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Trucks Top

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I snuck out to go see my boyfriend, but then I got side-tracked.

I lived in a trailer park. I know, make all the “Poor white trash” jokes you want, but they had storage lockers, and truck rental place, too. The same couple owned all 3, but there was a little dirt road between the storage, and the rentals.

The couple that ran everything left a light on in the truck lot, for once. So, I could see them come out with this guy, his hands cuffed, and a bandana tied around his mouth. I thought they caught him breaking into stuff, because they lived in a little apartment over the office, but then they got to a box van in the corner.

The owner held their prisoner, while his wife unlocked the door, and rolled it up. Then, they helped him step up on the bumper, and by the time I got to the corner, they already had his hands up. Screwing the quick link shut through an eye-bolt in the ceiling to hold the cuffs around his wrists, but these weren’t like cop handcuffs. They were more like thick straps with buckles, and I knew right away this must be a kinky sex thing.

Even before the landlady pulled her shirt open. She always wore these blue jeans shirts, but I didn’t know they snapped shut. Let alone she wore a bright yellow pleather bustier thing underneath, but she untucked her shirt, and turned around. I think it’s some sort of corset, or girdle, but the cups don’t come halfway up. So, her nipples stick out.

Then, she unlocked a board across the top, to show a shelf they had up over the cab. “Take out his gag.”

“Mwah, huh! I’ll give you anything you want, just let me go.”

“Oh, we know you will.” The landlord patted his face, and smacked him, “But you’re in no position to ask for anything.”

“Open your mouth.” I thought the landlady got out a strapon, but then she buckled it on around his mouth, just like the bandana with a knot in it, only with a dildo sticking out.

The landlord pulled his pants down, I mean the guy that was tied up, and he had a big boner sticking the front of his shirt out. So, I knew he was into it, and my brain kicked in. I started thinking that they obviously had a sex dungeon set up in one of the trucks. So maybe they even drove it around to sex parties, or at least swinger parties, and this was somehow agreed to by the other man?

I don’t know, I barely even explored the rougher sex on the internet. Even when I was watching a movie, alone or with my boyfriend, I’d stop it if they got too rough, and he’d never even said anything to me about maybe playing dominatrix? The thought of tying him up, and making him do my bidding. Please me every which way he could, instead of running off to the shower as soon as he finished.

I mean, I never felt like I was missing anything, in that department. Either the power trip, nor satisfaction from good sex. The sex was good, sometimes I’d even say it’s great, but then I saw the landlady, well. After they got his pants down, the landlord got down, and started sucking his cock. I don’t know about that, because I can definitely see where this is heading, and anal?

I shook my head, and stopped the video on my phone before they went there, but I did catch a few swats when she came back with a paddle, and pulled up the back of his shirt. To slap his ass, and make him hump his dick right down her husband’s throat. (HƆTIᗺ] cut in the leather backwards, I guess so it left that printed forwards on his butt cheeks.

“Ugh!” I didn’t have the best angle, because he was pretty much hanging in the exact center, and facing out the back. Pointed straight at me, and the land-lord’s head was in the way. His wife still had her pants on, (She always wore tight jeans to match her blue denim shirts, blue eyes, and blond hair) but I’d seen enough.

I put my phone away, and went to show my boyfriend. Just in case he might be interested in anything like that, but of course he was at work. It’s not really a truck stop, like the big ones off the main highway. I’m not going into zoning and stuff, but it was off Industrial Drive, on the way between the factories, warehouses, and town. So, they sold Diesel, and had a roof over the pumps, high enough for big rigs to pull in.

All night long, or 24/7, because some of those places never shut down, and that means we couldn’t really risk much more than fooling around while he was at work, but he buzzed me in. There was a store with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks too, but they didn’t sell beer there. Late-night, that was closed, and he had to pass stuff through the little dip under the window. Talk through a microphone, and speaker, but he let me in.

His boss knew that he had me over sometimes, when I could get out to see him, and even sold me magazines before I turned 18. They had dirty magazines back behind the counter, and even rubbers because the truckers might be out far enough that they can’t get reception on their phones, or whatever.

“Hey, check this out.” I just had to unlock it, and skip back to the beginning, when they were still leading him off the truck.

“Where did you get this?” He took my phone, and swiveled around on his metal stool, thing. Like a guitar stool, only all painted blue-grey steel, instead of wood.

“Huh!” I rubbed his shoulders, and around to his chest, from behind. “You know the Uhaul place, and the lady that runs it?”

“Yeah, that’s her?” Oh yeah, and they both have masks on, but I recognized her, or I would have recognized her anywhere. Just from the denim she always wore, but of course coming out of the back of the Uhaul office was a dead giveaway.

“Yeah, just now. In fact, I bet they’re still going at it, or just cleaning up after, but did you know they had a sex dungeon in one of the trucks?”

“No, I had no idea.”

I looked over at the magazine rack, and the paperback books. There was one called [Tough Love] I never had the guts to look at, but it was super cheap. So, I slapped it down on the counter, right by the register, and tried to raise my voice.

“RING THIS UP!” Like her, and he put the phone down. His arms tensed up, and my voice was so loud in the tiny booth that it almost echoed. It surprised me too, but he popped the register open. “It’s $4.99, pay it.”

“Okay,” he got his wallet out, and lowered his head, shaking it. “You don’t have to yell,” but a lot of stuff was priced like that for convenience. $4.97+tax, so it came out to $4.99 because it’s a convenience store for truckers. “Huh, so you’re thinking about trying something like this?” He handed it back, so I could peel the plastic off, but it turned out to be 2 of them back to back?

I flipped the back one over to see it was [While Her Husband Was Away] and a woman laying back on their bed, in lingerie. While a man stood in the door, with his pants up, and just his hip, but you could tell he was about to cum in, and fuck her.

