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There is a sensual hangover among us

#Group Sex #Threesome #Virgin

Hello friends, .I am going to tell you a lust fantasies of four friends; Marc,Annette,Claire and Nicholas at the time of lockdown. Read and enjoy the story. You can also read a lot of lust

This is about April, 2020 when I(Marc)and my three friends Nicholas, Annette and Claire. We were all on leave at home due to the lockdown. We were all bored sitting at home. One day I thought, “Why not have a small feast with your friends to beat the boredom???”
I called Annette, “Hello Anne, what are you doing?”
Annette: “What to do!!! Nothing but sitting bored.”
I asked: “Shouldn’t a small part be organized at my home farmhouse?”
Annette: “Umm… well. But it won’t be much fun.”
I said: “Oh,Come on! I have invited Nicholas and Claire also.”
Annette: “Okay, let’s party on Sunday again.”
Me: “Absolutely!”
On Sunday around 8 am, Nicholas and
Claire in a bike and Annette in a scooter reached the farmhouse of our house. I sprinkled sanitizer in their hands and asked everyone to take off the mask. After a long time we all were very happy to see each other. We all hugged, I asked everyone, “What will you guys have for breakfast? Tea?, biscuits?
Claire :”I will take whiskey… ha… ha… ha ”
Nicholas: “O my distant relatives… we are your friends, not your hotel’s paying guest. So keep this hospitality with you and tell me that inside secret.”
Annette: “Yes, that relationship one.”
Everyone: “Ha, ha, ha ……………………………..”
(laughs out loud)
Me: “Dude, why are you making fun of me? You all know that I am single.
Claire: “O my child………. bad happened to you”
(laughs out loud)
And What should I describe about Claire’s figure?
Blond body…..blonde hair,pink lips, whose are always needs to be sucked. Looking from the front, the big curvy 36 inch breast and 42 inch wide buttocks from behind injure the heart.
Annette said, “Do you know what is the surprise today?”
Nicholas and Claire: What is it? What is it?
Annette: “Today we will play a game called Among Us.
I will give clothes of the same color to everyone. One of those clothes will have a fake knife in his pocket.
Whoever gets that cloth will become an imposter and kill everyone.”
I asked: “kill everyone?”
Annette: “No…. not really. And yes, everyone will be given a different task, but the imposter will not tell his secret to anyone.
And once one who is dead and cannot say anything to anyone.”
After that Annette gave all of us four black t-shirts and trousers. We all put on our clothes.
By chance, that knife was in my own pocket.
We came out, Annette started explaining the tasks.
“Look, we have total 5 tasks to do.”
1.Tomato Breaking
2. Terrace Cleaning
3. Hens Egg Collecting
4. Inverter wiring repair
and 5. cutting vegetables etc…….
Claire’s nipples were clearly visible in the black clothes. My penis immediately stood up. I somehow managed myself.
Anne was saying, “If anyone has any doubts, then this whistle has been kept here. He can call a meeting by ringing it.”
Annette was no less sexy . She was less white colored than Claire but perfect curvy.
We separated after understanding the task. Annette started collecting chicken eggs, Nicholas went to clean the terrace, Claire took the basket and went to pluck the tomatoes and I lied to repair the inverter. After 5 minutes I took my knife and started looking for everyone in silence.
Finding it, he reached near the tomato garden.
Claire was leaning down and looking for ripe tomatoes. Her trouser had gone down a bit.
Seeing all this, my penis became 7 inches and was pushing my trouser out. At this moment Claire suddenly turned towards me and was shocked to see me.
She said, “Marc!!!! You were peeking me?” She started moving towards me.
“N….n..No…I was going to catch you”
“Oh.!!” she said, “then catch me.” She came from the front and clung to me. For a moment I trembled. My penis became very hard and she was pushed out.
She said: “Hey, did any horn come out inside your pant? If I have a look!!!”
Claire felt my penis from the top of the pants. “Hey what is it? Are you a pornstar? How big a penis?” She took out my penis and started caressing me.
I said, “No… stop.”
Claire: “Why, Are you feeling scared? Uann……….. my baby can see me from behind but not from the front……”
She started shaking the penis vigorously.” Oh……..
. All the semen spilled on her. “Hey, you fell in just so much!! Do you jerk off just thinking of me all day? You cummed so soon! How will you make someone a girlfriend?..”she said with a smile.
“Look Claire, don’t insult me, if I want, I can make you cum 5 times, bet on me.”
I spoke with a slight sigh.
“Good! Then came the condition.” She said excitedly.
As soon as I heard this, I went to repair her big 42 inch butts. Her chubby butts and thighs were glued to the narrow black tracksuit whom I have always loved.
I sat down on my knees and started pressing Clarie’s bum. Bending her down, she slowly started licking her buttocks with my tongue. Slow voices were coming from her mouth, she…
I just slid her pants down. Two huge butts, gleaming in the sun, came out from inside him. I was stunned, my penis started erecting on its own. I felt her butts with my hands. Her butt were completely red. Then my hands felt something wet. I put my hand inside her red panties. Inserted hand from where that wet thing was coming out. Then a gentle hissing from her mouth
