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*true story of losing my virginity to four boys when I was 13*

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Was I really that drunk or was I just a slut? All I know is, I let four boys take my virginity and gangbang me, while one watched!

.so this all begins from my other story about what made me so fucked up.. let me preface this story by explaining, the reason I was in group homes was not just because of the sexual abuse, but also physical and mental abuse from my crazy grandma which is a whole other story. I think I’ll write that next.. anyway, I got removed from my grandparents home once and for good (after being sent back so many times) in 6th grade. Luckily I did, because who knows what my brother and uncle would’ve done to me. And my grandma for that matter…
so I was in a group home type place where a lot of kids stay between more permanent placements. My oldest sister had been separated from us and me and my other sister were both placed in the same facility but in different areas..
so, I ran away with one of my friends. She took me on the bus to an area her older boyfriend lived, he was at least 25, and we were 13… he paid for a motel room for the night and some guys came over, I remember everyone drinking beer. I remember pretending to be drunk lol cause I hated the taste of alcohol! I only took a few sips lol thinking back I must have looked like such a little slut throwing myself all over some random guy that came over and letting him kiss me all over. We didn’t have sex though, I was still a virgin and had never even had a real kiss before just pecks.. but my friend and her bf were fucking on the bed so I felt weird. I wanted to be cool too. But I passed out lol. The next day her man had to go to work so me and my friend walked the city and went to Carl’s Jr. where we saw a group of teen boys. They asked if we wanted to come hang and drink and smoke weed. We walked back with them. They gave me a shot of jack Daniels and once again I had a couple little sips didn’t even take the whole shot lol and all night I was acting like I was all fucked up stumbling around. Omg this is so embarrassing! So,, these boys had a party with all their little gangster friends, I’m still pretending to be all drunk lol idk if it was for attention or what I was a messed up kid ok,, and idk even know where my friend is at this point. So, I’m all stumbling around and I do think I was a bit drunk because my memory is a bit hazy, and I remember feeling a little weird, but I was also smoking weed…
these boys lead me like down some dirt hills behind the apartments they live in. They have me lay on this dirty mattress on the dirt, and I lay back and close my eyes. Then one of the boys says “hey can we fuck you?” And i think I said all slurring “whatever.” And then lay my head back and “pass out.” I feel my pants and underwear being taken off, but I don’t do anything! I just lay there and keep my eyes closed! I can hear all the boys around me and the one whose idea it was says “ hey I know this is gay we can see other’s dicks and shit. But look at that.” Another boys voice says “damn that looks so good.” As they look at me laying there with my legs spread. I kinda forget what else was said but at some point they established an order i guess, and I remember one guy (a bit older like 16) saying “I can’t do this.” More on him later…
So the first guy fucks me…it’s weird, I was a virgin but I don’t remember the moment it entered me the first time, I remember it felt good tho. But like I don’t remember my hymen breaking or anything… some time while he fucked me I was grunting a little and I opened my eyes and was pretending to be shocked at what was happening and then I “passed out” again.. he was like “hey you’re not gonna tell no one right” and then he tried to lift my shirt up and me being only 13, I was insecure about my growing body, and I put my arm up to prevent him from doing that. He finished in his condom and then three more boys went after.. with each of them I had a moment of “waking up” in confusion.. they probably knew I was faking it… I remember one of their dicks being extra big. I liked it. They tried to flip me over and I shook my head no.. idk it was probably obvious I was faking it. After we were done they walked me back up the hill to their friends house, the one that didn’t join in the gangbang. I passed out there and in the morning, he asked me if I knew what happened last night. He told me and I acted surprised, he said I took four boys virginities. I know his ass watched because of certain comments he made, and also the fact that his little sister who is friends with all these boys said that I let it happen.. maybe the boys told her that but idk I just felt like this other boy watched then gangbang me.
He let me shower up and stuff, and later that day my bitch ass friend and her bf came back to get me. But ended up hanging out. Later he tried to rub up on me too. But eventually we went back to our stupid group home..
But I ran away again this time by myself and my dumb ass went back to that city and hung out with those boys. I was a runaway with nowhere to go. I ended up being bf&gf with the boy with the big dick, and I let him fuck me more. Didn’t last long..
I’d always get tired of the runaway life and go back to the dumb group home..
I’ll tell more stories later..
but I always think back to that day… I was just a little girl so desperate to get fucked already, I guess? Or was I actually drunk? Not that drunk surely, if I can remember most of it? Was I paralyzed with fear? I was just a little girl and I can’t blame myself. But that experience made me have a thing for getting fucked by more than one guy at once and I’ll write about some of those experiences too 😉 I think about this all the time that feeling of being on a dirty matress with my legs spread, in front of a group of young boys with their dicks out… I wish I could go back and enjoy it to the fullest and let them do whatever they wanted. I wonder if they think back on it too.
Anyway, thanks for reading
It feels good to vent, but I also can’t help that my pussy turns into a wet mess when I write it out.

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