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Truck Bed

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I didn’t think about it when I got up, I just put on shorts, and a teeshirt. None of it was pink, or anything, and my hair was cut short.

It was summer, so short hair, and shorts were cool, or not as hot. Well, we had this hairdressing party where we tried to cut each other’s hair. Me and my friends didn’t really know how to cut hair, so we kept messing it up, and cutting it shorter, and shorter to erase our mistakes.

Finally, mommy got home so she had to get take her scissors, and fix us up. She used to be a hairdresser, until she got a job at a call center, answering phones. The point is, I never really was a Tomboy, just a regular girl, but I didn’t realize how boyish it really looked.

It was my dad’s day off (They both worked) and he said he had to run a little errand. So, he put the car seat in the truck, and dropped me off at a park downtown. “I’ll be right back,” he said, and drove off, but then I got to the playground, and told the boys my name was “Erin.”

Maybe they thought I said Aaron, I don’t know, but then another boy ran up yelling. “Guys come quick!” So, we all stopped running around, and asked “What?”

“You want to see a naked lady? Come on!” He waved us over and we followed him, but of course I’d seen momma naked before. Other girls my age, and also some of daddy’s dirty movies.

I was supposed to be asleep, but I woke up thirsty, and went to get a drink of iced tea out of the fridge. Mommy, and daddy were on the couch, watching a movie, and they still had their night clothes on. It must have been winter, because mom had on her warm winter nighty, and there was a fire in the fireplace.

“There,” he pointed behind some bushes, but it turns out, the park just dropped off behind them. This was the big park downtown, and it had this huge playground, with just about anything a kid could imagine. “Look!” The boys leaned over the low fence they had behind the bushes, so I got up to look over, and there was our truck.

“Huh!” When we got in, I didn’t notice that he had an old mattress in the back, but then he picked up mom, and some other men gathered around. The tailgate was still up, so they had to get up on the bumper to see. And also a couple on the sides, standing up on the wheels, but they didn’t get in with mom, and dad.

Sure enough, she was naked, and sitting on dad, who was laying down. Backwards, I know now that that position is called “Reverse cowgirl,” and it’s a pornstar position to really show the woman getting fucked, especially anal.

Well, the men up on the tailgate sure got a good look, and all 5 of them had their pants open, their dicks out and hard to beat off.

“Oh,” I looked around at the boys, but they were just rubbing their crotches through their pants. “Huh,” I was feeling really lose, because I knew right where dicks went, and my pussy woke up. Turned on, and started loosening to get ready for sex. “Boys, you want to try that for real?”

I took my shirt off, but not really slowly. “Just watch fag, and keep your dick in your pants.”

“Huh hahaha!” I pulled off my training bra. “No, I’m not gay, look.” I squeezed my nipples, and that felt nice. “I know they’re not as big as my. That lady, but.”

Finally they looked over. “She’s a girl!” One of them pointed. Then, I heard doors slam, and the truck start up.

“Don’t yell, you scared them off!”

“So what!” I got my shorts unbuttoned, and pulled them down. Okay, I had pink panties on, but it’s not like they could see it. “Don’t you want to touch me?”

“Yeah,” finally, 2 boys came over, and started feeling me up, so I could grab their crotches, and I said “kiss me too.” They both tried to kiss my mouth, so I told them “Kiss my neck too.” At least one of them was behind me, pulling down my panties, and kissing my neck from behind, but it was getting super hot in here.

Surrounded by boys, instead of full grown men, but then I remembered the tape, mom and dad watched together. In it there were only 2 men, but fully grown men, and a young lady. That’s when I remember her going down, so they could stick their dicks in her face.

So, that’s what I did, and the zippers came down. “Suck my dick.”

“No suck mine.”

“Ooph!” My cheeks puffed out, even though they were all boys. I want to say little boys, but I wasn’t exactly 18. I’ll say that, but I could definitely see right away why mommy liked it so much. She must’ve gone on break for lunch, and dad picked her up, but he couldn’t find a sitter. So, he dropped me off at the park, and picked her up to have sex in front of a lot of men, like 5 of them.