Ah………….. came out. …….. started to do. I was constantly fingering her vagina. She got hot. She started moaning loudly.”ahh…..”I took off her panties. I lay down and made her sit on top of my mouth and started licking her clit with my tongue. She started shouting loudly.”uff…ya”.she trembled and hot water squirted out of her pussy.
I asked: “Why ma’am? It broke all at once!”
Claire hid her face in shame. She said, “Okay, I accept the defeat” and put her pink lips in my mouth and started sucking. We were half naked. She slowly started opening my t-shirt and I was in her .She was wearing a red bra. We were still kissing each other and I untied her bra from behind. We were all naked. I put the T-shirts down. I laid down her Nude by filling her in my arms. Her legs, thighs;I started licking everyone with my tongue. Her breasts were very hard. Now I came on top of her and started sucking her nipples. She’s holding my head
” oh…Marc….lean on me…..yes……….”
She was talking. She was very hot. I kissed her on the throat and started moving back towards the navel.
Her vagina had become very wet again.
“Oh……..Marc……..don’t torment anymore…..insert your cock inside me. extinguish my inner fire…….come ……Ahh…….”
Without delay, I put my penis in his vagina.
He said “Ah………………………………………” .
I slowly increased my speed.
She started speaking loudly, “Oh Sunil……….my darling………. deeper….harder…….oh…..oops…umm…….”
We were both soaked in sweat. She was down and I was on top of her, the atmosphere of our intercourse was very beautiful. The sound of thumping of penis and vagina was coming out “slup…slp…pp”. Just then Annette was coming towards us looking for both of us. We were so busy having sex that we could only hear our “Ahh…ohhhhh…” voices. Annette was standing beside us But we didn’t pay attention to him. Suddenly my eyes fell on his legs. When I looked up, Annette was smiling looking at me. I stood up in shock. Started to hide the dick with my hands. Claire was also standing with her head bowed.
“Oh hey, why did you stop? Whether someone dies or falls, you guys should not give up,” said Annette.
“No Anne.Actually the matter is….”I went closer to her
“I was the imposter, and I was going to kill Claire”
(Meanwhile I asked Claire to come forward in hints) “And I grabbed Claire from behind” (Saying this, I held Annette tightly from behind.)
Anne: “Leave… leave me”
Claire came from the front. She started caressing her by putting her hand inside her panty. I kissed Anne’s throat and started pressing her breasts from the inside of her t-shirt.
She shuddered in excitement. From her mouth, “Yes………..” Soft hissings started coming out.
Annette was now enjoying herself completely. I took off her bra and t-shirt. When I put my hand in her vagina, she was completely soaked. I started rubbing her vagina with my left hand.
She was taking long breaths.”Um..h..uh..uh..u.m…….h.” and rubbed her ass over my penis. My penis started getting completely uncontrollable. I bent her down and made him sit on her knees. I took off her trouser and panty.
By making her a mare, I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind. Her vagina had become so wet that, in one stroke, my penis penetrated the entire uterus. I grabbed her breasts and started fucking her.
“Ah…….h…….ha…….fuck me…fuck me.. harder…..oh…….” She shouted .
“Ah…ah…well my mother” said.
“Quiet!! ….Claire will be your mom….I am…… Your slut wife…… oh………fuck me… oh.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …Ahh………”
Hearing this, Claire got angry. “Okay? So you want to have fun alone”. After saying this, she put one leg on my shoulder and started rubbing her pussy vigorously in my mouth. I was suffocating. I was pushing the penis into the vagina with force from behind and was satisfying Claire with the tongue.
Both girls, “Uff……oh……..um…….ya…ah…….huh…and louder” ……… and……. The sound of fucking was coming. All this had suddenly turned into threesome sex. That’s when Nicholas arrived.
I said, “What is the fuck are you looking at? Help me. Take Claire from me and destroy her.”
He lifted Claire from above me and laid her down. Naked Claire was calling him excitedly. ”
Nicholas took out his 6 inch penis and inserted it in Claire’s wet pussy.
“Oh……… my king…………..come over…. come over me….. yes….. yes…. …..Ahh……..”
She’s the one who’s sobbing.
Nicholas was patting her while sucking on her lips. The sound of banging could be heard.
Here I was about to ejaculate. And to have fun
I turned Annette over and lifted her in my lap. She said, “Ouch”.I caught both his legs in my waist and started fucking from the front.
“Umm…you are doing good”she said while sucking my lips. My speed increased and it was getting harder and louder. Finally, “A……..hhhh……”I left my semen inside Anne in one last stroke. Anne and I were kissing each other.
On the other hand, Nicholas and Claire were busy in sex.
Claire: “Oh Nick your cock is too fat..”
Nick: “Oh Claire your pussy is too tight and slippery”
We came to him and started cheering him.
“Common Nick make her cum”
Nicholas kept pushing hard. Claire’s Pussy started chugging water.
Both were soaked in sweat. Nick’s emphasis was slowly increasing. After 4-5 consecutive bumps, Nick’s cock released his semen inside Claire.
They both started kissing each other for a while. After that we all took bath and ordered lunch.
Friends, I hope you guys have liked this story. And to read new stories click milfistaan.xyz

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