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Just what me and my bro have gotten up to since he first “tricked” me to lick he and his friends cocks

So since my first post, me and my bro have done a lot more trust me! hes even turning 15 next month, but thats not really relevant. you can choose to believe these or not but honestly it isnt hard to have such a slutty life if you put yourself out there!! Besides U wouldnt believe the number of people who only need a little bit of convincing to dick down a little girl like me lol.

so after i sucked on he and his friends cocks, and after i lost my virginity to my friends brother at a sleepover, i came to the realisation that i have a perfectly good and horny teenage boy literally always available to me and i wanted to take advantage of that so i did

It started about a week after i lost my v card, i knew he was all horny for me (obviously i mean he “tricked” me, even if i put the idea in his mind to get me to suck his cock) So i knew it would be really easy to get him to fuck me. and like my advice up there (be careful about it tho) i decided that being forward was the best way to go. first i scouted out his search history and it was filled up with brother sister incest pron lol he definitely wanted it. after i made sure i went back to dressing all slutty around him cause i knda stopped after the sleepover. i wuold only wear tight workout shorts like bootyshorts r nothing at and only panties. sometimes i would just even wear a long t shirt and nothing underneath and made sure when i did that to always bend over a bunch near him so he could look at my pussy and butt all the time.

but i still wanted him to think he was in charge, for the moment lol so i tried to be naive wen i ent in for the kill. one night our parents were gone, they are gone a lot of the nights of the week after dinner to hang out with their friends and stuff and dont usually come back for a few hours, and i was earing only panties that night with a see through white t shirt, my nipples were poking out easily and they werent even hard lol. so when we were alone i went to him and sat up on his lap while he was watching a movie. only after a few mintes he was hard as a rock and throbbing lol, i shifted a couple times to make sure my pussy rubbed against his tent. Just to make sure he was super horny i rubbed agaisnt him for a few mintes while he was hard ebfore i started to question him. i asked him to start off why his penis was hard, and he just sad boys do that sometimes. then I asked him if i could see a hard penis, and he was silent for awhile before saying i could.

after that i got off of him and he pulled his pants down and took his cock out this was the first time i had seen it since i was blindfolded hen i sucked on him, and he is about 4 maybe 5 inches id say. now im a brat lol, im oud and obnoxious and very physiacl if you couldnt tell. so i grabbed his penis and asked him why it looked like that and began to stroke him lol i was being ver forward. he just said he didnt know but that it feels really good, and tried to convince me by saying how i should help his brother feel good and that i could feel good. lol classic convincing but i just played along with it and said sure thing, what can i do. he told me to suck it and then guess what i did lol. he came in my mouth pretty soon only a few minutes went by but he was still pretty hard. so i complained and siad it was my turn to feel good, and asked him how. he said he knew i masturbated (i mean obviously i was being loud on purpose lol) and that it was like that but with his penis. so i he put me on my back on the couch and then boom, we had sex lol. he lastd a few mintes longer than the bloewjob then pulled out and came on my stomach. it was really hot i loved it.

afterwards i said it felt really good and that he better do it again and he prmised too lol. so then we continued to have sex every few days for a few weeks before stepping up our game and moed on to atleast once a day its awesome, he lke my personal cum dispensor lol i love him. ive gotten uo to alot since then, like a pretty fun summer camp ill tell you all about soon 😉 and even found an awesome fuck buddy a few months ago who is probaby my biggest kink, cant wait to tell you about her!! anyway, here a few more things me and my bro (and even his friends) have done since then

– we try to fuck atleast once a day but we both pretty loud so its hard, but we havent gone a day in atleast 2 months now without a blowjob (i did give him one right before i went to write this out lol)
– we both REALLY love cum and stuff, so sometimes we have sex before dinner when were alone, and then he cums on my food and i uually maasturbate while i eat it lol
– after a few weeks went by he had another sleepover with his best friends, the same 2 from before, and i convinced him to let me suck their dicks. I sucked each of them off about 3 or 5 times that night i cant remember it was awesome
– i had my first anal experience with him, it was painful but we both want it alot so even now were training my ass to take things deeper faster and harder
– he also wanted to try sleep sex stuff so he got some upperclassmen before summer started to get some sleep meds (these are important for my illegal story ill tell soon) and i take those to go to sleep as deep as possible and he just had his way with me for a few nights lol. one sleepover he concinved me to take them and then convinced his friends that i wasnt in on it i guess lol and they just POUNDED me all night lol. I woke up so sore but i still masturbated to the thought of it and also to the pictures and videos my bro took.

thats that, its ben fun with him. anyway i think next story ill tell you all about my fuckbuddy who i spend a few days every week with shes awesome, then ill tell you my illegal story ive been hyping up. honestly its pretty messed up and i know that but i guess im a sadist lol i find it super hot just as bad as it is (you can probbaly put it together. summer camp, sleep meds, me being a tiny little slut? figure it out lol)

anyway stay tuned for more posts, i made another email btw, but ill only respond to you if i feel like it so tr your chances in the comments i guess lol. and it will work this way, you give me ur email, i respond if i feel like, you send a nude then ill send a pic bac. boom, thats it, end of conversation after. to many weirdos came for me last time lol.

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