vanessa saw the security guard pause outside Room 101. He peered through the barred window in the door and checked the video screen in the wall before walking on. She looked at her watch. Just after 2am. An hour before he’d be back to check again. 60 minutes to do it. No time to waste.

As soon as the guard had turned the corner, she was sprinting bare-footed down the corridor, stolen key-cards in hand. Holding her breath, she pushed the cards simultaneously into their designated slots, and breathed a sigh of relief as the lights flashed green and the locking mechanism disengaged. Quickly she opened the heavy door and slipped inside, taking care to close it behind her.


The room was dimly lit, the atmosphere moist and warm. Holding her breath, she listened intently. Beyond her vision she heard a rippling of water, turning to a more pronounced splashing. As she peered towards the noise, she began to make out something emerging from the gloom. Something huge, twisted, and misshapen, pulling itself forward on glistening, throbbing tentacles. A pair of bottomless unblinking eyes stared at her. A writhing curtain of appendages hung over its mouth, while others emerged from its torso.

Quickly, Vanessa unbuttoned her lab-coat and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing nothing at all underneath. As the creature slithered nearer, she stood with her legs apart and spread out her arms.

“Take me, oh Ancient One!” she whispered, “I submit myself to thee!” Her bare breasts heaved with excitement, and her pussy tingled with expectation.


The monstrous creature stretched out its writhing tentacles towards her, the appendages seeming to grow both in length and girth as they slithered around her body, exploring her naked trembling flesh. She gasped as two of them wrapped themselves around her wrists, while another pair grabbed her ankles, tightening hard enough to make her wince with pain. Then her legs were pulled roughly apart, exposing her genitalia just as a particularly large tentacle oozed up her bare thigh.

“Oh fuck,” she thought, “there’s no way that’s going to fit inside me.”

She was wrong (just). The bulbous tip oozed towards her hole, then pressed hard against her entrance; instinctively, she pushed forward against it, and with a surge and a slurp it was inside her vagina.

It felt amazing; like being penetrated by the longest, thickest, most throbbing penis she’d ever fucked. Not content with just entering her, the tentacle immediately actively began to fuck her, its smooth tip pushing hard against the entrance to her womb with each thrust. Its rough surface, covered in nodules and veins, stimulated her vaginal walls, and her juices began to froth up and dribble down her thighs.


Other limbs sought out other orifices. She felt one slithering across her arse-cheeks, before pressing itself between her cleft and seeking out her tight anus. She moaned with delight as first the tip and then the rest of its length writhed up inside her anal passage, quickly going much further and deeper than any sex toy. As she looked down, she could see her tummy moving as the two appendages writhed inside her.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she gasped. Other smaller tentacles were wrapping themselves around her breasts, squeezing them tight and making her nipples protrude like little pebbles.

A further large tentacle writhed in front of her face, the bulbous tip throbbing. She knew where it wanted to go, and she opened her mouth wide to take it. She started to gag as the writhing snake-like limb slithered down her throat, but somehow she managed to accommodate every inch.


Harder, harder, harder, pumped the tentacle in her cunt, making Vanessa cry out with every thrust. Then suddenly it gave one final throbbing push and began to pump her full of hot gooey ejaculate. There was barely room inside her for the tentacle, let alone the liquid, which was forced to squirt out of the sides of her cunt and splatter across her thighs.

At the same time, all the other appendages ejaculated as well: not just those inside her, but also the ones wrapped around her. She choked as her throat overflowed with cream, and the same substance flooded her anal passage. Ejaculate sprayed all over her body from the tentacles writhing around her, like an obscene dancing fountain display.

Finally, the tentacles stopped spurting, and the ones in her anus, vagina and throat were withdrawn. Ravaged but blissfully fulfilled, Vanessa dangled, creamy liquid coating almost her entire naked body. As she let her muscles relax, rivulets of thick goo ran out of her arse and vagina and splattered onto the floor. She could taste it in her throat and its pungent aroma filled her nostrils.


Now that the creature had finished with her, she expected it to drop her onto the ground and return to its lair. Instead, to her mounting horror, she realised it had something else in mind. It eased back its head, and the facial tentacles spread themselves apart, exposing a hideous gaping scarlet maw. Vanessa looked down into a writhing mass of smaller tentacles, surrounding a dark hole. Slowly she was lowered into it, her feet, calves and thighs disappearing, the tentacles pulling her down. By the time she thought to scream, it was much too late.


Two minutes later, and dead on time, the security guard peered through the window. He thought he saw a movement in the gloom, and a shudder ran down his spine. To his surprise, the readout on the video screen seemed to indicate two life forms in the room rather than one, but when he tapped it the second reading flickered out.

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