Trust Built Through Correction

Trust is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the context of DS relationships but it’s such an intangible and there is no set process in how to build or strengthen it. It can take ages to build and seconds to destroy. You know it when you have it, or when you’ve lost it but how did you get to that point? This is a story of how a bond of trust was strengthened following an emotional session of correction.

They had gone through the usual steps of chatting online and felt that there was enough chemistry to meet live. She was guarded and he could tell that she had been burned before so he knew to tread lightly with her. Their first few play sessions were a lot of fun. She was a professional by day with the look of innocence that would never betray what was inside. She was also an insatiable sub slut who loved to be controlled and craved cock like no other he had seen before. Hard and deep for hours and would still want more.


There were few rules but one of them was no leaving lasting marks like nail scratches, bites or hickeys. It was their third or fourth time together and they were in the throes of a passionate fuck session. She was cumming hard when he felt the nip in the middle of his right pec. He glanced down and there did not seem to be any mark so he let it go.

The next day as he got out of the shower and went to the mirror to shave he noticed the mouth shaped bite. He took a pic and sent it to her with no caption. At first, she thought it was another partner and commented about needing to set boundaries. She didn’t even remember doing it. When the reality sunk in, she knew that it was a correctible offense. The first beyond the usual playful spanks that he often dealt her.

Knowing that she had a serious aversion to real pain, he knew he had to find something that would be memorable enough to prevent future infractions but not push her past the point of ruining their budding relationship. He developed a plan and they had agreed that it would be delivered at their upcoming play session in a few days. On a whim, he decided not to tell her but to tease her with hints to build the tension.

As it turned out, she had had some experiences in the past with Doms who thrived on correction and would use it to satisfy their sadistic tendencies and she was worried that she was in for more than she could handle. He assured her that she would be fine but the tension and fear continued to build within her.

On the appointed day, she later admitted that she almost didn’t show due to the anxiety that was clear on her face when he opened the door. On the verge of tears, she sat on the bed and waited to hear what was about to befall her.

In the end, it turned out that the actual correction was nothing compared to the buildup of anxiety that he had created by not revealing her fate ahead of time. A few short sessions with some nipple clamps and ten smacks on each butt cheek with a leather paddle (significant enough for someone so pain averse). She could see that he took no pleasure in inflicting the correction and felt badly once he realized the mental anguish she had suffered in the days leading up to the actual act. She took her correction like a champ and they were both glad to be done with it.

Their play session that night was even hotter than usual and the conversation seemed to open up new areas that they would explore and discover together. It wasn’t obvious at the time but looking back it seems clear that the correction session was a huge test of trust. She had trusted him enough to actually show up and he had rewarded that trust by pushing her beyond her limits but not to the point of breaking.

It was also an inflection point in their relationship. Not that the walls she had built up over the years completely disintegrated but she began to offer peaks inside and gradually he knew that the fun they had been having was only the tip of the iceberg. There was a lot more exploration to be had and other limits to be pushed and stretched…but those are topics for future stories.

Updated: August 3, 2021 — 3:12 pm
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