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Too long without sex

ingle mom and no sex for 2 years. But when He comes everything changes. I am a single mom and a teacher. My boyfriend left me when our kid was two years old. Now my baby boy was almost five. I barely had dates during all this time. Either no time or no wish.

If I saw attractive guy it would turn me on in a second. Of course, I didn’t have normal sex for over two years. My best “lover” was my seven inches vibrating “John”. Don’t ask why “John”. I am a teacher of elementary school. Once every two weeks I have meetings with parents to talk about kids and their success.

I love my kids but I love their parents even more. So, let me tell this story… It was the end of the day. I was ready to go home. Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. “Come in” I said. Door carefully opened and I stood in a pleasant shock. Here he was – hero of my fantasies. I didn’t know who it was but he looked so handsome. Tall, athletic built man. You could see lines of his well- trained muscles under his dark brown silky shirt. “I’m sorry if I interrupted you. I’m looking for Ms.Wicht.”   “It’s me,”

I took a deep breath, trying not stare at him too much. Handsome man came to me and shook my hand. “Hello, my name is David. I am Philip’s dad.” His hand was so warm and strong. I tried not to look at him. My brain started to draw naughty pictures. “Yes, David. How I can help you? It’s kinda late and I have to go home.” “It will take couple minutes only. I was just wonder about one thing. “ “Yes, what is it?” I took my purse and was going towards the door. “Is it possible for my son to have A on next test?” I stopped in the middle of my way to the door.

“Excuse me? You want to risk my reputation and to promise that your kid will have curtain grade?” “I will do whatever it takes…and even more,” his look was slowly checking me out.

“Sir, David, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m sure I won’t be able to do something like this,” I was nervous. I knew what he was offering and I wanted it so badly. Just for a one minute to feel strong moves inside my desperate and wanting pussy.

Oh, it wanted thick dick so bad. “Ms. Wicht, think twice. Are you sure there is nothing I can do for you? I’m pretty sure you taste so damn good. And my tongue wants to give you little bit of pleasure.” I had a goosy skin all over my body when he mentioned about his tongue.

I could swear I almost had an orgasm after his dirty words. “Sir, I have to go. Excuse me!”

I squeezed my purse harder and continued my way to the door. Suddenly I felt his strong arms around my waist. One move and he pin me to the wall near the door. He threw my purse away and lifted my arms over my head. “David, please, let me go. Somebody can enter. We just can’t.” “Shhh,” he shut my mouth with his finger “I know you want it. I can feel it.” “But…” “No “buts”, just enjoy.” He pulled my skirt off and ripped my panties. I was so wet.

He went down on his knees and started to eat me out. I was so horny. It didn’t take me long to cum in his mouth. He didn’t stop. Spread my legs wider he licked me so deep.

I could feel his tongue teasing my pussy. My pulsating clit got his attention. I felt two fingers inside of me gently rubbing my G-spot. God, he was so good. “I’ll eat you out till last drop. You taste so awesome.” He took his shirt off. His muscles were so sexy. His tongue kept torturing my pussy. I wanted to feel his cock inside of me so bad. “Please, fuck me,”

I touched my nipples. Handsome man slowly unzipped pants and took out hard as rock dick. Eight thick inches of future unforgettable pleasure. Now was my turn. I went down on my knees and covered this “beauty” with my mouth.

He moaned deeply. I started to lick it like ice-cream trying to fit all in my mouth. Oh, dear Lord, it was so big. My tongue teased its top, playing with hole. Wrapping around it and slowly sucking. I didn’t taste big cock so long time ago.

He stopped me and kept teasing my pussy gathering my juices. “I need it so bad, please” I lead his dick into my wet, dripping pussy. “Not yet” he held my hands overhead again. Playing with his big boy he tried to gather all the juices.

Then one fast and deep move and I moaned. “You are so deep. Please, don’t stop.” Moves got faster and deeper. “Promise me you’ll do what I asked or I won’t let you cum.” It felt so good. I would sell my soul to devil. “Yes, I’ll do what you want, just keep moving.” Strong arms hold my butt. He got deeper with every move.

I screamed – big wave of orgasm washed me out. He didn’t stop and kept fucking. I moved my hips faster reaching another orgasm. I almost lost my mind – it felt so good.   I didn’t want to go back to my “John” so now I had a homework to do. Find a guy to fuck

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