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Turning of housewife into a sex slave

Hey, I am a 50 year old rich businessman. I operate my business from my home. I usually don’t have to do anything, I have appointed persons to run my business. I just check repots every single day just to make sure everything is okay

I don’t go out much from my house. My house, dear, it is a very big villa situated in a farm house in the outer area of the city, away from crowd.

I am not married, I live alone in my house, I don’t really do much, I just relax whole day. I have four really good friends with whom I usually hang out at my place. We have parties, fun.
I forgot to tell you my fun side. I am a pervert, big time, I watch a lot of porn at my home, and I take a lot of herbs to increase my sexual stamina. And I bring girls at my home, against their will, by abducting and blackmailing them with the help of a lot of powerful people I have as friends.

We have all kind of fun with these girls, I am the one who gets the most fun, as I keep the girl at my place, I turn her into a fuck toy, I get all kind of fun, fucking, sucking, spanking, submissive sex, bondage sex, dildo fucking, vibrating at full speed while she is tied up, piercing her private parts, humiliating sex, making humiliating tattoos at her private parts. And I have a big 12 inches dick, so when I put it in their all holes, it tears their holes and makes them cry their hearts out. I would fill all three of their holes with my huge cum load. My load is huge, and their whole body would get covered in my cum load, and the disgust and shame and pain would be clearly visible on their faces.

When I am satisfied with her, my friends joins the fun with me, and we have gangbang parties, gangbang humiliation.

And these girls cant do anything because we all are at a powerful position

My all four friends are powerful people, so with their help, I am kind of having a best sexual time.

Now I have an employee, who is from another city, he don’t have a place to stay here. So he came to me to help.

And I saw her young, beautiful wife, her name is Ariba, she is I think 20 or 21 years old, she is a fresh meat, she is sooooo dammm hot, her face has this erotic innocence, her eyes were so cute, and she have such near perfect lips that I immediately wanted to kiss her deeply.
Then I looked down, her skin was silky smooth, she was wearing a tight leggy and kurty, I looked at her boobs, they were small, but they looked round and perfect, I just wanted to go there and pinch them hard, and chew them, and suck the whole juice from them.
Then I looked down to her leggy, that is her best parts of her body. She was wearing a skin tight leggy, so her curves are clearly visible, she have a perfect round pair of buttocks, she have a perfect erotic thighs.
By just looking at her, I wanted to get her, and brutally grab her.

My heart became super excited and started thinking of ways to exploit her amazing body. My 12 inches dick stated getting erect, I could see it started to become visible, and it was trying to tear my pyjamas.

My mind was saying to ariba ” mera mann kar raha he ke tujhe abhi pakad kar apne paas khinch lu, or tujhe apni baaho me jakad ke tere hotho ko jee bhar ke choomu, teri dono gaand ko pakad ke buri tarah se masal du, fir teri thighs ko zor se ragad du. Fir teri choot ko pakad ke masal du buri tarah se.
Or fir teri gaand or teri choot ko apni zubaan se chaat daalu poora, or teri choot or gaand ko apne teeth se chaba daalu zor se, or uske baad apne 12 inch ke lund se teri gaand faad du.

I told my employee that ” you can stay at my home, without any charges till you work for me ” I told him that ” wese bhi mera itna bada ghar ka khayal rakhne ke liye koi he nahi, to ariba beti mere ghar ka bhi khayal rakh legi ” .
He accepted this, well I had something different in my mind. I was planning to make ariba my sex slave, a fuck toy.

And before they arrived, I placed tiny little micro cameras in every room, bathroom, kitchen, so that I could see her sexy body.

And then came the time, she went in the bathroom to take a bath.
I was waiting for this moment, she started to undress.

She started from top, she removed her kurti first, and I saw first sight of her bare body, she was in her bra now, pink coloured erotic bra, probably to attract her husband towards her, but she did not need to do anything to look attractive because she already is super hot.

And I did not understand that why did such a beautiful and hot girl like her would marry such an normal looking guy.

Anyways I saw her under arms, they were super hairy, then she removed her bra, and then came the hot part, her silky smooth round but small, but yet attractive and erotic boobs.

She has perfect erotic nipples, by just looking at them, my lips started to demand that they want to attack on those boobs.
She has a lovely slim belly and stomach.

