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The Vacation – Part 1

I have been trying to write this story for quite a while. It is a longer version of a story that I read a while ago, but now I can’t seem to find. I think that it came out pretty well considering it is written from the female’s point-of-view. Also, if you know the original story, please send me a link. I would love to read it again and compare it now.

It was the summer of 1984. I had recently graduated from high school and I was sitting in the back seat of the family car en route to our traditional family vacation.

My name is Laura. I grew up in a very conservative, Methodist family. My mother and her side of the family were particularly religious. My father’s side of the family was a bit more relaxed, but within my immediate family, my mother definitely called the shots.

Every summer we took a week-long trip to a very large campground. We would take over an entire section of the campground along with my father’s brothers, sisters, and their families. My father had five brothers and two sisters, so it was a rather large group altogether.

It was certainly nothing fancy. We all slept in very basic tents. Most of the cooking was done on a campfire, although somebody usually brought a charcoal grill along. There was no electricity at the camp area, so food had to be kept in ice-chest style coolers. There was usually a radio or two around the area and a few flashlights, but other than that it was pretty rustic.

It was usually a fun experience though. There was a small lake nearby and there was always an assortment of games and sports being played. At a younger age, I was more than happy to live on hot dogs and toasted marshmallows anyway.

During the car ride, I wondered to myself if I had outgrown this experience. I was eighteen at that point and I was the second-oldest of the children. My cousin Kevin was the only one that was older than me. He was twenty-one at that point, despite the fact that my father was the oldest child. The next oldest of the children was my brother Steven who was a couple of years younger.

Kevin was the son of my aunt Jeanette. He was definitely the black sheep of the family. It was seldom talked about, but everybody knew that he was a product of a relationship previous to the one with my uncle Herb. That reputation as the black sheep was only enhanced by the fact that Kevin was a bit of a slacker. He was also known to drink and to smoke assorted products.

Once we had arrived at the campground, I was charged with helping my dad stake down the tents. My brother had already run off to the lake with some of the other kids. Once we had all of the tents up I decided to head to the lake also.

I snuck into one of the tents and changed into my swimsuit. I headed off to the lake and saw the large group of my cousins splashing around. Relaxing off to the side in a lounge chair with a beer in his hand was Kevin. When he saw me approaching, he climbed off of his chair and addressed me. He said that he was glad that I could make it and he gave me a slow look-over.

It made me feel rather uncomfortable. I didn’t get that sort of look from boys very often. I had only had a couple of boyfriends in school and none of them got very far. If I said that I had gotten to second base, that would probably be giving it a bit more credit than it deserved.

At that age, I was rather thin, pale-skinned, and pretty flat-chested. I would say that I was probably pretty average looking to most guys. Plus, I think that guys were a bit turned off by the fact that we were quite religious and they most likely thought that they would get nowhere fast. To be fair, at that point in my life they would have been correct.

I chatted with Kevin for a couple of minutes. He kept scanning my body the entire time. In retrospect, I am surprised that he wasn’t turned off by my swimsuit. It was an aqua blue, two-piece swimsuit, but I would hardly call it a bikini. Both the top and bottom were rather large and it looked a lot like something that you would see an old lady wearing at the pool these days.

I headed to the lake and kept an eye on some of the younger kids. I was usually the babysitter for most of the week, plus I needed to stay clear of Kevin and his assorted looks.

Most of the rest of the day went on without incident. As dusk arrived, everybody huddled around the campfire.

I tucked most of the kids into their sleeping bags. The kids generally slept together in tents while the adults did the same. The exception was that the infants were usually with their parents. The idea was that the adults wouldn’t wake up the kids as they arrived back at their tents at different times.

Shortly after I got the kids settled, I headed into my tent and got ready for bed. Just as I was trying to wriggle my bra off underneath my t-shirt, I was interrupted by Kevin as he stumbled into the tent. His eyes immediately locked on me and a smirk slid across his face as he headed to his sleeping bag.

After I covered up and tucked my bra into my suitcase, I saw that Kevin had stripped down to his shorts and was sliding into his sleeping bag. He certainly wasn’t a bad-looking guy. He was in pretty good shape despite his scruffy, unkempt nature.

I was not very happy that he was in my tent, but at least I had a couple of the younger girls in there with me. As the oldest girl in the family, a few of my cousins followed me around pretty closely. I nodded off to sleep shortly thereafter, but I had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head concerning how Kevin was making me feel.

