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The Unfaithful

Nandita woke up quite early that day. She looked at her cell phone, it was just 6.25 am. She put the phone down and looked at the other side of the bed. Amit – her husband – was still sleeping peacefully. Another one hour before her husband wakes up. She would need to be quick. So she got up urgently. There was a deep sense of tension etched on her face.

Nandita stepped out of the bedroom, into the small hall of their cozy one bedroom flat. Normally she loves to make herself a cup of tea and laze through the daily chores. She loves enjoying her tea from the small balcony attached to their second floor flat. She loves watching from over as the locality slowly gets into action. But on that day she was a little preoccupied. She didn’t even pick the newspaper and the milk which was left at the doorstep.

Nandita went to their small kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Inside she had hastily hidden a small package wrapped in a brown paper yesterday. She took it out and then immediately checked if Amit was up by any chance. But the hall was still empty. She felt a little relieved and hid the box in her gown before quickly disappearing into the bathroom. She locked the otherwise tight door properly and took out the package with trembling fingers.

Amit flipped over in sleep, reaching out with his hand towards the empty side of the bed. He would always reach out for his wife like this. Then cuddle her before falling asleep once again. But that day he could not find her at his side. And his hand rubbed the empty surface of the bed. Amit woke up with a jolt.

It was still quite dark in the room. Amit took his watch out from under the pillow. It was 6.45 am, still very early for Nandita to wake up. She usually wakes up and makes herself tea at 7.30. So Amit became a little concerned about his wife. Especially because he had been noticing how tensed she looked over the last few days. Which Nandita had carefully dismissed whenever he tried to raise it with her. So Amit decided to get up and find for himself.

Outside, the little hall was empty too. The newspaper and the milk were still at the doorstep. Amit picked those up and went to check in the kitchen. Next he knocked at the bathroom. And was hugely relieved to find the bathroom locked from inside. Amit knocked again, and called for her this time. But Nandita did not respond. Amit became worried once again. He knocked at the door once more while calling her out. There was a definite tone of worry in his voice.

Amit put his ears on the door and listened carefully. There was a sound of sobbing, coming from inside. Amit got further concerned and started knocking repeatedly. He requested his wife to open the door and share her worries with him. He got really scared and worried for his wife. A little later Nandita finally opened the door. She looked visibly disturbed and been crying for some time.

Amit immediately took her in his arms and gave her a tight hug. But Nandita did not reciprocate the feeling. She was motionless while Amit held her tightly in a consoling manner. That got him further worried as he did not expect it from her. Normally Nandita used to reciprocate his every feeling. Something must be wrong that morning.

Amit’s eyes then fell on the small strip-like object in Nandita’s hand. He became curios immediately and took it from her gently. Nandita did not want to give it up at first. But she neither resisted much. So Amit took the small plastic object in his hand and looked at it carefully to make out what it was. He was looking at a pregnancy test strip. It was a small white plastic strip with a film in the middle. Amit looked closely to take in the details. There were two thin lines on the film. And he was suddenly very thrilled. He looked at the strip carefully again, as if to reconfirm. And then he looked at Nadita, his wife before looking back at the strip again. His hands started trembling. He looked back at his wife in excitement. “Are you pregnant?” Amit asked his wife. His heart was already beating faster in anticipation.

Nandita nodded her head. Her eyes were still soaked in tears. She could not look back at Amit. “You are pregnant” he repeated again, still unable to believe it. “I am going to be a father” he shouted in joy. His heart was swelled in a sudden wave of happiness. He was still not able to believe that his wife was pregnant. “You are pregnant” he kept saying and then took Nandita in his arms again. She did not resist this time. Putting her head on her husband’s chest she continued sobbing quietly.

“Why are you crying?” Amit asked, still very concerned with his wife’s unexpected behavior. “This is great news. I am going to be a father. Why are you crying?” and he wiped the tears from her eyes. “I feel like the happiest man in the world” Amit said before kissing her. He just loved kissing the soft and rosy lips of his wife. But on that day it felt even more special, kissing the lips of his pregnant wife.