And then she removed her leggy, my eyes almost came out of the socket by just looking at her smooth creamy meaty thighs, I just wanted to grab those thighs, and lick them hard. Those are the most amazing thighs I have ever seen.

Then I saw her perfect curvy round buttocks, they looked like they are made for spanking them brutally.

She was wearing a matching pink panty.

Unlike all traditional girls, she was wearing a modern style sexy panty.

She removed her panty slowly and then came the most amazing scene. I could see her super hairy pussy, its like she never shaved in her life, her pussy hairs were almost covering her asshole.

I wanted to grab those pussy hairs in my hands and pull them apart from her pussy. I wanted to rub her pussy hard, and suck the whole juice from her pussy.

My dick became fully erect, as she started bathing.
And when the water started dripping on her body, I started masturbating in my bed.

Her wet body was looking more sexier then ever, I could see her pussy lips and her asshole clearly now.

She took bath for 20 minutes, and I released a huge load of cum like never before.

She went out with her husband for shopping, and then I went in the bathroom, and grabbed her panty, she did not wash it because she was in hurry to go out.

So I grabbed it and smelled it deeply.
And the her smell was amazing, and just her mere smell made my dick get erect again.

Now I made a plan to make her my fuck slave.

I now desperately wanted to make her my fuck pet.

I came up with a plan a couple of days later.

One evening, I called her in my room, she came in quickly and asked ” ha uncle, kya hua, kuch kaam he mujhse? ”

I said ” ha ariba beti, tumse kuch zaroori baat karni he mujhe ”
she said ” ha bolo uncle ” .

I then showed her a video of her husband taking something from my warehouse and putting into his car.

I said to her ” dekho beta, tumhare husband ne jo cheez mujhse churaayi he, wo ek antique item he, 1 crore ka, or ye item gaayab tha, or hamne search kiya to ye tumhare husband ke room me se mila, chupaya hua ”

She was looking down with shame.

They did not knew that I set him up, well my partner told him to
move that item from my godown and take it to another place.

And then my partner took it without letting him know, and put it in his room.

And then we called the police, and my acp friend came and looked every area, every room, and eventually it was found in his room.

But when it was found, it was broken, and it was of no value.

I said to her ” jab police ko ye mila tumhare husband ke room se, to ye toota hua tha, or iski ab koi value nahi he.
Ab tumhara husband he jail me, or mujhe mere 1 crore ke loss ki poori value wapas chahiye ”

I said to her ” or mujhe mere 1 crore ki value ab tum wapas karogi ariba beti ”

She said ” please uncle, inko maaf kar do, itne saare paise me kaha se laungi ”

I said ” tum hi wapas karogi beta, or tareeka me bataunga, warna dekh lo ye jail me pada rahega lifetime ke liye.
So, me batata hu ke tum ye paise ki value kese wapas dogi mujhe ”

I said ” ariba beti, tum mere liye kaam karogi ab se, meri slave ban kar, jo bhi order mile use accept karna he tumko, tumko monthly salary milegi 50000 ki. Jisse ki tum mere paise ki value wapas karogi. Or jab tak mere 1 crore rupee ki value wapas nahi karti tum, tumko mere liye kaam karna padega.

Or ha, tumko kabhi kabhi bonus bhi milega agar me tumhaare kaam se satisfy hua to.

Or ha, agar koi order poora nahi kiya sahi se, to penalty lagegi seedha 50000 ki.

To bolo ariba beti, kya tumko ye offer accept he?? ”

She said ” ok ” .

Then I said ” are me ek baat batana to bhool hi gaya tumko, tumhare kaam ke baare me.

Ariba beti, tumko meri sex slave ban kar rehna he, hindi me batau, tumko meri randi ban kar rehna he darling ”

She was shocked to hear that, and she said ” uncle ye kya bol rahe ho aap, aapki himmat kese hui mujhse esi baat karne ki ”

I said ” dekh darling, apne pati ko wapas sahi salamat dekhna he, to ye offer accept tujhe karna hi padega ”

She said ” me police ke paas jaungi ”

She called to the police and then came my acp friend at my home.
She went to him and said ” dekhiye inspector sir, ye mujhe blackmail kar ke mere saath galat kaam karna chahte he ”

He looked at her, and said to me ” yaar tune ye maal to mast dhoonda he is baar, ye to sabse badhiya he dikhne me.