When I woke up the next morning I helped Rachael and Tanya get around and the three of us headed over for breakfast. Kevin was still out of it, which was fine by me.

I had a bit of breakfast with the girls. Then they ran off to join a kickball game that had broken out in the yard. I watched them for a while as I helped the ladies clean up from breakfast.

Kevin showed up for breakfast just as we were cleaning up, so I had to unpack some stuff for him. He seemed rather pleased that I had to wait on him, even though I wasn’t very nice about it.

I headed over to watch the kids play for a while and occasionally referee the game. As it was getting late in the morning hours, it started to warm up and the kids were already asking to go to the lake. After stalling them for a while I finally gave in.

I took the girls over to the clothesline and we retrieved our swimsuits and towels. Then we headed into our tent to get changed. As we were leaving, I found Kevin hanging out nearby. I wondered if he had been trying to sneak a peek at us as we changed. We walked past him without saying anything and headed down to the lake.

It had seemed like Kevin was either nearby or watching me all day. I really didn’t know what to think of it at that time. He seemed kind of creepy, but I also was beginning to be flattered that he was paying me so much attention.

It was approaching dinner time and I had already taken on more than enough sun for my fair complexion, so I decided to head back to the campsite and change out of my wet swimsuit. Fortunately, Kevin had disappeared so I didn’t have to worry about him for a while.

I arrived at the tent and as I poked my head inside and stepped in, Kevin was in there changing out of his swimsuit. He had just taken his trunks off and he had his back turned to me. I let out a gasp and he spun around quickly and then quickly tried to cover himself up. I didn’t really see anything other than his pale ass, but I was freaking out anyway.

I ran away completely embarrassed. I wondered to myself if he was waiting on me to walk into the tent, although he seemed pretty surprised. I was pacing around a good distance away from the tent. I didn’t really want to interact with Kevin any further at that point. I was trying to figure out how I could get changed into my clothes without seeing him.

Within a couple of minutes, Kevin emerged from the tent. He spotted me and headed my way. My face grew more and more red as he approached. I was so nervous that I thought that I might faint. I assumed that he was going to yell at me, but he actually seemed quite concerned.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and asked, “Are you alright?”

A bit confused by the question, I answered, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“Your face is so red. You don’t look right.” he said as he brushed his hand across my cheek. His hand felt cold against my skin and I swatted it away.

I started to step around him and back toward the tent as I said, “I’m fine, really. I just didn’t mean to…”

Kevin grabbed my hand and pulled me back. His hands were around my waist now, which had my towel wrapped around it.

He added, “I understand that it was just an accident. To be honest, I almost walked in on you girls earlier. If Rachael wasn’t so loud while you three were changing clothes, I probably would have. I really would not have wanted to walk in on those two young girls changing.” His eyes were on me even more than before.

“Yeah, cool.” I replied, not really knowing what to say.

I pulled away as I headed back to the tent. As I was walking back I started to process what Kevin had just said. Did he just mean that he really didn’t want to walk in on them, or that he did want to walk in on me? Then I wondered if I was reading too much into the situation, or if he had actually just flirted with me. Looking at me was one thing, but flirting was quite another.

I went into the tent and peered out to make sure that Kevin was not coming in. I checked several times to see if he was nearby and then I got changed in record time. I headed out and put my wet gear on the clothesline.

I helped to get dinner ready and tried to stay even further away from Kevin than before. I was pretty successful at avoiding him for the rest of the day.

When it got late, I headed over by my parents and told them that I was going to bed. The girls were already asleep when I got there. I no more than got slid into my sleeping bag when Kevin arrived. I wondered if he saw me head back and then followed me. I didn’t even turn around, because I suspected that he was going to strip down to his underwear again.

I struggled to get to sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about how strange Kevin was acting around me. I just wished that he wasn’t in my tent.

I was the first person in our tent to wake up the next morning. I was confident that Kevin was sound asleep, so I quickly changed into my regular clothes with my back turned to him.

I was ready to head out for breakfast when I noticed that Kevin was halfway out of his sleeping bag. He was curled up slightly with one hand inside his tighty whities. The other hand was over the top of them groping the outline of an obvious erection in his sleep.

I couldn’t leave him like that with the younger girls due to wake up at any minute. I grabbed his shoulders and gave him a light shake. When he woke up startled, he pulled his hands away which only further exposed what was going on inside his underwear.

I whispered, “Kevin, the girls will be awake soon. You need to cover yourself.”