I don’t know what daddy got out of the deal, but I never asked him. Like I said, I wasn’t even a tomboy, so I never really got into boy stuff. Let alone full grown man stuff until I was older. I wish I could tell you in any great detail, all the sexual action, but really I was just squatting there in a little forest of boys.

Most of them stood up in front of me, to rub their stiffies all over my face, and take turns sticking them in my mouth. I liked that good enough, but I couldn’t really see anything. The boys behind me reached around to squeeze my nipples, but I didn’t really have much more than that.

Enough to squeeze, so my nipples swelled up with blood, but they also felt up under my butt, and around to between my legs. Somebody stuck their finger in there, but I didn’t feel anything pop. Neither of them really tried to touch my butthole, or stick their finger in, but that lady did.
In the movie, she got on one, so the other one could stick it in behind her. They even picked her up to give her a man sandwich, but not me. Then, I heard the horn honk, and dad got out to call me. “Erin!”

The boys pulled their pants up to run off, but I had to put all my clothes on. Pretty much, once I got my panties pulled up, I still had my socks, and shoes on, but then I had to pull on my training bra, shorts, and teeshirt.

“What?” I ran out.

“Where’d you run off to?”

“Nowhere, I just went for a walk. I’m sorry that I wandered away too far, but here I am now.” from the outside, the bushes are so tall that you can’t even see the little fence, let alone that there’s room back there for a bunch of boys, and 1 girl.

“Well, come on, I’m taking you home.” This time, I climbed up in the booster seat to look through the back window, and sure enough. There was the old mattress, in between the 2 wheel wells. I don’t know where they got it from, it wasn’t one of our old ones, but it was the same size as a kid’s bed.

When we got home, dad went to take a shower, and I snuck back out to the garage to smell the semen. The first time I ever smelled it, but there was no mistaking what that had to be. All over the mattress, most of it on the end by the tailgate, because that’s were most of the men were. Well, half the men counting dad.

I even wiped some of it up to smell it on my fingers. Most of it had started to dry up from the air, rushing over the cab on the way home. Then, I looked around, but I didn’t know about the blacklight trick. There were still a lot of old stains on there, so I figured mom and dad went out on group sex trips fairly often.

Sometimes, I even went out to curl up back there in the garage. Smelling all the old dried up semen stains, and imagine all those guys standing up to beat off and cover me in it.

I never caught them at it again, but I wish I could’ve ask them, or at least mom about it. It was just too embarrassing, and I never got brave enough. Years later, they threw out the old mattress, but I begged dad to let me drive the truck, when I was old enough.

It wasn’t all that hard to find an old mattress, to get dirty in the back of the truck. The real trick was finding a boyfriend that liked to do me, while other men watched him, but I knew right were to go. Apparently, that’s been a go-to place, for that in secret for years. So, all you really have to do is drive up, and there’s men already waiting on their lunch breaks, 5 days a week! (Also, it turns out that under that bridge is a place for hookers after dark, so maybe that’s how it all started.)

So, if any woman working downtown wants to get gangbanged, she can. I have no idea why they do it right by the park like that. Maybe they want to get caught by kids, because we’re exhibitionists. The boys there sure knew what was going on, and I made sure to look up ever time to see the newer boys. The younger boys after the old ones started growing up, but sure enough, hey watched.

I saw some of the same boys there, of course. After we grew up, and since that was their neighborhood, they knew just what to do. Just beat off, unless we asked them to join us, which we never did because my boyfriend isn’t into that. He loves to see me naked back there, all covered in it, but that doesn’t mean he wants to see them doing me. I guess I was just lucky that I had short hair, and wasn’t wearing any pink where they could see it. That first time, I was still too flat to really show through, or they never would have thought I was a boy, and I never would have been invited to watch with them.

Boys are weird like that.

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