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Tugging One For The Team – Part 1

My beautiful mature wife, Candy, was relentlessly tugging and stroking with one well-lubed hand while with the other she was tickling and gently scratching lower down. She was whispering encouragement and waiting for the explosion that was building. The only problem was, it wasn’t me she was jacking off, but a young man we had met only a few days before and I was listening to everything from my hiding place with a mixture of excitement and anguish. Pour yourself a drink and settle in while I explain how we found ourselves in this unique situation. Make sure to take your time with the dialog. That’s where the real story lies.

We were on our annual two-week summer vacation and had returned to Pinhook Lake and the same cabin we had the previous year when we had some of the most exciting adventures of our lives with a bunch of horny fishermen in the next cabin, but that’s another story. Our fisherman friends didn’t seem to be around this year. I’m not sure if I was disappointed or relieved and I had no idea what Candace was thinking. Oh – it was also my birthday week when I sometimes ask my beautiful and loving wife for a gift of a very special kind.

As we arrived and unpacked I noticed a good-looking boy – a young man, really – mowing the lawn around the property. He smiled brightly and waved a greeting as he mowed near our cabin. I couldn’t help but notice that he looked strong and fit, like an athlete. He was wearing old sneakers, a worn pair of cut-off jeans, and no shirt. He was tan, nearly hairless and had an impressive six-pack. His longish hair was a glossy blond.

I don’t know what it was, but my mind started wandering to possibilities of an erotic nature. Maybe it was reminiscing about the adventures we had the previous year that got me going. Those were some of the most intense experiences we ever had and they had satisfied my strange hunger for kinky adventures for a while, but I was feeling the urge for something new. I hoped my lovely innocent wife might be willing to play along.

“Honey, it looks like the guys from last year aren’t here. Someone else is in their cabin. Maybe we missed their week.”

“Really?” I thought you would have checked on that beforehand,” she said with a strong note of sarcasm.

“Why would you say that, darling? You don’t think I’d try to set you up, do you?”


“Well, they’re not here…But it is my birthday week…”

“Oh, boy. I guess I’m lucky they’re not here, then. Don’t go getting any of your crazy ideas.”

“It looks like you don’t have anything to worry about, there’s no one around.”


We were tired from the long drive so we took a nap and then woke up well-rested and prepared a light dinner in the cabin. It was too late to go into town. As I lay on the bed relaxing after dinner, I started thinking about all those men last year and all the amazing things my wife did for me and I found myself getting aroused. I was trying to dream up possibilities for this year but didn’t come up with much other than the lawn boy. We had never had any adventures with young men before, so this would be new for us and might well be outside Candy’s comfort zone. My dirty mind started sorting through possibilities and began to focus on some hints that Candy dropped about some of her high school adventures. I happened to be in my underwear and Candy happened to notice a bulge in my briefs.

“What the hell is that??” she asked with a faux accusatory tone.

“Nothing, dear, I was just thinking about you and what a sexy wife you are and how lucky I am to have you.”

“I’m glad I can still do that to you after all these years.”

“Are you kidding? You turn me on more now than ever, especially when you do special things for me.”


“Relax. I’m not planning anything, but being far away from home where nobody knows us and reminiscing about the other birthday gifts you’ve given me is putting me in a very good mood. Are you feeling that way at all?”

“You know I like to make you happy, even if you are a pervert.”

“I’ll take that as a resounding ‘yes’.”

“Just don’t get carried away.”

“You know me. I’d never push you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I often wonder how you manage to push me as far as you do.”

“Maybe you secretly want it as much as I do. I know once you surrender, your response is beautiful and amazing.”

“I only do it because I know how much it means to you.”

“You keep saying that. Where are our drinks? Let’s toast to a meaningful vacation, then.”

“Asshole,” she said with a smile.

The next afternoon, after a day of shopping for supplies in town she was sunning in a sexy blue two-piece bathing suit. It wasn’t a bikini but showed off her lovely figure and smooth skin very nicely. The boy was back doing some other chores. I was watching from the porch as I enjoyed a pipe and couldn’t help but notice that he was studying her quite carefully any time he was nearby. It almost looked like he was making excuses to walk by her.

