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The Voice – Chapter 4

I am thrilled that Nikki asked me to continue co-authoring this series! I thank her for trusting me to take the lead on this chapter (although we both worked on this together). I hope you all continue to enjoy Jill’s journey with Michael down the path of seduction into a world that is unknown to her.

I entered Michael’s house filled with a mix of arousal and trepidation. The evening had been so fantastic, and if it ended now, I’d be more than satisfied. But Michael wanted to show me more, push me further, take things to the next level. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Not because I didn’t trust Michael. He’d proven time and again how he would make my wildest dreams come true while respecting and protecting me. My fear was that I was hopelessly enamored with him and would be devastated if something were to change Michael’s mind about me.

I shook that off like a wet blanket and allowed myself to be dazzled by the promise of erotic sex with the man of my dreams.

He could be the man you’ve been waiting for, Jill! He could be the one!

Michael opened some wine and poured two glasses. He handed one to me, and he raised the other. “Here’s to us and to the relationship that is evolving between us. May it always be as beautiful as you are, and may it continue to be mutually satisfying.”

I was entranced. Michael’s voice had me so mesmerized that he could have said practically anything, and I’d have fallen at his feet. I wanted to experience everything and more with him. We each sipped our wine and looked longingly into each other’s eyes. I could feel myself swooning.

What is it about him that makes me want to let go completely?

“Jill,” Michael said firmly. “I’m so pleased you enjoyed the wand massager. It was decadent, wasn’t it?”

I nodded, blushing.

“Now, before we begin the next phase of playtime, I need to make sure you understand my expectations. I want to continue pleasing you as you’ve never before experienced. But I also wish for you to be completely submissive to me.”

I blinked. “Haven’t I already done that?” I was taken aback, worried that he had found something about me lacking.

“Of course, you have, my dear,” he said soothingly as his fingers gently ran down my face like the legs of our deep red wine. “But I want us to take this several steps further. I want to be in complete charge of your body and, more specifically, your orgasms. I will dominate you sexually, and you will submit to me however I desire. I will be your Dom, and you will be my sub. You will belong only to me.”

Even though I wasn’t exactly sure what all this meant, I didn’t want to seem inexperienced or uninformed, nor give him a chance to change his mind. “Yes, oh, yes, Michael! I want to belong only to you! I will be your sub, and I will give myself to you however you wish!”

Michael grinned seductively and let out that low animal growl that I had come to recognize as a show of his pleasure. “That is music to my ears, darling. But before you accept my offer to dominate you, I’d like to explain a little more about what a Dom/sub relationship means.”

I felt my juices start to flow at the very idea of Michael taking complete charge of me.

Goodness! Why does the idea of this gorgeous man dominating me make me feel so excited? He knows my thoughts and my needs before they even hit my consciousness.

His melodic tones turned to all business and said, “Although I will be in charge, I want to make sure that you know you do have some say in our sessions. If you are uncomfortable with certain things, you need only to tell me, and we will take those things off the table completely. These are known as hard limits and are non-negotiable. It’s part of how I will keep my promise to fulfill your wildest dreams and make sure no harm comes to you. Do you understand?”

“I can’t imagine you would do anything that I wouldn’t like. But I understand what you mean,” I replied.

“Nevertheless, you may have qualms about certain acts, as not everyone has the same desires. I’ll give you some time to think about that. Next, I want you to know that if something I do doesn’t feel right or hurts you in a way that is not pleasurable, you have the right to let me know. I like to use the traffic light system because it is easy to remember.”

“What is the traffic light system?” I asked, eager to please.

“If, as I explained, you are not enjoying something I am doing to the point that you find it intolerable, you need only to say the word, red. This means I need to stop. I don’t wish to do anything that makes you feel unsafe.”

I shivered a little.

What could he possibly want to do to me that would make me tell him to stop?

He smiled and continued, “Now, if there is something that is just going a little too fast for you or you need me to ease up for a bit, you would say yellow. That will let me know that I need to use a lighter touch, or loosen a restraint, or give a certain body part a momentary break.”

Michael smiled and ran his hand over my hair. “If everything is going smoothly when I ask how you are feeling, you simply need to say, green. That means I can keep going with whatever it is I’m doing with the reassurance that you are fine and enjoying yourself.”

“That all sounds very reasonable.”

“I’m delighted that you think so, Jill. I want to challenge you sexually and bring you all the pleasure you can handle. But that involves you trusting me enough to give up all control over your body. Can you do that, Jill? Can you trust me?”

