Unexpected beach bathroom fun

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Gay threesome rape story at the beach toilets

When I was around 20 I was at the beach and needed to go for a piss so I headed towards the toilets there was no one in them but as I was shy I went into a cubicle and closed the door. There was quite a bit of writing on the walls and a couple of very rude illustrations . I felt the blood rush to my cock swelling him immediately. I didn’t realise before that was hot for dick like my hungry cock was telling me. So I sat down and read abit of the writing stroking and petting my member with confusion and joy . A couple of guys came into the toilets laughing and chatting . They were talking about some hot guy they would love to spit roast . I got butterflies in my stomach. And tried not to breath si they wouldn’t know I was there but alas I hadn’t locked the door and it came flying open . Me sitting there with my hard dick in my hand. Embarrassed. He said to his mate bro come have a look at this . They were obviously body builders probably late 30s. And yes I have to say pretty hot . They came into my cubicle and closed the door behind them. One of them told me to stand up and he roughly grabbed me by the arm lifting me off the toilet the other guy took his pants down exposing a fat swelling uncut cock he sat on the seat and took me by the hair pulling me down so as he could slip his cock into my protesting mouth. It felt weirdly strange and smooth and tasted like musty salty deliciousness letting me get used to it he didn’t shove it all the way in immediately and I could feel him getting bigger in my mouth swelling with blood I could feel the veins in it pumping his blood around his body meanwhile his mate held my hips up so as i was standing but bent down with a hand on the back of my head i couldn’t resist these guys were probably five times stronger than i was. I was held by the hips and.i could feel a hot sensation on my ass and back and down my legs and realised the guy behind me was posing on me he spanked my ass way too hard and I tried to scream in pain but this cock in my mouth and the hand driving me up and down on it was slowly getting deeper and deeper I was beginning to gag a little as it would reach the back of my throat but he would let me back up just in time .then I felt the guy behind me press his cock head against my about to be wrecked right little puckered up hole and with slow pressure in popped the head it must have been big because just the head going in was painfull. I was hard as a rock as he pushed the rest in hitting my prostate and making me so horny I started sucking with more passion swirling my tongue around and letting it slip right into my throat past the epeglotomous I couldn’t wait for the cum squirting down my throat and filling my ass . It was still painfull but as he got into a steady swing slamming his cock in all the way I could feel his heavy balls smacking into mine it was becoming more enjoyable and I was trying to hold back mu cock throbbing with each thrust I know I was presuming and about to explode my head being pushed further into this huge cock slipping down.my throat I was being held down for a lot longer and nearly spewed a few times from gagging on it as I checked my cock exploded what felt like a gusher it was so fucking good I then felt the guy at the back pull me toward him and bust his nuts deep in my ass I could feel spasm after spasm of hot cum squirting in side me filling me up suddenly I knew I had better get a breath before this huge delisious cock let’s go down my throat and he forced me right down my nose in his pubic hair his cock throbbed and swelled even more and he cried out as he started to squirt his hot cock juice down my throat I could feel each spasm as a new dose of cum slid down my throat I began to think I was going.to die here though because he was taking so long to finish and was obviously not letting me up till he was finished then they both pulled out of me threw me to the floor and left I lay ther for quite some time trying to get my breath back .then I got up and went to the basins to clean myself up and went back to my girlfriend feeling ashamed but dying to do that again.

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