I felt the wheels in the dark places in my mind gradually coming up to speed, so I went out to strike up a conversation with the kid. My wife noticed what I was doing.

“Hi! I’m Allen Miller and that’s Mrs. Miller over there. We’re up for two weeks. I don’t remember seeing you around here last year.”

“Hi! I’m Brad. No, this is my first summer working here.”

“This must be a great place to work for the summer.”

“It’s okay, but kinda lonely.”

“No girlfriend?” I asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Nah, all the girls go down to the coast for summer jobs. Most of the guys find work around here because we have to get ready for football season.”

“I thought you might be an athlete.”

That night, we had a simple dinner at the cabin, and after relaxing with a few drinks were getting ready for bed.

“Did you see that young hunk checking you out this afternoon?”

“Don’t be silly.”

“It’s true. I was watching very carefully. He kept trying to get a good look at you, and I can’t say I blame him. You look fantastic in that suit.”

“Cut the bullshit. I know you too well. You’re getting crazy ideas again.”

Moi?? Come over here and tell me about the boys you knew in high school.”

“What is this? Story time?”

“You know how much it turns me on to hear your stories.”

“I don’t have much to tell.”

“Don’t give me that. How about that story you told me about that boss that used to feel you up and make you jerk him off? What were you? Sixteen?”

“At least sixteen, I think. I wasn’t driving yet and my father would come to pick me up after work and sometimes he’d have to wait for me in the car while I finished jerking Mr. Jackson off.”

My cock was growing already as imagined the beautiful budding young girl tugging on a mature man’s cock, making him shoot his big load of semen. She came to sit on the bed beside me.

“God, I love that story. Was he the first guy you ever jerked off?”

“Well, there was that guy in the maintenance shed down at the beach just before that. He was the first.”

“You were so young. That must have been scary.”

“Sure. A little. But he worked me up to it so slowly – weeks, really – so that by the time it finally happened, I was really curious and ready.”

“That’s good. I’d hate to think you were feeling abused.”

“No, not at all. I was nervous but excited and eager to learn.”

“You always have been an eager learner. Even now. What did you do with all that learning?”

“There was a brief time before I started going steady that I fooled around a little.”

“Oh? Do tell!”

She lay down beside me and reached out to rub my belly as she spoke.

“Well, most of the older boys had cars and they would take me down to the beach to watch the submarine races.”

“Submarine races. I love that. My old man used to say that. Wait. Did you say they – plural?”

“There was a small group of them. I guess the word got around.”

“The word?”

“I guess I was a little full of myself after what Mr. Jackson taught me and before I started going steady there were a few weeks when I dated around a little and I got a chance to practice my skills. After I went parking with the first boy, others wanted to take me out, too.”

“Did they fuck you?”

“God, no. They probably wanted to and a few times I was so horny I wanted more, but I wasn’t ready.”

“So what did you do?”

“There was the usual kissing and I learned how hot French kissing could get, and I let them feel me up. They really seemed to love my breasts. Even at that age, I had pretty big nipples. They loved to play with my breasts and pinch my nipples. I loved that. Sometimes I wore skirts and I let them reach up and rub me, but never under my panties. I could tell how excited they were getting so one night I reached out to see if the guy was hard. That’s when it started.”

“What started?”

“I started jerking them off.”

“There’s that plural again. How many?”

“I don’t remember. A few. Four, maybe?”

“Four! You little slut!”

“I couldn’t help it. Different guys kept asking me out. It was almost like they were taking turns. There were a few times when I had more than one date a day. I couldn’t say ‘no’. I loved doing it.”

“What did you do? Tell me.” I slid my shorts down and kicked them off. I was semi-erect. She took the hint.

“Well… we would start kissing and then they would start playing with my breasts. I knew they liked to do that and I loved the feeling so sometimes I wouldn’t wear a bra.”

“You naughty girl!” She was stroking me and pumping my cock languidly. “Go on.”

“After we got all hot and bothered and the windows started steaming up some of them would put my hand on their crotch and some would just open their pants and slide them down for me. Especially the ones I had done before. They seemed so eager.”

