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This story is set in 1978 a time before the internet and social media.
I was 16 at the time and had just broken up with a 17-year-old girl, Linda, who “Wanted Space” but my story is not about her.
I had become friends with Linda’s family, her two brothers had become firm friends and I had a soft spot for her 10 year old sister Nicki, who had told me that when I got myself a new girlfriend she wanted to hide in my room and watch me have sex!
I remember telling her that she should have said something sooner because she could have watched Linda and myself.
On one occasion Linda and I had been sitting in Nicki’s room watching TV, Nicki was in a nightdress ready for bed. Linda was watching some soap opera that her parents did not like so I was sitting on Nicki’s bed chatting to her while Linda was glued to the small tv in Nicki’s room. Nicki sat facing me with her knees up and she kept moving around until suddenly I was looking at her pussy!
I will never forget that view, even today over 40 years later it is burned into my memory, it was so erotic! She was not the first I had seen, I had spent a lot of time with my face buried in Linda’s pussy, but this was different.
She was smooth, clean, untouched and wet, glistening wet!!
She closed her knees together and I glanced at her face catching her looking away from me, then she slowly opened her legs again. I looked down and was staring at her again, I was so close to her that as her lips parted I could smell her. Her pink labia were glistening, open and so inviting that I wanted to reach out and touch her, I could not take my eyes off her. She closed her knees together as Linda’s tv show ended.
A month or so after this incident Linda and I split I decided to try to and get back into the dating game so I dressed up, tight jeans and best shirt and set off for the youth club that I had met Linda at so I decided to walk the couple of miles across what all the locals called “the valley”. Halfway across I spotted two girls laying on their fronts in the grass and recognised Nicki as one of them.
Let me describe her, she was tall for her age at 5 foot 1, skinny with long jet-black hair, thin faced with deep brown eyes.
The colour of their summer dresses contrasted with the sun baked grass, so they were easy to see but I did not recognise her younger blonde friend. I approached them quietly and dropped onto the grass beside Nicki.

“And what are you two doing?” I said making them jump.

Her friend hid something under herself.


“Nothing!” Nicki said as her friend giggled.

“Then why are you hiding in the grass?” I asked jokingly.

“Well ….. Leann has this book.” Nicki looked at her friend.

“Nicki shush!” Leann looked annoyed.

“It’s okay I know him, and he won’t tell anyone, go on show him.”

Leann looked at me and I managed to see her clearly for the first time. She looked younger than Nicki, not as tall, had mousey blonde but very pretty and petite.


“Ok” she stood up and lay beside me, I was now sandwiched between them “will you promise not tell anyone?”

I promised and she produced a porn magazine with a bland cover, however the price tag of £9.99 caught my attention, back then this was a lot to pay for a porn mag. She gingerly handed it to me. I opened it to the first page and was amazed, I had never seen anything like it!
The index page had small pictures showing things I had only imagined, flicking to the first section a woman was riding the biggest cock I had ever seen! Her pussy looked stretched to splitting, the next photo showed her with two guys the huge cock still in her, buried deep inside her pussy whilst the other guys cock was deep in her ass!! My sex starved dick went from flaccid to its full seven inches in the blink of an eye.

“What do you think?” Asked Nicki.

“Bloody hell!” I looked at her flushed and sweaty face “where did you get this?”

I turned another page and there were pictures of a woman with a shaved pussy that reminded me of Nicki’s, she was spreading the lips wide, her clit was rock hard and you could see deep into her vagina.

“It’s my dad’s I snuck it out.” Leann was also red in the face.


“Jesus, these are hot!” I was looking at a photo of a girl who was licking the head of a guy’s cock whilst she had a massive vibrator in her pussy.

“Have they made you hard?” Leann asked.

“Aren’t you a bit young to be looking at this?” I asked her.

“I’m 10 that’s not young!” She pouted “have the pictures made you hard?”

“Your bet they have.” I replied.

“Show me!” She demanded.


“If you think I’m getting my cock out here you must be mad!”

“OH, Please show me!”


“Aww” she thought for a few seconds “can I feel it?”

I looked at her.

“Are you serious?” I asked.


“Oh, please I will keep it a secret, if you lift up I can slide my hand under and feel it, please?”

“If I let you feel me you can’t tell anyone, both of you have to promise” they both promised “and if you feel me, I get to feel you?”

It took Leann a few seconds to decide.

“Ok, but I want to feel you first.”

I lifted my hips and she slid her hand under me. As she grabbed my stiff cock I gasped.

“Wow! It’s so hard” she moved her hand along my shaft to the end “Oh my God Nicki you have to feel him.”