Iske maal masaale to zodaar honge ”

I nodded.

He said to her ” dekh randi, ye jo bol raha he, wo accept kar le, to tere liye bohot acha rahega, ab jail me kitne bade bade criminals he, esa na ho ke tere pati ko kuch ho jae. Or ye tujhe ek chance de raha he, monthly salary de kar, wo 50000.
Paise kama or isko chukaa de, tu bhi free ho jaegi or tera husband bhi ”

She was surprised to hear that from him, I asked her again ” so, ariba darling, bol, offer accept he na tujhe?? ”

She started crying and nodded her head in yes.

I said ” ok, so, ab is offer ko contract me change karte he.
Iski terms and conditions bata deta hu tujhe me.

1. Tujhe is contract ko agree karte hi meri sex slave ban ke rehna hoga jab tak ki tu mere paise ki barabar value mujhe nahi de deti.

2. Tujhe jo bhi order milega, tujhe use poora karna hoga ekdam properly.

3. Tujhe monthly salary milegi 50, 000 rupee.

4. Agar tune koi order poora nahi kiya, ya fir koi mistake ki, to tujhe penalty bharni hogi 25, 000 rupee, har mistake ke.

5. Tujhe bonus milega agar tere kaam se ham khush hue to.

6. Agar tune is baare me kisi ko batane ki koshish ki, ya khud ko koi nuksaan pohochaya, ya mujhe koi nuksaan pohochaane ki koi koshish ki, to tere husband ki security ki koi gaurantee nahi hogi.

7. Me tera jese chahu, wese use kar sakta hu, tune oppose kiya to penalty + tere husband ko hurt kiya jaega.

I said ” to ariba darling, sign kar de contract ”

She was in a shock mode after hearing the terms and conditions.

But she had no other option, so she signed the contract.

I said ” so, ariba darling, aaj se or abhi se, tu meri personal randi he, chal suhag raat manaate he ”

I grabbed her and took her to a room with all the facilities of all kind of sex.
It had structure for submissive sex, bondage sex, it had ropes, big size dildos, spanking belts, vibrators, a baseball bat, and a golf stick.

And it had an amazingly soft bed.

I took her in and said ” aaj se ye teri chudai ka room he darling, yaha is bed pe ham dono soyenge rozana, me teri choot ki chudai karunga, teri gaand maarunga, or tujhe apna lund chusaunga ”
she covered herself with shame and fear.
I took her inside the room, grabbed her close to me, grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands and then I started rubbing her ass, then I said to her ” chal darling, start karte he ek mast romantic kiss ke saath ”
I went near her juicy lips and locked my lips with them, she was hesitating to come near me so I pulled her near by pulling her ass closer. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth, and god it felt so amazing, her taste, her smell, everything was soo fucking amazing.

I was moaning while kissing her, and my hands now started rubbing her thighs, she was also feeling the humiliation now, she was trying to get away from me but my grip was very firm. I then rubbed her pussy. Even though she was wearing cloths, I could still feel her pussy, I kept on rubbing it, and then I moved to her boobs, my tounge was still busy in her mouth, i, with my both hands, grabbed her boobs firmly and pinched them hard, she suddenly was shocked by the pain.

I kept on kissing her for around 30 minutes, and along with that kept on rubbing her private parts.

When I got bored from her mouth, I moved on to the next stop.

She was trying to push me away with hands again and again so first thing I did was that I tied her hands backwards very tight.

I said ” chal ari darling, ab hamare beech me kuch nahi aaega, tere ye haath bhi nahi, ab taiyaar ho jaa esi chudayi ke liye jo tu kabhi bhul nahi paegi ”
I kept her in standing position, and I sat down on the bed.
I stripped her kurti, then I made loose her naada of her salwar, and the moment I made it loose, her salwar fell down to the ground. She was buried in herself with shame. She was only in her bra and panty now.

I said to her ” chal tu bata ariba darling, pehle kya utaaru, teri bra ya fir teri chaddi, tu kya dikhana pasand karegi pehle apne master ko ”

She was standing quietly, I said ” tu samjhi nahi darling meri terms and conditions ko, tujhe jo order mile, wo karna he, tujhse kuch poocha he mene, uska jawab de. ”
She was still standing quietly. I said ” chal koi baat nahi, teri pehli baar galti he isliye maaf kar raha hu, chal tere bobe dekhte he pehle.