“You did some guys more than once?! Busy girl! What would they say?”

“Some were nice and say ‘please’, others would say stuff about hearing how good I was. I didn’t like the idea of having that kind of reputation and hoped word didn’t get around too much. Some of these guys had steady girlfriends and I didn’t want to make any enemies. The guys were pretty cool about it. But I was sort of proud of what I could do and wasn’t ready to stop until I found my steady boyfriend.”

“I bet he benefited from all the practice you had. Tell me how you would do it.”

“Okay….” she teased as she reached for a bottle of body lotion on the night table.

The next morning, we were up early to go fishing in the canoe and Candy was sunning herself again on the lawn in the afternoon. Brad and another kid were doing chores, but they both seemed to be working near our cabin more than was strictly necessary. I was certain they were checking out my wife. I couldn’t blame them. With her firm smooth body and radiant auburn hair falling to her shoulders, she looked exquisite. I found myself wishing she could take off her top so she could get an even tan and they could enjoy her beauty more fully. My dirty mind kept drifting back to the story she had told me the night before and a small, sinister voice started whispering in my brain.

We had a nice dinner in town that evening and as we were in bed for the night I snuggled up with my wife, started stroking her gently and whispered in her ear.

“Those guys were checking you out again this afternoon.”

“So??” she asked, already sounding a little suspicious. She knows me too well.

“You looked so beautiful sitting there, the sun warming your firm body, glistening from the suntan lotion. I’m sure they were thinking about what they would like to do to you.”

“Laying it on a little thick, aren’t you, mister?”

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one that told me all about your exploits back in high school.”

“You can’t seriously be going there.”

“Going where??”

“I know you and your filthy mind. You’re trying to set me up!”

“No, I’m not,” I lied. “I’m just thinking about your story and how much pleasure you gave those boys and was wondering if it could ever happen again.”

“Do you know how long ago that was?”

“Exactly. That’s the point. That kid is looking at you as a mature, exotic, experienced beauty who knows things the dumb little chicks around here can’t even imagine.”

“You’re out of your mind.”

“Maybe, but it’s you who makes me crazy. Besides, my birthday is coming up and you have given me some amazing birthday gifts before.”

“Oh, shit,” she groaned. “I was wondering when you would pull that one. I’m not making any promises.”

“No, you never do,” I replied with an evil grin.


The next day, I joined my wife for some sun and – once again – Brad was puttering around the area, but I knew what was really on his mind. I didn’t see his friend around. Candy was wearing an old bikini that I had encouraged her to put on because the well-worn fabric allowed her firm, full breasts to peek out around the edges and the strings could be adjusted to allow even more of her tits to be exposed. As I applied sunscreen to her shoulders, I untied the string behind her neck and reached around to apply the warm, slippery cream to her upper chest and the tops of her tits, pushing the cups of her bikini lower as I did. I could sense that Brad was watching from around the corner of the cabin.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked with that faux accusatory tone.

“I wouldn’t want you to get a sunburn.”

“Is that all??”

“Well… I think you have an admirer over by the cabin.”

I could see her eyes shift sideways behind her sunglasses. I started rubbing lower and lower and soon I was sneaking my fingertips inside her bikini to tweak her big brown nipples.

“Allen! He’ll see!”

“Don’t worry about it. He can’t see anything from that angle,” I lied. “Just relax, enjoy the feeling and give the kid a little thrill.”

I persisted in my teasing and could sense by the way her nipples were growing and hardening that she was getting aroused.

Brad had moved closer to us – no doubt hoping to see more – and started trimming some bushes. I called him over.

“Allen!” Candy protested and pulled up her top, but the strings remained untied.

“Hey, Brad!” I called “I’d like to introduce you to Mrs. Miller.”

We made small talk and I asked about football and steered the conversation to his social life and his girlfriends. It didn’t sound like he had had too much experience with girls, just the usual necking and petting that goes on in cars down quiet country lanes. Candy was friendly and seemed to enjoy talking to this polite and good-looking young man. She relaxed her grip on her bikini top and I could tell Brad was trying – but failing – to keep himself from staring at her beautiful tits that were now exposed ever so closely to the tops of her areolas. I ended his anguish by saying it was time for us to head inside and time for Brad to get back to work.

