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The Witch and the Watch Pt. 03

Yesterday, I’d gained a magic pocket watch that let me hypnotize and control any woman who stared into it, including the incredibly attractive shopkeeper (who I was certain was a witch) that was going to sell it to me before I convinced (hypnotized) her to give it to me for free. She’d also given me a magic ring that had made me strong as an ox and with a bottomless well of stamina, enough to keep me going all the way into the morning as I explored every inch of her body.

The ring had also given me what seemed like an unquenchable libido, one that even a mysterious witch couldn’t satisfy all on her own. She’d suggested I build a harem for myself, and as I’d considered the matter back in my car parked outside her shop, I’d seen young, fit body after young, fit body clad in tight yoga pants walking into the yoga studio next door to her little antique shop on the strip mall.

Telling myself that I just wanted to clear my head, and that I wasn’t committing to anything, I’d headed inside, intent on claiming the whole class of women for myself, to see just what it would take to satisfy my new lusts.

Unfortunately, (or luckily, depending on how you looked at it) I hit a roadblock when the girl behind the counter who had signed me up, Kylie, had proven too irresistibly cute with her petite body and dirty blonde hair in two cute pigtails, even if she was dressed a little dorky with those big glasses and the plain polo shirt. Once I had her naked, she was even better.

And while I’d been enjoying her, one of the yoga instructors with an amazingly athletic and tight body and short, electric blue hair had come in and interrupted.

Now both of them were on their knees. The instructor, Anna, had her hands wrapped around my cock as she worked her tongue over the crown, her head swaying side to side as she threw her everything into worshipping me. Kylie had her head lower, licking and sucking on my balls, staring up at me with her her big brown eyes sparkling.

Both were amazing enough that any man would be lucky to have either. Together, it was more than any man could ask for. For me though…it wasn’t enough. I wrapped a hand around each of their throats, tilting their chins up with my thumb so that they were both looking straight up at me, “Good girls. You want more, don’t you?”

“Yes please.” Anna stuck her tongue out, trying to get just one more taste of my cock.

“Please, sir…” Kylie’s voice had a bit of a whine too it, her eyes never leaving mine.

“That’s right. You must be patient though. For now, you two clean up this mess.” I’d fucked and pumped my seed into both of their wombs, and plenty had dripped out, “And make sure I’m not disturbed while I’m collecting the other girls. Go ahead and close up shop, start calling your morning class and tell them it’ll be cancelled for today.”

Anna looked up at me, “Collecting them…? Just what are you doing?”

“Does it matter? He deserves whatever he wants.” Kylie replied with a breathless sigh.

“Good point. I’ll get right on it!” Anna agreed.

Both girls giggled, and I left them to it, setting my eyes on the even bigger prize in front of me, and headed into the workout room. Lucky for me, it seems they’d all been mingling and were only just now getting started.

“Alright, ladies, let’s start with some simple warm-ups to get the blood flowing. Just a few squats and… oh, hello.” The instructor trailed off as she saw me enter the room. She wasn’t half-bad. Mid-twenties, very fit. In her tight yoga pants and sports bra, I could how well-defined her abs and shoulders were. There wasn’t any extra fat on her body, but the muscle that was there was subtle enough that it didn’t blunt her feminine appeal at all. She had bleached blonde hair tied into a ponytail and a healthy tan, no doubt earned through time in the sun rather than a tanning salon.

I wondered what sort of tan lines she had.

“Hey there. Sorry to interrupt.” I responded as I moved to the front of the room. I could feel every eye on me, and with my sharp hearing, could hear the whispering going on behind my back.

“…look at those arms…”

“…a kilt though…?”

With my new, stronger, more heavily muscled body, a kilt was the only thing I’d been able to find in the witch’s shop that would fit me.

“…don’t care, just wanna see what it looks like with it off…”

“…muscleheads… thought this was a women’s only studio…”

Looking around, I saw that there were nine other women. The youngest looked like she’d just turned eighteen with a skinny frame that looked fun to manhandle, while the most mature was a pair of voluptuous MILFs that seemed to be competing to see who could make their massive jugs spill more out of their sports bras. All of them looked to be in great shape. Well, Kylie had said this was the advanced class.

“Excuse me, miss…?”

“Mrs. Rose, please.” She said, putting extra emphasis on the ‘Mrs.’ part.

I glanced down and noticed the wedding ring. Well, I was wearing mine too, for all the good it was doing keeping me faithful.

“Mrs. Rose then. Before we begin, I was wondering if I could just say something to everyone first.”

She nodded, “Of course. You’re the first man to join the advanced class we’ve had, so I think we’re all a bit curious about what drew you here.”

“Thank you.” I walked to the front, stood side by side with her, then brought out the watch, “Well, I’ve never really had much of an interest in yoga. Exercise in general. I will say that I’ve always loved the outfits you women wear though, especially those skin-tight pants that make your asses look fantastic.”

While some had the presence of mind to be outraged, the most common reaction was pure shock at having a man talk to them that way.