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Yes. Yes, I can.”

“Fabulous! And you’re sure this is what you want?” His voice was persuasive and intoxicating.

Oh, God! I think it’s what I want. Yes! I want to belong to him!

“Yes, I want this very much. I trust you, Michael. You’ve been true to your word.”

“Excellent!” Michael said, grinning. “Then, shall we get started?”

“Yes, please, Sir,” I replied a little nervously.

“You’re a very good girl, Jill. I want you to remember to call me Sir when we are together like this,” Michael said.

I suppressed the urge to giggle. “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, as lovely as that jade gown looks on you, Jill, I want you to take it off for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I slowly removed the dress, and when he nodded at me to continue, I took off my undergarments as well.

I’d been naked with Michael before, so this was no different, right? But for some reason, my pulse was racing.

I draped the dress carefully over the back of an elegant-looking couch. The gown seemed perfectly at home here among the décor. For a moment, I was distracted by the opulence of this room. I could see long taffeta drapes and valances, a beautiful camel back sofa with rolled arms, and matching queen chairs, all in rich tones of hunter green and navy, framed in cherry wood and pewter accents. In the corner sat a grand piano shining, even in the dim light, just waiting to be awakened by talented fingers. I wondered if the rest of the house looked so magnificent.

Focus, Jill!

Michael looked at me with playful eyes and a wicked smile. If I weren’t already naked, I would swear he could have made me so with just a glance.

“Now, for you to enjoy this fully, I am going to blindfold you and restrain you with handcuffs. It will help you concentrate on the sensations as I touch your body. Remember, you can trust me, Jill. I won’t harm you. I merely wish to heighten your senses and bring you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. All the while respecting and protecting you.”

I felt my honey start to flow as Michael put the blindfold over my eyes. Then he led me to a padded bench, helped me kneel in front of it, and bent me over it, so my creamy ass was on display for him. He used two pairs of handcuffs to secure each wrist to the front legs of the bench.

“Look at your pussy glistening for me!” Michael proclaimed proudly. “You are such a good girl, Jill.”

He rubbed his hand over my bottom slowly. “I’m going to use a leather riding crop to spank you with, Jill. It’s going to sting and turn your sexy ass bright pink. But I guarantee it will make your pussy wet and needy.”

Oh, God, what have I gotten myself into? And why does this excite me so?

“Are you ready, Jill?” Michael asked in those deep seductive vibrations that rocked my very core.

“Yes, Sir, I’m ready.”

“This type of crop is often used in training horses. But it’s also part of training submissives to obey their masters. I’m going to spank you with this, and I want you to count out loud each time the crop strikes your flesh, Jill. We will start with twenty, ten on each cheek.”

Arousal clouded my head so much that I could barely let those words sink in. All I knew was that I was hooked on Michael Ladd, and I’d do anything he said. I would have agreed to count to a hundred if he’d asked.





“How are you feeling, Jill?”

“Good, um, fine, I mean, green light, Sir,” I stuttered.





Michael paused to ask me how I was doing again. My ass was already starting to sting, but I felt so aroused that I couldn’t imagine asking him to stop.

He continued to spank while I counted obediently. When he’d finished giving me twenty strokes, my pussy was leaking like a faucet.

Michael ran a finger along my drenched slit, causing shivers to run up my spine. My butt cheeks felt hot and tingly, but I was extremely turned on.

Then he rubbed a cooling lotion over my tender bottom with gentle, soothing strokes. I sighed contentedly.

God, this feels so good! There’s no doubt in my mind that I’d let him do anything he wanted!

“You’re such a good girl, Jill,” his tones turning dulcet, soothing my mind while he continued to smooth my bottom with the lotion. “You handled your first experience with the crop much better than Anna.”

Anna? Why is he comparing me to another woman?

“Who is Anna?” I asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Ah, right on cue,” Michael said. “Let me answer the door. I’ll be right back.”

As he left me there naked and restrained, he opened the front door.

He’s letting some other woman in when my bare ass is up in the air! What’s going on?

“Anna, my darling, you’re right on time. You’re such a good girl! I can’t wait for you to meet Jill. I have a feeling you two will get along very well.”

I heard his greeting and felt an intense pang of jealousy.

Michael came back over to the bench and removed the restraints. Then he lifted the blindfold away from my eyes. I was standing naked in front of a complete stranger. I wanted to cry or die of embarrassment. I tried to cover myself, but Michael swatted my hands away.