I cut her bra in half with the help of scissors, and her bra fell down instantly. And then I saw those small but horny boobs of her whom my tounge and hands wanted to enjoy.
My hands immediately grabbed her both boobs and started rubbing them, they were so soft like sponge. I rubbed them hard for a while, say around 20 minutes.

I said to her ” tere bobe to bade mulayam he randi, ab tere bobe ka taste bhi to karwa de ” and then I grabbed her boobs in my mouth, I started sucking them with my tounge and then I started biting her boobs with my teeth, she started shouting with pain and humiliation, and while my mouth was busy with her boobs, my hands started rubbing her panty and her thighs.

After 20 minutes of sucking, biting, I said ” ab chal apne main parts bhi dikha de darling ”

With my both hands, I slowly slowly pulled her panty down, and then I saw my new fuck slave totally nude, standing in front of me, for the first time.
I took some time to just have a look at her amazing nude body. She tried to cover her private parts but her hands were tied behind her back, and her private parts were totally exposed to me.
I could see her hairy pussy very clearly now.
I turned her to the other side to see her back side, and to my wonder, her ass was even more hot then her pussy.

I brought my mouth closer to her pussy and smelled it, and it was heavenly. I grabbed her ass cheeks, first I rubbed them and then spanked them hard continuously for around 5 minutes.
Her ass cheeks became red, she was crying in pain.
Then I slipped my hands down. I started rubbing her ass crack and her pussy lips. And she felt it like an electric shock. She jumped up but I held her firm and rubbed her wildly.

I said ” teri choot or gaand pehli baar koi ragad raha he ariba darling, hena, tabhi tu itna kood rahi he, wese teri choot or gaand to bade jordaar he, inko chaatne me or chodne me bohot aanand aaega, tune kabhi apni choot ki shaving nahi ki ariba darling, kitne baal ho rahe he choot me, dekh teri gaand tak ja rahe he ye.
Chal pehle yahi karte he ”

I got a razor and shaving cream, and I put the cream on her pussy, rubbed it, it was cold and she also felt the coldness of it, she tried to move away.
Then I took the razor and used it to remove her pussy hairs from her pussy lips to her ass hole.
She was feeling sooo humiliated, her pussy was getting a shave for the first time in her life and by an old pervert man with her hands tied behind her back.

Now, after some effort, her pussy was clean shaved, and now she was looking even more erotic.

I saw her clean shaved pussy lips, and my tounge was ready to lick her wildly, I said ” ab dekh teri choot ekdam saaf dikh rahi he ariba, shave kar ke rakh kar apni choot ko, chodne wale ko bhi extra maza aaega ”

Her pussy was little blackish, a typical Indian pussy, I rubbed her pussy lips and then spread her legs a little and I put my mouth between her thighs and then I licked her pussy lips, she started moving backwards so I hold her ass firmly with my hands and licked her pussy wildly.
I was licking her pussy like an wild animal, she was so fucking tasty down there, so I could not stop sucking her pussy. She was feeling the touch of tounge on her private parts, so she was really ashamed and she was crying with the humiliation, and she was moving her hips because she was feeling the tingling on her pussy.

I took her on bed, lay her on it, spread her legs wide, and started licking her pussy again, this time I was not only licking it, I was biting on her vagina, and then I said to her ” teri choot to bohot tasty he ariba, aanand aa gaya, koi bhi ise chaatega to wo chat ta reh jaega, or tension mat le, wo din bhi aaega, jab har time tere body ke saath kuch na kuch hota rahega, teri choot chaatenge, tere bobe choosenge, tere raseele hoth choosenge, teri gaand chaatenge, are ha, teri choot ka to taste dekh liya, ab teri gaand ka bhi taste de de ariba ”

Then I turned her backwards, now her backside was available for use. I wasted no time and parted her ass cheeks and then I put my mouth in between, on her ass hole. I smelled it, and started licking her asshole.
It tasted nice, I kept on licking it and she kept on feeling humiliated and tried to move her hips.
After licking her pussy and asshole for about an hour, I decided to check her holes.

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