Nandita too felt a little relaxed in her husband’s arms this time. She too put her arms around him and started kissing back. They stayed like that in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Amit was super excited to find out he was going to be a father. Nandita too no longer felt distressed and gave in to her husband’s passionate kisses. Amit then slowly picked her up on his arms and carried her back to the bedroom.

Amit put Nandita back on the bed and continued kissing her. He was no longer limited to her lips only. He felt so happy and started kissing all over her neck, shoulder, and other parts of the body to express it. And gradually Amit started feeling aroused too. Already he was in a great mood ever since he discovered he was going to be a father. And then the passionate moment afterwards made him even hornier.

Amit put his hand gently on Nandita’s breast and started pressing them slowly. He knew just how sensitive his wife’s breasts were. He started playing with her breasts so as to arouse her as well. Gradually Nandita too started feeling horny. She pulled Amit back for a kiss, and then afterwards pushed him down urging him to continue playing with her breasts. Amit fondled and kissed both her breasts for some more time before starting to feel restless. And so he decided to remove the maxi off her body.

Nandita was very pretty and had a gorgeous body. She was 5 ft and 7 inches tall, and a great physique. Amit always took pride in having such a gorgeous wife. He removed her maxi, and Nandita was not wearing bra inside. Her firm milky globes were exposed immediately. Amit grabbed those firm yet soft mounds and started pressing them greedily. As it was the most sensitive part of her body, Amit started fondling and caressing them with great passion.

Soon Nandita started moaning in pleasure. Amit was slowly kissing and licking all over her breasts. Her nipples had already become very hard with arousal. Amit simply put his tongue on them and started licking those. Cupping her breasts with both hands, he licked, kissed, and started sucking both her nipples in turn. It was slowly becoming unbearable for Nandita too. She closed her eyes and kept moaning in pleasure. She was already put so close to an orgasm.

Amit kept playing with her breasts and nipples for a long time, before starting to go down further. He stopped at her belly first, touched and kissed it lovingly. Though there was still no bulge, Amit could already imagine his baby breathing inside. It was a lovely feeling touching his pregnant wife’s belly, and almost feeling his baby within. And it drove him mad once again. He kissed on her belly one more time before going further down. Nandita was still wearing her panties. But Amit was so impatient already, he just couldn’t wait fucking her. And so he removed her panties too.

Nandita was finally fully naked. She had a shaved cunt. She had started shaving her cunt since the last few months or so. Initially Amit didn’t understand why, but he always felt so great looking at her bald pussy. And so he never objected to it really. He put his fingers on her and touched and caressed her hairless crotch slowly. Nandita too opened her legs so that Amit could see and feel her vagina more intimately.

Amit put his fingers on his wife’s beautiful pussy, and started rubbing along the edge of her vagina. He rubbed his fingers ever so slowly on the moist lips of her cunt. Nandita felt her clitoris throbbing and shivered in excitement. Her cunt was already quite moist with so much attention. So Amit simply stood up and started undressing himself. Just a look and feel of his wife’s cunt had made him a hundred times hornier. He could wait no longer to put his cock inside her.

Amit took off his clothes and got naked. Nandita too was eagerly waiting for him on the bed, with open legs. She was already pregnant, so there was no need for a condom anymore. Amit gleefully jumped on the bed and took position between the open legs of his sexy wife. He bent forward and started kissing her all over again. Nandita too kissed him back with equal passion. He was still unable to believe that he is going to become a dad. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to love his wife.

He kissed her soft lips with great care and passion again. His cock was already throbbing, and rubbing between her open legs. He simply put it on top of her cunt and started rubbing it slowly on her vagina. Nandita moaned out louder as her body shivered in excitement. She always loved the feel of a cock on and inside her pussy. Soon she started begged to her husband to put it in.

