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Uncle had me teach his younger brother

His younger brother is almost 10 years younger than him, and very thin. He is maybe 110lbs. And maybe 5′ tall. Uncle told me to show him what I showed him a couple years ago, and more.lol so we went to the garage and closed the door and locked it. He said now what and I said strip nakid. When I looked at him he was thin and no hair below the neck. I was now nakid too.

his dick is hard but very small maybe 4″and thin.Do you jack off very seldom he said. Your brother has asked me to let you play with me and me with you. He had never been with anyone before. I put on a porn he just staired at it. He said he had never been or scene any thing before.

His dick was soft. I told him to touch my dick. He did but didn’t know how to jack it off. So I reached down and started jacking it off and he was hard in a minute.

I sucked him and he was moaning loud and then he was dripping pre cum.it was very hard and he put his hands on my shoulders and he came not stopping for about 20 squirts. It was still hard and I licked it and he came again. I then had him sucking my dick and I came and he swallowed it all.

He said he never touched his penis and he was going to be doing it all the time. We finished there and will be there tomorrow

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