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Uncle can’t impregnate his wife so he asks for help

I slowly woke up not wanting to rush my brain as it tried to make sense of the new day. I could still see the small tidbits of the dream I was just having. It was a mangled mix of the movie I had been watching the night before and people that I saw everyday.

“It’s Saturday,” I said to myself while I did my morning stretch. I had to be at work at noon, plenty of time. In the kitchen my mother was already well ahead with the breakfast and the whole family was getting ready for the bounty my mother always conjured.

By whole family I mean my Dad and my two sisters. I could smell the bacon even from my room and my stomach grumbled. I headed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and tried to take the morning piss. I say “tried” because this particular morning I encountered a problem that happens only when I rush the morning routine.

Everybody knows that you can’t pee when you have a hard-on and this also applies to the “morning woodies”. I stood there waiting until finally I was able to get a steady stream going. My cock, to say it blatantly, is shorter then the length of a DVD case but longer than the width of the case. Not sure what that is in inches but that’s how long it is. I like to think it’s proportionate to my body and overall I’m very happy with it.

After finishing in the bathroom I strolled into the kitchen with the hunger that only a 6’1″, 19 year old can have. “Good morning,” I said while grabbing a plate from the cupboard.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” my mother replied.

I find it funny how my mother greeted me like this rather than my younger sisters. Not to say my sisters are ugly, far from it. My sisters are both lovely girls. Alas, this story is not about them.

As we sat eating breakfast my Dad made the announcement. “Alright guys, this afternoon we are going to your uncle Steve’s house.” Uncle Steve is actually my Godfather and he is my Mom’s older brother. “It’s your aunt Beth’s birthday and we are going to have a barbeque there.”

As he said this I started to think what I would do in the empty house. Although he had addressed all of us, I had to go to work and I wasn’t going to make the drive to my Uncle’s house alone. My Uncle lives about an hour from us and although the drive isn’t bad, I hate driving back late at night.

“Dad I don’t get out of work until 7:30 today. I don’t think I’m going to go.”

My mom was already shaking her head. “John you haven’t visited your Uncle in months, you have to go.”

I sighed and was about to protest when my dad spoke. “It’s true John you should go. Your aunt Beth is always asking about you.”

If there was one good thing about going all the way to my Uncle’s house it was my older cousin Liz and aunt Beth. Liz was adopted when she was 6 because my aunt and uncle were unable to have a child of their own. She was of Hispanic background but had light green eyes and was taller than most girls. I always thought she could have been a model and sometimes fantasied about her. Alas, this story is not about her either… aunt Beth on the other hand is.

Aunt Beth to sum up in one word is irresistible. My uncle had once told me, in a drunken stupor, that he had fought off a gang of hoodlums in order to get her. It was hard not to believe him. My uncle had a plethora of stories of his bravado and accomplishments. He told me that he had literally ran over one guy then jumped out of the car and began swinging at anybody in his way.

From what I understand, my aunt lived in a culdesac in a shady neighborhood. Unfortunately for my uncle, there were a lot of guys who fancied my aunt Beth and he had no choice but to deal with them after their many transgressions, the last being a half empty beer can hitting his car.

She was going to be 42 this year but her body would convince you otherwise. It was ironic that she could not conceive because her subtle wide hips and ample breasts screamed the signature of a fertile and healthy woman. In her high heels she was as tall as my cousin Liz who was about 5’9″. When she wore her knee high skirts, her ass drew the eye and it was hard not to be mesmerized by the way it moved as she walked to and from. There was a sort of dignity that my aunt always carried. My guess is that it’s because she is a somewhat of a big time real estate agent.

She never wore clothing that was too revealing but she did somehow flaunt what she had by wearing clothing that accentuated her body. I clearly recall a white blouse that lined the bottom of her breasts, clearly giving them their shape and size. The distortion of the patterns across her chest punctuated the womanly figure that made her alluring to anybody in the room. After considering all this I somewhat reluctantly told my parents that I would drive there after work.

I drove straight home after work and took a hot shower before I made my way to my Aunt’s birthday. When I arrived at my uncle’s house the party was at full swing. I knocked on the front door but since everybody was out in the backyard socializing it was no surprise that no one came to answer the door.

After a few moments I decided to let myself in. I could hear some music playing in the backyard and could see some folk at a table through the living room window. I made my way to the kitchen only to find my Aunt Beth swaying her ass from side to side as she looked for God knows what under the sink.

She was wearing light blue jeans but they weren’t the ones I’m used to seeing on women I find attractive. Unlike those low rise jeans all the girls my age wear, my aunt was wearing those classic jeans that ride high. They hugged her bottom and I found myself taken aback as my body responded without my consent.

My cock throbbed gently as I snuck up on my Aunt Beth. “Happy Birthday aunt Beth….” I said a little weaker then I had hoped.

She spun around quickly letting a strand of hair fall in front of her face. She smiled and quickly but elegantly pushed the light brown strand of hair behind her ear. “Oh honey, I’m so glad to see you… your mom said you were coming but I was almost positive you were going to be a no-show.”

I made my way over to her trying hard not to look at the small amount of cleavage her blouse provided. We embraced warmly and I concentrated on the feeling her breast pressing against me. When I was 16, hugging her was almost a guaranteed boob to the face. Unfortunately for me I was much taller now. “Sorry I forgot to get you a present aunt Beth…” I said lamely. I had intended to pick up at least a birthday card but in the rush I had completely forgotten.

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