He turned over toward the inside of his sleeping bag and mumbled something into his pillow. It was “Sorry, I was dreaming about a pretty girl in my tent,” or something close to that. I wondered if he was referring to me or just some pretty girl visiting his tent. His non-specific flirtations were adding up very quickly and it was becoming increasingly obvious that he was interested in me.

As I left the tent I could feel the blush in my cheeks. Between the comment that Kevin had made and the rather up-close look at him that I had just gotten, I didn’t really know how to process it all. I wandered around for a bit until the anxiety of the moment had passed and then headed over for breakfast.

As breakfast was winding down, a couple of the ladies were asking where Kevin was and why he hadn’t shown up. Much to my dismay, they started to insinuate that I should go wake him up and bring him over. I protested a bit until my mom stepped in and ordered me to go get him.

As I opened the tent I found Kevin still in his underwear, but awake. He was rifling through my bag and he had a pair of my panties in his hand. By the position of his hand, it appeared that he was sniffing them.

I shouted, “What are you doing in my bag, Kevin?”

He jumped at the sound of my voice and dropped my panties on the ground. He turned around to face me with an obvious bulge still in his underwear.

Now looking rather jittery and embarrassed he stammered, “I’m sorry Laura. I just really…”

I didn’t want to hear his excuses. I cut him off abruptly. “Kevin, you need to stop all of this weird stuff. If you don’t, I am going to tell my dad about it. Now, get dressed and go to breakfast, you weirdo.”

I stormed out of the tent. When I got back, everybody thought that I was just mad about having to go get him. I guess that was better than having to come up with an excuse.

I had hoped that our two confrontations earlier in the day would mean that Kevin would avoid me for a while, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Unfortunately, he seemed pretty unfazed by the earlier incidents and wasn’t hesitant to talk to me at all. He spent most of the afternoon watching me at the lake.

I headed back to the tent to get changed. Just as I had finished changing into my clothes, Kevin walked into the tent. He said casually, “I am getting ready to head to the showers. You are welcome to come along, that way you don’t have to go in there by yourself.”

He was referring to the communal showers at the short-term side of the campground.

I barked at him, “Were you watching me get changed?” I didn’t give him a chance to respond. “And, no, I don’t want to join you in the shower. I think that we have seen plenty of each other in the last day.”

I stormed out of the tent once again. I heard Kevin say, “Laura, I didn’t…” as I left.

Fortunately, there was minimal contact made between us for the rest of the day. I did catch him watching me a couple of times, but I glared him into submission.

I stayed up later than I usually did that night. Mom had already gone to bed and dad was a bit more lenient about such things. Kevin had already headed in, so I hoped that he was already covered up and asleep by the time that I arrived.

My strategy seemed to work. I was able to get into my sleeping bag without incident. I tossed and turned for a while trying to get to sleep. Finally, I gave in to the fact that I had made the most basic of all mistakes, I forgot to go to the bathroom before I went to bed.

I got up and grabbed my flashlight. I waited until I got out of the tent to turn it on. Normally I preferred to use the bathroom on the “resident” side of the campground. It was much newer and it was separated by gender. In this case, I decided to use the “visitors” restroom because it was much closer.

It probably seems hard to comprehend in this day and age where we all have separate restrooms, sometimes as many as three, but the old campground had only one. There were a series of roughly eight toilet stalls with doors that were shared by everybody. Even more invasive was the shower room that was at the end of the stalls. It was a few benches around a group of five open showers.

I headed into the restroom and took the first stall. I surveyed it and it was reasonably clean. I closed the door slowly and locked it. As I seated myself, I heard a noise coming from several stalls down the line. It sounded like a guy moaning. It didn’t sound like a bathroom moan, though. It sounded like something different, something pleasurable.

I listened closely as things got more and more intense. His moans turned to growls and got louder until he went silent other than the sound of his heavy breathing.

I started to hear some rattling around and I tried to be as quiet as I could. I lifted my feet up off of the floor. Then I saw what appeared to be a guy heading out. He was soon followed by another person that appeared female from what little I could see.

I waited a little bit and eventually eased my feet back to the floor. I unlocked the door and peeked my head out. It appeared that I was the only person in there at that moment.

I slowly walked to the end of the bank of stalls. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Then, I eased open the door of the last stall. Still, I noticed nothing unusual.

At that time, I realized that I had neglected to do my business in all of the excitement. I locked the door and took a seat. As I was relieving myself, my focus drifted a bit from side to side and I noticed a medium-sized hole drilled into the wall. It was previously hidden from my view by the toilet paper dispenser.