I poured us some before-dinner wine and thought about how I might capitalize on the opportunity I sensed developing as we sat drinking on the glassed-in porch.

“It’s hot out there. Maybe you could ask Brad to come in for a lemonade.”

“Okay… and what are you going to be doing?”

“Maybe I’ll go into the bedroom and take a nap. You can sit out here on the porch.” I certainly didn’t harbor any hopes of having the kid let me sit right there and watch everything – at least not yet.

“What? And leave me all alone with a horny young boy??” she exclaimed, feigning concern.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s a perfect gentleman. And I’ll be right there on the other side of that window.”

I tried to surreptitiously leave the body lotion and a roll of paper towels on the table by the porch futon but she caught me.

“What the hell is that!!?” she demanded to know. I heard her mumble “Asshole” under her breath and I gave her a wink. I went to her and held her close.

“I know you don’t make promises, but it would be a real thrill for my birthday if maybe you could teach Brad a thing or two that you learned from those boys in high school.”

“And just how am I supposed to get that started?”

“Just call him in for lemonade. Sit on the futon with him. Make small talk. Ask him about his girlfriend. I’m sure he’ll be more than willing.”

She gave me a look and took a big sip of her wine but got busy in the kitchen. I went into the bedroom, adjusted the curtains carefully and took my position on the bed that was right by the window. As I suspected, Brad eagerly accepted the invitation to come inside for a drink.

“Come sit over here,” I heard her say. “Do you mind if I sit with you?” God, I love that woman!

I could hear everything, but all I could see were silhouettes and shadows on the curtains. I could hear them talking about his life up here in the north country and she teased him a bit about missing his girlfriend. They had a little laugh about that and then she took on a serious tone, for my benefit, I’m sure.

“Now, Bradley, I couldn’t help but notice you were looking at my breasts before.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You’re so beautiful and I guess I couldn’t control myself since it’s been so long since I’ve seen my girlfriend.”

“Did you think they look nice?

“Oh, God yes. You look amazing.”

“Even for an old lady?”

“Old!? You’re beautiful. You’re hot! You’re a MILF!” he paused. “Oops. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I appreciate the compliment. You probably saw more than you should. I wouldn’t want to tease you like that, but that naughty Mr. Miller likes to fool around like that sometimes. I hope it didn’t get you too excited. I know your girlfriend’s not around to help you out.”

“That’s okay.”

“Is there anything I can do to help you?”

I could tell by the silhouette that she moved a little closer to him. Once again she amazed me by the way she would do these things for me.

“Where’s Mr. Miller?” he asked, sounding a little nervous.

“Oh, don’t worry about him. He’s in taking a nap. Just try to be quiet.”

“Can I see your breasts some more?”

“Would you like that? Here.” I could sense her movement and imagined her pulling the top of her bikini down to make a shelf for those beautiful, firm tits. She was being a very good sport about all this.

“Oh, my God.” I could hear Brad whisper.

“Now you can look, but don’t touch. You just lay back and relax and I’ll take good care of you. Help me with these shorts.”

I could see him shift position and see her lean closer.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed. “You’re so big… and so hard!”

It wasn’t clear if that was for my benefit, or not. She was sitting to his right and I could see the shadow of her shoulder moving up and down. He started moaning softly.

“Does your girlfriend do it like this?” she asked with a teasing tone.

“Hell, no.”

She worked steadily for a few minutes and his moaning became louder. I was dying to see what she was doing as my own cock grew harder along with his.

“Hold on,” I heard her say as she leaned over toward the end table to grab the body lotion. I could clearly hear the bottle cap click open followed by the squirting of the lotion and then she turned back to him and her shoulder started moving again.

“There, that’s better. How’s that?”

I could hear the squishing sound of her now-lubed hand sloppily stroking his cock and could see her shadow moving closer to his.

“Does your girlfriend do this?” she teased again.

“Oh, shit no. Don’t stop!”

