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2 Vietnamese’s sexfight domination

Kim Thi Tran proudly inspected her breasts as she stood before the mirror. Despite her age of 35 and the pear size and shape of these 34C symbols of her womanhood, they were as firm as any teenager’s 32-inch tits. Gently stroking her nipples she watched in approval as they responded to her touch, stiffened and became firm. As she continued to look and touch she saw them expand to their full erect state of an inch in length and the thickness of a man’s little finger. An uncontrolled moan escaped from her as the engorged nipple sent waves of pleasure through her. As her hands lovingly continued to caress her breasts she observed the next stage in her arousal: the perfect circles around her nipples swelled causing a dark symmetrical mound to form as the skin stretched to contain her sexual awakening.

She put on a skin-tight, cream, lacy camisole, satisfied that both the shape and size and also colour of her stimulated areole and rigid nipples were fully visible through the lace. Parting her cunt lips Kim felt the source of the wetness of the love juice that had run down her inner thighs and in the mirror could see the enlarged throbbing pink clitoris that had burst out from under its hood and now stood upright three-quarters of an inch in length. Like a moth drawn to a light her hand was attracted to this huge responsive sex organ and she was soon writhing from the orgasm that racked her body. Recovering she placed on a thong that matched her camisole and allowed her erect clit and the lightning bolt shape she had shaved in her luxurious silk-like pubic hair to show through the lace.

As she sat and applied the make up to her perfect face with its high cheekbones, perfect skin, full butterfly lips and come hither eyes surrounded and framed by her mane of jet black permed hair she thought of what lay ahead that day. She had never met Tu Thoa, but the anticipation of the sexual challenge, risking her money and body against the chance of winning the bet and dominating and completely fucking and destroying another woman after she won, especially one with Tu Thoa’s reputation, had her on heat, and kept her sensitive huge nipples and enormous clit hard.

The thought that Tu Thoa may beat her and earn the right to use her in any way didn’t even cross her mind. For a short time the excitement of what she was going to do took away her continual hatred of the world: the pain she suffered from polio that had afflicted her as a child. That had caused her parents to abandon her at a monastery on her 3rd birthday until she left at the age of 14. The same disease that had left her only half a woman with her short height of less than five feet, withered legs and her gut swollen and sagging from lack of exercise. It made the 5 years of scrimping and saving on her pension and winning smaller bets to achieve the $30,000 stake to bet with Tu Thoa almost acceptable.

All the going without to get enough money to put up the stake for her sexfights. At first $50 bets against desperate single mothers or drug addicts, then later risking all her savings against wealthier Vietnamese in their modern 2 story houses in the newer suburbs of Melbourne, knowing that one loss would set her back to her original starting point. All of this had led her to this fight to become Australia’s number Asian 1 sexfighter.

She limped to the sofa swinging her frail legs from the hip and sat waiting for the arrival of the Chinese Vietnamese Tu Thoa. Tu Thoa had been in Melbourne Australia for about 15 years since arriving as a 30-year-old refugee from the Chinatown Cholon in Saigon, Vietnam. In that time she had become wealthy with an upmarket brothel catering for visiting overseas Vietnamese and Japanese businessmen and wealthy locals. In her private life, she was the most known woman in Australian Vietnamese society. She had started by winning beauty and fashion contests at Vietnamese gambling functions. She then progressed to victories in nude beauty contests, catfights, large dildo taking and Japanese inspired cum eating challenges (i.e. any event the Vietnamese men could bet on), and finally making videos of herself in action including her famous taking of 365 men in 24 hours to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year. Nowadays for $20,000, she would allow any man to write, direct and star in their home video with her, and such was her reputation that there was no shortage of takers especially from Japan.

The doorbell rang and the 45-year-old Tu Thoa confidently entered the room. Taking off her coat she stood before Kim dressed in a skin-tight, tailor-made cheongsam made of a translucent fine pale lemon silk. The side split extended to her upper thigh revealed long shapely legs that rose from her 5-inch platform heel shoes. The semi-transparent material of her dress showed the only other clothing she wore was a suspender belt and black stockings. Long surgery enhanced bullet-shaped nipples that pressed against the material stood out from full firm tits above a flat muscled stomach. Tu Thoa was proud of the body that had been declared Miss Nude Vietnamese both in Australia (12 times) and the USA where she was the only woman since the contest started in 1981 to win both the open age and over 40 in the same year; a feat she had achieved 3 times and was undefeated in the over 40s since reaching that age 5 years before.