“Jill, now what did I say about covering yourself up?” he scolded me as if I was a child.

“You said I shouldn’t cover up this gem, Sir,” I answered

“Good girl,” he nodded.

“Jill, I’d like to introduce you to Anna. Anna, this is Jill,” Michael said as if this was a completely normal situation.

“Hello, Jill. It’s lovely to meet you,” Anna said warmly.

“Hello,” I replied, barely above a whisper.

I looked at Michael and said, “I don’t understand. I thought you said you wanted me to belong to you. But you already have someone else.”

I felt hurt and betrayed. I’d let my guard down and had thrown caution to the wind. I’d ignored the little voice in my head that warned me that Michael was too good to be true. Instead, I’d listened to the erotic voice in my ear that promised me my wildest dreams while protecting and respecting me. Well, I didn’t feel very respected at the moment!

“My beautiful, sweet Jill. It’s not unusual for a Dom to have more than one sub.”

“But you promised to respect me! How is this respecting me when you invite another woman over and introduce me to her while I’m naked? I’m dripping with juices that your actions stirred. Yet, you dare to bring in someone else?”

I was furious and deeply wounded! I grabbed my dress and fled to the bathroom, then I leaned against the door and sobbed.

How could I have been so damned foolish?

I heard footsteps approaching and then Michael’s gentle timber, try to assuage my broken heart. “My darling, Jill. Please come out of the bathroom so that we can talk.”

My soul ached, but I’d come too far to walk away now. I did the only thing I could do. Still naked, with my dress draped over my arm and mascara running down my cheeks, I opened the door.

I was angry, confused, and humiliated. I needed to stay strong; I didn’t want to be one of his options! But I knew that whatever explanation Michael gave me, I would somehow accept it.

How had I already reached the point of not being able to imagine life without him?

“My beautiful Jill,” Michael cooed softly. “You have nothing to worry about; I desire you more than you could possibly know.”

I nodded, but I couldn’t look at him. If I made eye contact, I would surely cave.

“I can’t be with you, Michael. I can’t belong to you when you have someone else. Please, just let me get dressed and have the car take me home! I will have the dress cleaned and return it with everything else in a few days,” I said bitterly.

He lifted my chin and said, “Look at me, Jill. Have I not done all that I promised? Have I not given you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams? Have I not protected you and respected you?”

“You have made me feel things I didn’t know were possible. But how can you say that you respect me when you flaunt another woman in my face?”

“Jill, I would never do such a thing. I only wanted you to meet Anna, so you could learn from her and understand how to please me,” Michael explained as if she was simply coming to teach me to play that grand piano.

“How to please you?” I asked incredulously. “I seemed to do just fine on that bench when you emptied your seed deep inside my pussy! You didn’t have any complaints then!”

“You misunderstand me, Jill. I simply meant that Anna is an experienced sub. She can help you learn what my expectations are faster, how I expect you to respond to me during certain types of play. If you don’t wish her to assist you, I can send her away. But I truly wanted you to feel like you had a friend through your training. Someone you can ask questions of without hesitation.”

I felt my resolve starting to slip away.

“But you have sex with her?” I asked, wiping away the trails of black tears from my face.

“Yes, darling, I do. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to be your attentive, erotic lover.”

“I’m so confused,” I admitted. “Do I have to have sex with her, too?”

“Only if that is something you desire. Remember what I said about hard limits? If having sex with Anna is not something you care to engage in, we’ll simply take it off the table and list it as a non-negotiable.”

I inhaled sharply and blew it out slowly.

“I thought I was special,” I said as the tears started escaping my eyes again. “You made me think I was extraordinary.”

“My lovely Jill, you are extraordinary! Please, come back out there with me, and let me show you just how special you are. I’ll use the vibrating wand and make you cum again and again. Your body is like an exquisitely tuned instrument that only I can play to its fullest. Let me show you what your body is capable of, my darling.”

That voice was intoxicating. A maestro, making me yearn to let him direct me to my finest opus.

“What about Anna?” I asked.

“What about her? She will sit and watch, and she will very likely be incredibly impressed by your body’s ability to cum in waves of orgasm. You are such an amazing woman!”

Say no, Jill! Put the damn dress on and demand that the car take you home! Do not succumb to his wishes!

Yet, while all these negative notions circled in my head, my traitorous body spoke louder.

“Okay,” I agreed reluctantly.

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