I turned my head and looked at Nicki, she was looking between a picture showing a girl holding a guy’s cock whilst her tongue touched the tip and then at my face but she remained silent.

“I really, really want to see it!” Leann said.

“No not here!” I repeated “My turn.” My mind was racing but I could not stop now.

She squeezed the head of my cock making me moan before removing her hand.

“Okay.” She lifted her hips.

I pushed my hand under her but got tangled in her dress making me curse softly. Leann fumbled about then grabbed my hand. Suddenly it was filled with her panty clad pussy.


“Oh god!” She whispered.

I felt Nicki move slightly, pressing against my right side to get a clearer view. I could feel her breath on the side of my face as she moved closer.
I could feel the outline of Leann’s slit with my middle finger, Tentatively I moved it caressing her through the soft material the movement made her shudder and press against my hand.

“You have to try this Nicki.” She gasped.

Ever cautious I lifted my head and looked around, there were two or three people about, but they were some distance from us and moving away.
I curled my finger along her slit then straightened it, I repeated the movement for perhaps a minute. Leann had her eyes closed and was panting, the occasional whimper leaving her lips.

“Stop, stop!” She lifted her hips and rolled off my hand.

“Did you cum?” Nicki asked her.


Leann seemed unable to speak, her body was quivering as if in a spasm and she was gasping for breath. I had just made a 10-year-old cum with my finger!
By this point Nicki was leaning on my shoulder watching her friend. I was tempted to slide my right hand under her but was enjoying watching Leann cum. She began to relax until her body flopped into a relaxed position.

“Wow, now I know why my Mum makes so much noise” She whispered moving closer she pressed against my side “that was fantastic!”

“Can I feel you please?” Nicki asked me.

I lifted my hips again but Nicki rolled on to her back so that her right hand had access to me. She slid her hand along my throbbing penis before grabbing and holding the head.

“It feels so big and hot!” She whispered.

I felt her grab my right hand which she pushed under her dress, then my hand was in direct contact with her smooth pussy! Somehow she had pulled her panties down. That beautiful slit I had gazed at not long ago was covered by my hand. She began squeezing my cock rhythmically, so I slid my finger along her slit. Warm wetness surrounded it, I felt her tiny hard clit slide under my finger then she lifted her hips suddenly and my fingertip plunged into her opening as far as the first knuckle.


“Shit!” She hissed.

I thought I had hurt her and tried to pull my hand away but with her free hand she grabbed my wrist and pushed it back.

“Do that again!” She whispered.

Leann sat up and looked down at what we were doing, occasionally looking around before watching us. I slid my hand back and my finger disappeared back into Nicki again, I began making small movements with my hand so that my finger was moving in and out of her tight hole, all the time her clit was pressed against my hand and every movement of my finger rubbed it. Nicki seemed determined to get the whole of my finger inside her as my second knuckle disappeared into her cunt. She was so wet that with a little pressure I felt the whole of my finger slide inside her wet cunt making her moan.

“Have you got your finger inside her?” Leann’s voice startled me.

“Yessssss!” Nicki hissed.


She began sobbing, gasping for breath both her hands were around my wrist pushing my hand against her as she bucked against me, then she froze with my finger deep inside her, the feeling as her hot pussy squeezed my finger was unbelievable.

“Oh god that’s good!” She breathed.

Slowly she pulled my hand away and my finger slipped out.

“I want to do that again but with your finger inside me.” Leann said laying down next to me.

“I know what I need to do, but it’s too exposed here.” I said.

“Do you need to wank?” Leann teased.


“You better believe it!” I replied.

“I have to see this” she looked around “What about over in the trees?” She pointed at a dense group of trees some distance away from the paths that crisscrossed the valley.

“Let’s go over there and we can watch.” Nicki was already pulling her panties up and then stood.

We walked deep into the trees until we were hidden from prying eyes. I looked at them. Normally butter would not melt in their mouths but today they were nymphos!!!
I undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down, which elicited a couple of gasps.

“Oh wow, it’s so nice, I want to touch it.” Leann whispered.

I stood straight and grasped my aching cock the head was slick with precum, so I made sure to slick my hand to make it easier.


“Where’s the book?” I asked.

“Why look at the book?” Nicki replied.

She lifted her dress and pulled her panties down and once again I was looking at the most perfect cunt I had ever seen. Leann copied her and I was torn between the two of them. My hand was slowly picking up speed when Leann reached over with one hand and started to follow my movements.

“Why is it all wet?” She asked.

I explained why to her.

“If you lay down and we tried you could get your cock in us?” She asked.