She sniffed as she entered the single bedroom Government housing flat situated on the 19th floor in a row of 6 similar grey buildings. She had left this far behind many years before and now had exclusive houses in both Sydney and Melbourne plus an apartment in Tokyo. She was long divorced from this sort of poverty.

Sitting down Tu Thoa extended her long legs before Kim and said, “I can see why you fuck women for money. No man would touch you. Wouldn’t you like to look like this, cripple, instead of looking like a freak?”

Moving her dress she exposed her shaven cunt and with her fingers teased her long inner cunt lips loose so that they hung to their full extension and were presented to Kim in their full glory. Kim could see the glistening wetness of Tu Thoa on these extended inner lips.

“When I’ve finished with you today cripple, you’ll worship me as I ruin you as a woman because you know I’m better than you.”

“I enjoy fucking and hurting a woman when I’ve won, but I’m going to get extra pleasure from the plastic surgeon’s toy you are,” hissed Kim referring to the extensive cosmetic surgery that Tu Thoa had undertaken in her quest for youth.

Kim switched on her video by remote to display herself using a strap on dildo on one woman as she fisted two others and ate a fourth while at the same time while two other women sucked her tits and another tongued her arse. “I outlasted these seven over 4 hours yesterday just to warm up for you. Today you will meet a woman who is insatiable and unstoppable.”

Just like WWE on the TV, there was a formalised ritual before any contest. They only difference was that this was reality not scripted. Both women stripped slowly eying each other. Tu Thoa made sure Kim saw every inch of her famous body, as they sized each other up. As always Kim tried to dominate from the start and make the other woman feel inadequate. Despite the length of Tu Thoa’s nipples she still confidently placed one of her tits against Tu Thoa’s so that the two women’s firm stiff nipples rested lengthwise against each other. Proudly she showed Tu Thoa how hers touched Tu Thoa’s skin while Tu Thoa’s did not reach the skin of Kim’s breast.

“Meet a better woman you cunt, get the surgeon to make them even bigger than he has,” she spat at her rival. Stepping back she took off her cum soaked G string, opened her cunt lips and bared her clit hood and arrogantly caressed her clit until it quivered rigid to its full extent of three-quarters of an inch, before greedily sucking her juice off her finger. Stepping back she confidently looked for the astonishment, surprise and amazement on Tu Thoa’s face that this display had caused on previous conquests. Most women were made uneasy and put on the defensive by this display of her superiority, but Tu Thoa just laughed.

“Is that your best, dwarf?” She spread her long inner cunt lips open to reveal her inner pinkness. As Kim watched Tu Thoa’s love bud emerged from under its hood, swelled and continued to expand. Without Tu Thoa touching it grew to a size that surpassed Kim’s both in length and diameter. Never before had Kim been bested.

Seeing the look on Kim’s face she gloated “Feel how real this is, you fat cripple.”

Tu Thoa took Kim’s hand and guided Kim’s fingers along its length. Kim could feel the thick wetness of Tu Thoa that covered it and the throbbing from the blood that surged into it. Next Tu Thoa placed one of Kim’s hands on her taut belly and the other on her shapely thigh. Laughing condescendingly she tensed her muscles and let Kim feel the ripple of tension under her hands while Tu Thoa’s fingers dug deep into the soft unresisting flesh of Kim’s large stomach and shrunken withered thigh.

First blood to Tu Thoa.

As had been decided beforehand each woman could arouse the other for ten minutes before reversing roles. If neither woman had submitted by being unable to accept further arousal or by losing consciousness within 2 hours then they could mutually stimulate each other with no time limit.

Kim produced a pack of cards and both women extracted a card unseen. By drawing a lower card Tu Thoa had won the right to start first and spread Kim’s legs wide apart and gently tongued Kim’s huge clit, teasing it into life and causing instant arousal in Kim. Quickly Kim came filling Tu Thoa’s mouth with her musky cum. As Tu Thoa continued to pleasure her clit, Kim stroked and played with her nipples enjoying the sensations that pulsated through her as she came again. “I need it you bitch, Keep me cumming,” she yelled. “I can keep cumming for hours and still want more,” she boasted until the timer sounded.