Amit too, willingly pushed his cock inside. Nandita was already so wet it didn’t need much effort. And his cock slipped inside her ever so smoothly. Amit kept pushing gently until his cock was half way inside. He then paused for a moment and then slowly started a gentle to and fro motion inside her. A wave of pleasure ran through Nandita as her husband started pounding her gently. She could not help and tears of pleasure started flowing from her eyes along with the occasional moans.

“I love you so much”, “Thanks for giving me the best gift of my life”, “I am the luckiest person in the world”, Amit kept saying these in her ears while fucking her. He still could not believe that his wife was pregnant. But it was the best feeling in the world. He could see just how much more attracted he felt towards his wife. He kept pounding her gently, taking care that he doesn’t hurts her. Nandita too was feeling so much loved, cared, she almost cried out in pleasure.

Amit kept pounding Nandita gently while also kissing her lips and caressing her breasts. Nandita already had an orgasm and was getting ready for one more again. Amit too was nearing a climax. Momentarily he was concerned if he could cum inside her pregnant wife. But Nandita assured her it was completely safe. She wanted to feel his hot seeds inside her badly. There was still something which disturbed her from inside.

Finally Amit hit the crescendo as his cock started oozing loads of his hot white sperms. He gave out a large grunt almost immediately as he made the final efforts to empty himself in his wife. It was all so exhausting as well as fulfilling. Amit immediately felt so great. Once again the feeling of becoming a dad overwhelmed him. And once again he took his wife in his arms and started kissing on her forehead and lips again so lovingly.

“Don’t cry, everything will all be fine” he told his wife caringly after noticing that his wife was still being troubled. It was great news, a great feeling, so Amit could not understand what troubled Nandita so much. She must be thinking too much about the financials and other complications of being a mother. But Amit was sure that they could manage it together. And so he hugged his wife tightly again until she too gave up her troubles and hugged him back with same vigor.

Amit looked at the clock, it was already too late and he could no longer afford to lay down with his wife like that. No matter how much he wished to be with his wife the whole day, he had an important meeting at work. So he got up unwillingly. Nandita too did not want her husband to leave but knew that he had no choice. She too got up to prepare a quick breakfast while Amit was already in the bathroom, taking bath and getting ready.

Amit asked her wife to skip work for the day. He also told her that they would go for a romantic dinner once he was back from work in the evening. Nandita nodded her head with a big smile on her face. She kissed her husband goodbye as he finished his breakfast and rushed so that he didn’t miss the 9.40 local. Nandita stood at the door watching as his husband took a turn and disappeared round the corner. She let a long sigh and then closed the door.

Nandita walked back to the bedroom. Her eyes fell on the crumpled part of the bed which reminded her of the great time she just had with her husband. Once again her eyes filled with tears. She touched her belly and as if could feel someone alive inside. She then quickly grabbed her phone from the side table and switched it on while walking out at the small balcony attached to their bedroom.

It was almost 10 am, and the locality was already bustling under her balcony. But Nandita didn’t care. She was as if in a different world altogether. She went through her call list and dialed back one of the frequently dialed numbers. And then putting the phone in her ears she waited impatiently for it to be answered.

The phone kept ringing, while Nandita was slowly getting impatient. But finally the ring stopped, just in time, and she was greeted by a familiar voice at the other side. “Sagar” she said in a teary voice. “I am pregnant” as more tears rushed, she could mutter these words above the din of the bustling locality under her balcony. Then the two exchanged some more words before Nandita disconnected the phone. She just stood at the balcony for some more time, but one could see she was not mentally present there.

Nandita came back inside a little later. She was feeling tired along with a terrible headache. Still heavily troubled from inside, she decided to lie down for some time. But as soon as she closed her eyes, the last five months of her life flashed in her mind. She could still vividly recall that ill-fated monsoon evening from five months ago, and the moments which changed her life forever.

It was an extremely wet evening. It had been raining throughout the day and it was still pouring with the same vigor well into the evening. Nandita finished her work and got out to leave for home. But her heart sank as she stepped outside the office. The roads were crowded with people. Everyone was stranded in the rain. The buses didn’t have an inch of space left as people fought to get aboard one. The taxis too were nowhere to be seen. The porches too were simply over-crowded and there was not even an inch for someone else to take shelter from the rain.