I quickly wondered what that was for. Then I presumed that somebody was using it for peeping on women while they used the bathroom. I wondered if the guy that had just left was watching the lady in the next stall. But, she surely would have heard him, wouldn’t she?

I was lost in thought as I mulled it over for a bit. Then I heard the slam of a door and then realized that it was at the stall next to me. I panicked and quickly hiked up my shorts. I heard a splash next to me and for some reason looked over through the hole.

It was a guy. From what I could see, he was probably in his mid-thirties. He was a bit overweight and he was standing up as he urinated. It was the first time in my life that I had seen an adult man naked. I let out a bit of a gasp. Then I realized that I had just alerted him to my presence.

I heard a voice say, “Just a second sweetie. I am almost done here.”

I wondered what he meant by that. I remained silent and I started to ease back out of the way.

Shortly after the tinkling sounds stopped, a rather small, limp penis began to slowly protrude through the hole. I let out a second gasp. A few seconds passed. I heard the voice say, “Don’t be shy tonight. I really need this.”

I held my hand over my mouth as I tried to catch my breath. A bit of time passed as I stared at it. In retrospect, it is funny that I was so terrified. It was certainly a bit below average and at that point, it was soft and limp.

Trying to disguise my voice a bit I said nervously, “Um, what did you want me to do?”

The man hesitated a bit and then said a bit sheepishly, “Oh, I’m sorry. I met a gal here last night and we had some fun. I just assumed that you were her. If you don’t want to participate, I understand. But if you do maybe you could just start by holding it and stroking it a little bit. We can work our way up from there if you feel comfortable with that.”

I don’t know why I decided to proceed with the gentleman’s request. I wasn’t a beauty queen or anything, but I had received my fair share of offers in the past as most women have. But, the anonymity of the situation kind of freed me up to move forward.

I said to him, “Okay, but I might not be very good at this. I have never done this before.”

The man said, “Oh, really…that’s alright sweetheart. I can talk you through it.”

Something about my lack of experience clearly turned the man on, because his soft, little cock was very quickly poking straight out. I reached over and slowly wrapped my right hand around it. It didn’t feel like I thought that it would. Let’s just say that I was intrigued.

I could hear him sigh softly. I started to gently stroke it. After about a minute he said, “That’s good sweetie. Maybe a little harder.”

I gripped it tighter and continued on. He began to grunt out an occasional moan. I assumed that response meant that I was doing alright. I asked him, “Is that better?”

“Yeah, sweetie. That’s good. You know that a mouth can feel even better, don’t you?” he added.

I slowly lowered myself down to my knees and I leaned in slowly. My hands were trembling noticeably and my heart was pounding. I had to reconfigure my grip a bit. His cock was maybe five inches long and once it cleared the divider there wasn’t really anything that extended past my hand.

I modified my grip to more of a two-finger tug. I pressed my lips up against the head softly and gave it a soft kiss followed by a very subtle lick. I hesitated for a second before opening my mouth up and wrapping my lips around the head. I started to suck on it softly and started to tickle the underside with my tongue.

The man was moaning quite a bit, so I continued on for a while.

Eventually, I pulled my mouth away just to ask if I was doing okay. Suddenly there was a deep groan and I saw something shoot past the side of my face.

I was a bit startled, but I continued to stroke it. I gave a brief thought to giving it a taste, but I thought better of it.

I could hear him panting as he leaned against the divider. He said, “You did really well for your first time. I hope that I see you again, sweetie.”

“Thanks.” I said, “Yeah, maybe I’ll try this again sometime.”

He gathered himself and I heard the creak of the door as he exited the stall. I sat back down on the toilet and chuckled. I know that it sounds silly, but I was really proud of myself. It was by far the boldest thing that I had ever done in my life, sexual or otherwise.

I sat there for a bit and reflected on what had just happened. Then the door to the stall next to me slammed again. I heard the ‘thump’ of what sounded like a hand pressing against the divider. It was followed by a voice that said, “So, are you here for fun or…something else.”

Something gave me the impression that he was a younger guy. As nice as the last guy was, he didn’t seem very attractive. I thought maybe this one might have a bit more going for himself.

I said confidently, “Yeah, fun sounds good. What did you have in mind?” I may have been sexually naive, but by that point, I had realized that this was not a peephole.