Switching roles, Kim directed Tu Thoa to lie on her back on the bed. Straddling her she played with her responsive clit in front of Tu Thoa’s eyes till she noisily came and allowed the cum that oozed from her to fall on Tu Thoa’s breasts. Taking this moisture with one hand she caressed Tu Thoa’s nipples drawing further hardness into them, while at the same time her other hand stretching the skin on Tu Thoa’s tits so that the tautness of the skin magnified the pleasure. Like milking a cow she kneaded the cum covered nipples between her fingers enjoying the response she created as Tu Thoa writhed and moaned to herself. Reaching between Tu Thoa’s legs she felt the dampness of her arousal. Taking a nipple in her mouth she imprisoned it with her teeth while her tongue alternatively stroked its length, played with its tip or sucked to elongate and stretch it further. She was soon rewarded as Tu Thoa bucked underneath her and climaxed. Concentrating on Tu Thoa’s nipples she brought another orgasm from her before the timer signalled her time and the two aroused women changed roles again.

Again Kim enjoyed Tu Thoa’s tongue, voluntarily opening her cunt to receive it, and thus forcing Tu Thoa to swallow the cum that flowed from her each time as she climaxed. Soon the sheet under her groin and Tu Thoa’s face were soaked with her love juices. When her second turn as the arouser came Kim continued to expertly excite and fondle Tu Thoa’s nipples but also tongued her love hole at the same time. Despite being astounded by the size of the clit in her mouth she ruthlessly pleasured both it and the nipples relishing the intensity of the orgasms she caused. For her third turn, Tu Thoa entered Kim with her fingers, found her G spot, and simultaneously using her tongue on Kim’s nipples again witnessed the sight of Kim willingly cumming and demanding more.

In reply, Kim used a 2 person dildo on her rival and tested Tu Thoa’s strength by trying to pull it from her cunt solely by using her cunt muscles. She usually did this quickly and was surprised by the strong resistance she encountered from Tu Thoa. Both women strained with their eyes locked together, refusing to allow the other victory in this small battle within a war. Kim won this minor battle when she finally ripped the dildo from Tu Thoa’s cunt, although it took her almost the full 10 minutes.

“I’m a real woman not one of your $50 fuck bets you slut. You’re out of your league against Tu Thoa. Later I’ll split your womb with that same dildo,” threatened Tu Thoa.

In her next four 10 minutes rounds, Kim concentrated on draining Tu Thoa. Varying her attack she built Tu Thoa to a climax by arousing her nipples or clit but stopped just before she climaxed, then repeated in a repetitive increasing cycle. She increased the excitement and anticipation before stopping, ignoring Tu Thoa’s pleas to make her cum. Then when Tu Thoa was conditioned to continual stimulation without relief, without warning Kim would enter her, find her G spot and rip an orgasm from her. Other times she concentrated on Tu Thoa’s G spot, totally arousing and dragging a climax from her, then before the previous one had finished forcing her to cum again, and repeating this till her hand tired. This unpredictability and combination of arousal, combined with Kim’s skill in judging and controlling her victim’s sexual urges, caused the most intense orgasms Tu Thoa had experienced. Her body twisted reared and bucked as wave after wave of desire, pleasure and sexual ecstasy surged through her.

On her ninth time Kim again inserted a double dildo in herself and Tu Thoa and after fucking her savagely for a couple of minutes taunted the groggy and dazed Tu Thoa as she effortlessly used her cunt muscles to rip it from her rival’s now enfeebled cunt muscles. Feeling in complete control she upped the ante. Now as she tore each orgasm from Tu Thoa she callously assaulted her clit or nipples, squeezing them between her knuckles, or ripped her long fingernails along or sinking her teeth into them. Surprisingly the pain deepened the resulting, draining orgasm Tu Thoa experienced. As Kim took Tu Thoa over her limit she played with her nipples or love box relishing the sight of the exhausted Tu Thoa seeing and hearing her ravenous need and ability to cum.

For her part, Tu Thoa had concentrated solely upon Kim’s clit. She had tried to emulate Kim by building her to an orgasm but not letting Kim cum, but Kim had touched her responsive nipples and exploded. Even holding Kim’s hands was pointless, as the thought of what she was going to do to Tu Thoa enabled Kim to reach her orgasm. As she shuddered with each climax, Kim arrogantly shouted out the number of times she had cum. Despite her weakening state, which caused her to waste part of her 10 minutes recovering before she attacked Kim, Tu Thoa still expertly worked at Kim’s clit, though her efforts had a sense of desperation, and the continual arousal, touching and gentle scraping of her teeth had left it reddened and super sensitive.

