Transformations: Morpheus Ch. 03

Transformations: Morpheus Ch. 3

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Melody wasn’t sure when Evie had left her in the bed. She fell asleep.

But she knew when Evie returned. Her alarm clock said 6:30 AM, an hour and a half before Maria would start the first shift.

Melody smiled and rolled over when she felt Evie’s hands on her naked back.


“Morning, sunshine,” Evie whispered. She had stripped naked and slid under the covers with Melody.

“Won’t Maria be mad you ended your shift early?” Melody asked.

Evie giggled. “Oh, I don’t think so.” She kissed Melody and then turned her head to the side.

Maria was standing by her bed with one eyebrow raised.

Evie nibbled Melody’s ear. “Maria and I want to make sure we understand all this.”

“O… Okay?”


Evie grinned. “So, you’re in love with Eric?”

“Yes,” Melody said.

Maria’s face was inscrutable.

“And, last night you decided you liked girls too?” Evie said in Melody’s ear.

Melody moaned – Evie’s hot breath in her ear was making her melt. “Yes.”

“You are bisexual,” Maria said.


“I… suppose.”

“Was not question. Was observation.”


Evie laughed and kissed Melody’s neck. “Don’t pay attention to her, Melody. She’s just messing with your head because of what you said to her yesterday.”

“I’m really sorry about that, Maria,” Melody said. “I just didn’t want you to get me in trouble over Eric.”

Maria smiled for an instant before the stoic Russian detachment returned.


“She wasn’t going to get you in trouble. She was just trying to get you to be more careful,” Evie said and tickled Melody’s ear.


Maria turned away and walked to the dresser. “Yes.”

“So, everything’s okay?” Melody asked.

Evie giggled. “Oh, better than okay. We came here to show you something.”



Maria reached behind her and unzipped the back of her dress.

“The eighth wonder of the world,” Evie said.

“Stop it,” Maria said as she let the dress fall.

Melody gasped.

Maria Marapova’s body looked like she was carved from alabaster. Her hips were perfectly heart shaped and muscles stood out on her back. Like Evie, she wasn’t wearing panties, only the white stockings and garter belt.

Her almost white hair cascaded halfway down her back.


“Yeah, I know. I could look at her all day,” Evie whispered.

She turned around and undid her lace bra, revealing large breasts that belonged on a much younger woman.

Her face that had always seemed cold to Melody now seemed only beautiful with a hint of sadness.

She walked toward the bed, slipping off her shoes.

Maria stood over her and she found herself drawn to look at the woman’s sparse, nearly translucent pubic hair.

Maria knelt down and Melody stared at the big breasts.


When Maria stood back up, she was pulling something made from elastic straps up her long legs.

There was a plastic cock attached to it.

“What is that?”

“It’s called a strap-on,” Evie said.

“What’s it for?”

Evie laughed in her ear. “You know damned well what it’s for.” She rolled Melody onto her back and kissed her as Maria climbed onto the bed.


“Open your legs,” Evie whispered.

Melody stared deep into Maria’s almond shaped eyes and let her thighs part.

Maria smiled.

Evie reached out and stroked the plastic cock. “Is he bigger than this?”

Melody nodded. “It’s almost eleven inches I think.”

“Closer to twelve,” Maria corrected.


Evie and Melody both looked at her.

Maria shrugged. “He showers with door open. I am a lesbian, but not so much I wouldn’t look. He is a beautiful man.”

Evie laughed. “You are full of surprises, Maria.”

She smiled and grasped Melody’s thighs. Then she leaned down and began kissing her pussy.

Melody gasped and her body went rigid.

“Relax,” Evie whispered as she caressed Melody’s hard nipples.


Melody put her hand over her mouth as Maria sucked her clit.

Evie pulled Melody’s hand away. “Door’s closed and the walls are soundproof, remember. Let it out.”

Melody cried out and ran her fingers through Maria’s beautiful hair. She rubbed her crotch hard against the woman’s amazing mouth.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Evie said. Then she leaned over and began sucking Melody’s nipples.

“Oh, God!” Melody cried out.

She came, knowing her fluids were pouring onto Maria’s face.


She threw her head back and screamed through gritted teeth.

When Maria slid up her body, she threw herself into a passionate kiss.

She moaned into Maria’s mouth as she felt the plastic cock press against her and then slide deep inside.

She wrapped her legs around Maria’s waist as the woman’s powerful hips drove the dildo in and out.

Evie stroked Melody’s hair and the small of Maria’s back. She leaned in and kissed them both.