Within seconds he was easing his cock through the hole. It was already hard and I could see several large, prominent veins. It was also a bit thicker and considerably longer than the last guy’s. It was probably close to seven inches long and it had somewhat of an upward curve to it. This one definitely had my attention.

I slowly dropped to my knees. I grabbed onto it with my right hand and pulled it down to my mouth. Then I leaned in quickly and took about half of it in my mouth. It was much warmer to the touch than the previous guy’s. I liked how its warmth felt in both my hand and mouth.

I started to bob on it and quickly realized that I was pushing the limit of my gag reflex. My eagerness was clearly a bit stronger than my skills. I had to back away to catch my breath and recover for a second.

I started to realize how different this experience was from the first one. The first time was a bit of an uncomfortable exploration, but this time I really wanted to do it.

I lunged back in, still a bit short of breath. This time I tried the combination of a hand at the base and a moderate depth with my mouth. The combination seemed to be working for my friend on the other side of the wall, also.

I loved the way that this guy’s cock felt in my mouth. It was so rigid and veiny. I had heard about men getting ‘hard’ before, but I didn’t realize how firm they could really get.

I continued on for a bit until my friend broke his silence. In a rather strained voice, he said, “I’m really close. So, if you don’t want it in your mouth…”

I didn’t hesitate, not for a second. I quickly decided that I wasn’t pulling away. It would seem that my friend appreciated that fact. He didn’t last thirty seconds from the time that he alerted me.

The first blast caught me off-guard and hit the back of my throat. I really wanted to cough and gag, but I held back for as long as I could. I struggled through for as long as possible as his cock throbbed and jerked in my mouth.

Finally, I had to pull away. I coughed loudly and aggressively for a bit. Once my coughing subsided, the guy on the other side said, “Are you alright over there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just caught me in the back of the throat.” I mumbled.

He replied, “You are something special. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

“I’ll bet that you say that to all of the girls that suck your dick.” I countered. I was surprised that I was bold enough to say that.

“No. Just you.” he quickly retorted. There was a brief pause. Then he added, “Can we do this again?”

I answered, “Yeah, I would like that.”

With that, he was quickly gone. I was even more stunned this time. I sat on the floor for a bit and eventually climbed back up onto the toilet to gather myself.

As I sat there I realized that my panties were soaking wet. I had experienced some minor wetness in the past, but nothing like this. To be honest, I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. A paranoid, motherly voice inside my head wondered if it wasn’t a ramification of my recent sexual experience.

I pulled my shorts outward and could clearly see that my panties were soaked through. As I slowly peeled them down, they clung tightly to my pussy. Thin strands of my excitement appeared as pulled my panties away. I reached a finger down to examine the fluid. I rubbed it between my fingers, and if I were to be completely honest, I may have given it both a brief sniff and taste.

As I sat there stunned, I realized how quickly that I had changed. I also realized how long I had repressed my sexual urges. I felt so alive. I had found an entirely new aspect of my personality, and suddenly I felt so different and free.

Just as I was ready to leave, I heard the door next to me slam again. I wasn’t sure if I was down for another go or not, but I thought that I would at least wait to see what was next.

I didn’t have to wait long. Within seconds it began to poke its way through the hole. It was pretty impressive, to say the least. It was quite a bit larger than the last one and it was uncircumcised. The very tip of the head just barely peeked out from its snug wrapping. This was clearly an offer that I couldn’t pass up.

I latched onto it and started to stroke it slowly. I was mesmerized by the sight of the foreskin peeling back. It very quickly responded to my touch and was firming up. It had a bit of a downward curve and was probably nine inches long. It also had a bit of girth to it, but nothing extreme. It seemed like it was insanely large to me at the time, though. In retrospect, it was certainly significantly above-average, but not the stuff of legends as I had thought at that moment.

My excitement began to take over and I dropped to my knees once again. His cock was long enough that I could easily keep my entire hand on it while I explored as much as I could with my mouth.

I was working on it with my mouth for some time until the stranger spoke for the first time. He said, “Don’t be afraid to use more than your mouth if you are up for it.”

His voice woke me up from whatever state I was in. I realized then that I had placed my other hand between my legs and was rubbing myself gently. I could also hear myself moaning as I attempted to pleasure both of us at the same time.

I thought about it for a second. I wanted to do it. But I also thought to myself that this didn’t seem like a beginner’s cock. Plus, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to lose my virginity through what I now know to be a glory hole, either. I responded to the man, “I don’t think that I can do that tonight. Maybe another time?”

