Uncle Dave Chapter 3

I just realized I had to enroll in Summer Courses today. I jumped off the bed and ran to the shower. I yelled at Beth hurry and I will drop you off at home. So, into the shower I went. Pam smiled at Uncle Dave playing with his limp massive cock. This is so heavy squeezing the rod flopping it side to side. Smiling at Uncle Dave her little firm tits glistening in the morning light coming from the window.

You remember when you tell Beth to get off your lap when we were younger, she asked. Then I’d crawl up on your lap? He goes maybe. I would like to kneel and spread my legs and rub on your thigh. Sometimes this big thingy be between my thigh I’d squeeze and go back and forth. I loved the feeling. Why did you let me and not tell me to get down? I liked the feeling you were giving me little one.


I really like it when you ride my thigh without panties, I always made sure my cock was in position so you could squeeze it through my shorts. Your long red hair really got me going. Now come here, he grabbed her arms pulling her down on his chest. Uncle Dave and Pam began kissing passionately. His arms around her he could feel her breasts smashing against his chest. About then Beth comes from the shower dressed and ready to go.

Beth looks at them smiling and getting a little horny as well. She says Pam! I guess you are not going to go home! Pam looks up not now for sure! I am going finally get to fuck Uncle Dave. Beth laughed leaving and yelling back to her save some for me.

Uncle Dave come get me sliding back on his chest her wet pussy pushing the massive head of his cock. Pam reached back gripping his cock circling her pussy then pushing back more. Her hands then on his chest began to sit up little by little. The head of his cock felt like it was going to rip her apart. She pulled off and rolled onto her back. It’s so big! Uncle Dave rolled over and from the nightstand took out a bottle of “love” oil. Pouring it onto his hand he leaned over her kissing her passionately and his hand slipping between her legs rubbing her young tight pussy with the oil. A finger went into her then another oiling her tight hole and finger fucking her.

Moaning her pelvis raising in rhythm with his fingers fucking them hard and faster. She began screeching give me your big thingy. He knelt between her legs dragging her up on his thighs. Oiling his massive cock then guiding it into her ever so tight hole. Easing it in slowly She screamed give it to me Uncle give it to me. More and more went deep inside until all 9inches had entered her.

Her legs on his chest he grabbed her by the hips and began slowly easing back and forth popping the head out then back in. Her little pussy stretched then he rammed it in her deep. Fucking her faster and faster. His large balls bouncing off her tight little ass. Juices seeping from her tight little cunt. Her head began tossing from side-to-side eyes closed. Uh, uh, uh..she stammered. She grabbed the sheets with her fists her knuckles turning white. Her pelvis going faster and faster. Uncle Dave fucking her harder and harder.

She let go of the sheets her hands reaching out for Uncle I am, I am, cumming uncontrollable she began to squirt then Uncle grabbed her tight against his groin. His hips went forward shooting a large string of warm cum deep inside her, then another. She could feel the warmth inside her womb. More shot in she screamed I want it all. Then another string shot and he dropped her shooting it on her stomach]h and little tits. She reached up to him then wrapping her legs around his chest and her arms around his neck. Again kissing passionately, sweaty out of breath..Uncle Dave I love the way you fuck me.

They laid side by side on the bed. Small talk joking and having a little kissy time relaxing. Pam goes since pop died (Dave’s brother) mom hasn’t had anybody. I know she is as horny as hell. I bet she’d like to ride your cock! Maybe Samantha too, she plays with herself a lot. We are all horny little sluts. Now Samantha is still a virgin better think about it…

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