It was impossible to get a bus from there. So Nandita decided to walk down towards the busy intersection from where she could get more options. It was still a good ten minutes walk from her office, and it was still pouring cats and dogs. But Nandita was ready to brave the rain as she stepped out with her umbrella and started walking rapidly towards her supposed destination.

Nandita tried to cover herself with the umbrella, but it was not enough for such incessant rain. And so despite her efforts she was already wet in parts. But she continued walking with determination. Cars went past without caring to stop. Some even splashed the pool of water from the road, making her further wet and even madder. All in all she was in a complete mess. Also wet, angry, and frustrated for not getting a mean to get back home, or vent his anger.

The rain continued pouring with no signs of restrain. Nandita even tried asking for lift from the cars passing by. But no one cared to stop and help the lady in distress. And so as Nandita looked in despair, there was hardly any hope for her to reach home unscathed. But then suddenly, as if out of the blue, a lavish looking sedan stopped just next to her. Nandita looked back with hope and curiosity. The tinted glass rolled down almost at the same time and a handsome face called out to her.

“Can I help you madam?” he asked from inside. But Nandita was so frustrated by then she was almost inclined to refuse. But then she had a look at the lavish car, and the handsome gentleman at the wheels. She always had dreamt of owning such a lavish car herself. Coming from a humble, middle class family, she knew just how remote was the chance of that coming true. But then there she was, all wet and in distress and being offered with help by a really handsome dude in the car of her dream. Nandita looked back, smitten, she nodded her head.

The gentleman unlocked the door, and Nandita slipped inside quickly. “Oh you are so wet” he remarked at the disheveled state of her. Nandita smiled back sheepishly. The interior of the car was really lavish and warm. She felt so comfortable immediately. The gentleman asked her where she would like to go, and Nandita requested him to drop her at the nearest intersection. But he insisted to drive her all the way to her home. Nandita felt so comfortable and warm, she could not refuse.

On the way, they exchanged pleasantries and introduced each other. The handsome guy at the wheels introduced himself as Sagar, a young businessman based out of the city. And the two continued chatting while Sagar drove carefully in the heavy rain through the water logged streets. Some distance later there was a huge line of cars. None were moving though many of the drivers kept honking incessantly. Sagar rolled down the window and tried to find out what was the matter.

The road ahead was completely choked with cars for at least 1-2 kms. After which the road was heavily water logged with some of the cars already broken down. Nandita looked concerned as it was the only way leading to her home. She looked at Sagar her eyes full with frustration. With the roads blocked she didn’t knew how to get home. Her mind stopped working and once again she started feeling so frustrated.

Sagar tried offering some consolation. The roads must get clear is few hours. So he offered if he could drive her to his apartment and she could dry herself up while waiting for the rain and road both to get clear. Nandita thought for a moment. She didn’t want to turn the offer down. Especially she was keen to see how lavish his apartment could be. So after some hesitation, Nandita finally gave in and agreed to wait at Sagar’s apartment.

Sagar lived in one of the posh areas of the city. Nandita looked awed as Sagar drove through the various popular addresses of the town before reaching his own building. The complex Sagar live at, itself was one of the sought after addresses of the town. Nandita couldn’t help but get amazed at such opulence. She accompanied Sagar to his 16th floor penthouse. She had never been to a penthouse before.

Nandita felt like being in a dream. Not every day you get invited by a handsome man to his penthouse. She had always dreamt for a house like that for her own. So lavish, so beautiful, so opulent. “You have a beautiful house” she could not help but compliment Sagar for such a great apartment. “Wait, you have seen nothing yet” he said before pulling the curtains off from the glass windows that overlooked the city. The view was breathtaking. Nandita had never seen something like that before. The whole city spanning in front of her eyes. “It’s so beautiful” Nandita exclaimed.

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