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Until The Candle Burns Low

I hold a lit match over the candle wick. The old wizard’s words echo in my head.

“It is the ultimate orgasm,” he raved, “She will take you places no mortal woman can.”

Which is exactly what I was seeking. But then the wizard added a warning.

“The candle must not burn out on its own. You must extinguish it before the flame reaches the bottom or you will be hers forever.”

I glance towards the floor by the bed. My preparations for escape are in place. Satisfied, I light the candle and speak the words the wizard gave me.

At first there is nothing. Then I feel a sense of change, of presence. Around me, the walls are now dark stone shot through with luminescent purple. The small bed has become large and ornate.

On it kneels the being I have summoned. Even the wizard, while suggesting she is not a “mortal woman”, was unclear if she is a goddess, or a demon.

She is stunningly beautiful. Her pale skin is radiant purple in the strange light from the walls. Black hair falls down her back to make a pool of darkness on the bed. Her body is voluptuous in all the right ways. Her boobs are full and heavy, but still firm. A tangled mass of black fur fills the space between her muscular thighs.

Already aroused, I shed my robe. My cock stiffens just from the sight of her.

Lust blazes in the woman’s eyes as she rises from the bed. Her strangely long, thin fingers wrap around my cock, massaging it lovingly. Her other hand grabs the back of my head to pull my mouth to hers. The woman’s tongue slides past my lips, going further than any woman’s tongue has gone before, deeper than any natural tongue should.

I grasp the woman, running my hands over her strangely smooth, slightly clammy skin. I pull her against me, feeling her softness.

She slips from my grasp to sit on the end of the bed. Now I see her tongue, long and prehensile like some kind of tentacle. It circles my cock, drawing it between her full, red lips. They close around it and begin sucking. The woman’s tongue gently throbs, massaging my cock. I close my eyes, lost in this incredible blowjob.

When I climax, it is an intense, body-shaking orgasm. I blast my seed down the woman’s throat as her tongue squeezes my cock, trying to milk me dry.

Finally, she lets go. I am still hard, cock dripping cum. The woman turns and crawls up the bed on all fours. That’s when I notice the tail. It emerges, long and thin, from above her big, curvy ass. She raises it to expose dark pink lips surrounding a dripping opening.

Tail or not, I am hornier than I ever thought possible. I move in behind the woman and plunge my stiff prick into her pussy. Almost immediately, the tail encircles my waist. It begins controlling my motions, pushing and pulling, forcing me to fuck her at a frenetic pace.

Then I feel the tip probe my ass. It slides in, pulsing and moving inside me. I cannot believe that I am being fucked even as I am fucking. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the candle growing lower. I realize that I am going to have a rough time getting away.

Then I climax. Rational thought dissolves. My cock throbs and my body is gripped by a wave of intense pleasure. It does not stop as a natural orgasm should. The waves of pleasure, originating from both cock and ass, just keep coming.

“The ultimate orgasm,” the old wizard said, cackling as he did.

Is this it? Am I to be lost in some eternal demonic orgasm? I am not sure I object to that idea.

The sensations become painful, turning from pleasure to torture. My cock is hypersensitive. The tail in my ass stretches it too far. But the waves continue, though my balls are long since drained.

My mind clears and I glance again at the candle. It is getting low. I am not sure that an eternal orgasm is the heaven some might believe. Somehow, I need to break loose of my demon lover and snuff that flame.

I decide to try forcing a change in position. That might throw her off, give me an opening to break loose. I bend over the woman’s body, hold her tight, and throw us to our sides. That seems to startle the woman. Her tail pulls out of my ass and loosens its grip. I pull my cock free and slip from her grasp on to the floor.

In a flash, I grab the item I prepared for this moment, a fire extinguisher. I leap to my feet and point it towards the candle.

The woman is sitting up on the bed, her true nature exposed. Her eyes are those of a viper, blazing with yellow light. Horns adorn her brow, and her teeth are like a shark’s. Her long tongue forks like that of some serpent. The demon woman’s gaze is on the candle, her expression one of triumph. But the candle has not yet burned completely down.

I squeeze the handle. A cloud of white shoots across the space between me and the candle. The flame vanishes with less than a centimeter of candle left.

Suddenly, I am back in my room. The bed, walls, floor are all back as they were before I summoned her. The candle is full-length and unburnt, though a burnt match sits beside it. I check the extinguisher’s gauge. It is expended. And my cock is still stiff and wet.

After a moment, I put down the fire extinguisher. I find myself missing that pussy, that demonic tail in my ass. Shaking, I wander to the candle. Taking out a match, I stare at it, debating.

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