“I don’t think you would get me inside you.”

I had to admit that I was so turned on I would have fucked either of them if I could.

“Can I try, please?” She pleaded.

I lay down in the dry leaf litter and Leann was straddling me before I was settled. Her hand was grabbing at my cock and she was trying to get me inside her. I could feel my cocks head pressing against her hot, wet opening but she could not get me in.

“I’m too small!” She sounded so frustrated.

“Let me try.” Nicki sounded excited.


Leann reached down and stroked my cock before getting up, instantly Nicki had straddled me her eyes never left my cock the whole time and positioning herself over my throbbing penis she grabbed it with one hand.

“It’s so hard I can hardly move it!”

I reached down with my left hand and pointed my cock up. Leann then dropped to her hands and knees close to my shoulder watching intently as Nicki positioned my cocks head at her wet opening. Slowly she pushed down a little taking a small amount of me inside her.

“Does it hurt?” Leann asked her.

“Just a little.” Nicki gasped.

Leann reached over and lifted Nicki’s dress up a little so she could see more but it continued to get in the way.


“I want to watch!” She then pulled the dress up and off Nicki.

Nicki was only wearing a small see through vest and I could clearly see her developing breasts, two small bumps with tiny dark nipples. Nicki lowered herself a little more and I felt the whole of my cocks head engulfed.

“Does it hurt now? “Leann whispered.

“Not as much as your mum’s vibrator did.” Nick said lifting off my cock.

“You used a vibrator?” I had to know more.

“She used it a few times.” Leann told me excitedly.


Meanwhile Nicki had begun pushing down on to my throbbing cock, I knew I would not be able to hold back for much longer. I felt her tight cunt sliding down around my dick and when I looked over three quarters of it was inside her.

“Oh my god!” She whispered.

Leann shuffled closer and I looked at her ass. The fingers of her right hand were playing with her smooth wet hairless cunt, so I pushed them aside and began playing with her instantly finding her opening and sliding a finger in. Nicki gasped as her ass settled onto my legs. I was surrounded by her hot, wet vagina.

“Oh god I want that too!” Leann whispered.

Both of them began moving their hips, one on my cock and the other back onto my finger. Leann began gasping and I felt wetness hit the palm of my hand then Nicki gasped and I felt her cunt squeezing my cock.

“Oh fuck!” She sounded surprised.


Before I could say anything, I was pumping into her, feeling like my balls were going to gush a lifetime of sperm into her my cock unloaded wave after wave deep inside her. Leann had collapsed onto the ground quivering whilst Nicki dropped forward onto her hands looking at me.

“Again!” She hissed as another wave of muscular spasms ripped through her tight cunt.

“Have you come inside her?” Leann asked.

“Yes, he has” Nicki whispered, “it was great!”

“Show me!” Leann was leaning on my chest watching.

Nicki pulled herself slowly off my cock and rolled onto her knees. As she did loads of my cum poured out of her and onto my stomach, my softening cock plopped into a large pool of it.


“Wow there’s so much of it” Nicki said before she dipped a finger into the pool “it’s so warm and sticky.”

Leann was on her knees and shuffled down, she straddled my right leg to get a closer look. Nicki lifted her finger and sniffed.

“I thought it would smell bad.” She put a couple of fingers into the pool.

She began swirling her fingers around, Leann dipped a finger into my cum and was sniffing it when Nicki scooped some up and smeared it in Leann’s pubic area and quickly rubbed. Leann gasped and jumped up.

“Nicki!” She started to furiously wipe the cum off “I don’t want to get pregnant!”

Nicki started to giggle but her hand was still resting near my hard cock.


“You won’t get pregnant you haven’t even started your periods yet!”

Nicki lifted her hand and popped a finger into her mouth and sucked. I was surprised, Leann’s mouth hung open.
Nicki’s hand was back in the pool of cum and this time she scooped a large dollop and stuck it in her mouth.

“Oh yuck!” Leann said but watched Nicki clean her fingers.

“It tastes nice.” Nicki took an even bigger scoop into her mouth, some slipped off and ran down her chin.

Leann looked down at my soft cock.

“Can we try to get you inside me?” She pleaded.


“You can try, but I’m soft so it may not work.”

She surprised me by straddling me sideways then grabbed my soft cock and began trying to stuff it inside her. She fumbled for a few seconds and I was about to tell her to stop when I felt my dick slide into her.

“Oh!” She went rigid.

Nicki dropped to her knees and looked closely.

“What’s it feel like when it’s soft?” She asked Leann.

