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I was staying in a apartment complex with my parents and they both worked and I went to the engg. college. I used to be back by 2 pm and my mother kept my lunch on the table and I took it and engaged true sex stories in my ouw pursuits. True sex stories of having Sex with lonely NRI wives The flats in the complex were taken by NRIs and some let their out and some kept them locked and some stayed in it.

Some wives with school going children, with the best interest of their education moved over to India and took care of their children. Their husbands living abroad called them over phone frequently. With the present day electronic communications being what it is it is not a problem to contact a person at true sex stories any of the corners of the world on several free talk and video services.


In the evening when my mother returns from office, some of the women come to our home and talk to her about the shopping and other matters. Most of them know me and I too know them. Sometimes my mother used to ask me to help them in small errands like changing the electric tube etc. Most of the ladies are young, beautiful and educated and well featured.

was only 22 but most of them were elder to me say 24 or 26 etc. Sometimes when I return from college they call me to their flats for small eats which I politey decline. We call true sex stories the elder sister “chechi” and once one chechi called me to look into her laptop as it has got stuck. When I went to her flat I found the laptop got stuck on a porno channel and it does not even close.

Somehow I cut the power true sex stories and restarted the laptop and got away from the porno channel. When I looked at her face she wore an embarrassed look. She asked me to go over to her flat whenever I feel lonely or bored. I said I have enough to study and I just running short of time.

When I came out of her flat I noticed several faces peeping from their doors,which showed that most of them knew the site which got stuck in the laptop. It was a message to me that all ladies spend their spare time watching porno sites and they exchange notes of sites seen or to be seen.

Though I also watch porno sites secretly at my home in my room, I do it discreetly so that nobody can trace it from the history. Santhi aunty whose laptop I got released txted me asked whether I am free in the evening so that I can drive her to the mall for some purchases. I said ok. When went down there were two other ladies for the purpose and they gave me a broad smile.

Though all of them have cars and they all know driving, they wanted me to go as a driver so that they can be busy planning their shopping and dont have to worry about parking. I true sex stories dropped them at the entrance of the mall and waited for them in the lounge. I went to an eatery and took some snacks and went around, met some of classmates and friends.

My friendship with these ladies grew into great proportions. They called me to their flats in my spare time under the pretext of seeking some help.When I go there, the picture changes and theywant sex. At my age I could not resist. Santha was the first to take advantage. True sex stories of having Sex with lonely NRI wives She true sex stories took me to her kitchen and was making hot bondas for me, my favourites.

touched my shoulders and asked me to remove my vest just to see my chest. When I was wondering about the strange request of this lady she huged me and ran her lips over my nipples. Her husband was in gulf and had not come for more than six months. She had a lot of money and her true sex stories flat was luxuriously furnished.

She wanted a companion to keep company. She asked me to stay with her and she will cook all my favourite dishes. She was a close friend of my mother and she told me that she will talk to my mother. I told her if my mother okays I will come.

She spoke to my mother and my mother came with a recommendation that Shanti is unwell and need to go to the doctor daily and she wanted you to stay with her for some days till she is normal back in health. Do it as a service. Clever woman, she has told to my mother in such a way that my mother would not be able to refuse. Ok, I went to the flat of Santha aunty.

She asked me to keep my bag of books and laptop in the guest room and come back to the hall. true sex stories She was in a nightie. May be in her early twenties, with big firm boob and raised ass, she was indeed beautiful. She uses her laptop only for viewing porn and cinema. I went to the bathroom and was about to take bath, when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

When I opened it was Shanti and she told me that she will bathe with me. I had removed my bermuda and t shirt and was in my brief, she removed her nightie, bra and was in her panty. True sex stories of having Sex with lonely NRI wives When I saw her naked boobs my cock began to rise. It was a 7 inch meat and with good girth. Santhi wanted to fondle it then and there

She filled the tub with lukewarm water and we both sat in the tub. My erect cock was a fancy for Santhi and said it is the oneof the biggest she had seen. She leaned over and was devouring my tool. I touched her boobs and which were hard and her nipples were veryhard. I just licked her nipples and took one into my mouth and sucked it while my hand was busy squeezing the other one.

She made me to stretch my legs and she came to sit on my lap with her legs on either side. She took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy and clitoris. I hugged her and pressed her boobs against my chest. We both were fully aroused. This was my first experience and hence I waited for her to take initiative.

She moved forward and my cock entered her cunt, she pressed forward and it went deep inside her. We were immersed in water and my cock going inside her cunt under water could be seen by both of us. She was thrilled tht she gets a young cock to fuck at her will. She just lied in the tub and asked me climb up on her and fuck her in missionary position.

Because of my inexperience, I was clumsy. She then changed positions and asked me to lie down on the floor and she climed on me and inserting my cock inside her cunt she virtually made a circus. And finally we bothe came to our orgasm. I shot a lot of my fluids inside her. True sex stories of having Sex with lonely NRI wives She kissed me on my face ears, eyes, forehead and everywhere.

Before dinner we had two more sessions in the bed. Shanti aunty was very much satisfied. She said she is on unsafe days and she would take a pill to prevent pregnancy. Somebody knocked the door, we rant to put on clothes and appear decent before the caller comes in. Shanti aunty opened the door and it was another aunty, Sheela aunty who came to borrow, a book.

Seeing me she was surprised.She was also an NRI wife with a small child to take care of. Sheela aunty looks like film star Sheela and may not be more than 24 with very good features. She invited me to her flat for lunch on the following day. I could not refuse. Sheela aunty left and Shanti aunty got angry with me for agreeing to go to the house of Sheela.

pacified her that it will be just for a day and then I will come back. We again had two sessions in the afternoon. We used to watch porn in the laptop and do sex which will be more enjoyable. Shanti was immensely happy at this opportunity to have me at her house. But she was worried that Sheela has discouvered the secret and now it will become a talk of the town.

There were about 10 or 12 sex starved NRI wives in the block. True sex stories of having Sex with lonely NRI wives They all are in need of a sex companion. Sheela will pass word to all of them and then what will happen is anybody’s guess. Anyhow I went to the lunch at the house of Sheela aunty. Rest in my next.

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