“God, God!” Melody cried out as she came again and fell asleep in their arms.



“He’s affecting them, isn’t he?” Stafford asked.

Dr. Thompson nodded.

They were watching the sapphic three-way going on in Melody’s room on the black and white monitor.

“It’s hormones, I believe. Perhaps even his brain waves. Just being in close proximity to him is causing them to change,” Thompson said.

“The other two were degenerates before,” Stafford said. “But the Hutchins girl was normal. His hormones or brainwaves or whatever they are drove her to perversion.”


Thompson sighed. “Do you ever get tired of being a Neanderthal, Stafford? You actually see these three women as perverted degenerates?”

“Makes me wonder about you that you don’t, doctor.”

“Perhaps they’re simply evolving.”

“Jesus Christ,” Stafford said. “We can debate morality at a different date, doctor. For now, we need to limit people’s exposure to Eric Morrison, so we don’t have anybody else ‘evolving’.”

Thompson nodded. “On this we are in agreement.”



She woke up with Evie curled against her, breathing steadily.

Maria was putting her uniform back on. She looked over her shoulder at Melody. “My shift starts.”

“Maria, what should I do?” Melody asked.

Maria shrugged as she adjusted her cap. “Sleep here with Evie till your shift starts.”

“No, I mean…”

Maria laughed. She turned and leaned on the dresser. “I know what you meant, darling. I make a joke.” She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. She ran her fingers through Melody’s blonde hair. “Tell him.”


“You think I should? What if…?”

“Melody, my love. There are men you could tell about this who would crucify you, call you names, toss you away. Your Eric is not such a man. He is the kind of man who will accept you and love you.”

Melody smiled and kissed her hand.

“Now, sleep.”

Melody closed her eyes and Maria closed the door behind her.




I had dispensed with wearing the pajama top. It was too tight, and I felt like an idiot wearing it. I can’t imagine how I must have appeared to Stafford and Thompson as I stood shirtless wearing only tight blue pajama bottoms in front of my blackboard.

They were standing as far away as possible, pressed against the wall.

“Any breakthroughs overnight?” Thompson asked.

I chuckled. “Doctor, you don’t honestly believe I could solve this that quickly, do you?”



“I have some thoughts if you’d like to hear them?” I said.

“Please,” Thompson said.

“First, a question: does anyone outside the United States know about this?”

“A few of our allies,” Stafford said.

“You must tell every government on earth, Colonel.”

“Are you out of your goddamned mind?”


I sighed. “Secrecy will doom us, Colonel. There needs to be a global effort to solve this.”

“What are we supposed to do? Share intel with the Russians? The goddamned red Chinese?”

I turned and glared at him. “Yes, Colonel. They’re going to die too. Have you even warned the Russians about the dangers of detonating another Neptunium bomb?”

Stafford stared at me. “No.”

I laughed. “Colonel, the mutations caused by the detonation of one of those bombs have doomed humanity to a slow death. More detonations might cause different mutations that will kill us in a matter of weeks. Don’t you think we should make sure that doesn’t happen?”

Thompson held up his hand. “I’ll speak to the President, Eric. The decision is his.”


I nodded.

“Beyond alerting the world governments, what else can we do?”

“Start looking for people who are immune. To do that, we’ll need a way to test for the mutation. It will take us at least a decade to create such a test given current technology.”

“Wait, you’re saying there are people who are immune to the mutation?”

“Yes. Statistically there have to be. I would place the numbers at one-one hundredth of one percent of the world population – approximately 350,000 people. These people will need to be identified and selectively bred…”

“Selective breeding? Are you out of your goddamned mind, Morrison?” Stafford asked. “This is the United States. The people aren’t going to go for a ‘selective breeding’ program.”


“They will if they want to save the human race. Gentlemen, in a hundred years, the decreasing birth rate will be evident to anyone who looks at the figures.”

“Are there other things we can do, Eric?” Thompson asked.

I nodded. “Suspended animation until we can find a way to cure this.”

Stafford laughed. “People in freezers. Jesus, this is your genius, Thompson? Who goes in them, Morrison? Who decides?”

I shook my head. “To save the world, perhaps I have to change it.”

“What?” Thompson asked.


“Every stop gap measure I present, you counter with the right of people to free will. Perhaps that needs to be taken away. Sometimes I wonder if I couldn’t build a better civilization without your fucking morality and convention, Stafford?”

Stafford went pale, and it was at that point I finally realized he was truly afraid of me. For someone like Stafford, that must have been an alien feeling.