I was unsure if it was the thought that my cock was inside its second pussy of the day or the hot tightness of Leann’s young cunt, but I started to get hard inside her.


“Oh” she gasped “are you getting hard?”

“I can’t help it, get up before I hurt you.”

“No, not yet I want to see how a hard cock feels.” She remained in place.

A few seconds later she began to squirm on my cock, her little body shaking which did not help me in any way, I wanted to fuck her tight hole.

“Nicki, I can’t get off!” She gasped and began shaking again.

Nicki stood and offered her hands but as she and Leann tugged she whimpered. It felt like the head of my cock was trapped deep inside her. It felt like a ring was around the base of the head gripping and squeezing it.


“I told you to get off!” I tried to push her ass up.

“Don’t!” She whimpered “that hurts!” Her body began shaking again.

“You will just have to wait until he goes soft, or he comes inside you!” Nicki seemed to be enjoying this.

The feeling of her tightening cunt was working on me, I could feel the tightness spreading down my cock making my balls tingle.

“Is it hurting you.” I asked.

“A little, I just want to stop coming!” She shook more violently this time, moaning loudly.


“How many times have you come?” Nicki asked.

“Oh god!” More shaking “I don’t know 4 or 5.”

This time her pussy squeezed so tight that I felt my cock grow and begin to shoot what little was left in me. Leann clamped her hand over her mouth and began to scream as she shook again. I sat up a little and put my arms around her thinking she must be in pain, we remained like this until she removed her hand.

“Oh wow!” She whispered, “I want do this every day!”

“I thought I’d hurt you badly!”

“No that was fantastic!” She turned to look at me with the biggest grin on her face.


Whilst I held her my cock began to shrink inside her and she tried to get off but my cock head was still gripped tightly.

“Don’t move yet or you’ll make me hard again!”

We sat for a couple of minutes before she tried and my cock plopped out. That was when we heard voices approaching. I grabbed my jeans and pulled them up, Leann pulled her knickers up as Nicki quickly pulled her dress and knickers on then they both walked quickly away from the voices. By the time I was dressed I had lost sight of the girls, so I moved quickly away from the voices and made my way home.
During the next week I made excuses to visit Nicki’s home but every time I got there, she would disappear to her room so I eventually stopped trying to see her.
About two weeks later I was walking along the valley and Nicki almost walked into me.

“Have I hurt you or upset you in some way?” I asked.

“No.” Was all she replied.

“Then are we good” she looked at me for the first time “still friends?” I persisted.


“You still want to be friends?” She looked strange.

“Of course I do” I sat down whilst Nicki sat about 5 feet away. “why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, I thought you wouldn’t like me after last time, you disappeared and we couldn’t find you.” She was looking down at her hands.


She looked at me a little shocked.

“I thought I’d upset you when I….” she fell silent.


“Upset me! Jesus that was the best thing that ever happened to me Nicki” She looked surprised “listen my parents are away for the weekend and I will have the house to myself so if you and Leann feel like playing again just come over.”

“I will see if I can” she stood “I have to go.”

I watched as she walked away.

‪Saturday morning came around and nobody showed up. I was a bit pissed off. Around 1pm I decided to have a shower and was about to get in when the doorbell rang. It was Nicki.‬

“No Leann?”

“No, I didn’t tell her, why are you in your dressing gown?” She asked.


We walked through to the lounge.

“I didn’t think you were going to come so I was about to shower. Why didn’t you tell Leann?”

“I didn’t want her to come.”

I stopped and looked at her questionably.

“Last time she did more than I did.”

“I thought you both did the same?”


“When she came so many times, I felt jealous, I wanted the same.”

“Well you have me all to yourself.” I put my hand on her arm.

“Can I do what she did?”

“Anything you want” she grabbed at my dressing gown “Not down here, let’s go upstairs.”

As soon as we entered my bedroom Nicki began undressing, I watched as she pulled her dress over off, her long black hair cascading down around her. My gaze caught her attention and she turned toward me. I drank in the sight of her little nipples which were hard on her budding breasts I found it hard to look away.

“I want you to do some of the things that were in the book.” She said.


“I have something you may like to see” I reached under my bed and handed her a book “101 positions for beginners” she sat on my bed and opened it “what do you think?”

I took off my dressing gown and sat next to her.

“Wow” she flicked through a few pages ” can we try that way.” She pointed at a photo.

It was the doggy position. But she flicked the page over and found another, and another.

“I want to do them all!” She exclaimed.

“Pick one and let’s see how many we can do.”


We managed 7 before the doggy position exhausted us.

Over 40 years later Nicki has given me 3 wonderful children and Leann 2. We still play together to this day.

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