Kim was supremely confident. She looked at the weakened distraught and shaky Tu Thoa, as she lay prostrate on the bed. Tu Thoa’s eyes were glazed, her nipples distorted and large, her huge clit was still erect and pulsating and quivering on its own accord. Both her nipples and clit had the imprint of Kim’s teeth and nails still visible on them, her thighs were covered with her dried and caked love juice, her flat belly still involuntarily twitched from the physical and sexual exertion she had endured. A low uncontrollable incoherent moan escaped her lips. Kim knew she could finish Tu Thoa at any time.

She would be number 1 in Australia.

Kim knelt over her with her cunt inches from Tu Thoa’s eyes. “You’ve had 2 hours of Kim but I want and still need more. You’re finished not just in this contest but from now on your reputation will be gone. Everywhere you go I’ll be there to challenge and you can either run away or be outfucked again. Either way, you’re finished you old has-been.”

“To start with I’ll come again once for every half hour so far.”

Slowly and deliberately she pleasured herself allowing her love juice to pour over her rival as she came, once, twice, three, four times. As she did so she gloated.

“Winning our $30,000 bet is good but having you all night is what I want. I’m going to hurt and destroy you as a woman because I’ll outfuck you all night and make you know you’re nothing compared to Kim. I’m going to hurt and destroy your reputation with videos that show you unable to satisfy me and pleading for me to stop fucking you cause you can’t take any more of Kim. I’m going to hurt every part of your body before I permanently brand my name on your leg so that every time you wear a dress people will remember how the “Sex Queen Tu Thoa” was outfucked by someone you called an ugly dwarf and cripple. To put an early stop your pain and humiliation tonight you’re going to beg me to rape and degrade you every week before I get my 12 hours of use from you, even though you know I’ll keep thinking of new ways to make it interesting and more enjoyable for me.”

Rolling onto her back and spreading her legs she screamed triumphantly, “Make me cum every different way you can because when you repeat yourself I’ll finish you and your nightmare begins.”

Tu Thoa again put her tongue in Kim’s cunt and found her wet erect throbbing clit. In a last forlorn effort, she played with it stretching and teasing it to its full length causing Kim to climax and relax. Immediately she used her legs to pin Kim down. Resting her weight on Kim so she was immobile she stroked, sucked and caressed Kim’s clit again till it was a swollen red protuberance. While illegally, according to the sexfighting rules, holding Kim under her Tu Thoa pulled a long hair from her head and she wound it around and tied it tightly at the base of Kim’s swollen clit and then caressed the puffy clit above the thread. With no release possible due to the constriction of the hair the sensitivity of the blood-filled organ was magnified. Tu Thoa slowly rolled the strand of hair towards the tip constricting and forcing the blood into a smaller swollen area. When Tu Thoa released the knot the relief as the blood flowed freely caused Kim to sob with pleasure as she violently came.

“You like to cum peasant, well it is just starting. You don’t get to be the best by letting an uneducated cripple beat you. After the first two hours, it is mutual stimulation and its too bad you can’t respond because there no rule that says I have to let you touch me.”

“You’re cheating you slut, fight fair woman to woman bitch,” Kim wailed as she twisted and writhed and fought to struggle free but with the handicap of her withered legs could not budge Tu Thoa. Tu Thoa knelt on top of her knees pinning Kim’s shoulders and arms, her face facing Kims feet, her hands unrestrained as she saw no threat from Kim’s withered legs.

Tu Thoa laughed and gloated. “All they will see is photos of you beaten and swallowing my piss. Who will they believe? Me, the undefeated Tu Thoa or a bitter beaten cripple. Sill imprisoning Kim under her she stroked the still inflamed clit to its maximum before tying another piece of her hair restricting the flow and sucking the swollen upper clit. Kim squirmed from the stimulation and pain. Again the champion rolled the constricting strand of hair higher causing the clit to distend from its load of compressed blood before she released it and watched the effect of the massive climax. By the fourth time, Kim shuddered involuntarily as soon as the sensitive clit was touched.

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