“What the fuck is he talking about, Thompson?” Stafford hissed.

“Merely postulating, Colonel. A daydream. Speaking off the top of my head,” I said. But was I? “Or I could make humanity immortal.”

They were both silent.

“Hmm… there’s something to ponder.”


“What are you talking about, Morrison?” Stafford asked.

“Simply this: The Ambrosia I was given was unrefined. It was created millennia ago and stored in those vessels – if it was created at all. Perhaps it bubbled up from the earth and was bottled. Or perhaps it was a gift from some advanced civilization that visited us at the dawn of time.”

“An extraterrestrial origin?” Thompson asked.

“Or extradimensional. Some traveler, not unlike Pike, traveling from some other plane of existence with a gift for us, perhaps? In any event, the Ambrosia we have is a broadsword, not a scalpel – it’s unrefined and it kills more people than it can imbue with godlike powers. If we could refine it? Understand how it works? We might be able to isolate the mechanism of immortality.”

“What mechanism of immortality, Eric?” Thompson asked.

I turned and stared at him. “I’m immortal now. Didn’t you know? Of course not.” I laughed. “I only figured it out at 4:47 AM this morning. I keep forgetting you’re lagging behind me, doctor. My apologies.”


“You’re immortal?!” Stafford asked.

I laughed. “Yes, Colonel. When you are dead and dust in your grave, I will still be alive and well. If anything, I’ve grown younger in the last few days. Yes, I will need the rest of the Ambrosia. You can bring it to me, can’t you?”

“The fuck we will!” Stafford spat. “You think we’re going to give the most important substance on earth to you?”

“Eric, you really think you can make people immortal?” Thompson asked.

“I’m counting on it. I’m in love with Melody Hutchins. I want her by my side forever.”



“Jesus, what the fuck have we done?” Stafford asked as he walked down the hall with Thompson.

“Stafford, if he can make humanity immortal, the world would be saved. We would have millennia to solve the reproduction problem.”

“Who’d get to be immortal, doctor?”


Stafford laughed. “You’re delusional. Immortality would become the new gold, the most valuable commodity on earth. Would we give it to the commies? If we didn’t, would they start World War III over it? I know I fucking would.”

“Stafford, we have to get beyond these… police actions and cloak and dagger bullshit. He can change the world, make it better for all of us.”


Stafford pointed back at Eric’s room. “Absolute power in the hands of that man, doctor? Think about it. You think Eric Morrison should wield that kind of power over the world? You think he’s going to create a utopia? He’ll build a living hell and sit on the satanic throne.”

Thompson grabbed Stafford’s arm. “Colonel, that man is the only chance we have to save this world!”

Stafford jerked his arm away. “I should have shot him in the face on the first night.”



In that one moment speaking with Thompson and Stafford, I knew I could not save the world their way. Once the powers that be saw me as immortal, they would destroy me out of pure jealousy. If I gave them the gift of immortality, they would fight never-ending wars over ideologies and religions. If I gave immortality to only one ideology, those who were left out would destroy the world out of spite.


The Staffords of the world were too many. The Thompsons too few.

And at that moment she came into the room.

Smiling, beaming in her white uniform. I didn’t have to look away from the board to know it was her. I simply held out my hand.

Melody ran to me, clasping my hand, drawing close to me.

I put my arm around her and drew her tight against my side.

“You’re taller,” she said.


“Am I?”

“Your pajamas are knee pants. You look ridiculous.”

I slid them down my hips and stood naked.

She laughed. “Eric? Do you want clothes?”

I looked down at her. “Why?”

“Somebody might see.” She giggled.


“Let them look. Take off your clothes.”

“What?! No! It’s too early, anybody could come in, Eric!” But all the while she was taking off her little white nurse’s hat and unzipping her uniform.

“Leave the stockings and garter belt. I like them – they make you look more naked.” I smiled. She had left the panties in her room.

“Okay, I…” She stopped and her eyes grew wide as she looked down at herself. “I’m naked! Why did I do that?” She crossed her hands over her breasts.

I smiled. “You should only wear lingerie. Nothing else. Women are too beautiful to walk around in dresses and uniforms.”

She hesitated looking down at her clothes.


I laughed. “Go ahead. Put them back on.”

She knelt down and pulled her uniform back up. “Help me?”

I zipped her up.

“How did you do that?” She asked.

I pulled her back under my arm. “I believe I’ve developed a new power. The closer you are to me, the more you are compelled to do what I ask.”

