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Uncle Dave and the Stranger my sister

That was such a wild night of wild nasty fucking. I enjoyed my birthday so much of two massive cocks so much attention to my sexual fantasies that came true!

Uncle Dave and I went home the next morning. He changed onto his workout sweats and headed out to the gym. I changed into my short t-shirt and red panties just covering my ass cheeks, of course no bra my small firm tits with hard nipples so erect, showing I was always ready to be fucked. When answering the door for a delivery guy I would give them a tip letting them see a full view! Uncle Dave loved the way I flirted.
About an hour later after Uncle Dave had left the doorbell rang. I looked on the monitor, it was my little sister and her boyfriend. I was so happy to see her I darted to the door, totally forgetting how I was dressed. Pam gave me a big hug not realizing she had pulled my t-shirt up in the back giving Slim a full view of my tight ass. We went into the living room sitting down across from each other. I pulled my t-shirt down sitting with my legs crossed and tucked under each other. We had a little talk then Pam told me they had been having sex. She was so proud and loved to fuck. Slim blushing and stammering when he talked.

He was looking around then Pam pulled his shorts back a bit exposing his hard but small cock head. He reached down and covered it up quickly his face turning beat red. I grinned at him told him it was okay. A few minutes later Uncle Dave came into the house from the garage. He was drenched in sweat from a hard work out. Knowing that Pam did not know that Uncle Dave and I had been fucking I didn’t let on and neither did he.

Sis being a few years younger grinned with delight when Uncle came in pulling his sweat soaked work out tank top off. For his age, his physique was quite impressive looking more like a 20-year-old. Uncle Dave pulled up a dining chair and sat down joining in the conversation. Tim looked at his watch then told Pam he had to head to work. Pam gave him a kiss and said she would get a ride home to go ahead. He left saying goodbye to everyone.

Uncle got up told us he was headed for the shower and would cook us breakfast when he got back. Off to the master suite he headed. Pam and I talked a bit about her and Tim. She had given him a couple of hand jobs and they had some good sex. She thought his cock was a nice size. But had wondered what a big cock would feel like. I go what you are, too young to be wondering about that! We both laughed then I took her hand told her to keep her eyes closed follow me and be quiet.

We went into the master suite. I guided her to sit on the edge of the bed. About that time Uncle stepped out of the shower. His long thick cock, large balls hanging between his legs. He was drying his hair the towel draped over his face. I nudge Pam and she opened her eyes. She gasped her mouth dropped opened a smile on her face. Oh, gawd she giggled. Uncle dropped his towel to cover his mid- section, his cock still not completely covered. What the heck are you girls doing! I laughed Pam has never seen a massive cock and I wanted to show her one. Pam gasped turning to me have you fucked him! I go yes. yes, yes. He is the greatest. I want you to enjoy it too!

She pulled over her tank top releasing her bra her firm small breasts and her erect nipples wanting attention. I pushed her back on the bed pulling her shorts and panties off. Her mound showing a little peach fuzz beginning to grow. Uncle came over to us smiling. You two are the horniest nieces that must walk the face of the earth. Pam got up and dropped to her knees between Uncle’s legs. No girl you are a little young there I do not know now. I pulled my t-shirt off and dropped my panties. I kneeled beside Pam grabbing his semi hard cock.

I began slowly stroking it asking please Uncle let little Pam play. Pam looked up with big puppy type eyes. Please Uncle I never even kissed a cock before while taking her hand and touching the tip. Then slowly she kissed it then responding his cock began to grow. I kissed the side of the massive shaft rolling his balls in the other hand. I then looked at Pam as she stretched her mouth open to take the massive head in. I told her pop it in and out. Pam began slowly tonguing the tip as well. She felt his hand on the back of her head. The head began to grow the vein on top of his shaft grew larger.

He pulled back and jumped onto the bed. Well, if your girls want to play then come and get me. We both jumped onto the bed kneeling beside his groin. I told him spread your legs and then went down between them taking his ball sack in my mouth sucking them gently. Pam grabbed his cock with both hands then it became fully erect pulsating throbbing it grew to massive size and length like never.

Uncle told Pam bring that little pussy here I want to taste her. Ohhh, she goes I’ve never had my pussy tasted! Bring it here girl Uncle going to taste and eat you. She straddled his face he pulled her by the hips down she began to squirm a bit. She felt his tongue glide between her mound tickling her hole then blowing on her. She was shaking and laid on his stomach. He was sucking her clit then tonguing her urethra down to her so tight virgin type hole. His tongue entered wiggling inside her ever so quick. She reached out grabbing his cock stroking it faster and faster. I took one of his balls in my mouth began sucking it like no tomorrow.
His finger went in her tight hole as he was tongue fucking her. Her eyes closed as the sensation went through out her body. She took his massive cock then slowly easing the shaft in. She gaged slurping sounds coming from her mouth. Juices dripping from the sides of her mouth down her little chin. Faster and faster her tongue and finger fucked her. I sucked his balls then sat up. Going beside my sister’s ass grabbing her ass cheek massaging then licking her crack. I spread her ass cheeks began rimming her tight ass star.

Uncle was sucking her juices from her fine little pussy I got in a position I could suck and finger her ass. She was sucking the massive cock faster and faster, Then, she pulled it out screaming I’m cumming! I can’t help it, her head tilted back she was shaking. My tongue went in her ass, he put another finger in her pussy pumping it wildly. She sat hard on his face grinding then sitting up on her knees. I got up kneeling beside her sucking her sensitive nipple and squeezing the other. Gawd, she screamed then fell over on top of uncle…exhausted the little one grabbed his cock laying it beside her face.

Baby Uncle said, I’m going to get your sweet little pussy now….to be continued..

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