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Three sisters make their younger brother drink their piss

I met up with my sisters in the summer of 2010, at an apartment downtown where Leslee lived. As my oldest sister, she had invited everyone down to her place. This would be the first time the four of us were all together in eight years. Leslee was 32 and a martial arts instructor. She taught Aikijutsu, had a small and exclusive class, and made good money doing it. Marion was 31 and was a professional dancer. She was getting into teaching modern dance since she was getting a bit older and never hit the big time. Kathy was 29 and a professional accountant. She was the only one who had any weight, being a little bit chubby, which I think only added to her cuteness. I was 26 and just starting out a career in law. I sought to really impress my sisters and establish myself in some way as being superior.

None of my sisters had ever married, and I myself was single. Leslee had a nice, modern furnished apartment downtown, spacious and comfortable. We greeted each other, hugged, poured a couple of glasses of wine, and started chatting. I had expected that I would sort of swagger in and take charge of the situation, my sisters being cowed by what a tall, good looking, educated and confident young man I had become. Instead, I was stunned by their good looks and easy mannerisms.

Leslee was tall and thin, with flowing curly red locks, small perky boobs, and an amazing tight muscular body. She still had freckles, same as my youngest sister Kathy, and both still had their cute upturned noses. Marion was shorter and blond, with bigger tits than Leslee, and a shapelier ass, her dancer’s body a marvel to look at. Her face was always more elegant, with more of a classical beauty than her two sisters. And Kathy was always to me the cutest of the three, the face of a pixie, and fire red hair that accentuated her freckles and sparking blue eyes. Her boobs were big and bouncy, and she had a plump belly with shapely legs and a thick juicy butt and thighs. Wow, my sisters all looked like knockouts.

We discussed our schooling and careers, and I was disappointed to not draw in words of praise and respect at my tales of grueling law school and my distinctive placement. All of us had interesting stories to tell, but mine always seemed to pale. Leslee had lots of amusing and surprising yarns about people she had met and situations she had been in regarding being a female and young instructor in the martial arts.

We all teased Marion to show us off some dance moves, which she declined, but did show us some clips of her on youtube, and said she would give us access to her dance studio web site so we could see some of her performances. Even Kathy worked at a fast-paced office with lots of amusing and colourful characters.

We were all chatting comfortably and getting reacquainted quickly.

The conversation turned to relationships, and each of us had a series of failed ventures, some shorter or longer, but never serious enough to consider marriage. All of us seemed to be missing something.

Then the talk turned to sex.

It seemed that all of us had something in common, but the more the subject came to light, the quieter I became.

“No, I definitely like golden showers!” exclaimed Marion. “It’s just that I haven’t found any websites that show what I am looking for.”

“And what’s that, then?” asked Kathy.

“Well, most of them just show girls taking a pee. Does nothing for me. Not into girls, don’t like watching them pee. Not by themselves, anyway.”

“That isn’t really what I asked you,” replied Kathy slyly.

“Ok,” Marion said, fixing Kathy with an intent look. “I like when girls pee on guys. Specifically, in their mouths. Happy?”

Kathy just giggled.

“Well, you should try goldengirls.com,” said Leslee. “They have a bunch of different stuff. Lots of just girls peeing, but they have some golden shower, girl on guy stuff. It’s pretty hot.”

“Do they pee in their mouths?” Marion enquired excitedly.

“Sometimes,” replied Leslee. “There’s another one I go to as well, mistressblade.com, she dominates her husband. Sometimes it’s just bondage and spankings, but she pisses in his mouth and makes him drink it too.”

“Wow, really?” breathed Marion. “Send me the link to that one, that sounds incredible!”

“Yeah, it’s really high quality stuff. There’s close-ups of her pissing directly into his mouth, and you can see him swallow it. Love it when they do that!”

Kathy giggled again. “I have a profile on quirksandkinks.com. I joined a couple of golden shower groups, there’s totally hot stuff. People share links, and there’s amateur stuff there too. Girls peeing on their boyfriends, guys drinking girls’ piss, guys who act as toilets for dominatrixes, guys pissing on themselves. It’s so fucking horny, I’m on there like, every night.”

“Are you kidding me?” gulped Marion. “You guys have got to hook me up. How do I get a profile? Is it free?”

“Well, it’s free to make a profile. You have to pay to get extras, like contacting members directly, posting and viewing videos and stuff. You can log in with my profile though. I, uh, have some videos of myself peeing though. I’ve had guys request it. It’s really exciting, they jerk off looking at my videos and write me telling me how they want me to pee on them. I love it.”

“Yeah, you’ll have to let me check that out too!” said Leslee. “That sounds really hot. Have you ever met one of those guys or anything?”

“Just once, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody really in my area that I’m interested in. Lots of them are really submissive, or sissies, and that’s not what I want. I want a man who’s a man, not some wimp. I just want a man that I can force to drink my piss,” she giggled with a bit of a blush.

“Damn, that is totally what I want!” Marion burst out. “I have tried to get some of my boyfriends to play with my pee, but the closest I could get was Brad. He only leg me pee on his leg in the shower! And he watched me pee on the toilet a couple of times while he stroked himself. But, yeah! That’s what I’ve been looking for!”

“I dated a guy named Mike for a while,” said Leslee. “I gave him a golden shower a couple of times. He liked it, but he was into the whole humiliation/fetish thing. He wanted me to put a dog collar on him and lead him around by a leash. It was kind of funny, but not really a turn on.”

“You peed on him?” breathed Marion. “Where? His body? His face? Was he naked?”

“He liked to kneel and bow down. So I peed on his back and in his hair. He wanted to be naked with just the collar on.”

“That one guy I met drank my piss,” said Kathy. “He was into all kinds of strange things. We met in a pub, and he wanted to drink my piss right there at the table, first time I met him! So he finished his beer, I took the glass into the ladies room, filled it up, snuck it back to the table and put it in front of him. I raised my glass in a toast, and then he drained his! Just tilted it and guzzled it, right in front of everybody! That was really, really exciting, but yeah, he was weird. He was into poop and diapers and all sorts of things. So it never really went anywhere past that.”

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