He chuckled, “That’s okay, baby. You are doing great. Can’t blame a guy for asking, can you?”

I continued to bob on his cock as one hand remained between my legs. I had never explored my own body much before, but I had definitely discovered something. I had heard a friend talk about her clitoris and how good it felt when her boyfriend touched it with his tongue. I was pretty sure that I had just found mine.

I was moaning as I rubbed myself. I think that the man was turned on by my excitement. Within a couple of minutes, the man grunted, “I’m going to cum!”

I was determined to finish this stud off properly. I removed my hand from between my thighs and returned it to my new friend’s ample cock. My hand was still wet and sticky with my excitement. I backed away slightly, hoping to avoid my previous faux pas.

There was a loud ‘ahhhh’ as his cock bobbed aggressively in my mouth. It almost popped free in its enthusiasm. A flood of semen splashed and filled my mouth. I held it there for a second and then quickly realized that I was not going to be able to hold it all. I gave a hard ‘gulp’ and cleared most of it from my mouth. It was still twitching a bit and I could feel that it was still pumping a bit of fluid.

I wrapped my lips around the head tightly and sucked on it gently. It slowly went soft and then retreated out of my mouth. It slid down my chin and rested there just in front of my face. I thought to myself that it seemed very satisfied with my performance.

I peeled the foreskin back a bit and continued softly licking up any remaining cum.

I could hear the man trying to catch his breath on the other side of the wall. His cock still hanging limply before me. It slowly retracted through the hole. He said, “Are you new?”

I answered, “Tonight has been my first time here.”

“You did great!” he answered. “Sorry if I pushed you to go too far.”

He headed out of the bathroom stall and took off.

I quickly gathered myself and rose to my feet. I knew that I had gone as far as I wanted to go at that moment. I also doubted how much willpower I had to hold back my urges.

I listened closely to find out if anybody else was around. When I was fairly confident that there wasn’t, I headed out of the stall and quickly closed it behind me. I walked over to the sink and splashed some water on my face and washed my hands.

I started to head out of the bathroom when I realized that my very wet panties might be a bit of an issue. There was clearly no way that I would be able to change them with Kevin and two of my cousins in the tent asleep. I grabbed a paper towel, wet it slightly, and ducked into one of the first stalls. I pulled down my bottoms and wiped myself down with the wet towel and dried myself with toilet paper. I kicked both my underwear and shorts off and picked up the underwear. I hiked up my shorts and stuffed my underwear in the pocket. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best that I could do.

I headed out of the bathroom and back to the campsite. It looked like everybody had left the bonfire and headed to bed for the night. I was relieved that nobody had seen me returning, even though I knew that they would have no reason to suspect what I had just done.

I turned my light off and slinked back into the tent. I thought that I saw Kevin turn over. Other than that, I believed that I had made it back to my sleeping bag undetected.

I tried to get to sleep. I knew that the morning would come pretty early, but I could not turn off my brain. Everything that had just happened kept replaying over and over in my head. The memories only revived my excitement and I kept fighting to keep my hands from wandering between my legs.

Finally, I drifted off to sleep. Shortly thereafter, I woke up sweating. Both of my hands were between my legs and I was wet again.

I tried to reset and I positioned myself in a way that I thought would restrict my hand movement. I tried to think of as many non-sexual subjects as I could. I drifted off to sleep a second time.

I woke up again sometime later. It was even worse. I was burning up and both hands were again between my legs. I was pretty sure that the crotch of my shorts was now wet. It felt that way, at least.

I had to get out of that damned tent. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out. There was a wooded area near our campsite. It was thick with trees, but it was kept clean and mowed on occasion. It seemed like the best place for me to collect myself.

As I headed there, I wondered what my next course of action should be. I knew that women could masturbate and I had just discovered my clitoris, or so I thought. Maybe I could figure it out. It seemed like that might ease all of these feelings that were dominating my thoughts.

As I neared a tree that looked like a comfortable place to stop, a hand grabbed me from behind. I let out a screech. A hand wrapped around my mouth and I heard a voice, “Shh. It’s okay. I just me, Kevin.”

I turned around and looked at him in terror. He was standing there in just his shorts. I didn’t know if I was busted or if I was about to be attacked, but I didn’t like either option.

He pulled his hand away from my mouth. I said, “If you touch me again Kevin, I am going to scream.”

“Laura,” he said, “I am not here to hurt you.”

He placed his hand gently on the side of my head and added, “I can help you with what you are going through.”