She closed her eyes. “Eric, I have to tell you something.”


I looked down at her. “What?”

“Last night. I… I don’t know why… But I seduced… I seduced Evie.”

“Really? Hmm,” I said and smiled.

She stared up at me. “That’s all you can say? I tell you I seduced a woman and you say ‘Hmm’?”

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Eric! I made love to Evie. I had lesbian sex.”


“Are you saying you’re leaving me?” I asked.

“What?! No!” She hugged me tight. “No! I love you. I don’t love…”

“Of course you love her. That’s why you chose her to be intimate with, isn’t it?”

“I… God, I’m so confused.” She hid her face in my chest. “I messed everything up. It’s all my fault.”

I laughed. “No. You haven’t messed anything up. And it’s my fault.”



“Remember what I told you last night when you told me about Evie and Maria? I said, ‘You should try it sometime.'”

Her eyes grew wide as she realized what had happened. “You bastard!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize I had that power last night. I figured it out this morning.”

“I can’t believe you did that to me?”

“I didn’t mean to.” I stroked her face. “Would you like me to undo it? I can if you like. I can make you 100% straight again if you like.”

I saw the hesitation in her eye and barely held back a laugh. “It’s okay if you liked it, Melody. It really is okay.”


“But it wasn’t real! You made me…”

I smiled and shook my head. “No, I made you try it. I didn’t make you like it. That’s all you. I just made you think about it. The choice was yours.”

She punched my shoulder. “Don’t ever make me try something again! I mean it!”

“I won’t, I didn’t mean to last night. It’s dangerous being around me, babe. Especially now. I don’t know my own strength.”

“You’re okay if I do things… with girls?”



“Why? Why are you okay with it?”

I picked her up. “Because I love you and I trust you. I trust that you love me, and I want you to be happy.”

She held on tight. I could tell she was looking at the blackboard. “The symbols look different.”



“I switched to code.” I said and then I kissed her.


“You’re writing in code?”

“I am.”


“Because I found the camera last night.”

She looked at me. “What camera?!”

“Not so loud. There’s a microphone as well. I suspected Stafford and Thompson had the rooms bugged. I was correct.”


“Oh, my God! They’ve seen…”

“Everything. Including what you did last night with Evie, I imagine.”

She laid her head on my shoulder. “They’ll ruin me.”

“Nonsense. They won’t say a word. If they did anything to upset you, I’d stop helping them. Besides, they won’t take the risk of anything getting out about Project Olympus.” I carried her to the bed.

“What are you doing?” She whispered.

“What do you think I’m doing?”


“But they’re…”

“Watching. Yes. They’ve been watching. They’ve watched everything we’ve done. Let them watch.”

“You’re terrible!” She whispered, but she was smiling.

“Yes, and I’m also horny. My libido is skyrocketing, and I can only masturbate so many times a day.”

She giggled uncontrollably.

I set her on the bed and grabbed her ankles, pushing them against her chest. The hem of her uniform rode up and exposed the top of her stockings and the garter belt.


“Wait, stop!” She said.

“Oh, God, what now?”

“I… I have to confess something else…”

I reached down and touched the fine down of her blonde pubes. I held up my fingers and she tried to focus on what I had pulled from her bush.

It was a long white hair.

“You fucked Maria as well I see? That was brave.” I grinned lewdly.


She shrugged. “It was Evie’s idea.”

“Always someone else’s idea with you isn’t it, Nurse Hutchins?” I leaned over her and kissed her.

She giggled in my mouth and then gasped as my cock brushed against her clit.

Melody reached down and guided me into her. “Don’t be gentle this time,” she whispered.

I slid into her.

“Oh! Okay a little gentle!”


I laughed as I moved slowly inside her, bottoming out in her at eight inches and taking care not to push too hard.

This is the part where I tell you how gentlemanly I was as I made love to her. How I didn’t delve into her mind – that ultimate betrayal of trust.

I could tell you that, but I would be lying.

I’m a telepath, and as I made love to her, Melody’s mind opened to me just like her womanhood. Humans are a mass of insecurities, a tapestry of old emotional wounds. When we look at someone else, we see them as a beautiful whole. But, when we look at ourselves? We see all our faults, all our imperfections under a microscope.

No one is truly free. We are our own slave masters.

So I looked into Melody’s mind and I eliminated each insecurity as I found it. I felt her relax in my arms as each worry faded from her conscious mind and she focused only on the moment.


When she came, she screamed out my name, her legs squeezing my hips as her nails dug into my back.

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