“I don’t know, why? Are you?”

“Huh, yeahbut where are you going to find another guy to make me do gay stuff like that?”

“Huh! You’re bi?”

“No, but you don’t have to be, if a rough couple makes you.” He turned around, and looked up. “I don’t know, maybe bicurious, but it wouldn’t be cheating if you’re there, right?”

“Huh, would you suck a dick?”

“I don’t know, maybe that dick gag, or maybe I’d let him suck my dick. Huh, who knew she was so hot?”

I looked over, and grabbed my phone. “Stop it.”


“No, look.” I shook my head, “I don’t know why I said that out loud.” I had to pinch my finger, and thumb carefully, to not unpause it, then spread them to zoom in, and swipe up to his face. “Huh, he saw me.” I leaned over, “He was looking right at me, the whole time? Let me run it back.”

“What were you doing?”

“Just holding the phone up to the fence.” He touched me, and rubbed my crotch through my cutoff shorts.

“You’re really hot and wet.” I nodded, and stopped it with a tap, of my thumb. He looked up, right after the landlord pulled the knotted bandanna out.

“Mwah, uh?” He looked back and forth, “I’ll do whatever you want, just let me go.”

“Oh, we know you will.” The landlord patted his cheek, and he winced. Closed his eyes when the hand pulled back right before the smack landed, but when he opened them again. He looked right at me, watching me, the whole time he was getting that didldo gag bucked around the back of his head.

So, I sat down. Climbed up on his lap, and held the phone over his shoulders.

“Huh, you’re really fucking hot.” He pulled down the front of my tank top, and buried his nose in my bra, to take a deep breath of my boob sweat. “I can tell, that’s got you super hot, and horny.”

“Huh, yeah. As soon as you get off, I’m gonna tie you up like that.” I humped his boner, dry humping between our clothes. It teased both of us, and took a long time to get him off that way, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe he should last longer, and stick around after he blew his wad. To eat me, and let me fuck his face, with that dildo gag, only I’d have to let him down to do that. I guess, I wished I’d thought to point the camera down at the floor.

I bet they have some way to secure the chains to the floor, or cargo straps. I just never bothered to look down. In fact, I have no idea what kinds of shoes she was wearing, which is weird in and of itself. I mean, girls usually notice things like that, expecially about other women, but you know I don’t actually have any idea how tall she really is, without heels on? I bet she’s got cowboy boots at least, even though I never see her wearing cowboy hats or anything.

“Huh, then he can fuck you until I get hard again, and then I can fuck you, huh! Again, and then, we can fuck you all night. Take turns fucking you all night.”

“Huh yeah, and when you can’t get it up any more, I can fuck your face, until he sucks you hard again.”

“Huh, you think he’d let me buttfuck him with that. MH!” He just closed his eyes, and let me push his head back. When I covered his mouth, I thought for a second he was blowing it, and waited for him to start shaking. Twitching, or soaking through his pants, something.

“NO!” He shook his head.


“No, look at me. Look me in the eye, so I know you understand this. Okay?” He bit his lip. “No butt stuff. Ever, not with a man, not with a woman, let alone me. Not even with a strapon.” I guess that dildo gag is a kind of strapon? “You got it?”

“Yeah, no anal. I got it, but what about spanking?”


“Yeah, look at how she spanked him, to make him face fuck her husband.”

“Yeah, you want to do that?”

He shook his head, and closed his eyes again. Let his head roll back against my arms, holding him over the shoulders. On top of him. ‘huh,’ he whispers, ‘it’s not about what i want. Uh! HUH!” Then he started shaking.

“Oh, my god!” I slapped him. “You dirty fucking. Sick. Gay. Ass. Fag!”

“Uhn uhn uhn!” I tried to time my slaps, back and forth, with the pulses of cum spurting in his pants. “Huh, fuck.” he shook his head, and put his hands up. “Stop, fuck! That hurt!” He held my hand in both of his, and we’re lucky he didn’t fall off the stool. “Huh, wow. That was incredible, I had no idea it would be that awesome!”

“Huh!” I hopped off my lap, and looked at him. “So, you have thought about it before.”

“Of course,” he waved at the rack of trucker mags, and fetish books. “I practically work in a porno shop, how do you think I passed the time when you’re not here?”

“Sucking off truckers, and bikers in the restrooms?”

“No,” he bit his lip.

“But you thought about it.” He nodded. “Huh, well what do you think about him?” I had to run the bar back to a picture of my landlord, standing up. Pulling down his mask, to get down on his knees, and suck a dick.

He shrugged. “Well, it looks like he’d do it to me.”

“Do you think he’s hot, and sexy?”

“No, of course not. He’s a guy, and I’m not gay, that’s the whole point.” Oh, so he’s saying he’s not gay, he’s bicurious, but he only wants to do it if I make him?

“You’re weird.” I kissed his cheek, and rubbed it. Then pulled back so he’d look over and close his eyes for one last smack before I left.

“Uh, huh.” He nodded. “But do you like it?”

“Yeah.” I pulled my cutoffs out, and tucked the little paperback in the front. “You better read this.” I threw the other one, the cheating housewife one in his lap, “And no beating off.” I turned, and pointed. “Look at me, don’t you dare even touch it, you hear me?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Good, save it for later.”

“Huh, you better go see if you can rent a Uhaul.”

“Yeah.” But not with that denim dominatrix involved. I don’t even want to think about competing with her, let alone letting her sink her claws into my boytoy, but if she wants to give me tips.

For instance, where does she shop? I’m sure they have something like that pleather pushup girdle thingy in my size, and a color I would actually wear. Black, yeah definitely shiny black.

That goes with everything.


Part 1?

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