I knew she wouldn’t stop. She was relentless. Once she had a man approaching his climax she would never stop until the job was complete. This was driving me crazy. I resisted the urge to stroke my own cock as I tried to imagine what she was doing that was driving him so wild.

“Do you think she’s seeing boys down at the shore?” she teased. “Do you think she’s doing this to them? Girls get horny too, you know. Maybe those boys are teaching her a thing or two.” I guess she was wondering if he had some of the same kinky inclinations that I have. She may have been onto something because he just moaned some more. There was a little more squishing noise, the tempo increasing, and I could see that Brad was squirming around a bit.

“Oh, God. Oh, shit! Shit! Shit! Don’t stop! Not yet! Look out! Here it comes!” he exclaimed.

“Ooo! Oh, wow! Look at that!” she replied, as she kept up her pumping and tugging.

“Oh, God!” he moaned one last time as she slowed her tempo. “What was that? What did you just do to me?”

“I don’t know, but we sure made a mess!” she said with a laugh and I could see her lean over for the paper towels I had so thoughtfully provided. “Did you like that?”

“Oh, God. That was amazing. Thank you so much.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing it. Now you’d better get back to work and I should go see what Mr. Miller is up to.”

I heard the screen door slam and Candy came to me on the bed. I grabbed her, pushed her down and kissed her deeply.

“Thank you so much,” I whispered. “That was perfect!”

Her tits were still out and I gently pinched the erect nipples. I ran my hand down between her legs and could feel a warm, slick wet spot on her bikini bottom.

“My God! You’re dripping!” I exclaimed. “You were really into that, weren’t you?! You bad little girl!”

I peeled her bikini bottoms off and started fingering her wet pussy.

“Tell me everything.”

I kept fingering her and she started stroking me. She told me how big and hard he was. She wasn’t just saying it to tease me in the moment, it was apparently true. I remembered how quickly I got so rigid when I was that age. Clearly, I’ve lost a step. Maybe she misses it. She told me in great detail how she stroked him and how he responded. She told me about the body lotion and how she loved feeling his slippery warm firm flesh sliding through her fingers and how he got extra excited when she swirled her gooey fingers around the bulbous head of his hard cock. Then she told me how for the coup de grace she reached down to scratch and tickle his balls and tease even further down and how he exploded soon after that. This was unexpected and more than I could see from the bedroom. Clearly, she was enjoying her work and wanted to give the kid something to remember.

“Do that to me,” I begged.”

“Do what?”

“Get the lotion and jerk me off. Do to me what you did to him.”

She did, and as I visualized my lovely innocent beautiful bride jerking off that young stud and with a sweet mixture of jealousy and excitement I exploded all over my belly and she kept slowly pumping until every last drop was out.

“Thank you so much. That was wonderful. I can only imagine what a thrill it was for him. Would you like to do it again?”

“Let’s not get carried away.” Note to self: She didn’t say ‘no.’

This was like a drug I couldn’t kick. Once I knew that she might be willing to let more things happen, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. My mind was turning over one possibility after the other.

Then she asked with a worried tone, “Do you think Brad will tell his friends?”

This really got my attention. “Why do you ask? Do you want him to bring a few over?” I teased, but also automatically started fantasizing about the possibilities.

“No, asshole. I just don’t want him blabbing to everyone in this little town.”

“He did have one other guy with him here a couple of days ago. Do you want me to talk to him?”

“Oh great. Then he would know for sure what we did and what kind of pervert you really are.”

“I heard you hinting about that already when you said something to him about naughty Mister Miller.”

“Yeah, sorry, that kind of slipped out.”

“That’s okay. If he knows, that might open up more possibilities.


I was struggling with how to approach this potentially exciting situation. How could I let Brad in on our little secret without things getting weird? Also, how could I limit the situation and keep things under control? I didn’t want this kid or any of the others around actually fucking my wife – even though that could be thrilling in the moment – these guys were too young for that.

“What about me?” she asked with a pout.

“What about you?” I teased as I reached down to feel her wetness. Did all this get your motor running? Maybe we can do something for you later. I want you nice and horny.”

“You’re such an asshole. I know what you’re up to!”

To be continued…

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