I secretly liked the feel of his touch, but I fired back, “You don’t know anything about me or what I am going through!”

He grabbed me at the shoulders and said firmly, “Yeah, I do. I know exactly what you did tonight. I saw you leave the tent and I followed you to the bathroom. I always liked you, but now you have become such a sexy, young woman. To be honest, I was hoping that you were heading to the shower and I could get a good look at you. But then I heard what you were doing with that first guy and…and…I…I couldn’t help myself. After he left, I headed into the stall, and…well, you know what happened after that.”

I suspected that what he said was true, but I fired back, “You are making this all up! You don’t know anything!”

Kevin said nothing, but he pulled down his shorts. His rock-hard cock sprung up from its restraints. It looked exactly like it did when it poked through that hole. He was clearly the second man.

I stood there stunned for a moment. “You are my cousin! This is so wrong! You are sick! I didn’t know what I was doing!” I shouted.

Kevin said calmly, “Easy. You know damn well that we are only cousins in name. We aren’t blood relatives. I have been watching you for so long now, and I think that you are an incredible woman. That wall only gave us the justification to do what we wanted to do.”

“Yeah? Well, I didn’t know. I was just trying to have…something…I don’t know…a moment of some kind…for the first time in my life.” I blurted as I tried not to cry.

Kevin looked me in the eyes and said, “We did have a moment, but it doesn’t have to be the only one.” With that, he pressed his body against mine. I could feel his chest press against my breasts as he closed in. His face was a bit scruffy and it scraped against my cheek as he leaned in closer. I could feel his hot breath on my ear as he began to kiss my neck. His lower body quickly followed as I felt his hard cock poking against my midsection. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “Yes!”

He quickly responded, grabbing both of my little breasts with his hands. He aggressively, but somewhat clumsily worked his hands underneath my shirt and pulled it upward and over my head. I expected him to go right for my now bare breasts, but instead he started to kiss me softly. He massaged my breasts gently as he kissed me and then he slowly lowered himself down. He started to kiss my body all over until I wanted him to hurry up. Then he began to kiss and lick my breasts all over, one then the other.

I don’t know if he was really good at it, or if it was just because I was really horny, but everything that he did felt right. I was feeling so warm and excited. I wanted it to last forever, but I also wanted it to hurry the hell up.

I reached down for his cock. It was still very hard. I began to stroke it. Kevin pulled my hand away.

He said to me, “Please don’t, I am saving that for a very special occasion.”

Kevin lowered himself down and ran his fingers over the wet spot in the front of my shorts. It was the first time that I had ever been touched like that and it quite literally took my breath away. He looked up at me and I don’t know if either of us could have been more excited at the moment.

He slowly pulled my shorts down revealing that I had removed my panties earlier. I knew that he was trying to hold back and make the moment sexy, but he lost control for a second and buried his face between my legs. His mouth and tongue were probing all over as he slurped up my wetness. I didn’t mind his aggressiveness, though. I placed my hands on his head and guided him around for a bit.

He pulled away. I think that he was disappointed in himself for losing control. He freed my shorts from my feet. Then he guided me onto my back in a soft patch of grass. We locked eyes for a moment. I asked him, “Do you have a condom?”

He still had his shorts technically on, although they were still slid down and his cock was peeking out. He nodded at me and pulled one out of his pocket. He clearly knew what he had wanted to do when he followed me out there.

He crawled in between my legs and spread my thighs wide open. I started to get nervous, particularly because he didn’t actually put the condom on yet.

He looked at me and said, “Tonight you are going to have your first orgasm.”

He lowered himself down and quickly found my clitoris with his tongue. His tongue was rather gentle, but at the same time, it was quick and nimble. At first, it merely tickled, but it quickly escalated to something much more intense. I could feel how red my face was getting. With every flick of his tongue, I could feel a sensation shoot through my body. Then, the next one would start before the last one had even dissipated.

I began to squirm and I couldn’t control my moans of pleasure. I was trying to keep quiet and cover my mouth. Eventually, I grabbed my shirt from the ground and used it to help muffle my sounds.

Things were getting increasingly intense. I was struggling to keep my lower body still. My legs and torso were both beginning to tremble. At times I struggled to catch my breath.

Kevin locked his arms around my upper thighs, lifting my butt slightly off of the ground. He still had control of me, but now my legs were free and flailing about.

It felt incredible! With each new sensation, I kept thinking to myself ‘Is this an orgasm?’