I continued, “So what am I doing here? Well, if you could all just take a look at this, I think it’ll explain everything. You see…you are getting very sleepy.”

Eyes locked onto the pendant, and all in unison, the girls and instructor repeated for me, “I am getting sleepy.”

All except one. That cute teenager had taken out her phone to check something while I’d been talking, and her head popped up as she looked in surprise to see every other woman with their shoulders sagging as they were quickly sinking, “Wait, what? What are we doing?”

“I am in a hypnotic trance.” Every other woman said together. It looked like their weak wills were easier to dominate than Esmerelda’s. Or maybe the more I did this, the better at it I was getting?

“Huh?” She looked around in pure confusion.

Lucky I was there to explain things, walking between the tranced out women towards her, dangling the watch right in front of her, “Pay attention. I said…you are getting sleepy.”

“I am… getting sleepy.” The phone dropped out of her hand, “I am in a hypnotic trance.”

“Much better.” I wrapped my arm around the small of her back and pulled her body against mine, feeling her bouncy and soft ass in my wide palm, giving it a good squeeze that made her weakly moan through the trance, “Much, much better.”

I put the watch away, then went back to the front to address them, “Listen closely. I am your new teacher for today.”

“You are my teacher.” Their voices didn’t really come out in unison, more blending together as their tranced out minds ran slowly.

“Learning from me is your greatest desire.”

“Learning from you…my greatest desire…”

“You will accept any instruction.”

“I will accept any instruction.”

“You will believe everything I say.”

“I will believe everything you say.”

“You know I know what’s best for you.”

“You know what is best for me.”

“You won’t find anything that happens here to be unusual.”

“I won’t find anything that happens here to be unusual.”

“You’ll keep what goes on in this class to yourselves.”

“I will keep everything that goes on in this class to myself.”

“You won’t remember being hypnotized or my magic watch.”

“I will not remember being hypnotized or your magic watch.”

That ought to do it.

“Wake up.”

Seeing all those pretty eyes flutter open, hearing the little gasps of returning awareness, I was more than ready to get started.

“Alright. We’ll be doing a bit of hot yoga today. To make sure you don’t overheat too badly, I’d like for everyone to strip down.”

“Wow, hot yoga? I saw that online.” One of the women said as she bent over, wiggling out of her yoga pants.

“Isn’t that, like, when they make the room like over a hundred degrees?” The youngest said as her sky blue top went over her head and her cute pink and pierced nipples on her b-cup breasts bounced into view.

“I’m afraid we don’t have any space heaters for that sort of exercise. Will that be okay?” The instructor Rose asked as she finished getting naked like the rest.

“Don’t worry.” I joined in, stripping off my own clothing, feeling liberated in doing so. I could see everyone’s eyes trend below the belt and saw more than a few pupils dilate and lips part, “I’ve got a special technique that doesn’t require any extra equipment. First off, you girls need to heat up. So why don’t you stick your hands between your legs and show me how you get off.”

“That… makes sense, I guess?”

“That’s how they do it in Brazil, I think I read online.”

“Jeez, this is embarrassing.”

I interrupted their chattering, “I don’t mind you talking amongst yourselves, but when I tell you to do something, you should show the proper respect. Be good girls and give me a ‘yes, sir’.”

“Yes, sir.” They all agreed with my suggestion, naturally.

“That’s the spirit. Now really finger your twats and don’t be afraid of making some noise. Just relax.”

“Yes, sir!”

They looked a little unsure, but each of them obeyed. Some rubbed slowly, some were fast. There was a mix between those that were penetrating themselves and those that were focusing mostly on their clit.

I noticed one woman with raven hair, medium breasts, and a clean-shaven smooth pussy was looking around, having a bit of trouble. I stepped in front of her, “Let me guess. You don’t usually use your fingers?”

“Yes, sir. I have this, well, this dildo at home and I’m just so much more used to it. It’s been a while since I’ve done it this way.” She confessed.

“That’s no trouble. Your dildo, was it something like this?” I took her light wrist and pulled her hand against my hard cock. When I let it go, she started to lightly stroke it on her own, fascinated.

“Something…like that. Yes. Not this big though…”

“Well, for now, why don’t you try to grind it between your legs.” I turned her around and thrust it up against her inner thigh, lifting her up on tiptoe even as I bent my legs a bit to help with the height difference.

“Ohh! Yes, sir! I’ll do my best. Mmm! Oh yes, this… this will work.” Her hips started moving, and in less than a minute I could feel the slippery pussy juice she was leaking.

“No fair. I want to grind his cock too.” A busty redhead complained.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” One of the milfs said with a predatory grin.

“Alice! What would Tom say?” Her friend laughed it off as they both continued to finger themselves.

“Oh, relax. I was only kidding. You know he’s the only man for me.”

I called out to them, “You two, with the giant tits. Come here. If you’re going to be gossiping during the class, you can use those tongues to lick my feet while you get yourselves off.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Hmph. Getting us in trouble. Yes, sir.” Her friend didn’t seem to mind it at all. Not from the way she was licking her lips.

Both women came forward and kneeled town, their faces to the mat, and started to lick my feet, still masturbating all the while.

“Oh god… I think I’m about to…” One of the younger blondes was starting to shake.

“Not so fast. None of you are allowed to cum without permission. You can’t cum without permission.” I cut her off.

“Nooooo…” She whined, bending over, taking in deep breaths as she tried to walk it back… made much harder by the fact that she still wasn’t allowed to stop touching herself.

“Good girls. You’re doing great. Just like this. You’re all getting hot. Very aroused. You all want to cum, because this next orgasm is going to be the best one of your life.”

With that kind of motivation, it didn’t take long for each woman to get the same kind of desperation as the blonde. They were each gyrating their hips, each was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and they were doing a worse and worse job of suppressing the moans and whimpers that kept coming out.

The raven-haired girl grinding on my hips was particularly high-spirited, bouncing her tight ass against me over and over as she continued to squeeze my cock between her thighs, “…fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…!” She was chanting in a hoarse whisper.

“Alright, MILFs, back up just a bit.”

“Yes, sir. Wait, MILFs? Do you know who you are talking to, young man?”

“Yes, sir. It’s a compliment, Marion! It means he wants to fuck you.”

Both of them backed up, returning to a kneeling, legs spread position as they continued touching themselves.

I put my hands on the raven-haired girl, slowly lowered her down to the floor. She put her hands on the ground and kept thrusting, even faster in this new position, as I addressed the class, “Now then. The secret of this technique is to really stretch. Inside and out. I’m guessing you all know just how to stretch on the outside.”

I lined up my cock with her tight slit, then slowly eased it inside of her. She cried out from the pressure, but she pushed herself against me instead of away, wanting to take it as deep as she could.

“But I’m going to help you all stretch out your inside too. And…as long as you’re touching me, you each have permission to cum.”

That was all she needed, the girl I was penetrating shaking as she bit down onto her hand, letting out a high-pitched yell as the best orgasm of her life made her pussy go crazy around my cock. I didn’t give her any time to recover, grabbing her hips and slamming into her, enjoying the feel of her fresh pussy and the sexually charged atmosphere inside the room.

“Now it’s everyone else’s turn. Each of you can touch me however you like, but while you’re touching me, no fingers on your cunts.” I smirked, “You’ll need to get a bit creative.”

The rest of the women came forward in a surge that would have knocked a normal man clean off his feet. I met them like a stone cliff though, letting them flow against me. My arms were grabbed onto so they could grind on my hands, a girl on either side of me were rubbing their bodies up against me. Another two were kneeling at my feet, their hips rocking.

There could have been a bit of a scuffle for who got my cock, but when I grabbed the MILF Marion and lifted her off her feet, they were patient enough to wait their own turn. They didn’t have to wait long. Ten hot girls, each hornier than they’d ever been, each needing you to cum her brains out, each rubbing themselves all over you? It was the kind of fun I’d never been able to even imagine, and with the magic of the ring, I could more than keep up with them.

Even after each of the horny girls had gotten to experience my hard cock pounding against their wombs, I still wasn’t satisfied. I tried a few other things after that, letting the five cutest girls all worship my cock with their tongues at the same time while the rest practiced kissing with each other. After that, I enjoyed the feeling of sliding my cock between the pusses of the youngest women in the class as they laid on top of each other with their breasts pushed together, cumming so hard that I was able to splash their breasts with my seed.

As the two MILFs were working together to bounce their huge breasts around my cock, I took a moment to reflect. Using these women, indulging myself…it was paradise. A pure, hedonistic pleasure I’d never felt before in my life.

But at the same time… rather than sate my lusts, I felt as if I could keep going. I hadn’t rested once since I’d gotten involved with the ring, and I didn’t think there was anything that could make me stop. And no matter how good the meal, it couldn’t satisfy a bottomless appetite.

I needed something else.

“Please, cum all over my breasts, sir!” One of the MILFs gushed, her body covered with sweat from the intense workout I was giving her.

“You’re so hot…so dominant…such a man! Nothing like my husband. If only he could get his act together like you.”

…get his act together…

…get your act together…

…get your fucking act together or I’m leaving you…!

The voice of my wife, Katherine, echoed in my head. I could see her looking at me, her face twisted with contempt and disgust.

This whole thing had started because of her. She’d found my collection of porn, saw my interest in the very depraved fantasies I was indulging myself in now, and I was on the verge of losing her forever.

Thinking of her again, imagining what I was going to do with her… that was enough to make me cum all over the two MILFs. They immediately started licking my spunk off of each other while three new girls worked their tongues on my shaft to clean me. Hot as it was, my mind was in another place.

I needed to see her again. My sexual appetite might be bottomless now, but I was starting to realize there could be things in life that were even more satisfying than raw carnal pleasure.

It was time to go home.

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