My body kept trying to bridge up or squirm free, but he would not release me. I think that every muscle in my torso started to twitch. I started to shout “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” into my wadded-up shirt. I stopped shouting only when I ran out of air. Next came a high-pitched scream that also had no air behind it.

I writhed around for what seemed like forever, but when it was over it felt ever too brief. I lay there gasping for breath as Kevin lowered me down gently. He crawled in on top and met me with a kiss. I appreciated the sentiment, but I wasn’t in any condition to have a make-out session. I held him close and said, “Oh god, Kevin! That was…so good. I can’t believe that I said ‘fuck’. Can you do that to a girl all of the time?”

“Well, usually. Some girls don’t respond that well. I knew that you would, though. You were so excited before I even got here. Your body wanted it.” he responded.

“We should wrap this up before we get caught or somebody notices that we are missing.” I proclaimed.

“Yeah, okay.” Kevin replied. He climbed off of me and started to get to his feet. He reached his hand down to pull me up.

I looked at him suggestively. “That wasn’t what I meant, Kevin. I would hate for that condom to go to waste.”

Kevin’s eyes lit back up. He slid his shorts and underwear off in one motion, revealing his still hard cock. I was beginning to believe that it was always in that state. He fumbled with the wrapper a bit, eventually tearing it open with his teeth and spitting the corner to the ground. He gave several attempts at unrolling it, reversing it each time. The moonlight was clearing making it hard to see which way it unrolled.

He charged back in, clearly quite eager to take my flower. He pushed my legs back toward my chest and slid his body up tightly to mine. His cock hovered just above my abdomen. I looked downward, examining how far inside me it would go if he pushed it in entirely.

I looked at him and said, “Just not too rough, please.”

He shook his head in acknowledgment. He backed away slightly. With his left hand on my thigh and his right hand on his cock he guided himself at me and gave a push. The tip of the head poked me, but he didn’t really get any penetration. He went at it again, this time a bit harder. I thought that it was going to go in, but it had much the same result.

For his third attempt, he lined himself up and grabbed both of my thighs. He pulled me toward him as he forced his hips forward. This time it went in considerably, not that I knew exactly how far. I gasped and let out a groan. It felt so large inside of me. I couldn’t imagine taking anything any larger than it.

Kevin waited for me to recover a bit. I could feel the heat radiating off of his cock through the condom. Then he started to move with just the tiniest wiggle back and forth. I could feel him going deeper and deeper. I could also feel my body changing as he opened me up. It did hurt somewhat, but not as bad as I thought that it would. Certainly not as bad as some of the stories that I had been told.

I think that his cock was most of the way in at that point. Some of the discomfort was starting to dissipate. I was beginning to get some enjoyable sensations also.

Kevin gasped, “God, you are so tight. I am almost there.”

I looked at him and said, “Do what you need to do, then.”

He lowered himself down on top of me. His left arm braced himself up next to my head as his right hand grabbed my left breast firmly. He lowered himself down with his mouth just over mine. He resumed thrusting and I could feel each and every one of his breaths. I assumed that he could feel mine as well.

I wrapped my arms around his back as he started to go quicker, deeper, and harder. I could feel that he was clearly all the way in at that point. I didn’t know how much more of it that I could take. Just as I was almost ready to surrender, he stopped completely.

He held me down tightly onto his cock. Just as he gasped, “Oh, Laura! Oh, fuck, god! I’m cumming!” I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. Even though I was getting a bit sore, I did quite enjoy it. I was glad that I didn’t quit. As strange as it may sound, I was also relieved that I was able to satisfy a man sexually.

Kevin collapsed on top of me. After a brief respite, he pushed himself up and we shared some romantic kisses. I could feel his cock softening inside me. He backed away from me and his cock squirted free.

I immediately had somewhat contradicting feelings. I felt like he had left a void inside of me and I wanted it back in there. But at the same time, I also felt like he was still in there somehow.

Looking up at him, I finally realized how attractive he really was. Even if he did have a loose, droopy condom hanging off of his wang.

He pulled me up and we held each other for a moment. I threatened to murder him if he ever told anybody about what had just happened.

We gathered up our clothes and we got dressed. Kevin yanked off the condom and tossed it into the wooded area. I headed back to the tent immediately. Kevin waited for a while before returning just in case somebody saw us.

I settled into my sleeping bag but I didn’t get much sleep. I kept replaying everything that happened that night in my head. There were just an unreal amount of new experiences. I was still getting turned on by my thoughts, but it was not nearly as intense as before.

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